What Capcom Learned From Ninja Theory While Making DmC

By Spencer . August 9, 2012 . 2:39pm


Sure, DmC isn’t the first time Capcom worked with a Western developer, but each time East meets West there’s a little cultural exchange. When Siliconera spoke with DmC director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Motohide Eshiro we asked what they learned by working with Ninja Theory.


Motohide Eshiro, Producer: Largely what Ninja Theory has been known for is what we’ve been impressed – the quality of visuals, the cinematic camerawork, facial animations, and their tech is really good. We learned some things there. Also, in this particular game, there is the deformation of the environment itself. The Malice mechanic makes the background twist and turn, from a technical aspect it’s really cool and something we’re happy they came up with.


Hideaki Itsuno, Director: One thing I’ve taken away from the experience is it comes to opposite approaches compared to Capcom Japan. At Ninja Theory, they do a good job of presenting they are paying very close attention to the schedule, but when you look under the surface they are empowering key team members to be responsible for different aspects of the game and that ties into the quality of the end product.


At Capcom, we take the opposite approach. We like to look as if we have given all of these people different responsibility, but in reality we are very, very concerned about the schedule. It actually makes it difficult to get one man or one woman’s work tied that closely with the product on the Japan side. I think I can learn a lot about their management style from that way.


I followed up and asked Itsuno what kind of feedback Capcom gave to Ninja Theory.


"I think this speaks to the differences in the core of how Western games are developed compared to games in Japan. Well, at least at Capcom because we can’t speak for everyone. Given our experience, it seems like with the West and Ninja Theory they focus on the visuals stuff at the beginning and then build the gameplay on top of that," Itsuno answered. "Whereas at Capcom Japan, we focus on the game logic and getting the systems down in the beginning then we gradually build the visuals on top of that. The key to the feedback and the kind of advice we’ve been giving is we’ve been trying to find a hybrid system where we take a best of both worlds approach. It hasn’t been easy, but I think we’re happy with the results we have."

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  • MrKappa

    Why am I not surprised. Graphics first and then gameplay? That is an easy way to make your game suck and it sheds much light on why Heavenly Sword and Enslaved play like crap.

    I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but I know there was a Nintendo developer who said that if you’re not making the game first and it isn’t fun then he doesn’t give a damn about the rest of it.
    And that I agree with.

    •  ^
      This right here, Sure its nice to have a a pretty looking game but come on…Graphics first, then Gameplay? that’s taking a step down, not up 

    • Spirit Macardi


      Games are about gameplay. If you just want pretty visuals, watch a movie.

    •  I almost feel like the only person outside of my close friends that actually really did enjoy Enslaved’s gameplay, didn’t feel even remotely generic and was extremely satisfying with enough variation to not get boring. Heavenly Sword on the other hand? Their first game and I’m not surprised it was so mediocre, especially since it was developed as a launch title for a console that everyone couldn’t program for cause they didn’t understand the CELL processor.

    • RedShadoww

      Though there are some games that have crap gameplay but I still suffer through it for the story. But I agree, graphics should be the least thing they should focus on.

  • Unfortunately Capcom is will have their employees have a new Resident Evil and Devil May Cry game released every 2 and a half years, which will have Japanese developers will more concerned about the schedule more than ever, so the experience the Japanese have with western developers will be completely useless.

  • Rick R

    When you speak with these guys you need to ask them about the PS3 version. If it runs bad and has tons of screen tearing. I can only imagine it does cause of UE3. They better optimize it.

    • Domii

      I don’t think Capcom is stupid enough to let NT make an inferior PS3 version when DMC as a franchise is more established on Sony platforms. Although at this stage in the cycle, nothing surprises me.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Identification with Sony systems probably isn’t of any concern to Capcom. The last game was multiplatform, after all. Unfortunately, UE3 being the engine of choice pretty much guarantees the PS3 version will be inferior unless NT’s been doing lots of work to keep up the parity between versions.

        • Domii

          Well DMC4 sold much better on the PS3 last I’ve heard and rightfully so being that all DMCs prior to 4 have been Sony exclusives. That’s why I think that Capcom has to focus on having a smooth release on both systems more so in this case. With that being said, I hope you’re wrong about UE3 screwing up the PS3 version since(aside from the Wii)that’s the only system I have at the moment.  

          • Solomon_Kano

            I understand why you’re saying that, but I can’t see Capcom caring. UE3 by nature just doesn’t run as well on PS3 as on 360 so by inferior I don’t mean the PS3 version is going to be terrible, it might not even be noticeable, but the engine has been shown over time to run better on 360. So there may end up being frame-rate drops or screen tearing because of that. That said, Capcom won’t let it release on any system if it’s noticeably worse, PS3 or otherwise, and NT’s familiar enough with the PS3 by now that this shouldn’t have any major issues.

        • The funny thing is, back in the early days of this generation, if you purchased a PS3 devkit, you’d get Unreal Engine 3 along with it, complementary. I’m not sure if this is still the case.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s hilarious. I mean it is the most ubiquitous western engine, but did nobody consider the problems it has with the PS3 in putting that deal together? That almost seems like bundling a bottle of water with some matches. 

          • Yeah, Epic did a REALLY good job getting UE3 out there right off the bat. There was never any real competition for them. 

            I kind of wish id Software would go back to licensing their engines as well (just so we have more variety), but they’ve never really been interested in pursuing that path. And Cryengine seems like it’s being adopted more by Asian developers.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @Ishaan:disqus Yea, Epic won the generation in that regard.

            It would definitely be nice to see id’s tech back on the table. With Unreal being easy to develop for and CryEngine not being nearly as out-there yet, there aren’t really any options for developers who don’t want to create their own in-house engines. For that reason it’s been kinda surprising to hear that Asian MMO devs are picking up CryEngine. I never would’ve seen that coming. So, yea, more engines would be very welcome.

        • Considering Unreal Engine 3 can’t get along with the PS3 and NT’s last game “Enslaved” works better in favour of the Xbox 360, I don’t have much faith to believe in NT’s ability that they will work up to keep the parity between them… 

          Let alone Capcom caring if the PS3 will run as well as the 360, they’re not hugely involved anyways… They might as well quickly release the thing once it’s finished…

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I’m not really expecting much on that front. I’m hoping that, as long as the game’s been taking, it’s passing Capcom’s own quality standards though.

            I mean, I played the two Batman games on PS3 and Rocksteady managed to avoid the usual problems UE3 presents, so I’m hoping that NT is made to iron out its issues in the company of Capcom.

  • konsama

    “we focus on the game logic and getting the systems down in the beginning then we gradually build the visuals on top of that.”

    THIS, this should be the rule #1 for EVERY video game company. Who cares how pretty the game look when it got a s***ty gameplay.

  • $30632660

    Graphics first huh? This game doesn’t look 60 frames per second to me, not with those slow attacks with delay after each hit.The enviroments are pretty, I can’t deny that, but the character models look like crap, for lack of a better word.

    And the gameplay still looks like crap.I’ve seen a better looking game on the Wii, with better looking platforming, and action by the name of Pandora’s Tower.

    No wonder Inafune left Crapcom.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Here’s the bad news, the game actually only plays at 30fps. They stated in an interview that the game runs at 30fps but it will feel like it’s playing at 60fps (it scares me to think of how the game will turn out if they keep at that). As far as my opinion on how I think the game will turn out, I’m not betting on a smash hit, however I hope I’m proven wrong and Ninja Theory didn’t just kill off the DMC franchise (Capcom loves to throw out a franchise that makes little money due to poor sales, look at MMX, MMZX, etc.).

    • Kris

      …Inafune was directly involved in westernizing DMC.  

      The more you know.

      • $30632660

        Nothing in that article even remotely hints that Inafune was involved with this game.

        He merely states that “the company”, I.E. Crapcom, wanted to westernize it.

        There’s no statement where Inafune says “I” at all in that article.

        • Kris

          He might have made the design better than it was, but he was definitely a part of DmC, which makes sense given his desire to push toward westerniztion this gen. Y’know “Japan is over” and all that.

          • $30632660

            Did they really try to compare what Beastopher Nolan did with Batman to what Ninja Theory is doing to Dante?

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Is Beastopher an insult or a compliment?

          • $30632660

            It’s a compliment lol

  •  i may sound crazy but i think you should focus on GAMEplay first then everything else when making a…, you know, videoGAME
    still, i hope this game succeeds and will definitely give it a shot

  • Solomon_Kano

    I believe exchanging ideas is a good thing. It’s an excellent way to learn and it leads to growth in most cases. Here? Not so much. From a management perspective, I’m sure that Ninja Theory’s style sounds good to Capcom as a number of Japanese devs have had trouble getting their games out in a timely fashion all through this generation. That said, looking at their prior work, Ninja Theory does this at the expense of their games. Sure, they’ve got nice tech and lovely art direction in all of their games to go with it. Thing is, Enslaved and Heavenly Sword were NOT good games. It’s fine and well to have your games out without a 5+ year wait, but this should not come at the expense of the final product as Ninja Theory’s games do.

    I can’t imagine why Capcom would follow NT’s method anyway, when they’re actually among the most expedient creators in Japan right now. I’m sure they probably want to be on the time table of Activision or EA where their development houses are churning out games every two years, but I don’t think that’s for the best. Being more efficient is always good, but devs often sacrifice a good deal in achieving that efficiency. So I really do hope they keep a “best of both worlds approach” rather than following in NT’s steps as Itsuno is saying.

    • I personally found Enslaved to be a fantastic game, and honestly only got slightly repetitious, had great combat and very touching story.

      And at least be happy, so far the gameplay looks perfectly fine and pretty much an evolved, slick Devil May Cry 4. Lost Planet 3 on the other hand? Looks like it’s going to be an atrocity on par with Raccoon City. Sometimes you shouldn’t give western developers a chance.

      • Solomon_Kano

        One thing I won’t deny Ninja Theory is their writing. It’s pretty good and consistently so. Their games as a whole have been lacking in their construction. To me, at least.

        • Laharl

          Too bad this game looks to have the worst writing in the series yet. I mean, their attempts at Symbolism seem to be giant words flying at the screen, which we’ve seen in at least 2 trailers.

          Seems like  a waste of their talent.

          Then again, I found Enslaved and HS to be pretty underwhelming on all counts.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, NT’s writing in this isn’t looking good. But then none of the DMC games had a story worth anything to me except 3, so there’s that.

            Most laugh-worthy line so far: “I’m Dante, but you can call me demon killer Dante. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

            I’m Dante… so call me Dante? lol

          • Laharl

            Yeah, that line was really bad, even the delivery sounded really… Apathetic. 

            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this will be as bad a Reboot as Bionic Commando.

            But if they are going to overhaul DMC, why not take the Tomb Raider route and try to make Dante more Human and sympathetic? Instead of just adding Swearing and literally taking away his humanity.

          • Solomon_Kano

            @Laharl_Krichevskoy:disqus Yea, making him a more sympathetic character would’ve been something new. As it stands, this Dante really doesn’t feel all that different than old Dante. More of an ass, but past that he just seems like an alternate execution of the same idea. Not really doing much for me.

          • Kris

            It’s… awful in the trailer, marginally less awful in gameplay. But only MARGINALLY. There’s a bit of conversation between “I’m Dante” and “you can call me Dante the demon killer,” but the line still feels really clunky.

      • SirRichard

        “Sometimes you shouldn’t give developers with a bad track record a chance.”

        Fixed that for you, because I highly doubt where the developer is situated determines the quality of their games.

  • Please don’t learn from Ninja Theory.

    • $30632660

      Their fate is sealed.I fear that they have, no choice.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    What Capcom Learned From Ninja Theory While Making DmC
    1. Feedback can be aggresive
    2. Adult fans bite harder than young fans
    3. New bandages are a pain to obtain

  • PK212

    I’m no game designer, but, as a gamer, the most important aspect of a game to me is gameplay. Visuals are not too important if the gameplay is bad or boring and I think that, in a sense, NT knows this.

    I would agree that, as they have stated, NT is known for their visual animation. I also agree that their animation is very solid, both Heavenly Sword and Enslaved looked great. However, in terms of actual gameplay and combat, they were quite lacking. Now that I know that they focus on graphics first and then gameplay, I can understand why…

  • z_merquise

    I think it’s good that the people at Capcom learned different styles and cultures in terms of game development. Personally, I prefer that developers should focus first on the gameplay. Everything would come together after that.

    But of course, this is just a ninja theory. It would still depend on the people who work on the game to make everything right.

  • SH3

    What is there to learn from Ninja Theory? How to make mediocre games and piss of the fans of an entire franchise?

    • British_Otaku

      Capcom have been capable of doing those things for a while without Ninja Theory and been applying their skills in different fashions.

      Cancellation. Cutting content for DLC. Hiding exclusive content on the disc for another platform on the original platform. Announcing a new edition for their game with many expected features months later. Neglecting their mascot character in crossovers, original games and spinoffs.

      I’m not fond of this game and it’s approach but Capcom hardly needs tips to mess up something.

  • badmoogle

    They have also probably “unlearned” a few things…

  • Laharl

    I know it’s kinda lame to hate on this reboot.

    But even if I never played DMC before, I don’t see how Obnoxious, Swearing, Immature Western Lead is an “Improvement” from a Obnoxious, Immature Eastern Lead…

    Unless I was a racist white child who thought swearing was cool.

    • Hraesvelgr


    • Who knows, maybe it’s because Capcom has actually played the game and seen first hand that it’s good? Perhaps that’s a possibility?

  • sandra10

    It’s always so refreshing to see the same rehashed, negative comments from gamers who probably have never even heard of Ninja Theory before DmC was announced. Enslaved is a bad game? Um, no. It’s like a crossbreed between two of the best games out there: Uncharted 2 and Ico. If anything, it’s very unappreciated.

    But Capcom could learn a lot of great things from NT. They’re one of the few developers who deliver on a level that most can’t.

    • Speedo Redempteur

      enslaved gameplay is void…

      Enslaved might have a “ok” story for some people but at his core , this was a non challenging and boring gameplay

      • sandra10

        Okay, first of all, Enslaved isn’t really about the story. It’s about the story telling and the characters which are far above most games out there.

        Second of all, the gameplay suited Enslaved perfectly fine. Platforming was non-challenging because it was designed to be linear just like in Uncharted. The combat wasn’t non-challenging at all. If you button mashed, you would have died countless times especially during mini-boss/boss fights. It’s not KH where you actually can win while mindlessly attacking.

        You would get these things if you played the game.

        • Solomon_Kano

          In rebutting his poor criticism… you gave some poor criticism yourself. Perhaps you’d win some battles in KH by mindlessly attacking, but you surely wouldn’t get far in the game.

          It doesn’t really help your point to say something on the same level as that which you’re responding to.

          • sandra10

            I’ve gotten through the vast majority of KH games by mindlessly attacking while taking the occasional short break to heal. The only times I ever felt the need to do more was with the final bosses in the games.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Huh. I’ll take your word for it then.

          • Laharl

            I’m playing Dream Drop Distance right now, And that crap won’t fly for 5 minutes.

            Maybe on Easy, but Enslaved held your hand through the platforming by making them GLOW.

          • sandra10

            @Laharl_Krichevskoy:disqus I don’t have 3D yet but I’m pretty sure you’re exaggerating by quite a stretch.

            And yeah, they glow. They glow in Uncharted too (GA has them all colored gold). That’s because the platforming is meant to break up the meat of the game. It’s like complaining about the basic platforming in El Shaddai or the basic puzzles in Bayonetta. IIRC Bayonetta had glowing statues that made the puzzles easy to figure out too.

          • Laharl

            GA was a Spin-Off on a Portable, Lame Example.

            You are the one exaggerating by quite a stretch, there is no way you made it past someone like Sepheroth just button mashing. 

            Also, It’s an RPG, so not a great counterpoint to Enslaved being a shallow action adventure game.

          • sandra10


            The Uncharted series on the consoles and the Vita both use visual cues to help you figure out where to go. I mentioned GA because it made it even more obvious. And being on a handheld means jack.

            Don’t believe me? I really don’t care.

            And I used KH as an example of a game that had non-challenging combat. For an ACTION-RPG, you’d expect it to have good combat.

            You’re also choosing to ignore what I said about the platforming in comparison to that in El Shaddai and the puzzles in Bayonetta.

          • Laharl

            Visual Cues? You mean… PLATFORMS? Yeah, that’s kinda the point of platformers.

            An Action RPG, for kids. and you are still exaggerating.Most of the bosses can’t be beat that way, and most of the later games rely a lot on the Command Decks you build. 

          • sandra10

            Visual cues, as in glowing ledges and rocks on the wall so that you know what you can climb and what you can’t. Jesus, really.

            An action RPG for kids. That lets them button mash most of their way through so they can make some progress in the game. But that’s all off topic.

            And it seems like you have nothing to add besides the trite statements already made about Enslaved so I’m not going to respond.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          You can actually die during the platforming in Uncharted. In Enslaved, they might as well have not had it in the first place.

          • sandra10

            So? Dieing in such a frivolous way would ruin the pacing of a game that’s centered around the narrative and the characters. It was a smart design choice.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Yeah, this confirms my earlier statement. No human being could actually believe this.

    • TheFoolArcana

      > Uncharted 2
      > One of the best games out there

      • sandra10

        Games that can blend story telling, dialogue, and gameplay that well deserve to be called that.

        • TheFoolArcana

          A lot of games do it ten times better, the “games” are good but nowhere near the best. Uncharted feels more like an interactive movie than a video games. And I’m really stretching the word “interactive.”

          • Kris

            Opinions, gentlemen, opinions. 

          • sandra10

             “A lot of games do it ten times better”

            That’s a mighty big statement. You know what would be nice for a change? If someone actually backed up what they said.

          • TheFoolArcana

            Its not a mighty big statement. I’ll talk about the series as a whole rather than narrowing it down to Uncharted 2. Outside of the gunplay (which is outdone easily by games such as Vanquish), Uncharted hardly feels like a game to me. The platforming feels automatic, you’re forced to play through it the same way every single time with no alternatives, everything feels like a B movie considering one minute you’ll be in the desert and another you’ll be on a collapsing ship in the middle of the ocean and the absurdity of it all makes it impossible for me to take anything seriously, and on top of that the puzzles are absolutely horrible since all you have to do is open Drake’s magic booklet and it solves itself. And then there’s the boss battles, we all know Lazafaufbalwuf was horrible, but what about the other ones? All of which usually amount to feeling like nothing other than a standard enemy with extra health and quicktime events.

            Now as far as what games do things better? Like I said, Vanquish does shooting better, most action games/platformers (including the god awful platforming in the Modern Sonic levels of Sonic Generations) do it better simply because they don’t feel automatic, etc. Basically, to me, Uncharted is a jack of all trades but a master of none. It didn’t help at all that I could see every twist and turn coming from a mile away.

            Obviously your experience was different from mine, but that’s what I thought while I was playing it.

          • sandra10

            @TheFoolArcana:disqus So you provided me a list of games that do individual aspects better than Uncharted instead of providing games that blend story telling, dialogue, and gameplay “ten times better”? Yeah, okay.

          • TheFoolArcana

            Oh, woops lol. Fine then.

            God of War, Catherine, Xenosaga Trilogy, Odin Sphere, Sly Cooper 1-3, Max Payne, Batman: Arkham City, Valkyria Chronicles, Portal 2, Phoenix Wright & Ghost Trick, some Metal Gear games, etc.

          • sandra10

             Portal 2 is the only game on that list I’d say does it as well. But whatever, arguing about opinions won’t lead anywhere.

      • Domii

        Uncharted 2 was the game of the year for a reason you know.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Enslaved was awful, gameplay-wise. Storywise, it was very good, but the gameplay was an obvious afterthought. But it doesn’t deserve to be in the same sentence as Ico.

      • sandra10

        Ah, more blanket statements. Wonderful.

        It doesn’t deserve that? Please. On top of making an overall emotionally engaging game, Enslaved was able to do something Ico and SotC were never able to do: make sympathetic characters that come off as real.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Okay, I get it now. You work for Ninja Theory. You have to, because no rational human being could possibly say that Enslaved was somehow more engaging than Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It’s just impossible not possible for anyone to actually believe that statement.

          • sandra10

            Wow. NEVER did I say that it’s more engaging than Ico and SotC. I said that the characters in Enslaved come as real while those in Ico/SotC don’t.

  • It’s almost as if the entire lot of you are incapable of reading. From Itsuno’s quote above:

    “Whereas at Capcom Japan, we focus on the game logic and getting the systems down in the beginning then we gradually build the visuals on top of that. The key to the feedback and the kind of advice we’ve been giving is we’ve been trying to find a hybrid system where we take a best of both worlds approach.

    Is it really that hard to read before you go into a frenzy?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Most here aren’t actually saying Capcom will follow NT, so I don’t think that bit was lost on anyone. There’s more of the usual general negativity towards DmC and a rejection of NT’s approach than an actual frenzy here due to anything Capcom’s saying.

      • I guess I just don’t see what’s so surprising about the NT thing. I mean, everyone already knew they’re more masters of presentation than combat. I just feel like it’s the same old comments being repeated over and over. :/

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, it’s definitely repetitive. Apparently no one will understand their point until they’ve heard it in every single article relating to the game. Same as with the Castlevania articles.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Well there is some hope. the new IF/CH thread hasn’t gone all to h*ll yet. Change can happen.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Now that’s a surprise. Well, let’s hope that change is maintained then.

          • SirRichard

            I’d give it a day at best, mate, but who knows.

    • badmoogle

      Yeah but he continues and says he’s happy with the results they have.
      Which ultimately means he’s happy with Ninja Theories cinematic priorities over gameplay. :/

      • Has it occurred to you that all of the positive previews the game has been getting (including from one of our own staff who is a die-hard Devil May Cry fan) means that it is a good game? Obviously, it hasn’t, because you’re too close-minded to even consider that possibility.

        • Spirit Macardi

          Whether or not it’s a good game is subjective. Just because some people like it doesn’t mean everyone will.

          And before you try saying this is hypocritical with what I’ve said about the game, the difference is that I haven’t at all suggested that my opinion is fact. I think what’s been shown of the game so far looks god awful, but that’s only how I personally feel. If you think it looks good, then what anyone else says shouldn’t matter to you.

          I’m not saying this to be mean, but you seem a bit hostile to people badmouthing the game. You’re a moderator after all, and comments like that only fuel the fire that you’re apparently trying to quell.

          • I’m not “hostile” at all. The point of moderating comments is to ensure that no argument goes off-track, and that things are always kept in perspective. 

            Your PC mod suggestion was completely pointless, so I pointed this out. People were ignoring the “hybrid” part of Itsuno’s comment, so I pointed that out. 

            People can’t lash out at developers so brutally, then pretend to feel victimized when someone calls them out for it. This isn’t that kind of site, and it never will be. There’s a consequence for everything.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Actually my PC mod comment was partly meant to be a joke, but that’s neither here nor there.

            All I’m getting at is that people are going to say things. Sometimes they’ll even say negative things about developers, companies, or games. They’re just opinions though, and it’s not the same thing as people in the comment section being mean toward each other.

            I’ll just leave it at that though. Again, I’m not trying to be rude or anything, and I’m sorry if I’ve come off as a jerk before. I’m not a mean person, I’m just highly opinionated x3

          • He never said their opinion the game may in fact be good is fact and should be accepted by all, just that people continually refuse to even give it a chance despite all the good press it has been getting. And after a year of continued hating in spite of all the good feedback from folks it’s really starting to get old….

        • badmoogle

          I’m sorry but i’m not the kind of person that cares much about previews/reviews (which usually try to appeal to publishers in order to get a few “bones” from them).Especially when these previews/reviews come in full opposition with what i’ve seen with my own eyes from gameplay videos and judging from the history of those developers.And especially when they come from sites that don’t seem to tolerate negative opinions or negative observations (since the publishers might be disappointed and stop giving them their “bones”).

          Also i don’t know how you came to the conclusion that i’m “close minded” just because i made a negative (FOR ME) observation,but that’s your own business i guess.

          I know this post can get me banned from you but i’ve never been afraid to voice my opinion in my life.Negative or positive.
          And i won’t start doing so now.

          • Ah yes. Of course you’re in a better position to make a judgment than people that have actually played the game themselves. That makes complete sense. :)

            And there’s no need be a drama queen. No one’s ever been banned from Siliconera for just voicing their opinion. I’m just pointing out that this same argument keeps being parroted over and over, regardless of what is shown of the game.

          • badmoogle

            Yeah how did i dare to think i can make a better judgement of what I (!) want from a series i’ve been following since its beginning than some random person who has probably been asked from a publisher to write some good words about their expensive game in order to continue giving them coverage and exclusive interviews for their site.Sorry for being so naive…

            And i don’t know if i’m a “drama queen” but from what i recall i wasn’t the one to call other people “close minded” just because they happen to have different expectations from a game than me.

          • @badmoogle:disqus The problem isn’t that you have an opinion, it’s that you’re posting inaccurate information as a fact and deliberately misleading other people.

            I don’t see why this is so difficult to understand. 

            A hybrid system where visuals and gameplay systems are developed in parallel is not the same thing at all as a development pipeline where visuals are prioritized.

          • badmoogle

            “I don’t see why this is so difficult to understand. 
            A hybrid system where visuals and gameplay systems are developed in parallel is not the same thing at all as a development pipeline where visuals are prioritized.”

            The main problem is that the game still runs slow.NT continues to sacrifice the essence of what DMC used to be 
            (a crazy fast action game that allowed you to perform complex combos with zero lag) at the expense of beautiful graphics and facial animations.So by finishing his sentence saying “…but i’m happy with what we have” he doesn’t give me much confidence that this will be a DMC game i’d want to play.

            So at this point i don’t know if the supposed “feedback” he gives to NT is just damage control for longtime fans.

          • @badmoogle:disqus I’m done with this argument. You haven’t played the game. Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion based on your observations, but that isn’t the same as what you’re doing, which is spreading baseless information as fact. 

            You’re taking single parts of a sentence out of context and using it to further your own argument, which is that this game will be terrible and nothing could ever possibly prevent it from being so, and that everyone who has played it and liked it is obviously either being bought off or buttering up Capcom.

            If that isn’t being close-minded, I don’t know what is.

          • badmoogle

            @Ishaan:disqus You’re trying to mix my points and observations with things i never said in order to make your argument look stronger.Nice…And if being cautious and pessimistic (based on my experience with the series and from what i’ve seen so far) is the same as being “close minded” then i guess i’m proud to be one. :)
            So yeah i’m done with this… “argument” too.

          • Next time Ishaan, feel free to not even bother with these people.

            I know I’m getting as exhausted as you are trying to get these people to open up….

      • z_merquise

        I really don’t think Itsuno said that they would follow “cinematics over gameplay” philosophy. It’s like what Ishaan bolded, they were aiming for a hybrid that got the presentation and gameplay both in the top priority.

        Would they succeed? That would be something we would have to see once the game is released.

    • Domii

      I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. This site is the best in the business IMO, but when it comes to DmC and Capcom threads, all the nut jobs come out of the woodwork.

  • The rage continues, eh? This is why I don’t associate myself with Final Fantasy fans.

    • Please, don’t start a ragewar with indirect insults.

      • I’m not. I just made a statement. It’s just all I’ve seen from the ‘angrier’ fanbase. 

    • puchinri

       Why not? Some of us are perfectly polite. It’s not as if every fanbase doesn’t have its angry mob. ouo

      • Well, you have a point, there. It’s just that with every article I read about Square-Enix in general, the angry mob are the first at the door. 

        Maybe it’s just me. 

        • puchinri

           Yeah, usually the loudest and/or angriest try to get everywhere first or be the most prominent. Sadly. ^u^;

  • My problem with DmC and Ninja Theory in particular is that they use the rage of the gamers to market and sell their games.

    • Domii

      Which I think is brilliant.

    • Pang Chee Jie

      The gamers themselves are marketing the game. NT and Capcom are just capitalizing on it. So in the end, it’s the gamers’ fault for creating such a big fuss about it.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I doubt Capcom and Ninja Theory sat down in a meeting and decided that.

      “Get this: we won’t use ads or trailers or gameplay to sell the game, we’ll use… RAGE!”

      It turned out that way because of the gamers themselves, not because of some brilliant plot by Ninja Theory.

      • Yeah by insulting the OG fanbase and insulting OG Dante. They managed to screw alot of potential buyers and divide the audience instead of uniting both parties. As I said most of my hate is towards Capcom, Ninja Theory their PR tactics. It just turned out that the gameplay was not on par with the DMC series.e

        • Kris

          Wait… how does that result in more sales? 

          The gameplay’s actually pretty good. I liked it a lot, and all they’re doing until release is fine-tuning it. Level design and weapon choices are done. It’s all polish and combat improvements from here! :D

    • That’s quite an assumption…

  • Capcom learning how to tell a proper story is a great first step to Street Fighter actually getting a coherent plot.

    • thaKingRocka

      Street Fighter does not need a coherent plot beyond this: there is a tournament … for fighters … to fight. SF2’s endings were perfect. Zangief danced with Gorbachev. Blanka found his mommy. Ryu walked on. Perfectly coherent.

      • Says you; I find it ridiculous that Gouken was apparently buried alive for several years and then all of a sudden woke up for no apparent reason. Third Strike which is supposed to take place several years after 2 now seems out of place because of Yun, Yang, and Ibuki appearing in IV at the same age as they are in Third Strike. Guile won’t stop being a whiny little bitch. And Bison and Co are probably the worst villains ever.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          But Juri is probably the greatest character in both look, gameplay, and personality that has ever existed in the Street Fighter universe.

        • thaKingRocka

          I find all of that ridiculous too. That’s why I don’t waste any time with it. I recognize that some people care about story in fighters. I don’t. The fact that there is a tournament IS the story. Their motivation IS the tournament. I don’t need to hear heart-warming tales of adversity to enjoy an Olympic athlete’s performance, and I certainly don’t need any motivation to make fictional characters breathe fire or piledrive opponents.

          In fighting games:
          Control is king. Art design is queen. Story is jester.
          Says me.

          • After spending nearly 20 years with this wandering hobo, I think it’s natural to want to know more about this idiot who seemingly gets a hard on from fighting. Like, is he actually Akuma’s son? What’s up with this thing about Ingrid knowing him in the future? How did you learn Shin Shoryu and Denjin all of a sudden?

            After playing MKvsDCU, Mortal Kombat 9, BlazBlue, and Persona 4 I’m really starting to see that fighting games don’t just have to be some redundant tournament every damn time. Well, except for two of what I said, atleast they’re done well.

            At first to, I admit I really didn’t care about a story in a fighting game, because they were just a game. But after so many shared experience of winning and losing together I kinda fall in love with the character and hope they can find some resolution and closure to their arcs. Hell, even Mario gets better written stories than the World Warriors and he’s as kid friendly, stupidly silly, and light hearted as can be.

          • thaKingRocka

            Street Fighter is very different from those other fighters. The Street Fighter cast all have stories, but they’re the stories they had before the game came to be. The SF2 cast are all easily identified stereotypes, caricatures, archetypes, loveable tropes and spoofs drawing on years of the pop culture pantheon. That’s why they never really needed to flesh out the characters. The players knew who they were on sight. That’s why SF2 was incredibly accessible and appealing while BlazBlue leaves most people completely stumped as to what the hell they’re looking at. The new guy, Azrael has two belts and a single chap. If that draws on anything known to anyone, then I don’t want to see the inspiration.

            Akuma is Sheng Long. Gouken is Sheng Long. Who taught what to whom? The lore might as well be written by the fans since Akuma was created by EGM. Capcom can not write stories for their characters. We’ve seen this time and time again. Asking them to explain things leads to the sort of self-serious mumbo jumbo we saw in Ryu’s storyline in SF4 or the absolutely god-awful Alpha anime. Street Fighter can not survive seriousness. In some ways, that’s because Capcom can not or will not handle the stories well, but it is mostly the result of the the fact that we were never meant to take it very seriously in the first place.

            If you really want the stories of the characters, maybe you should look into the stories they were inspired by. Otherwise, we might as well just fill in the blanks with some highly predictable fanfic shounen storylines about ultimate techniques or something.

            I think everyone would enjoy looking through these old galleries if they’ve ever even played SF.

          • “Capcom can not or will not handle the stories well”

            That’s my point exactly, they just treat Street Fighter as a money making machine, but damn, even machine’s have feelings too. Perhaps it’s just because after reading the Udon Comic, which despite being horribly cliche, told a decent story with the World Warriors. I see what you mean that they were created for just a simple purpose as a character we select and nothing more, but that doesn’t mean they always have to stay that way. Hell, the original Metal Gears were typical straight up stealth/action with numerous and typical tropes from hollywood movies. And as we all know, somewhere along the line Kojima got a crazy fetish for memes and conspiracy theories and Metal Gear is now just ridiculous. Which, I find awesome personally.

            I don’t want anything amazing from Capcom, but damn all I want is some character development. Probably the best development from the characters are only from Ken and Chun-Li who grow up a lot by Third Strike, but that’s about it….

            Anyway, I feel we’ve brought the comments section off topic enough. I’m sure we can both debate about this till the end of time, but lets agree to disagree, yeah? :)

  • Pang Chee Jie

    I find it rather odd that people are saying that game play is so much more important than game play. Both are equally as important. Bad graphics are just as capable of turning people off as bad game play. The graphics of a game helps one immerse themselves while playing a game. Would you buy a game at $60 if it had omg amazing game play but with PS1 level graphics since people are always saying graphics aren’t important? People shouldn’t downplay graphics because if uncharted has say…duke nukem forever graphics, it wouldn’t be as breathtaking as it is right now.

    • Bakuryukun

      Yeah I would totally buy a game if it had amazing gameplay but PS1 level graphics, some PS1 games STILL look good. The actual technical power of a system has very little to do with the aesthetic style of a game except for it’s upper limit. 

      • Pang Chee Jie

        I’m sure there are more people like you who don’t give a damn about graphics at all(Note:this is not an insult) but in reality many people do. Let’s take COD for example. Any article or video with the title COD will surely be met with comments about how the graphics engine is still the same, the graphics are bad, etc. That goes to show that many people do care about graphics.

        • Bakuryukun

          That’s the thing though, I do care about graphics, in the form of aesthetic design, but truthfully, graphical fidelity shouldn’t be THAT important in the face of good gameplay and timeless aesthetics.

          • Pang Chee Jie

            You can only go so far with just aesthetics though because, like abstract art, not everyone is capable of appreciating it. I just think that developers should concentrate on making graphics that match their game play and not just concentrate on one field. My definition of good graphics isn’t photo realism or ultra aesthetic but rather how well it blends into the game.

      • puchinri

         FF9 still looks pretty darn lovely to me, so yeah, I agree.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      As someone who frequently buys NISA games, I have quite a few titles that look like PS2 games in my collection. Gameplay is the #1 priority. Always.

      • Pang Chee Jie

        If the graphics match the feel of game, it’s all right. Most NIS games have minimalist graphics but the way they present their games make them look good and that’s why I love their games. They match graphics with game play.

    • puchinri

       I actually feel that design is more important than the graphics, because just design (and art style) alone will play a very important part in graphics anyway. People want a HD Harvest Moon, but in the end, and that might be nice, but it’s not like HM would be benefit from HD as strongly as Assassin’s Creed.

      Graphics are definitely important though, but I can tolerate fair quality graphics if everything else delivers (primarily: designs, music and gameplay). Opoona is one of my top fav games of all time. The graphics are probably crap to most, but it has a fun battle system and can hold its own.

      But then again, I also don’t think that can hold true for everything. Some things do need to be a bit pretty. But I can definitely handle bad graphics over bad gameplay.

      • Pang Chee Jie

        Doesn’t design fall under the graphics category though? Anyway I checked out Opoona and I don’t think that the graphics are bad at all. It totally fits with the mood of the game. If people say that they can handle bad graphics over bad game play, I can accept that. However, what I do hate is when people say that graphics is not an important aspect of a game and that it should take a back seat.

        • puchinri

          Design technically exists outside of graphics. If anything, graphics would actually fall under design.

          And I didn’t think so either, but a number of people sincerely felt that they were quite subpar.

          I agree, though. And I don’t think many people genuinely believe that. They’re probably paraphrasing their standards a little off is all.

    • John Szczepaniak

      Considering I still buy games from all the previous generations, sometimes paying large sums if it’s rare, I would say: yes, I would pay $60 for a great playing but poor looking game. So many games today play identically, with the same controller layouts, recharging health, and a myriad of other copy-and-pasted mechanics.

      Besides, what’s wrong with “PS1 level” graphics? The dirty, rusted style of the original Silent Hill is more scary than the realistically lit and high-res textured follow ups. Videos of the PS1-era Duke Nukem Forever look far more interesting than the awful, bland modern release that featured shiny visuals.

      Gamers need to stop being pre-occupied with realism and increased fidelity. 8-bit chic is enjoying a revival, and I look forward to the day when the grainy textures of the Sega Saturn become vogue (the roughness of the early Panzer Dragoon titles convey a post-apocalyptic scenario better than the shininess of Orta).

      • Pang Chee Jie

        I myself would play a game that has PS1 graphics. However, show the younger gamers trailers of FF7 and they will most likely comment about how bad the graphics are. I am not saying PS1 graphics are bad. I’m saying that people shouldn’t always go around saying that graphics don’t play an important part in games.

        “Gamers need to stop being pre-occupied with realism and increased fidelity”
        Gamers should also stop being pre-occupied with innovative and creative gameplay. Look at Journey by thatgamecompany. The game play in it is minimal but the environments, aesthetics and soundtrack are simply amazing. It’s a prime example of how graphics and music are able to compensate for the lack of game play.

        • John Szczepaniak

          “Gamers should also stop being pre-occupied with innovative and creative gameplay.” – I am so disturbed by the strange incomprehensible logic of this statement, I don’t even know how to reply.

          Is that a typo? Because what you’ve basically said is this: “Gamers need to stop caring about good games.” If you remove creative and innovative gameplay, you’re basically left with unplayable ****. That’s what you’ve got if you remove innovation and creativity. If people stopped caring about games being “good”, then they’d all be crap, and we wouldn’t even have reviews or news sites like this. We’d be mindless, brainless automatons who actively purchase ****.

          Why would you even say something like this? Seriously, man, how can ANYONE honestly think “Gamers should also stop being pre-occupied with innovative and creative gameplay.” Is this sarcasm? Were you being sarcastic? Someone should make a sarcasm font for the internet. Were you trolling me perhaps? Because what you’ve suggested is either really great sarcasm, or frighteningly insane.

          I’m also going to disagree with you on Journey. Apart from the motion controlled camera which broke the game for me, because I sit at an angle and it would constantly auto-tilt, I thought the rest of the game was overhyped garbage. I can’t even begin to articulate how intensely I think that Journey is absolute trash.

          You pay $15 for what is basically a ONE HOUR trek through a desert (according to reviews). That is NOT good value for money. Also, as you point out, there’s nothing in it. I’ve seen double jumping done a hundred times better in other games.

          Journey represents every I loathe about self-absorbed, arthouse indies. It’s all style, no substance, and it’s awful. I am much more interested in seeing something like Brian Provinciano’s RCR. Also $15, he says the launch price will be, no doubt offering more than ONE HOUR of game time, and from what I’ve read he has crammed as much mechanical gameplay into as is humanly possible. It’s actually a game. A gamey gamer’s game for gaming gamers. The whole thing screams GAME. Whereas Journey feels like I’m being trolled by a hipster and have just wasted my money (or I would if I bought it).

          • $30632660

            Yeah, I’ve already got Pang figured out.This is the type of person that would like those interactive movies made by Quantum Dream, like Heavy Rain and that upcoming Beyond movie.
            No matter what, graphics cannot compensate for a lack of gameplay, that’s just a straight up fact.

            It wouldn’t be a game at that point, it’d just be a movie with the same special features you find on DVD and Bluerays.

    • $30632660

      You do realize there are many games with “PS1 level” graphics and amazing gameplay?

      • Pang Chee Jie

        Of course I do. They’re called PS1 games.

        Jokes aside, I think you misinterpreted my post. I am in no way implying that games with PS1 graphics but good game play are bad. I’m saying that wouldn’t you enjoy the game more if it had current gen graphics instead of moving triangles?

        • $30632660

          Graphics doesn’t make a game fun, gameplay does.

          • Pang Chee Jie

             You’re missing the point here…

          • $30632660

            You asked me if I would enjoy a game more if it had current gen graphics, and I replied that graphics do not make a game fun, gameplay does.

            I think you missed what I was trying to say.

            I’ll give you a perfect example

            I would not enjoy Okami HD more than Okami Wii, just because it had better graphics.Those updated graphics does not make the game more entertaining at all.If it had updated gameplay then I would enjoy the game more, but it does not.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I still enjoy Game Boy games, Super Nintendo games, and PS1 games despite current technology having evolved far beyond what they display. While graphics aren’t wholly irrelevant, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting into gaming because they were impressed by what a game looked like. If ever anyone has, then I can’t imagine anyone having ever been impressed with the original Nintendo’s library enough to say “hey, I wanna play that.” Do these people ignore entire generations of games?

      The sentiment isn’t that graphics play no part in a game, it’s that gameplay matters more than what the game looks like. I can’t imagine that anyone honestly cares what Mario looks like these days. Mario was and is a hit because of the gameplay, not the graphical fidelity. I’d pay $60 for any good game. If one is justifying a games price by its looks then they’re doing it wrong to begin with. Literally any movie game this generation has better graphics than Xenogears, so… let’s pick Iron Man 2 for specificity. Is anybody going to argue which is the better game? I doubt it. Is a bad game worth more than a good game because it looks better? That’s not really a good argument.

      Also, in response to your Call of Duty example below, note that the series still maintains record-breaking sales year after year in spite of those complaints. Apparently it’s not as big a deal to players as your example would make it seem.

      • Pang Chee Jie

        Please read my other posts. You have clearly misconstrued what I have said.

        Allow me to quote myself: “My definition of good graphics isn’t photo realism or ultra aesthetic but rather how well it blends into the game.”

        When I read your post, I was like “What is this I don’t even…” I don’t blame you though. I admit that that my post was rather vague.

        • Solomon_Kano

          > Would you buy a game at $60 if it had omg amazing game play but with PS1 level graphics since people are always saying graphics aren’t important?

          >  Any article or video with the title COD will surely be met with comments about how the graphics engine is still the same, the graphics are bad, etc. That goes to show that many people do care about graphics.

          > I find it rather odd that people are saying that game play is so much more important than game play.

          These are the things you said specifically that I was responding to. The rest of my comment was a response to general idea that graphics hold the same weight as gameplay. I’m sure you know what you wrote, so I figured you’d know that the entirety of that response was not aimed at you directly.

          And I never said you did think it was photorealism, so I’m not sure why you quoted that. I didn’t mention photorealism at all.

          • Pang Chee Jie

            ” Would you buy a game at $60 if it had omg amazing game play but with
            PS1 level graphics since people are always saying graphics aren’t
            If a company like Epic were to release a GOW game with PS1 graphics, do you think it will sell as much as its predecessors did? Realistically, it won’t. This post is targeted at hypocrites who say that they don’t care about graphics but subconsciously do.

            “Any article or video with the title COD will surely be met with comments
            about how the graphics engine is still the same, the graphics are bad,
            etc. That goes to show that many people do care about graphics.”
            It’s a big deal on the internet. That’s for sure.

            “I find it rather odd that people are saying that game play is so much more important than game play.”
            This is, for the most part, my opinion on the subject. I thoroughly loved and enjoyed Journey and Flower and judging by reviews, the critics and gamers alike love them too. Did those games having super amazing game play? No. It’s the experience that made people love playing those games. The graphics and musical score played a big part in providing that ‘experience’ as game play is not emphasized greatly in those games. This goes to show that game play does not need to be a core factor of a game to be enjoyable. Another example I can give is the Uncharted series. Was the game play really any different than any other generic 3rd person shooter? Again, no. The platforming was linear and shooting was nothing special. So, what made the Uncharted games so popular? The experience AND the game play combined made the Uncharted games good. I’m no expert but graphics also does not just fall under one category. Game physics and all those other technical stuff also fall under it.

            “And I never said you did think it was photorealism, so I’m not sure why you quoted that. I didn’t mention photorealism at all.”
            Your entire post seems to imply that my definition of good graphics is realistic looking models, environments and such.
            1. If ever anyone has, then I can’t imagine anyone having ever been
            impressed with the original Nintendo’s library enough to say “hey, I
            wanna play that.”
            2. Mario was and is a hit because of the gameplay, not the graphical fidelity.
            3. Literally any movie game this generation has better graphics than Xenogears
            Almost all of Nintendo’s mario games have quirky and enjoyable art styles, character models and environments and it given that the Wii isn’t as powerful as the PS360, those type of graphics are to be expected.

          • Solomon_Kano

            As I just said in my reply, the entirety of my post was not directed at you, but was a response to the notion that graphics are as important as gameplay. I’m merely giving my opinion on the subject, that’s all.

            Also, the Call of Duty example counteracts the Gears of War example. If Gears is popular because of its graphics, but people complain about Call of Duty’s graphics then why isn’t Gears more popular? Gears isn’t even more popular than CoD on the 360 alone, to keep the platform situation fair. It’s because they don’t matter as much as those people are saying, apparently.

            I’ll grant you the talk of “experiences” but it’s to be noted that graphics alone do not make an experience. It was Journey’s art style and sound direction that made that experience. Minecraft is a recent phenomenon. Nobody EVER brings up graphics as a positive point about Minecraft, but it’s still incredibly popular. Why?

            Again, I’m not saying graphics have no relevance and I’m mostly speaking my personal opinion, but they apparently aren’t a deal-breaker for most.

          • Pang Chee Jie

            The system wouldn’t let me reply to your post below.

            “Also, the Call of Duty example counteracts the Gears of War example. If Gears is popular because
            of its graphics, but people complain about Call of Duty’s graphics then
            why isn’t Gears more popular? ”
            I’m not saying that Gears is popular because it has good graphics. There’s bound to be people who have an imaginary ‘bar’ for graphics in their subconscious and if the developer doesn’t at least match the height of that bar, those gamers would not buy the game. That’s what I’m trying to say here. Some people actually do care about graphics but they aren’t aware of it and they try to deny it.

            “Nobody EVER brings up graphics as a positive point about Minecraft, but it’s still incredibly popular. Why?”
            Because the old school graphics suit game. I would not have enjoyed minecraft if it had life like character models, super awesome textures and the like. Minecraft’s graphics has it’s own special charm which I think perfectly suits the game. Like I said, if the graphics suit the game, the graphics are good. IMO, of course.

            “Again, I’m not saying graphics have no relevance and I’m mostly speaking
            my personal opinion, but they apparently aren’t a deal-breaker for
            And I respect your opinion. I just want people to realize graphics play a pretty significant role in games and not simply go around saying “graphics don’t matter in a game” ,or anything similar, so nonchalantly. I know that you’re not one of those people but I hope that more people will realize that game play isn’t everything.

            “I’ll grant you the talk of “experiences” but it’s to be noted that graphics alone do not make an experience. It was Journey’s art style and sound direction that made that experience.”
            Which is what I’ve already said. But the main point a game can be a good one even with not-so-special game play.

    • Matthew Dickinson

      I buy games largely because of the graphics, but not so much the technical level they’re at (what system it’s for). This means I find lots of games from NES, Sega, PS1, etc., to be appealing to the eye, from an artistic standpoint. 

      I guess I’m a “graphics whore,” but what do you call someone who likes paintings…? 

  • Abel.exe

    Go on Capcom, keep digging your own grave.
    See if I care.

    • Vadim Merzhey

      In the end we shall all understand that we all cared))

  • Luna Kazemaru

    The comments here…well its not a thread but this is the basic reaction I have to the comments I see here when I came in…


  • vileBrenman

    Let’s rock baby! Nuff said

  • Jake_Indiman

    Despite some scathing comments I have seen about this game. I am actually looking forward to it. It might be pretty awesome! But we will just have to wait and see in January won’t we. ;)

    • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

       I’m looking forward to it as well. I loved NT Enslaved and Heavenly Sword (I even loved their Kung Fu Chaos for the original Xbox).

      Although fan purists might not like the direction they are taking it, I’m not going to mock Ninja and the quality work they have done in my opinion…and am heartily keeping my eye on this one.

  • Göran Isacson

    Gonna be catiuously optimistic about Capcom learning to write beter stories, and Ninja Theory learning how to make a fun game. Have to admit that while I found Heavenly Sword to be better than Enslaved in the long run, neithers titles gameplay left much of an impression on me.  And yes yes YES they deserve credit for putting an increased focus on story and their work in the facial animation department is to DIE for, but when I keep walking away from their games thinking “now why couldn’t that have been an animated movie so I wouldn’t have to sit through so much filler?”

    AT ANY RATE best of luck to both of them.

  • Spider-Man

    It’s like they’re oblivious to the fan rage sometimes. 

    Whatever though, I’ll still be giving this game a try because I’m genuinely interested in it. Not going to go and hate on it without giving it a try. The game has improved over time with each trailer released IMO. Still, part of me understands the concerns from the fans about this game. But when I see comments like; “We want old Dante!” “This game is >insert insult<" and other similar comments, I just want to to punch them in the face. 

    Capcom and NT are going to push the game whether you like it or not. I still get irked when people bash NT for doing their job. Of course, some people will just quote Tameem's "I don't care" quote and the like from like a year or two ago and use that to justify their hate. Legitimate concerns in terms of gameplay and story is understandable, but blatant hate really pisses me off. If you don't want to support the series, vote with your damn wallet. Don't buy it. Rent it if you're unsure. And if you want to support it, buy it new.

  • miyamoto

    Capcom learned how to be cocky cock keepers
    style over substance spells disaster for this dmc

    • Nobody has played the game yet to make any assessments on it, okay? Let’s not try to pretend otherwise.

  • That is weird I never knew Hideaki Itsuno  was the director of DmC since he was busy with Dragon’s Dogma during the majority of its development.

  • sandra10

    @Nemesis_Dawn Yes, of course. I must be non-human because I can see that dieing in a VERY pointless manner would ruin the pacing of a game like Enslaved. Great logic.

    But thanks for completely side stepping what I said so that you can make a personal attack. It really shows how little integrity Siliconera’s fanbase has.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Siliconera’s fanbase? Siliconera’s Uncharted fanbase or… ? You’re lumping a good number of people together based on the comments of a few.

  • AaqibRawat

     ”it seems like with the West and Ninja Theory they focus on the visuals
    stuff at the beginning and then build the game play on top of that,”

    That quote explains a lot. :P

  • Valtiel Ikari

    capcom should really keep their development as it is, gamaplay first, graphics last, and hybrid system sounds good on papper, but don’t really think it would turn out that good.

  • sedoi

    Capcom doesn’t pay attention to schedule? Now that’s hypocrisy. Many people from Capcom were complaining about it. As for NT, they keep a schedule? First they said dmc comes in 2011, than in 2012, than in 2013. Developer should stop throw empty words.

  • Pipiskin99

    i hope capcom has learned that outsource is bad and that ninja theory made a load of generic games in the past, well konami didn’t learn and thus we had bunch of bad silent hill and castlevania games, now this

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