Dragon’s Dogma Getting A Second Demo On PlayStation 3

By Ishaan . August 11, 2012 . 1:30pm

Capcom are releasing a second demo for Dragon’s Dogma, this one exclusive to the PlayStation 3, next week.


This second demo will feature the game’s prologue and character customization screen, before sending you on a quest to defeat a Hydra and deliver one of its three heads to the castle. As with the previous demo, you’ll able to carry your save data from the demo into the full game.


The second demo will be released on August 15th in Europe and August 21st in North America. As previously reported, Capcom have also recently added an “Easy” mode to both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Dragon’s Dogma.

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  • MrRobbyM

    Is there any difference to easy mode besides everything being easier? Lowered drop rate, exp, stuff like that?

    • Selaphiel

       The literal only difference is that enemies deal less damage to you. There’s no other pros/cons. It’s up in the air right now, but apparently your pawns take normal mode damage even when you’re playing easy.

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    They should have added a harder mode not an easier mode -_-
    Dragon Dogma was already easy enough like it was.

  • konsama

    The demo is a great idea, when they first announced the first demo i thought it would be something like this one. So it’s a step forward. 

    But really, the easy mode thing…

  • Angeru_Lito

    If only more games had better demos we wouldn’t need reviews! 

    • PK212

       Or if more games just had demos in general.

      • Angeru_Lito

        Yeah fighting games in particular, for instance I really want to get DOA5 when it comes out but I would like to try it before just to see how I feel about the gameplay a short demo would ensure my purchase while I’d probably wait to see what other people tell me about the game if they try it before me.

        • Ah, just get Gamefly.

          Getting it was possibly the greatest decision in my life.

          • Angeru_Lito

            Yeah that would be great but we don’t have any kind of game rental service in my country *pours one out for Blockbuster*

        • badmoogle

          As a long time die-hard Tekken fan i was soooo disappointed with Tekken 6 that i don’t think i’ll ever buy a Tekken game again without first trying a demo. :/

  • Just release the Gold edition so we can buy it. No one buys vanilla versions of Capcom games anymore.

    • Selaphiel

       The DLC is so painfully stupid and pointless that the only benefit of a Gold edition would be that the standard edition’s price would go down.

  • $3587643

    Hydras have four heads.

    Still waiting for hard mode.

    • badmoogle

      You fight Hydras again later in the game (and you have to kill all of their heads).The one in the everfal is definitely not a weakling.

      But yeah a hard mode would have been really appreciated.

  • Selaphiel

     I’d say the single most annoying story quest in the entire game is the hydra head escort, they’d be better off ending the demo when you kill the Hydra instead of when you reach Gran Soren.

    • badmoogle

      Nah strangely i enjoyed the Hydra head escort quest much more than the Hydra fight itself.I didn’t even realized how i beat that thing…probably my pawns did most of the work.:p

    • William Hsia

      man the escort missions are the worst, the instant i decide to stop and kill some monsters cause they wont stop chasing me BOOM dead client

  • $30632660

    I’m confused here, isn’t Dragon’s Dogma already out?

    • It sold less in the West than Capcom expected so they are trying to expose it more.

  • I see Capcom are trying to really convince people to play this game if they’re adding in another demo…after the game is released WHILE BACK.  Also Easy Mode…because everyone wanted that :L

  • Godmars

    How about giving it some general market advertising.

    And I’m really not getting the PS3-only thing. 

    • Angeru_Lito

      Well 360 people got the demo for RE6 with Dragon’s Dogma didn’t they so that’s “fair” if you ask me … acutally fair would be if Capcom just drops the exclusive demo/skin/character whatever BS from their games.

  • Solomon_Kano


  • Gravity Dazed

    this game is waaaay to easy to have an easy mode,. as long as you always update your pawns..

  • “Capcom are releasing a second demo for Dragon’s Dogma, this one exclusive to the PlayStation 3, next week.”

    What good will it do since the first demo and the game have been already released like more than 2 months ago??? You’re just wasting space, Capcom….

    • Roubjon

       Uh, games still sell 2 months into existence.  Talk about unwarranted hate…

      • That is if they’re in bargain bins…

        • Enma_Kozato

          Maybe you should open up your mind a bit. I, personally, don’t always have the time and money to go out and buy a game during its release due to limited income, and there are also times I don’t pick up interest in a particular title until a good chunk of time and exposure later.

          • For the record, I’m not hating on this completely… (Okay, I hate some of the practises gone into this… But still…)

            Think about it… The second demo will be pushed aside from the main PSN hub(a place with limited exposure) and into oblivion after a few days/weeks… I doubt many people will play the second demo if they’ve played the first thus I don’t see any benefits to that when one demo is enough to showcase the gameplay and all…

          • Enma_Kozato

            And how does that relate to my response to your bargain bin comment? Your twisting the conversation.

          • I thought the conversation is about advertising the game to sell more copies to more people and delaying the need to put it straight into the bargain bin….

          • Enma_Kozato

            You were arguing anyone who buys the game now would get it from bargain bins. I replied saying that isn’t always the case because of time and money, and you more or less ignored that.

          • Yes, I did notice the “time and money” but all of this comes to exposure… I was referring to “If it’s in the bargain bins, it would sell copies” rather than what you were implying… People loves special sales where there are discounts everywhere…. Retailers advertise to sell all these to clear out stocks… Seeing you’re in a limited income situation, I got nothing to argue against you..

          • Enma_Kozato

            Hoooo boy, you need to work on making your comments more clear if that’s what you’re really referring to. Why even bother replying to me in the first place if you have nothing to argue against me, sheesh.

          • Hey!!! English is not my first language…. I’m replying because I want to make myself clear of what I’m trying to say… Sorry for not saying clear English well enough…

  • Setsu Oh

    played it, loved it. so much more than skyrim.

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