Final Fantasy III For PSP Has A Built In English Text Option

By Spencer . July 17, 2012 . 3:14pm

ff3a1aSo far, Square Enix has not said if they will release Final Fantasy III for PSP in North America or Europe. The Japanese version is import friendly since it has English text built in.


Famitsu explains if your PSP’s language setting is English, Final Fantasy III will have English text. Square Enix also released Final Fantasy I, II, and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection with Japanese/English language options.


Final Fantasy III comes out on September 20 with an option to play the game with the original Famicom soundtrack and an auto-battle feature.

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  • Huh, nice. It still is their laziest post yet, though.

  • Brandonmkii

    More games should do this, IMO.

    • Godmars

       More JP-only titles should have been doing this *years* ago. But hopefully this is happening because they plan on a quick if not duel US release.

      Though I do wish they’d have stayed with sprite instead of polygons.

    • Yeah if a game was available at one point in English a future Japan only port should have the option.

      Even if nobody wants to publish a game overseas they can at least provide an english quick-guide/tutorial.

  • Do I need to play this if I played the DS version?

    Also, I liked the game until the final boss rush. Then I was very upset indeed.

    • LustEnvy

       No kidding, that endgame. THAT ENDGAME. Rage-worthy.

      • AuraGuyChris

        Screw endgame! Iron Giant bonus boss is where it’s at…and you shouldn’t be.

    • Not at all, PSP one is just a port of the DS one.

  • SirRichard

    I suppose it’s literally just the English script added in, then? It’s import-friendly, I suppose, but the only reason you’d import is if you didn’t have a DS/iOS device, really.

    •  Or if you wanted to play a technically superior version then the one on DS with buttons.

    • Kefkiroth

      Well, the DS has garbage graphics when it comes to 3D(I still like the games that actually look good within its limits), and iOS has no buttons.
      PSP gets rid of both problems(the resolution is probably still crap compared to iOS, but still beats DS).

  • Guest

    Every Japanese PSP game thats not going to be localized should have this

    • MoriyaMug

       Spoken like someone who’s never been involved with the localization process.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Import friendly as it may be, it’s way too expensive for a DS port of a game that wasn’t an outstanding entry in the FF series to begin with~.

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    Very good move SE and nice to see they are giving at least some english support

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Problem solved.
    Now lets buy this game for…U$ 90!!!!!
    Kill me…

  • Solomon_Kano

    Not going to waste money importing this. Much as I’d like to have every FF game through 9 on a single system, this isn’t worth it.

  • If it doesn’t come over, I will be importing. The shameless collector inside compels me! >~<

  • I would import but wait and see if SE announces a US release if not I can import it cheap somewhere else.

  • Brandon001

    hey SE, speaking of translations, FF, AND the psp, how about we get an english translation of Type-0 for the psp?

  • Palmer Nyako

    Should have done this with type 0. seriously, ill buy it for $99 or what ever it was rumored to be.

    •  But they already had an english translated version of this game’s dialogues, not to mention there are no spoken dialogues in this game.

      Which means….they didn’t have to do anything extra to include the game’s english text, whereas with FF Type-0, it would certainly require lots of money and work to actually get it done (recording english voice dialogue, translating everything from scratch…)

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