Time And Eternity Gameplay Footage Is Like An Anime Come To Life

By Spencer . July 20, 2012 . 12:10am

Imageepoch calls Time and Eternity: Toki Towa the world’s first HD animation RPG and wow the in-game footage (aside from Toki’s unnatural walking) is dazzling. Instead of using cel-shading to give the game an anime-like look, all of the animation frames were hand drawn.



The story begins when Princess Toki is about to get married. Her fiancée called "the protagonist" is killed and Toki transforms into her aggressive alter ego Towa. She then travels through time searching for a way to prevent the tragedy.


In battle, you’ll switch between Toki and Towa. Toki specializes in long range attacks while Towa is said to be a close range fighter. It looks like both characters have a mix of gun and knife attacks as seen in the trailer.


Time and Eternity: Toki Towa is slated for release on November 11.

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  • Xapth

    Honestly, I was expecting something a bit… different. 
    It looks fine on the field but sometimes it tends to look a bit choppy during fights.
    It might look better in full HD quality though.
    Impressive nonetheless, considering the concept they’re working with.

    And really, I shouldn’t complain because “Holy cripes! Finally a Tokitowa gameplay video!”… although now I can sorta see why they were holding out…

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Saw it a lil earlier. Honestly it all looks so great aside from the running animation. Battle system looks like it’ll be fun and the music and visuals seemed fantastic.

    Also who wants to place bets on those pantyshots getting censored in the localization!

    • cj_iwakura

      That’s not really something prone to censoring, like, ever.

  • I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I wonder if they’re the only two characters we get to play as?

  • Luna Kazemaru

     choppy but could be fixed.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    To all people who have been keep asking on each TokiTowa thread where the gameplay footage?

    This time should have been pleased lol.^^ And the battle system is indeed something that i never thought of could happen here lol.^^

    TokiTowa is surely going to be  a good game to get here.^^

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, I’m glad that they finally released gameplay of it, but I wouldn’t say I’m “pleased” after watching it…

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Well, you can wait first there seeing whether this game is going to be your cup or cake or not there.^^

  • Looks terrible. Glad they tried something different but it just didn’t come out right.

    • Hraesvelgr

      To be honest… “glad they tried something different but it just didn’t come out right” could be said about nearly every game from Imageepoch.

  • Paradox me

    It doesn’t look very good at all. All of the animations, in and out of battle, look awkward, especially against the backdrop of so-so 3D environments.

    I can appreciate what they were going for, being a lover of sprites, but I don’t see anything that wouldn’t have looked significantly better with some nice cel shading.

    • Guest

       I really haven’t seen that great cel shading this gen aside from Naruto UNS, Catherine and Valkyria Chronicles. Everything else people move like robots…

  • Other than the walking/running– whatever that was animation. The game is looking great so far, but needs a bit of touch up… hopefully it will be more polished in the actual release.

    Some of the animations looked choppy, but other than that– it’s impressive and looks fun to play.

  • JazzyMan123

    Looks great with good gameplay, though the animations look janky.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I’m impressed. Now let’s hope all those tweets about a western release weren’t for nothing ^_^

  • Go2hell66

    i think i’ve seen enough footage(although not much) to make up my mind on this game, sorry for being such a negative nancy today but overall i have to say this game looks pretty silly, the story and character designs haven’t caught my attention at all although the sprites look pretty damn good, the graphics aren’t nearly as revolutionary as i’d hoped they’d be, the 3D backgrounds kind of killed it for me and look pretty mediocre… its just a really jarring effect between the 2D and 3D in this game. i really wanted this to be like a real time anime but i’ve seen too many games like this already, although i’m sure this game will have its own charm and will probably be very enjoyable its really nothing we haven’t seen already.

    this just my oppinion, take it how you will

    • rebecasunao

      I agree with you. I personally think the gameplay isn’t that bad, the worse part of the game are the characters and the plot. I don’t know if the main male character is absent or if he’s supposed to be you, but if it’s the latter…. damn.
      The characters we got to see so far are so stereotyped, you can tell which kind of character they are supposed to be by their looks alone (yes having characters like that is common, but imho that’s a bad thing). I sure hope that’s just a shallow observation I’m making and that they are actually well developed characters thorough the game – but the focus being on the 2 in 1 girl concerns me. The sexy villain with big boobs and the main girl having a strong/more aggressive alter ego are a huge turn off.

      One of the good things about RPGs is the variety of characters you can “choose” from and that take part on the story of the game. There’ll always be characters you dislike, but the characters you like will make up for it.
      In this case it looks like if you aren’t fond of the 2 in 1 girl, you’re screwed.

  • Lightthrower

    Finally! Gameplay video! Totally outstanding, a real “next-gen” RPG. My favorites were Saga Frontier, Legend of Mana, Valkyrie Profile, real good 2d RPGs. Good to see some devs are still making good looking RPGs. :-D

  • SamEddy

    Anyone know or have a link to the song in the video?

  • XypherCode

    I am so gonna get this :D Really impressive :))

  • Prinnydoom

    hmmm  mixed feelings is all i can say at this point. It defiantly looks impressive and worth a look. And i might be misremembering but isn’t the mini dragon meant to be her fiancé ?____? I think i read that somewhere on here.

  • Lazulis

    Hmm…I was expecting something more vibrant & lively…though what I had envisioned would have been an ungodly amount of angles and things to animate…

    I hope to see more gameplay videos! Toki & Towa aren’t the only people we get to use right??? Cuz she’s travelling with other people…


    can’t wait till this releases will pre order soon ^_^

  • Guest

    Needs more cleavage and upskirt shots. 

  • It’s Namco Bandai, therefore it’s not gonna get localize.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Did you come out of cryostasis from a couple years ago? They’ve been better about localizing stuff lately.

  • MrKappa

    Now the reason we haven’t see any gameplay videos yet is revealed. The game looks terrible.
    The game is due out in like 4 months and I don’t really think they have the time to fix how bad the animations look.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    it reminds me of thousand arms, still is hard to judge the battle system from the video.

  • scratchbach

    The exploration parts look kinda iffy. Everything else though looks great, so I don’t mind too much. Really would love to see this get localized!

  • Nazoc

    Oof…some parts looks good, some….don’t.

  • Considering this has three months left before release date, it’s good progress overall and I like games trying something new….

  • Peace Legacy

    Excellent concept but poor execution
    Either increase the frame in battle scene, or at least put in some hand-drawn motion blurring or frame interpolation, yikes

  • malek86

    Looks… uh, I’m not sure. I was expecting worse, but it could definitely be better. I wonder if it’s still fixable, or if we’re effectively looking at the almost-final product.

  • Jezzy

    I really, really hate the design for that guy. But the game might still come out good if they can disguise the choppiness.

  •  I think it looks great. Sure there are some parts that look wonky, but first of all they are trying something new and that alone earns them my respect.

    Second, think about how difficult it is to make things flow 100% perfect when your working with drawings instead of a model. It would take an insane amount of time and effort(and therefore money as well) using thousands of drawings to make it looks flawless.

  • frokenok3

    I think it looks awesome. From the screens we got i was imagining something like that. Kinda curious if we’ll only use Toki and Towa but don’t mind much really. Gameplay reminds a lot of Prince Of Persia 2008 but JRPG style. I think the video doesn’t do justice to it but then again i can see it being a hit or miss. Other than that i can’t wait and i though the game was coming on October…

  • gangrelion

    It doesn’t seems good! The Toki/Towa gimmick is just a cheap trick of color swap to recycle animation. Battle looks repetitive. Poses, clothes and transformation sequence looks silly. Animation quality is like of a bad Naruto episode. This game anime+game style makes me remember a FMV game from Sega CD, and this is sad… 

  • Dat animation. Also, what’s up with the battle system, I can’t tell if it’s real-time or turn based. A mixed between both? I was hyped for this, but now I’m not. Hopefully they can fixed it up.

  • Usually when a trailer, if I’m excited, I would start a fangirl-esque screaming and OMG-ing moments but alas… I did no such thing. Saying that, GUST first attempt at a game in 3D wasn’t the greatest but in a short period of time they have improved in all aspects to make really awesome, fun games. I feel that Imageepoch can improve, if they still plan to use this style, cos at the least this game stands out whether we like it or not.

    I feel that a Paper Mario: TTYD style would’ve probably worked and make the running look more “natural”.

    If the game gets a western localization, I will pick it up; maybe not in the opening week.   

  • Animation done by Vofan can’t be bad! It’s a bit choppy here and there, but I don’t think it was that bad.

  • Nitraion

    Mixed feeling about this…
    I feel i must try the game before judge like gust’s game…

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Personally, I find it hilarious that there are actually people complaining about the graphics in a JRPG, the one genre where graphics usually matter the least.

    This footage made me excited for this game and if it gets localized, I will pick it up day one. Sure, the frame rate is a tiny bit choppy, but it looks fun and I like the idea of the game in general. I don’t play RPG’s expecting Uncharted/God of War level graphics. I play for the story and the gameplay.  As I said a long time ago, I imagined this game as having straight-up old-school turn based battles with animated graphics covering up the fact that the gameplay was basically the same as FFIV or whatever. So, nothing I saw disappointed me. I think it’s actually almost funny to see some of the reactions here.

    • malek86

      Well, when your main selling point is “the first HD anime RPG” (as even said in the trailer), it doesn’t bode well if people aren’t wowed by that. They pushed this quite a bit before.

      • frokenok3

         I have to say this is true but then again it won’t be the first a company is saying something to hype a game for sales.

  • Kitestwinblades

    The battle system looks VERY interesting. I hope its rewarding if you keep track of everything going on because I really love games where you have to time certain things to get a near flawless run.

    That aside… sure is a LOT of stabbing going on lol

  • harmonyworld

    It’s kill bill, anime style!

  • I just hope this get localized.
    I’m JRPG desperate :)

    • Nitraion

      Man you recently got full of JRPG game in your hand how you be desperate XD
      Then again forget what i’m saying about mixed feelings i need to try this game now…

  • I need this game as well I WANT TO PLAY IT! Japan better localize this!

  • Alphabet Soup

    Holy cow, this game looks awesome.  I love the hand-drawn battle scenes.  Imageepoch’s CEO keeps hinting at a localization, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  • James Smith

    It looks pretty for sure but kinda awkward too, particularly the combat.
    But the idea seems interesting, I wouldn’t give up on it just yet.

  • Herok♞

    I personally like everything the game has going for it, it has the look of a “you won’t understand how great this until you play it” game like KI:U and TWEWY. plus its different and people love to complain how similar games are now days but also shoot down difference.

  • Cephrien

    You know when you watch an anime and the characters in the anime are like– playing a video game? This is kind of what it reminds me of– it looks a lot like that. xD

  • RPG with anime style ?!!
    Hell Yeah XD !!

  • WyattEpp

    Man, that looks….really strange.

  • Anime10121

    Well while the animation looks choppy as HELL, it still looks very interesting to me and it would still be a first day preorder if it go announced for the west. The little they’ve shown of the story seem interesting and even with the animations being so few in number, the battle system at least “looks” fun! Cant wait to see more, now that you have released this Imageepooch, I wanna see MORE!!!

    • Guest

       Meh it could look much worse for cel animation…..thinking Yu Yu Hakusho 3DO, Sailor Moon 3DO, and Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22 PS1/DBZ Shin Budoten Sega Saturn, Pretty Fighter X Sega Saturn choppy. This is way better than that.

      • Anime10121

        True, but you have to remember those games were created over a decade ago with HUGE memory limitations.  The way they hyped this game up, they were saying it would look like an anime in a game.  Now while the HD sprites are GORGEOUS and they partially succeeded, they needed to add more animation frames to make the game look more fluid, because as of now, it just looks like a bunch of still pictures being swapped out every now and then.

        But as I said, doesnt matter, still looks good to me, and if they localize it, I’ll be there day one :P

        • Guest

           Even still…if you look at most modern TV series Anime these days, the animation isn’t too far removed from this in terms of fluidity especially in action scenes. Hell….I can name much worse too.

          Now if we were comparing it to higher budget OVA or Anime Movie titles, then thats a different story. But remember, this is a small budget company. Sure it’d  be nicer with 30 to 60 fps but it doesn’t look bad at all considering

  • Y’know, I love them just for trying something like this.

    I am also rather intrigued by the different story elements and characters shown in the trailer. More, I must see more!

  • zferolie

    A friend of mine who knows Japanese says the husband/Fiancee’s name is Protagonist. That plus the fact that it looks like she is talking to the player in some of those scenes makes myself and her think that the really protagonist of the game is you/husband, and you as just watching and controlling her, and you can choose if you want to marry one personality or the other.

  • HassanJamal

    ive got mixed feelings about the combat. it looks unique but that camera position…makes it wonky looking. in any case,i welcome any JRPG. 

  • Zonic505

    Kind of mixed. It’s neat that they’re trying something new, and it does look nice at times, but that walking animation is weird and some animations look kind of sluggish, but hopefully, they’ll get those smoothed out by the game’s release. I’m usually not one to complain about graphics, but when you’re trying to make that one of your main selling points, then I can’t help but be a bit skeptical.

    Nevertheless, it’s all about the gameplay & story. If it does come here, I might check it out. Just probably not at release/$50 or $60.

    • alastor3

      I really dont think the game will get smoothed before it’s release if the release date is in 2 months.

  • alastor3

    The walking is really weird, but I welcome any original ideas!

  • Haha looks pretty funny, it kind of looks weird the 2D and 3D combination but i dont dislike it, reminds me of some psx games where the chars where anime sprites and 3D BG, and i like the story, seems you can somehow decide if you want to end with the blondie (towa) or red haired girl (toki).

    i wonder what’s the deal with the dragon, and why she talks to the screen, like if she was talking to the player, or maybe its just like normal games that when other chars talk to other chars, they talk looking at the screen and if the other character wasn’t next to him/her?, i doubt it tho…

  • I knew they would release a trailer with gameplay in it soon!

    After watching this trailer I have to say that it looks very new and original. I for one, am looking forward to this game very much. The switching her persona and fighting style added a nice feel and touch in combat.
    As for theories on her Blue Dragon companion, I do believe that is her fiance, but it seemed that he could be in human form sometimes maybe if certain conditions were met?
    Now I know some people were like “the walking animation style looked weird” or other little things, but I rather use the word different instead simply because this is a new game and the first of its kind. Of course its going to have some things that we aren’t used to, but don’t knock it until you try it.
    Last but not least you know I had to add something about the aesthetics and music of the trailer. Ahem……THE GAME LOOKS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL lol! You cant go wrong with an animation style like that, great music in the background, and character design by VOFAN. Also, that limited edition is something I would import in a heartbeat even if the game gets localized but doesn’t get the special treatment overseas. Heck I might just import it anyway just to support it lol.
    I’m not going to say that this is going to be the best game ever because it hasn’t even come out yet so I can’t really say. However, I will say that game pretty amazing so far and I highly anticipate and impatiently wait for a localization announcement so I can play what looks like an original, creative masterpiece.

    AzureNova =^_^= 

  • Oh

    So THIS is why they hadn’t shown anything yet

  • cj_iwakura

    I don’t think it looks too bad, all considered. They are a small company, I don’t think anyone expected Catherine level graphics.

    Will probably import, the artwork is gorgeous if nothing else.

  • Göran Isacson

    Gameplay! At long last gameplay!… And yeah, it doesn’t look as impressive as I dreamt of when I heard “anime RPG”, but it looks pretty okay I guess. A little uncanny valley at times, but still servicable. It would be cool to know more about the actual gameplay though (is it like in Superstar saga, time your button presses to attack/block or do you select actual commands), and while it LOOKS like the protagonist is somehow inside the little dragon we still don’t really KNOW what his deal with. Ah well, four months until release so I guess we’ll know sooner or later.


    didn’t know it was hana kanazawa and eri kitamura doing the voices. gah these chicks are everywhere

  • AJ

    I’d love to say that I was dazzled and proven wrong that this game wouldn’t look like a mess, but a masterpiece. I honestly can’t say this at all.

    Choppiness doesn’t even begin to describe what I just watched. It looked like a bad 70’s action show rendered in HD. The 3D effects look so awful, I felt sick watching it. That song in the background was awful too. Oh, and it doesn’t help that the character designs, story, and story cues look so generic either. I said that I would give this a chance, and I just did. If it does come out in America, I hope you guys stick to your word and support it.

    And all the originality people keep talking about are surface elements at best. It’s hand-drawn? Ok! And? What, is that it? It honestly doesn’t look that different to me in terms of battle system and story. Looks pretty standard other than the awful look of it.

    Alright, I’m done here. Good try, but no.

    •  Maybe you just hate anime related stuff lol.

    • Guest

       I dont remember any bad 70’s action shows particularly Anime…most were pretty awesome

    • oh sure, don’t worry, whatever ppl say about this game, I’ll support it by buying the game if it ever come in US. I’m a die hard JRPG fans afterall… I’ll do whatever I can to bring a bright future of JRPG localization lol

  • $733987

    Correction. Both the regular and limited edition of the game is coming out on the 11th of October. The limited edition looks beautiful!


  • Whoa! I like~ I was thinking that it would be 3D cel shading but this is much better! On my import list you go Toki Towa~

  • Looks just as I expected it to, which is awesome. Keep going imagepoch, you have my full interest now.

  • Even though I see that the animations are stuttering quite a bit I’d like to add that this is still “beta state” footage of the game.
    And for me it still looks interesting enough to stalk it more. Even though there are many negative votes on youtube and the people here do not seem to be very pleased about it either… the idea and the concept are interesting enough.
    It’s not rare that a certain look grows on one over time or that the game might be missjudged too soon, even though it most certainly has good potential.

    Jade Cocoon and Alundra had the same problems back in the good old PSone days~ hahh~ that kinda takes me back. 

    Thank you for the news, I really enjoyed the footage! Go Imageepoch, try to make it a bit more fluid and then…!

    • The game is soon nearing it’s release date in October and you’re saying that this is beta footage?
      Wow, what a brilliant move on Imageepoch’s part.

      • Given that those are exact the same scenes we saw in the screenshots, probably yes. Plus this is the first “gameplay-preview”.
        Game developers usually tend to release familiar footage first. I’d say everything that hasn’t been tweaked yet is kind of “beta footage”.

        But even if the games animation should not be (or even might never be) as fluid as pure 3D animation, it’s still worth looking into. ;)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    This kind of reminds me of those anime shows that attempt to combine regular animation with CGI. The problem with those shows was the fact that, no matter how well the combination was done, the result would always come off as rather jarring. I feel like it’s the same thing here (although the low quality 3D assets don’t exactly help matters). Perhaps it would have been better if they had used pre-rendered backgrounds (much like the Final Fantasy games for the original PlayStation) instead.

    That said, this gameplay trailer does resolve one mystery about the game. Previously, it was speculated that the blue dragon could very well be the protagonist, transformed in order to save him from the clutches of death. But towards the end of this video, we see Towa and the protagonist looking up to the sky and seeing the blue dragon fly up to two bigger dragons (possibly his parents), confirming that the blue dragon and the protagonist are NOT the same.

    Also, I like how there were absolutely no guards that were trying to stop this assassin, even though it’s supposed to be a royal wedding.

    • Guest

       I didnt get that feeling with the new Berserk anime movie

      • Tom_Phoenix

        I’m not familiar with Berserk, but Macross Zero and Macross Frontier definitely felt extremely jarring to me in spite of the fact that both actually make a preety good attempt at trying to merge the two together.

        • Guest

           Meh. I stopped watching Macross after Plus..

  • It just occurred to me, isn’t this whole “HD Anime Game” thing what they’ve been trying to achieve with the “Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm” style of cel shading? Still, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I haven’t seen so much work put into a 2D Japanese game since Odin Sphere or Muramasa.

    • Guest

       Skullgirls has the most animated 2D frames for a game as of yet.

      • Yeah, although I did say “Japanese”. If We’re talking about all games, I’d definitely bring up Skullgirls and Rayman Origins, for example. Shoulda mentioned Blazblue somewhere in there too…

        • Guest

          Blazblue is not known for animation frames…..rather stiff game. What it’s known for is the sprite resolution clarity and that is because they use HUGE sprites as opposed to SF III, Garou, KoF XIII, SF II HD Remix etc. Like 5x the size.

  • FINALLY some GAMEPLAY footage.  Looks nice.  Reminds me a little of how Golden Sun 1 & 2 played out, except character placements are in reverse.  Speaking of golden sun, I hope this game allows players to have multiple characters in a battle, otherwise it could get tiring playing the same one character switching personas over & over.

  • Kai2591

    I am….not impressed. I was expecting that the hand-drawn in-game character models would have a ‘3D’ look to them, a certain depth; turns out they still look very two-dimensional.

    I still like cel-shading better. Its nice that Imageepoch tried to do something different though…but perhaps they should’ve made it using the traditional method? Well, that’s just my opinion.

    btw are those the game endings near the end of the video? lol

    • Guest

       How can you get a 3D look from hand drawn 2D.  Go play Sailor Moon for Sega Saturn then I guess…

      • Kai2591

        I mean i thought it would give the ‘illusion’ of 3D, of having depth, but using hand drawn 2D. I guess I expected differently.

  • I think there might be some back and forth time traveling just like radiant historia, and maybe multiple ending where “the protagonist” can either married Toki or Towa… or even better both of them. (although technically, they are the same person lol).

    Anyway, love the song.

  • So TaE its a time travelling story abt saving Toki/Towa husband???? Well looks lk we r getting a male equivalent of MAYURIIIIII And I sense a Moeka charac coming soon…..

    Wow the hand drawn animation is quite good I’d say. Heck, I can even swallow the running prt. Gotta gv IE kudos 4 trying out something revolutionary.

  • kool_cid414

    I think it looks cool and would like to try it or see more before I judge the combat.
    *Edit* Watching it again I focused a bit more on combat footage and I really like it’s innovative style.

  • Just what I feared. The animation is choppy, sluggish, and pretty damn awkward. I wasn’t expecting Skullgirls level of animation but this is just unimpressive. Now that the main selling point doesn’t interest me at all anymore there’s really nothing for me left in the game.
    I’d try a demo if one gets released but that’s pretty much Imageepoch’s last chance.

  • Barrit

    I’m glad they finally released some footage.. but like many here, I wasn’t as impressed as I hoped. I can live with the battle animations, and the cutscenes look good.. but wow, that walk! They really need to polish that up.

  • Well, yes, it is rather choppy.  But, for me at least, the novelty of it makes it interesting enough that I want to play it.  

  • doubletaco

    I respect it as an experiment, but I don’t think it really worked out. The environments look poorly detailed and the animation is choppy — You’ve gotta have “high budget movie” tier animation if you’re going to do this, not “average TV series” tier.

    Neat OP theme though.

    • revenent hell

      I like the “anime” style aspect I just wish it was a more “evolved ” anime…This particular style is a little to “kiddy-ish” looking for me……

    • Levin_Scorpius

      This is worse than “average TV series” because at least they have characters whose spines aren’t partially frozen, and can actually have their characters move their bodies in a generally believable fashion (within reason).

  • Darkrise

    C’mon guys, can’t you just respect Imageepoch for trying something like this? Especially when they’re TONS of drawings done for an anime so it’s no easy task, especially for an jrpg so you’d have to expect SOME manner of flaws so just be happy that the animation and combat looks DECENT. And for those that complain the battle system looks repetitive, I have only this to say:


    You’re really complaining about repetition in a turn-based game? Personally, I think the gameplay looks pretty good since I love turn-based, although I have to admit, some parts of the animation do look a bit weird but still, what can you expect when the staff has to do thousands upon thousands of drawings for an anime game. The effort is worth praising here and I’d definitely get this game if it was localized, hell if I knew enough japanese I’d import but I’d rather not risk it. So props to Imageepoch for giving a shot in something entirely new and ambitious when they’re just a small company.

    • doubletaco

       If you, as a company, are going to tout a game’s animation as one of its major unique features and then underdeliver on that, I think people have a good reason to be disappointed.

      I certainly don’t purchase on “Well you tried. Better luck next time, yeah?”

    • Barrit

      Yea, major props to them for trying something new. Since this is just the beginning, hopefully they perfect it if they ever try it again. If not, then I wouldn’t doubt another game company tries what they did, but do it even better.

      Like double said though. I personally don’t think it looks too bad.. aside from the walk (ouch!), but it’s just that they hyped it up, so people expected more.

  • People were excited for this?

    • LynxAmali

       Believe it or not, yeah.

      I know I still am.

      But then again, I liked Aquarion and that looked worse then this despite being a TV anime.

  • Domii

    Just when I thought a game cant get any more girly….I thought that the main playable characters were gonna be the wife and groom, I guess I was completely off. Oh well, not my type of game I guess.

  • Leivinia

    Whether I’m going to like it or not aside, I’ve already placed my pre-order for the limited edition.

  • raymk

    Looks like a browser game and it looks like there’s only one playable character it seems.  Yep not sure how I feel about this now.

  • Brimfyre

    Is it like how in Queen’s Blade Rebellion, we never see Aldra’s husband?

    I hope not cause I’m expecting killer NTR from this game.  Killer.

  • l777l

    Still promising.

  • wahyudil

    I prefer it to be like Yu Yu Hakusho Hyper Battle in SNES

    • Blaze Townsend

      Going retro on us aye?

      • rebecasunao

        Nothing to do with the article but… That baby is so cute. ;_;

  • Levin_Scorpius

    You’d think they actually have a decent sized animation budget for their animated anime video game, but nope! Instead you get stiff animation that doesn’t give your protagonist a realistic range of movement or or actually has her hair move in a semi-decent way. Also your official artsy artwork for your main characters is in a completely different art style and hardly look like the character their suppose to be.

    Then again what was I expecting from something that touted itself as looking just like one of my Japanese “animes”? Surely they forgot to mention the part where they were meaning ‘poorly animated’ anime, not the quality kind of anime.

  • Nee Nee

    No complaints here.
    The animation’s not bad to the point where it’s unplayable.

  • $24431191

    I don’t see why there’s all the hate here. I think it looks pretty good. The thing I’m more worried about is the chance of it ever getting localized.

  • LynxAmali

    Battle system’s reminding me a little of Valkyrie Profile and Heroes Fantasia.


  • hadjimurad

    i like it. maybe the animation is not “perfect,” whatever that is, but it has character. i admire them for trying something different. now, if the characters and gameplay suck, that’s a different story.

  • why’s everyone complaining about the animations? even tales and persona (the best rpgs) games suffer from choppy animations at some times.
    this game is just gorgeous

    • Levin_Scorpius

      Except those games’ animated cutscenes are generally NOT what the entire games are about and are relatively ignorable when they do happen (read:they don’t happen very often).

      But this entire game is advertised and based on it’s animations and here it looks completely terrible from an animation perspective. The protagonist girl looks incredibly awkward running, combat looks extremely off and very stiff, and the backgrounds don’t jive the characters themselves. 

      This game is hideous.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I think he was specifically referring to in-game animations of the character models, but I don’t remember any animations from Tales or Persona being even half as bad as this game’s running animation.

        • Levin_Scorpius

          The in-game models from Tales of and Persona are miles ahead in how they move compared to this game. There the characters move in such fashions that aren’t really jarring, the only real instance I can really remember from any of those games is in Persona 4, where the running animation in dungeons seemed to be kind of awkward at times, but not to Time and Eternity’s “did none of these people go to college for animation or have had any form of an actual art education?” levels of terrible.

  • Razlo

    Bandai Namco have been treating western JRPG fans well lately, I hope they continue that trend by releasing this here. 

  • CrimsonalCore


    Who is that ninja girl? :3

  • CrimsonalCore

    And also, I want that dragon as a plush, too. :D

  • XiaomuArisu

    Looks different…but is different=good?
    Give us a demo,please!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Different can be good, but I think it blows up in the face of the devs more often than not.

  • SupaPhly

    I like it

    but the 2d sprites on a 3d backgrounds makes it look like bad green-screening

  • That was quick, amiami is out of Limited Editions, within hours. Playasia still has allocations left.
    Pre-ordered the LE just for Vofan’s beautiful artwork.

  • Istillduno

    It just looks incredibly awquard, from the way the characters look on the backgrounds to the animation.

    Yes there’s more to a game than the graphics but when the main thing that they’ve been screaming from the rooftops is “Look at our pretty hand drawn animu game”, then it will be judged harshley on that.

    Was expecting something to give, for it to be linear as hell or something, but for all the shouting about the graphics they really are rather lackluster.

  • WingsOfEternity

    I’m usually not one to b*tch about graphics, but honestly it’s  not looking very impressive.

  • If the backgrounds were 2D it’d be amazing, but yeah, it’s looking awkward. Still seems like a pretty interesting game. I hope it comes our way.

  • Visa Vang

    Basically, it’s like a high-res fighter game (like BlazBlue) and a RPG (like Final Fantasy) had a kid. Great effect.

  • Zoozbuh

    Dafuq are people complaining about?! Personally I think it looks awesome and unique.. and something that definitely hasn’t been done before. Also IT’S IMAGEEPOCH SO I MUST BUY THIS FFFUUUU. Hope it gets localized >__<

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Honestly, it’s not very impressive. Maybe the people would had accept it better if they didn’t advertise it as ”HD-anime for the first time!” that was thrown into our face. It looks like a limited 2D  sprites glued to 3D background. The fighting looks stiff and the overall theme from what I can get from this trailer isn’t something that I’m a fan of. If this doesn’t have multiple endings then it’s not really a worthwhile game for me to pick.

    I still consider Naruto Ninja Storm series to be a true HD anime game for now. 

  • TheSwordUser

    Looks like “HDfied” Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters. Which doesn’t mean it’s bad, mind you.

    • Visa Vang

       Yup, those are the right words for it.

  • LustEnvy

    Hmm… not sure about this at all…

    I’ll reserve judgement until reviews are out.

  • Pipiskin99

    backgrounds like the ones in rayman origins would suit this better imho

  • IshimaruKaito

    hope it gets localized!!

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