Square Enix Produced A Live Action Sleeping Dogs Fight

By Spencer . August 6, 2012 . 4:34pm

Sleeping Dogs from United Front Games and Square Enix is clearly inspired by Hong Kong crime movies. Coming full circle, Square Enix hired Machinima to make a live action Sleeping Dogs film.


Square Enix let the director play Sleeping Dogs in their US offices then gave creative freedom to him. The action packed short took three twelve-hour days and a night just for the motorcycle scene.

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  • The acting isn’t too great, but the fighting scenes are like any good chinese film.

  • Setsu Oh

     not as good as the previous one.

  • lol only Square enix

  • Wait, Xin? The Urban Ninja? He’s really moving on up, isn’t he?

    Anyway, I thought it was great. That was almost all fight scene, and totally satisfied whatever blood lust I had. And that ending? I loved it. Damn, Wei, didn’t think you really had it in you. Really sets the tone for Sleeping Dogs, if it really is this way.

    <3 I love undercover cop HK movies.

    • Aoshi00

      Really graphic and brutal fight scenes (that knife stabbing in the kitchen!), even though not as cinematic as the first live action trailer.. Wei definitely used everything in the environment to his advantage, it’s like Jack Chan rated M :)

      Don’t know who this Xin Wuku guy is, he’s been a stunt guy in movies?  Looks much younger in the Urban Ninja video.. But he’s got some serious movies..   I like the other Wei better though..

      • I’m not sure about the movies. Though, I do know that “Urban Ninja” is one of the first viral youtube videos ever.

      • Yeeah. :3 You just can’t beat the pros, sometimes. They’ve just got all the budget.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    The title sounds funny

  • MrOrpheus

    It’s not a John Woo by any means, but it is very good for what it is. I love how much effort Square Enix is putting into its marketing of this game. It shows a real confidence in their product, and it’s making me that much more excited about getting my hands on it.

  • Diamondragon

    This game is gonna be sooo awesome!

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    He came so close to dying from that shotgun lolz Stupid idiot forgot to reload! this game kicks my wallets ass nxt week!

  • PK212

    That was fantastic! I would definitely pay to see a full movie if it was just like this.

  • Testsubject909

    Scripting, casting, planning, legal rights for filming locations (not that troublesome if you ask me, just a bit of busywork), scheduling, pre-shoot makeup and other preparations would’ve probably taken them a week or two. I can believe that this 8 minute short though was filmed in 3 twelve hour days. And then after that there’s the editing process.

    Keep in mind, if the take isn’t good, they need to reset that room back to how it was. That’s a lot of clean-up work for just a short four second of action.

    Also. I see they’re not a fan of the tripod. Everything seems to be on hand-cam. Well, the guy’s got a steady enough hand so it’s not so bad.

    I wonder how long it took them to plan the fight choreography. Anyways… All that aside.

    That was pretty damn entertaining and most effective publicity, mainly because of how easy it is to spread this video around for general entertainment.

    • Setsuryuu

      The text says the 3 twelve-hour days were just for the motorcycle scene… The intro in the tunnel I guess? So the rest (the actual vid xD) might have taken that week or two you said. XP

      And wow, that was more brutal than I expected! (nothing against that though)

  • Even though it’s a game, a movie surprisingly works as well….

  • That guy’s arms were…damn. Ok. Now I’m interested in this game if I can play as him. XD

  • Budgiecat

    I would not throw anyone the keys to my bike

    Cool video though

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