Persona 4: Arena Combos Video Dishes Out The Damage

By Ishaan . August 2, 2012 . 11:30am have shared new footage of Persona 4: Arena, which shows off combos for the game’s roster of playable characters. Take a look at the footage below:



Persona 4: Arena will be released on August 7th in North America.

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  • uchiha victor

    great game

  • August 7  o.o ? They are already selling over here ( at least for ps3 )

  • RmanX1000

    August 7th: The day Aigis’ armor is hit. NO! HER ARMOR!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Every time I play her and she gets hit she’s like “MY ARMOR”

  • fiks

    How about linking some awesome gameplay footage instead?

    Persona looks like a really fantastic fighting game. There’s good diversity in the characters but they dont clash too much(like how certain characters in games like street fighter or blazblue dont really blend well together and matches are very onesided), the game is easy but satisfying and deep, and a lot of cool stuff you can do in combos are also applicable outside of combos as well, like “coordinating” attacks with your persona so that your opponent doesnt know when to retaliate.

    Also, you can have hilarious customized online titles like “You’ll be Pulse Pounding My ass!”, story mode is quite long and is canon for Persona, and the music is great. If you’re even vaguely interested in fighters or persona, you should check it out when it comes out in America on tuesday.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Why is it that all the pro videos have terrible quality…well it was fun to watch. I wish I was that good. I still have trouble beating the CPU on Hell Mode. 

      • fiks

         A big part of it is because a lot of the best players for many fighting games are in Japan, and they mostly only record things on the side at their arcades. Footage of players in American tournaments for Marvel/SF4 is often of great quality, but not always. Emphasis on spectators/viewers for these competitions is only a recent thing.

        Having a handful of friends who have a good knowledge background in fighting games and have a lot of fun playing routinely can be all you need to get quite good. The korean player who won EVO in King of Fighters 13 this year only plays with about 10 other people offline, and doesnt really play online. It just takes some time and some similarly minded friends to play with to get “good”, really. Obviously those koreans have a very dedicated mindset and a longgg background in KOF(over a decade) but you’d be surprised at how reasonably good you can get at fighters in general in about a year or two of attending weekly meetups with a few hours of dinking around in training mode a week. Once you can understand why you lose a fight, it becomes a lot easier to grow and to have lots of fun, win or lose.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Wow I enjoyed reading this. Thank you. 

      • LynxAmali

         Japan doesn’t have decent cameras or scanners.

        I thought we went over this. -_-

  • Domii

    That looks sick!!!

  • Koulamatata

    I need you HALP figuring out awesome combos.
    Thanks for the vid.

  • IshimaruKaito

    think im gnna master yosuke and chie

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