Igor Invites You To The Velvet Room For Persona 4 Arena Wallpapers

By Spencer . July 21, 2012 . 2:00pm

imageAtlus has a web mini-game for Persona 4 Arena where players can try their luck at winning wallpapers. You can play the game and visit the Velvet Room here.


Igor will give players three chances to shuffle the cards. Get three cards representing the same character and you’ll earn 5 points. Match two out of three characters for two points. If all three cards are different you don’t get any points. Earn ten points and you’ll unlock a wallpaper. That’s probably not going to happen on your first play through, but you can try again tomorrow when Atlus gives you another three tries. (If anyone unlocks wallpapers maybe we can share them here? I’m halfway to Labrys and Akihiko’s wallpapers!)

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  • Carlito Cabada Jr

    Man, I haven’t heard of flash game wallpaper rewards since the late 90s. O_o;

    Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. Just used to developers and publishers handing them over.


    //Halfway through Yu and Kanji.

  • RedShadoww

    I’m have way through Narukami and Kuma, we can do this guys!!

  • I was two points from getting Yosuke! Noooo! D:

  • Oh, almost got the Brotagonist wallpaper

  • MaruluGames

    I´m halfway aigis and naoto

  • OscarV7
  • Covnam

    I got Aegis, but it seems the links are tied to cookies, so here’s a pair of the larger ones. There are smaller sizes and an iphone and some android sizes too.

  • Myri Vigkli

    lol its addicting:)

  • Myri Vigkli

    here ya go!labrys

    • Covnam

      Could you attack a larger version please? Thanks!

      • Myri Vigkli

         I have to play again cause i’ve only got the one for my laptop’s size.i will try again.

        • Myri Vigkli

          that’s 1920X1080

          • Covnam

            Perfect, thank you!

  • Visa Vang

    I’m not seeing anything even though I got 2 – 3 of a kind and 1 – 1 pair…

    • Look at the cards at the bottom, they each have 10 points at first, from whoever you get two or three of the same the number of points (3 or 5) gets substracted. Let’s say you get two Teddy cards, so you’ll only have 7 points for him left until you unlock his wallpaper. Hope that helps? :)

  • RablaAndrews

    Aw, it’s the Golden’s Sticker Search all over again. At least I don’t have to run around the website looking for it.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Heh. Got Yu first try >w<

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      The Proswagonist! XD

  • joe ling

    Anyone want to the tell me was the purpose of wallpapers? 

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Even though I’m not going to buy P4:A, I still snatched the wallpaper with Mitsuru on it for my desktop. I really like her design.

  • revenent hell

    AT my job I got Yu on my first try lol
    At home……Aigis my least favorite charecter what luck eh?

  • Shadowman

    Every time I here the Velvet room I always think of Margaret song.

  • R those PC wallpaper or other type of wallpaper?

    EDIT: 4 Pt so far.

    • MaruluGames

      I have not yet got any of the wallpapers but i have heard there are PC IOS and Android

    • MaruluGames

      I just got the aegis wallpaper and I can now confirm there is android, iPhone (sadly no ipad but the biggest android one works for the iPad)  and PC wallpaper.

  • TheGameTagerZ

    I just count to 3 and press start. I get em every time. 

    • Locklear93

       403 Forbidden.  They’re controlling access to it. >_<

      • Myri Vigkli

        no! it opens for me!

        • Locklear93

           Huh.  I still get 403, which is really weird if you’re able to access it.  I just tried another browser, too, and still get 403.

          • Myri Vigkli

            thats strange.i dont really know. take it from me if you dont have it

          • Locklear93


    • I got 403 too…..

  • No Rise? :(

  • Myri Vigkli

    did you grab the persona 4 the golden wallpapers from atlus site? i mean the skins for the vita also

    • There one 4 P4G!!????

      • Myri Vigkli

        yes for the vita but you can put in your desktop too do you want me to give you the link?

        • :) YESSU.

          • Myri Vigkli

            http://p-atlus.jp/p4g/v/ir5xpJYzDd08/          and http://p-atlus.jp/p4g/#/special/wallpaper

          • Myri Vigkli

            in the second url go to scrach wallpaper

          • Thk the Vita wpaper is useless since I don hv one but 4 some reason the another link loading is slowwww…. Same goes to the Arena page….

          • Myri Vigkli

            do you want me to upload them?you cant open the page?

          • Myri Vigkli

            if you want them i need your resolution size.there are 1280×720,1280×800,1280×1024,1920×1080 and1920x1200.

          • Nvrmind got in ady. Thk anyway. P4G wallpaper looks so SHAFT-y!!! Which I like it!!

  • Eh, outta luck like one of Igor’s botched Persona Fusion.

  • Joshua Kenworthy

    I got 3 kanjis in a row and 3 yosukes in a row :)

  • Only need 5 more points to get Akihiko’s, 7 more for Teddy and 5 more for Labrys. :) Need 10 more for the rest. Will do this everyday. :)

  • Covnam

    Shadow Labrys below:
    I think that just leaves Teddie

  • MaruluGames

    There is a new wallpaper on the site its thanatos

  • Here’s the last one.

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