Behind The Scenes Of Growlanser: The Wayfarer Of Time’s Localization

By Spencer . August 1, 2012 . 2:00pm


Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time and its 40+ endings is out now, but Atlus started working on the verbose PSP game last summer. Mason Hyodo, Project Lead, spoke to Siliconera about localizing Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time and has a funny story about Remus.

When did Atlus start working on Growlanser: The Wayfarer of Time?


Mason Hyodo, Project Lead on Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time: We actually started to localize Growlanser last summer. Since the game has a large amount of content, we decided to take cautious steps. We tried our best not to overlook any small details, and worked to keep the tone of the Japanese text intact.




How much text is there in comparison to say Persona 4: Golden?


It’s hard to tell which one’s bigger just by looking at the text files, but from the amount of story text that you’d see in the game, there’s about the same amount.


Can you tell us about the localization process? What’s your favorite scene that you localized?


My favorite scenes would be any that feature Vester. I always love working on villainous characters. It’s fun!!


We have a funny episode that can share with you!  Everyone in the localization team who played the game for the first time thought  Remus was a girl. It was fun to watch our QA team members mumble in unison “Remus is… whut?”  Yes, I know he’s a cute looking character, but Remus IS a boy. Please treat him as such!




For fans of the Growlanser series, who are the new characters in the PSP version?


There are many new characters created exclusively for the PSP version, and I won’t be able to introduce everyone in that list here today. But allow me to pick some of the hottest characters for you without spoiling the story.


Magnus, Pamela, and Meline are seen for the first time in the PSP release. Magnus is a wandering swordsman on an important mission. Pamela is a beautiful woman who seems to have a strong resolve in her heart. Meline is a mysterious girl with strange eyes who seems to have a dramatic past.  Oh, and the PSP version also has a new Familiar type! Her name is D-MD. That gives you a total of 4 Familiars to choose from in Wayfarer of Time!


grow_mangus grow_pamela grow_dmdgrow_hien
Mangus, Pamela, D-MD, and Hien.


And… since Growlanser has dating sim elements, who would you want to spend more time with?


Hahaha. This is something the WoT localization team talked about quite often. My answer would be Pamela! There’s no way I could resist her charms…! Translator Mai Namba chose D-MD for the cool/cute demeanor that she adores. However, QA Lead Scott Williams had a different idea for his fave.  He chose Hien… I believe he wants to learn under Hien to become a master swordsman or something. In Growlaser: Wayfarer of Time, you can cultivate a friendship with all almost any main character. Hope you find your best partner!

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  • Vampiric

    I hope this leads to a VI port and localization or even a VII

    its a big game

    • Nickie

       My hopes as well. Possibly a localization of Growlanser I as well.

      What I wonder is though, if they were translating is since last summer what took them so long to decide to localize it? Plus how come Persona 4 Golden which has the same amount of text is localized pretty fast compared to Growlanser?

      • Vampiric

         Its alot of text

        persona is megaten hence it gets done faster

      • DaveyD

        Well, Atlus already had a lot of the translation work done for P4 considering the PS2 and PSP versions were previously localized. 

  • Hraesvelgr

    Good to know I wasn’t the only one that thought Remus was a girl at first. The art is one thing, but sounding a lot like a girl in the original voice work didn’t help matters much, either.

    • Daniel Morandi

       Was he voiced by a woman too?

  • xavier axol

    “remus is….whut!!?” remus is a boy!!, damn you japan!! for making such cute boy characters. *thinking in my mind* ( i’m definitely hoping to have a romance scene with remus) damn! remus looks cute in tha cat custome (°~°;)’ i mean… pamela looks hott!! yeah!? definitely women?. oh god noooo!!.

    • Daniel Morandi

      Don’t worry about him, you can see something interesting if you keep playing (I won’t spoil)

      • xavier axol

        well..i’m open minded so girl/boy(female types) are cool with me, i been checking lot’s of mangas lately. and you couldn’t believe how some artist draw boy (female looking) characters, i don’t hate some of them and think that it’s very interesting. either way i’m looking forward to it, boy or female remus.

        • Daniel Morandi

           About the last thing you said, there are both. Want the spoiler? xDD

          • xavier axol

            thanks but no, i want to keep thinking about the most sick possible situation (that’s what makes it fun). ;-)

        • there is a female remus that is his twin sister alicia(forgive me for the spoiler)

    • Jirin

      Ha, Remus does look like the sort of boy who, shall we say, would be quite welcome on Mt Olympus.

      Boys who look like girls isn’t exactly something new for JRPGs.  I was shocked when I realized Genis from Tales of Symphonia was a boy.

  • davidvinc

    Is there a gay romance option?

    • DaveyD

      Not explicitly.. But I’ve heard it is sort of implied that Crevanille and Remus are more than just friends if you get Remus’s ending… All of the other endings for male characters are basically just bro-mances, though. 

  • I love these kind of interviews! keep them coming!!

  • Göran Isacson

    Manly samurai love with Hien? Don’t mind if I do!

    … If he was a bit younger, that is. Maybe in his fifties…

  • Letiumtide

    This game is amazing and I can only hope that someday we will get Growlanser 1 and Growlanser 6. We’re just missing the ends of the series now and each of them relates to a Growlanser we’ve already played!

    That said I’m ridiculously grateful for the translation, the game is beautiful, amazing and a blast to play. I’ve already plugged in 15 hours and I’ve only had it for a day, probably one of the best RPGs I’ve played to date.

  • Ladius

    I am really grateful to Atlus USA for this localization, a lot of work was obviously poured into Growlanser WoT and I really hope jrpg fans all over the west give the game (and the series) the fair chance it deserves. Considering a localization of G1 is out of question and we could never see a Growlanser 7, an English WoT release is indeed the best thing we Growlanser fans could ask.

  • I’m surely not the first person to say this but I can’t accept a game with Satoshi Urushihara designs named “Growlanser” with a straight face. I just can’t.

  • rurifan

    Hm, two articles in a row about this game and no mention of the fact that they completely cut out the voices.

    But no matter, we can all keep our UMDs in shrinkwrap and play the proper undub version with full voices. (Seriously people, it’s awesome.)

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