Corpse Party The Anthology’s “Missing Footage” DVD Gets A Teaser Trailer

By Ishaan . July 27, 2012 . 1:00pm

Corpse Party The Anthology: Sachiko’s Game of Love – Hysteric Birthday 2U for the PSP will have a limited edition in Japan, which will come with a DVD called Corpse Party: Missing Footage. Today, 5pb shared a short teaser video for the DVD:



Hmm. That doesn’t tell us why the limited edition of the game has a CERO Z rating, while the regular edition is rated CERO D. Corpse Party The Anthology: Sachiko’s Game of Love – Hysteric Birthday 2U is slated for release on August 2nd.

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  • Nick Marcolan

    I wonder if we’ll have Seiko-chan… Well, being Seiko at the OVA

    • LynxAmali

      Which one’s Seiko again?

      Is that girl with the massive amount of subtext with Naomi?

    • pantsonadog

      From the looks of the thumbnail on the video Seiko is still being Seiko lol.

  • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

    I still have to finish the first game, but I’m such a wuss for horror games; since I moved away from my parents’ house, I can’t bring myself to play it alone.

  • Forever_Ago

    Still working on the first game, not as gripping as everybody said it was, but a good game, nonetheless. 

  • Alphabet Soup

    I think I can guess the rating change…

    …I never wanted to see the Chapter 4 ending/Chapter 5 opening animated… (shields eyes and hides in a corner)

    • Göran Isacson

      Right there with you buddy. Right there with you. In the corner. In fact let’s make this corner the corner for everyone that was traumatized by that part and let us ALL hide here in the corner.

      (Because if we get more people in here we can use them as shields between us and little children with scissors.)

      • Christopher Nunes

        Got the game, haven’t played it yet… but is Chapter 4’s ending and Chapter 5’s opening that messed up!? o_0

        I don’t feel like playing it to the end now when I get the chance.

        • TheCynicalReaper

           It’s only vicious in context and audio. The visuals are as you’d expect them to be with this game. Not to say they are bad, just that they simply convey the setting and characters involved and not much else.

          If it was to be animated, though, I can see why people would be giving it a big “Oh crap!” rating. You’ll find out once you get there. Believe me, it won’t easily give people nightmares (unless they sadly have triggers, in which case they shouldn’t be playing a game like this in the first place), but it will shock you.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Well this is my Horror Resume:

            I think I’m ready, but still I think I’ll be freaked out by it. I’ve seen a lot of gory thing in the past and recently. ^^;
            Still fear is fear, and the imaginative of it is even scarier.

          • Alphabet Soup

            That’s what CP does well.  As IonCaron mentioned, the use of audio and descriptive text is phenomenal and the translation maintains that atmosphere.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

  • Dokurochan

    That Missing Footage… I’m so morbidly curious to watch it but that teaser seems to suggest that it might be an animated version of Chapter 4’s ending and Chapter 5’s OP and those scenes were F***ING SCARY in the game! T_T

    … Anyways, Xseed hurry up and announce Book of Shadows already!

    • R those the prt where (striked 4 spoilers sake) the still living ghost kids r being killed at Tenjin?

      • Dokurochan

        Yup. That scene was scissor horror at it’s most F***ed up. ;_;

        • D: Yikes! And I thought a yaoi-obsessed-scissor-wielding-serial killer- fujoshi fangirl-split personality is bad enough.

  • Philip Irwin

    Please please please please please please please let this be a pilot OVA for a full anime adaptation.

    I’ve already completed the game and am hoping for a localization of the sequel, but an anime adaptation would be an awesome thing all its own.

    • pantsonadog

      I agree an anime series for this game would be awesome.

      • I’d checked out few chapters of the Manga. It’s really interesting how they show the scary faces and deformed figures of the ghosts instead of blue lights. If they  do it like that in Anime, that would be awesome and it can be more interesting for people who’d already finished the game and knew the story.

        • Philip Irwin

          An anime could do a lot for the series and if it hits crunchyroll or funimation here in the states, it could maybe mean sales boosts caused by mild interest from new viewers.

          Having the ‘moving’ and ‘lively’ characters expressing the horror and terror from the experience in this story could provide an extra level of reactive enjoyment viewers like myself got out of Corpse Party.  That game has expressed true horror out of voice actors and drawn characters in ways I haven’t seen done this well in a while.  Seeing the scenes actually moving would only make it better.

    • If an anime was made….Tht gonna top horror anime like Shiki/Another/Higurashi series. Maybe best horror?

  • I hope they release more Corpse Party games in English either on PSP or iOS.

    • punkchobit

      Not ios, the controls suffer. You die far too often during chase scenes

  • TheCynicalReaper

    I really liked how this game was done for the most part, especially with the sound design. However, the writing collapsed under itself within Chapter 5 and led to an ending I just couldn’t stand. It’s not that it wasn’t as brilliant in tone as Higurashi’s ending, but that it was just so… I can’t describe it without spoilers.

    I’d still go for the comedy game, though. Would be interesting to see how they’d take a story so stark not even a chuckle can come through.
    …Except for the part where that one person [no spoilers] jumps off the roof. They didn’t even animate the sprite so it just looked ridiculous. Couple that with the scream they gave, the worst one by far in a game full of GREAT VA work, and there were many chuckles to be had.
    You know…before continuing on with the grim and depressing game.

  • Random

    damn it i still need to get my courage together to play through the first game 

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