Harada Drops Hints About Two More Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Characters

By Spencer . July 16, 2012 . 5:50pm

When we met up with Katsuhiro Harada at Comic-Con he gave us two hints about characters yet to be revealed in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.



Hint 1: "One is a character a lot of people have been asking for his return. So, maybe they won’t be surprised, but a lot of people will be happy to hear about this."


Hint 2: "Maybe, it’s not quite a new character, but it’s one people will be very surprised at. This character is one that they wouldn’t have discovered."


Hmmm… any guesses?

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  • raitouniverse


    • Marc Chowdhury

       Snoop Dogg calling it.

  • Ty Arnold

    I’m thinking Dr. B (semi-popular male character that has yet to return) and maybe Shinn (not a brand new character, but has never been playable). Less sure on the second, but I can’t think of another character for the first hint that fits better.

  • Huh????????????????

  • Gon!

    • ffboi7

      But but Gon isn’t owned by Bandai-Namco D: he was a one time deal!

  • Mantiskilla

    Michelle Chang.  Sure why not

    • NaelAM

       Already announced a month or so ago.

  • I’m guessing Dr. B and maybe a guest character from another Namco franchise? Shinn seems like a good guess but he’s already been announced as a playable palate swap for Jin for PS3 owners of Tekken Hybrid.

  • iveriad

    Dr. B fits Hint #1.
    Maybe it’s a guest character from another fighting game for Hint #2?

  • iveriad

    Double post. <_<
    How do I delete a post?

  • popyea

    Gon please! 

    • ffboi7

      Gon was a one time deal popyea. I would like him back as well too, but he isn’t owned by Namco-Bandai unfortunately ;/

      • kupomogli

        Hint 2: “Maybe, it’s not quite a new character, but it’s one
        people will be very surprised at. This character is one that they
        wouldn’t have discovered.”

      • popyea

        Though they did just publish Gon Chomp Chomp Adventure for the 3DS, so maybe with that fresh in their minds they sorted something out.

  • Göran Isacson

    Yeah, I’m also going to guess that it’s Dr B, somehow. He’s been gone from the game for a long time now, and it would be pretty awesome to have him fight side by side with his daughter.

  • Rolling Guy

    Please.. No more..

  • haku67

     yeah the first one seems to be Dr. B

    the 2nd I would have to agree it could be an guest character. OR just to throw it out  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ89lCWg_EI devil Ganryu XD

    • heartless141

       holy crap, now that i think about it, it’s actually possible

  • AJ

    Don’t you guys get it?!  The second character is obviously Batman!

  • 1 is Michelle Chang
    2 is Jack 1 or Gun Jack

  • Yeah Im going to repeat what everybody else already said and say the first one is Dr.B and the second one I have no clue lol.Hopefully we’ll find out soon though!

  • Dr. B is horrible he just lays on the ground the whole fight he’s hard af to hit . So annoying

    • heartless141

       Lei can lay down as well

      • omeganeko

         yeah but Lei does it because he’s chillaxin.

  • Dr. B for the first. Could the second one be Sebastian, please? :))

  • Hint #1:- 
    50% Dr. Boskonovitch(Creator of Alisa Boskonovitch)
    His last appearance was in Tekken 3

    50% Gun Jack
    (Gun Version of Jack after Jack-2) 
    His last appearance was Tekken Tag Tournament

    Hint #2:- 
    50% Miharu Hirano(Palette swap for Ling Xiaoyu)
    Her last appearance was Tekken 4

    50% Violet
    (Identical to Lee Chaolan except he has violet hair) 
    His last appearance was Tekken 4

  • Kitestwinblades

    People keep saying they want Dr. B and Miharu and Harada is owning hard with demands(both good and bad XD). I’m going to guess those two because honestly… Its coming down to the wire here lol

    r.r; I godda admit… I’m pretty shocked there’s MORE characters. I mean if you look at the old character select, you can see that they’ve outdone themselves with replicating the list. They even included the secret characters as well.
    This is going to be one hellova sequel! ( °∀°)

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Gon for sure.^^ Especially after the latest game on 3DS there.^^

  • one is dr bosconovich, since so many people have been BEGGING for him. lol. i would be surprised if it wasnt him.

    and the other person…idk. it could be Harada himself, since he was in Soul Calibur…or…maybe its Ono!!! they could have exchanged cameos in each others’ games!

    Edit: Wait…Ono isnt soul calibur…its Daishi Odashima ;o;

    • heartless141

      since this game aint gonna have any new character, Dr.B is probably the only one that is not a clone of anyone so far. the only returning char i’m down for.
      after that i must admit they did a good job with Kuni.

      • its looking like they arent direct clones. more like slightly altered ones. lol. like kuni looks like she has a new move set, for sure.

        • heartless141

          well yeah it’s a fighting game. change the properties of one move can make the whole character play style change heavily. i just hope for the next game they start to separate Kuma and panda, christie/eddie into different styles. just like how roger was basically a king clone with the tail in T5. now a completely different char with style.

          • Tien Ron

             panda and kuma aren’t clones of each other anymore now

  • kroufonz


    • Not likely since Gon was a licensed character which is why Tekken 3 will never come to EU PSN.

      It’s likely every other previous playable character who we haven’t seen for a while EXCEPT Gon.

  • Dr. Bonskonovitch? Azazel?

  • RablaAndrews

    Doctor B and Shin please

  • artemisthemp


    •  Sorry Gon can’t because Copyrights and such unless they got it but i doubt it

      •  Harada said Gon wouldn’t be in it, but Namco-Bandai is already making the 3DS Gon game so I don’t think it’s a copyright issue.

  • Forrest Law and Kunimitsu maybe?

  • An old fighting game returning with its whole unique cast of characters? what kind of madness.
    anyway besides Dr. B (which i can see) and maybe Gun Jack.  idk they probably wouldn’t put in Violet or Miharu being just palette swaps of other character…though Tiger Jackson is in it SOOO who knows

  • Harada-san, can I please request the return of Miharu Hirano? :)

  • PlasticTIR

    Devil Ganryu, Harada has been pulling for him since T6

  • My attempts at the hints:

    #1 – either Doc B or Miharu
    #2 – someone from Naruto which could be a trade-off for the Lars appearance in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, however unlikely it may seem.

  • Mnstrzero00

    Chun Li or Ryu maybe and keep people aware of the whole Tekken and Street Fighter collabo.

    • Apple Jack

      That would be a waste since its a Tekken game and they are releasing Tekken X Street Fighter next year

  • Tim Young

    My hopes are for Dr. Boskonovitch and Miharu-chan.

  • Hours

    #1 is most likely Dr. B

    #2 could be a lot of people, but I think the most likely are Miharu, Tougou and Shin. Personally, I hope it’s Tougou.

  • Christopher Griego

    I’d like me some Dr. B, with a side of Miharu please.

  • Destiny Brown

    It’s Dr B and Miharu Hirano

  • The second one could be Dragon Fighting Jack/Dragonclaw
    “Maybe, it’s not quite a new character, but it’s one people will be very surprised at. This character is one that they wouldn’t have discovered.”
    WOULDN’T HAVE DISCOVERED! It has to be him!
    For those who don’t know, Dragonclaw was a cancelled character who was to appear in Tekken 1 and 2. On the front cover of Tekken 1 you see his head stick out!

  • GeckoPutt

    Could I ask if Harada gave us these hints after the announcement of Alex, P. Jack, Forest Law and Tiger Jackson?

    It’s just I’m not sure whether these hints were aimed at those characters rather than completely new ones (such as Dr. Boskonovitch and Miharu etc.)?


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