Tales Of Xillia 2’s Gorgeous Modern World

By Spencer . August 9, 2012 . 1:48am

Tales of Xillia 2 uses the same engine as last year’s Tales of Xillia, but the high tech setting gives the game a completely different feel. Elenpios looks more like our world than the usual fantasy setting in Tales of titles.


When you pay off Ludger’s loans, you can run through train stations and rocky paths. Tales of Xillia 2 comes out on November 1 in Japan.


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  • It’ll be 3-5 years ’til we Europeans ever get a chance to play Xillia 1 and 2 but we still have to wait for Graces F (and I heard that one is bad).

    • Ladius

      Don’t know what exactly you’ve heard, but Graces f is a great game filled to the brim with contents and has the best battle system seen so far in the series regarding its 3d entries, don’t be fooled by the usual negativity of the Tales fanbase.

      •  He’s referring to Xillia…

        • Ladius

          He said ” we still have to wait for Graces f (and I heard that one was bad).”, so no, he was talking about Graces f.

    • Romored

       And Xillia will be out in 2013, so it won’t be 3-5 years.

    • Neophoton

       Graces was pretty good. :( Content-wise, it puts Xillia to shame, though Xillia suffers the issue that most HD JRPGs suffer with content traded in for graphics, so I try not to fault it for that too much.

    • Arrei

      The only shortcoming Graces f has is the weaker main plot, really. The combat, character interactions and amount of content are top-notch.

      It was the most plain FUN I’ve had with an RPG in a long time, at any rate.

  • Too excited for this!

  • XypherCode

    Very nice! :))
    Just recently finished Graces f (so good ^_^) and now waiting patiently for ToX 1

  • Ladius

    Looks great, I hope Xillia does well in the west so that Namco can be convinced to localize it, too :)

  • Astrid Huang

    I’m almost speechless. Those screens actually look even more stunning than Xillia 1!


  • Neophoton

    Looking good so far! I’m loving the take on a modern world, though I adore urban fantasy in general, so it’s a plus for ToX2 in my book.

  • This title has a much more nitty-gritty look about it. It seems to be heading in the right directions so far.

  • riceisnice

    At least it’s not all brown.

  • Wow Tales is trying the same modern concept w/h VsXIII…
    Not bad I’d say.

    • Detrimont

      yet versus will still be awhile :(

  • Kai2591

    Looks reaalllly nice~ Finally something different. The locales looks interesting to see; they don’t look small or bland and featureless. Its a buy for me if they localize it and retain Japanese audio :)

  • and…. we have to wait til 2016 to play it in English. #Namco

    • Ladius

      Xillia will be out in the US in 2013, and Xillia 2 could very well be localized in 2014 if the first game is able to perform well in terms of sales.

  • Wiccan1109

    I think theyve already made their mind up about localising this, they just say stuff about seeing how sales turn out to get everyone riled up and buy 3 copies. And actually it does work so, much respect to them lol.

    Graces F hasnt even come out in Europe yet and we already received confirmation on the EU release of Xillia, so they’re definitley not basing their judgement purely off of that. Not unless Graces F got an outrageously high preorder rate here, or the American sales were so phenomenal that they didnt even need to see how it turned out here in Europe. If thats the case, then i think they’d be thinking the same thing with Xillia 2 as they are with Xillia 1; Tales is selling, get it out, everywhere, now!

    And those screens are beautiful. Definitley day 1 purchases here.

    • Ladius

      Actually, Graces f is the lowest selling localized mothership ever in the US with 63k copies sold, it definitely wasn’t a hit. Preorders in Europe are apparently strong, but if Xillia flops we can safely say good bye to the series because no one wants to lose money.

      • Locklear93

        I’m certainly not interested in saying goodbye to the series–there have been some Tales games I’ve really loved.  At the same time, I’m not sure I’m content to put money toward just keeping the Tales series coming, when it’s been so dreadfully hit or miss for me.  I loved Tales of Destiny, Symphonia, and Vesperia.  Tales of Graces F is so horrible I can’t bring myself to finish it (thanks almost entirely to such a horrible main character in Asbel), I’ve heard that I should expect to feel similarly about the male lead in Xillia, and the less said about Legendia the better.

        I understand and respect the producer’s commitment to a Japan-first series, but SURELY there are Japanese players who’ve also outgrown the whole, “THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP WILL SAVE US ALL!” thing.

        I’ll be watching to see if I want to buy Xillia, but I’m no longer in a state where I’m willing to buy games that make me facepalm to keep Tales coming stateside. :/

        • Ladius

          No one is asking you to buy something you dislike, I think that much was obvious :P

          Personally, I think behind the friendshipprotect tropes Asbel was an interesting main character with a more complex personality than what most people credit him with, especially compared to real two-dimensional heroes like Cless, Reid, Senel or, to a lesser extent, Lloyd.
          Asbel was conflicted, doubtful and sometimes apathetic, he knew his values had merit but he also knew they could hurt others, he wasn’t always able to make the right choice and was sometimes prey to developments he hadn’t decided, and yet he made some swift, courageous decisions (like immediately forfeiting his knighthood to govern Lhant upon his father’s death, even if it was the career he had strived for for years) and, in the end, he was still able to recover the best part of his childhood ideals tempering them with his various experiences.

          The way the theme of friendship was used in Graces’ end and future arc was also an interesting twist, and I was really pleased with the way the friendship between Asbel and Sophie was handled in the end.

          Part of the issue is that western gamers are probably far more adverse to some tropes and personal traits than eastern ones, and the fact that Yuri is seen as the best Tales main ever mostly because he’s a vigilante and “badass”, even if the justice vs law theme in Vesperia isn’t really explored that much, is interesting in its own way.

          • Locklear93

            I don’t consider Asbel’s self-doubt well handled at all.  While it might’ve been even more obnoxious for him to blindly forge ahead with his beliefs, the way Asbel was written, at least as far as I got (getting access to the flying ship), it came down to “I’LL SAVE EVERYONE!  Now I’ll whine.  NOW IT’LL BE OKAY! Now I’ll whine some more.”

            I don’t find his forfeiture of knighthood a courageous decision either, so much as caving to a sense of guilt without even taking the time to think it through.

            Regarding western vs. eastern gamers and their reactions to tropes, I do agree with you, at least to an extent.  Asbel is a very “pure” character–to such an extent that I really do consider him one-dimensional.  There’s nothing to him beyond I WILL PROTECT EVERYONE.  I see that same kind of pure emotion in a fair bit of Japanese stuff–specifically the Japanese stuff I find least plausible.  It also hits a major pet peeve of mine that extends well past gaming: I want to throttle the crap out of people/characters who refuse to face a reality they don’t like.  It’s one thing to work to change the world when you’re not satisfied.  It’s something else entirely to run along with blinders and then cry about it when things don’t work out, which is exactly what I feel Asbel did.

            I don’t like Yuri for being a “badass.” (Not that you specifically said I did, but it’s a reason you gave for westerners liking him.)  I like Yuri because when he realized the world was broken, he accepted that fact.

            All in all, the only JRPG main character I’ve hated more than Asbel was Ethan (?) from Star Ocean 4.

          • Ladius

            I fear our perspectives could indeed be far too removed, probably what amounts to whining for you is legitimate indecesiveness and doubt for me, and personally I appreciated Asbel exactly because he knew that negating reality for his own ideals wasn’t feasible, even if he was still able to make a difference when he mixed the ideals of his childhood with the doubts and realism of his adulthood.

            Also, I felt that, if anything, Asbel was more guilty of doubting the value of his ideals because of what he had seen in his infancy than of pushing them regardless of consequences, and much of his development was focused on this theme (aside of the fact that one appreciates it or not, of course). Yuri’s way of doing things, on the other hand, may have been more direct but at the same time it was far more immature in my eyes, since he adopted violent, definitive solutions without really questioning his right to do so, and in the end was never forced to confront his contradictions aside from some dialogues and the attempt to assasinate him by Flynn’s lackey. In Vesperia’s last third, Yuri ended up being treated as a rather normal hero, too, as the fantasy parts of the plot removed political issues and the need for self justice from the plot.

            Back to Graces, I think you could have some nice surprises if you completed the game, though, regardless of our different takes on tropes and their handling. The last part has some interesting developments, and the theme of friendship and its gratuity is explored in somewhat surprising ways (even if maybe that wouldn’t be true from your point of view, considering our differences).

          • Locklear93

             I think you’re right about our perspectives being too far removed from each other.  I’m going to limit my reply accordingly, not because I don’t think what you wrote warrants a reply, but because I think we’d just be talking past each other on a lot of it.  I DO seriously commend you on recognizing simply incompatible opinions though, and I mean that.  It’s something discourse needs more of.

            What I will reply to though is your commentary on Yuri.  I can’t agree that his position was less mature for being violent.  I don’t believe, based on his behavior, that he took what he was doing lightly, and it was very obvious he wasn’t happy to be doing it.  I can definitely entertain different opinions on whether or not the situation in the world WARRANTED such action–maybe there were alternatives he didn’t explore, after all–but Flynn certain achieved no results in changing things by working within the system, and at the risk of trivializing real world events, there have been times in our history where violence ended up being the only effective means of bringing about changes to the system.  Whether or not Yuri was in the right aside, I don’t think his means were immature, and personally I find Asbel’s inability to accept what was in front of his eyes more so.  I don’t really see that Yuri had actual contradictions to confront.  He knew what he was doing was immoral, and it seemed clear to me that he accepted that he himself was a bad person. 

            I could not POSSIBLY agree with you more about the last third of Vesperia though.  The only real disappointment I had with Vesperia, aside from Rita not hitting Karol more often, was that they dropped the fascinating storyline regarding Yuri’s bloody hands and went full-on standard JRPG fantasy.

            Regarding finishing Graces, I don’t want to discount your opinion, and since I HAVEN’T finished it, you could surely be right–but I think our wildly different views are likely such that what you found nice surprises, I wouldn’t.  I considered plowing through a few times, but in the end, I just can’t do it.  I find Asbel’s character so poorly developed it’s actually PHYSICALLY hard for me to sit through his lines.  Of the characters I liked, the game is having one (Hubert) grudgingly accept Asbel which I can’t stand, and the other (Pascal) is basically only fun because she’s “kooky.” I really, really wanted to like Sophie, but at least at the part I quit, she still slants too far toward Asbel’s views.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Hmm… I like train stations, but can I ride the train? Hopefully there are wind turbines in this game. I love watching wind turbines (I never noticed them in Nier until I was trying to collect everything)

  • The reason why I bought a PS3, Tales of games. Best choice ever. And every time I see ToX2 news, I’m even more convinced that pre-ordering it was an awesome choice.

  • Benny Tormoes

    please be good please be good :)

  • Solomon_Kano

    Looking good.

  • personablaze

    Tales Of Xillia is not even out yet here in the states an I already want part 2.Is that wrong of me…..

  • Truong Le

    Tales games just keep getting better and better…….but SQE FF games

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