God of War Saga Collection Contains All Five Games For $40 [Update 2]

By Ishaan . August 6, 2012 . 8:30am


A few days ago, we reported the existence of something called the God of War Saga Collection. This morning, Sony officially announced the new package, along with the inFAMOUS Collection.


The God of War Saga Collection, as many of our readers suspected, contains all five God of War games. That’s God of Wars I through IIIGod of War: Chains of Olympus, and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, all re-mastered in HD. Also included is a voucher for a one-month trial of PlayStation Plus.


Finally, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta will also support stereoscopic 3D displays. Earlier, Sony mistakenly announced that God of War III would support 3D as well, but this is not the case.


Additionally, a Sony representative points out in the PlayStation blog’s comments that, while God of War I-III will be in the box, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta will have download vouchers, and that the entire God of War Saga Collection will cost $40.


Meanwhile, the inFAMOUS Collection contains inFAMOUSinFAMOUS 2inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood, extra missions, and additional character costumes, power-ups and weapons. This one will cost $30. Both the God of War Collection and inFAMOUS Collection will be available on August 28th.


Sony say they’ll be announcing more Collections in the coming weeks.


Update: Sony have updated their announcement post with revised details. We’ve changed our report accordingly.

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  • Wow $30 for alll the games. If I had a PS3 I’d buy this in a second.

  • TheInternetNomad

    that’s a great deal, I wonder if the previous release of God of War 3 will get the 3D support via patch.

  • cj_iwakura

    Kind of insane, I almost feel bad for people who bought the earlier collections.

  • Strain42

    I already own the God of War I and II collection, but I am so totally thinking of just picking up this collection and then selling the one I have to 2nd&Charles or something. I mean this seems like a really good deal…

  • Gildohma

    I’m glad I never bought any of the previous titles. I will be buying this one and finally see what all the fuss is about.

  • LustEnvy

    I’ll wait for the Godslayer Edition that brings all these games and God of War 4 for $25.

  • SirRichard

    $30 for all five God of Wars and a month trial of PS+? Damn, that’s stupidly good.

    With the rumours of a new Slim model going around, I wouldn’t be surprised if they bundled that with one of these. Three to five games with a HD console, and with PS+ that’s another five free on top of that. Come on, Sony, this is your chance!

    • @SirRichard:disqus @auragar:disqus That’s an error on my part! See updated post. 

    • Barrit

      You can pre-order it from Newegg for $30 today. Not sure how long that price will last. Also, both Origins games are just vouchers, incase that matters to you. Oops, I see the vouchers were already mentioned in the post.

      • SirRichard

        Nah, I already have all five on the PS3, though thanks for telling, mate. Newegg also are NA only, too.

  • Barrit

    I’m glad I waited on playing the GoW series, I’ll have to pick this up. That is an amazing price.

    I already have both Infamous games, but I’d like to get them all on one disc, so I’ll eventually get that as well. Now I just wonder if they will have separate trophy lists and if my previous saved games will be compatible with these.

  • axelfire250

    Just wanted to let people know that according to the Playstation Blog, it states that prices start at $29.99. It doesn’t guarantee that the actual price is $29.99.


  • PRGamerCub

    God of War Saga isnt 29.99 its more! The post says STARTING AT 29.99 so you can expect GOW to be like 50 Rachet and Clank to be 29.99 and infamous 39.99

    • @google-4439dabb2b5c855ba9b96e4cbd64a0b7:disqus @axelfire250:disqus Fixed! Thanks, that completely slipped past me.

  • MrRobbyM

    If it really is $30 bucks you can bet I’ll be picking this up. Sweet cover art too!

  • Ricardo Guedes

    BLEH..i already have all these games…

  • Like the new Collection branding. Too bad the GoW collection doesn’t include the PSP games on disc (they’re vouchers according to the comments).

  • From the blog:

    God of War Collection and God of War III are in the box.God of War Origins Collection will be via a voucher.

    • And of course they conveniently (like always) forgot to mention this on the box. Then again maybe there’s a list of what’s actually in the box on the back, but I doubt it.

  • Muffum

    inFamous collection with Sly Cooper cane, please? As shallow and stupid as it was, that was one of the main reasons I wanted inFamous 2, but then I discovered I got it too late to get the cane, and I was endlessly sad.

    • Budgiecat

      I just want a Yakuza 1 & 2 HD collection localization confirmation

      • So do I, but that’s for another newspost, I believe…

        • Budgiecat

          one can hope

  • Strain42

    Okay so wait…you pay $30 for GOW I-III and then an extra $10 for the two PSP ones? So all five games will cost a grand total of $40? That’s still a pretty good deal.

    • kupomogli

      Actually.  While the two downloadable ones are PSP games, you’re getting the HD versions which are downloadable on PSN(you can also pick them up on disc though as well.)


  • kupomogli

    I own all the Infamous games except Festival of Blood.  As long as it’s included on disc I’ll pick it up. 

    As for God of War Saga, not interested at all.  Although I do think that box art looks great.  I like how they named it and then added a collection label at the top left out of the way.

    This could be a cool idea for God of War fans. You’ll be spending a bit of money to do it, or if you have the God of War Origins Collection already, you don’t really need to spend as much. But maybe either find, create, or purchase, a dual disc PS3 case(which none are made normally but maybe there are some custom ones. Then purchase God of War Saga and if you don’t already have it or don’t want to use your current copy, God of War Origins. All physical copies in a single case, making that “includes five full games” label much more accurate.

    • Nope, it’s a voucher according to the comments.

      • kupomogli

        Maybe comprehensive reading is a skill you’ve yet to acquire.  Read that last paragraph again.  Or I can just quote what you clearly skimmed past.

        “maybe either find, create, or purchase, a dual disc PS3 case(which none are made normally but maybe there are some custom ones. Then purchase God of War Saga and if you don’t already have it or don’t want to use your current copy, God of War Origins. All physical copies in a single case, making that “includes five full games” label much more accurate.”

        • I posted before you edited your own post to include that. So you edited, then reply to me saying my reading comprehension is bad because I couldn’t see the future :p

  • Looks like Festival of Blood is a voucher too.

  • Wow, 5 full games!  I never would have known without that big circle on the front of the box, thanks Sony!  The 3D logo should definitely be on the front too, not like it fits better on the back or anything because it’s not important.

  • MrKappa

    Never actually played a single of the GoW games so I might pick this up. I was always meaning to but the remastered PSP ones always cost too much.

  • If this would be released in Europe, I would have been excited. Alas, I am not. Why, you ask? Well, because only three of the five games are on-disc. And I want them all to be on-disc in order to get me to purchase it. In this state, it still feels like half a collection to me…

  • kfrye

    Ah looks like I can finally check out the inFAMOUS series w/o hurting my wallet. 

  • ddh819

    ah, no wonder infamous 2 was on sale for $10

    • LustEnvy

       It is/was also free on Playstation Plus.

  • These are one of the betters “remasters”, not only does it look better, but the fluid flamerate makes it so pleasent to play.

    • LustEnvy

      And people saying jumping from 30fps to 60fps isn’t that big a deal. How wrong they were.

  • KingGunblader

    I’ve never played a single God of War game before, but when I can get the entire series on one system for $40, I don’t see why not. Well played, Sony.

    So this comes out the same day as Ratchet & Clank collection? Definitely buying THAT first. Kratos can wait.

  • Xekyo

    Kingdom Hearts I + 2 + Birth By Sleep Collection goddamnit!  pleaaaase :'(

    • LustEnvy

      Dear god, this.

      Oh, don’t forget re-Chain of Memories.

    • Masengan

      Ok so I’m looking at the money in my hands but nothings happening?!?

    • isnt the kingdom hearts HD Collection coming out at the end of the year?

      • Xekyo

        where’d you get this news?  was it from a reliable source?

        •  oh sorry i was just asking, my cousin showed me a trailer of it on you tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPkUchsuC4g)…i haven’t played since KH2 so i didn’t even think to find out if it was fake or not sorry if my statement was incorrect!

          • Xekyo

            Don’t worry about it.  You just got me excited for a second but unfortunately it looks like a fake.

  • StaticDestroyer

    Having actually bought most of those games already I feel pretty darn foolish. Would be nice if the infamous DLC was free after this, given that I’ve already shelled about £100. I know it won’t happen but it would be pretty cool if it did.

  • konsama

    Saw something like this coming, good thing i never bought any PS3 GoW game, till now it looks and so far i’m not even close to interested in Ascension. 

  • XiaomuArisu

    Kratos you own me some money.
    Kratos:”I OWN YOU NOTHING!”

    • …Did you mispell “owe”?

      • XiaomuArisu

         No?At least my dictionary tells me so.

        • own is a word, but it means something else. I think you meant “owe”.

          (god, I feel like a jerk for correcting people online…)

          • XiaomuArisu

             nah its cool my english isnt perfect XD

  • inFAMOUS Collection for $30?! I’m gonna get it. It’d give me a reason to delete the inFAMOUS game file on my PS3, and make more room for more memory. On top of that, it has Festival of Blood, which I never played, AND the bonus content. Yeah, I’m gonna get it.

    Aside from that, God of War Collection? I very much enjoyed the demo for both Chains of Olympus AND Ghost of Sparta. I might pick this up IF I can. Not sure if I will.

  • THANK YOU FOR RELEASING YET ANOTHER GOW COLLECTION ON THE PS3. Maybe they should just release this again, 2 years from now, for $25 so they can rip me off again!

    • Solomon_Kano

      Hey, worked out nice for me since I took my sweet time getting around to buying the games lol.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Now I don’t have to buy the 2 GOW collections already out, AND I can get that last trophy in GOW3.

    Win win!!

  • Masengan

    Now THAT’S what I call a collection. (God of War)

  • Solomon_Kano

    5 more games for my PS3 at $40? Do want.

    I might grab the Infamous one too. I got the first one from the Welcome Back thing a while back, but getting the second with the DLC and Festival of Blood sounds good.

  • Kai2591

    I hope they’ll release Killzone and Uncharted collections…I have yet to play those.

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