Lost Planet 3’s Giant Akrid Battles Are Kind Of Like Punchout

By Spencer . August 3, 2012 . 5:57pm


Lost Planet 3 has mechs, but they aren’t war machines like in the original Lost Planet. Rigs are primarily construction vehicles, so they don’t even have guns. How are you going to defend yourself against giant Akrid like the Crab creature at the end of Lost Planet 3’s demo?



The answer is: with your drill arm. Jim jumps into his Rig and you fight the Crab Akrid up close and personal. Since you don’t have any weapons you have to block and counterattack by grabbing the Crab’s arm as it reaches forward. Then you can aim the drill arm and strike back. Keep drilling and you can cut the Crab Akrid’s arm off forcing the creature to attack with its other arm. Jim can retaliate with the same technique and finally drill through the Crab Akrid’s hard shell to finish it off.


Lost Planet 3 reminded me of Punchout where you have to block and wait for an opening before landing an uppercut. While the battle felt scripted, Capcom assured me that was just for the demo. Players will be able to defeat the Crab Akrid other ways like jumping out of the rig and shooting the Crab Akrid’s orange-glowing weak points.


E3_Screenshot_005 Captivate_LP3_Pack_Kill_tif_jpgcopy


On foot, most of the time Jim uses guns to attack, but if an Akrid grabs Jim he has to use his knife. Spark Unlimited created a tense mini-game where players have to struggle to push an attached Akrid off. First you have to mash a button, then you have to move a shaky reticule with one of the analog sticks to aim Jim’s knife thrust. If you miss, the Akrid strengthens its grip. Stab it and the Akrid takes damage, but you have to go through the sequence once (maybe twice more) and Spark Unlimited moves the cursor so you can’t button mash your way out of danger. The way the music crescendos during these scenes kind of give Lost Planet 3 a horror movie lite feel.


Lost Planet 3 is in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • BelmontHeir

    Very rarely do you see a sequel that purposefully limits the scope of the game – especially after LP2 gave us co-op multiplayer and varied, lush environments – but perhaps that’s what Lost Planet needs to stay relevant. 

    • Mark

      lush environments – but perhaps that’s what Lost Planet needs to stay relevant.

      Good thought by the way …

  • Domii

    I personally love the direction Capcom is taking here, because after the disappointment that was LP2, this looks like a breath of fresh air.

    • xavier axol

      well…i would say, go back and make it like the first LP. but make it bigger and more epic (bigger enviroments, bigger monsters, and an epic story that make us care for these characters or character) i want horror, suspense, romance, betrayal, action, along with the gameplay mechanics like the first dead space. wait….what are we talking about?
      (°-°)?…anyways the bigger the better!

      • Domii

        Yeah the first one was awesome. But the second had clunky gameplay mechanics and just an overall mess. This one looks like its expanding on what they did with the first, adding even more horror and suspense.

        •  I had most fun with LP2 due to multiplayer coop. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but playing with friends is fun

  • Gatchaman2


  • Wake

    Capcom is really trying to push Lost Planet as some sort of a major franchise. The first one was average at best but definitely had potential. The second one was a big disappointment. The only thing that’s interesting about the franchise is that it spawned EX Troopers. I just don’t get why they’re making another sequel on a failed IP. 

    • Brandonmkii

      If I remember right, 2 sold pretty well overseas, so it would make sense to continue the franchise.

    • LynxAmali

       That’s more so an opinion then anything.
      I loved the first game and the second.

      It’s one of my favorite Capcom IPs at the moment.

      Hell, I’d say it’s the only Capcom IP I’m following right now.

  • Lol at the pic in the main site. (O__O) face indeed.

  • Göran Isacson

    Punch-out with giant robots versus bugs.

    I’ve bought worse-sounding concepts.

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