NeoGeo X Gold Is A Handheld And A Console (And It’s $200)

By Spencer . August 13, 2012 . 1:37am

neogeoSNK Playmore is kind of making a new console. They licensed the Neo Geo name and some software to Tommo who will distribute the NeoGeo X Gold in North America.


The hardware is neat since the NeoGeo X Gold doubles as a console and a handheld. Plug it into the docking station and you can use a NeoGeo X joystick, which looks just like the classic NeoGeo stick.


The bad news is the NeoGeo X Gold costs $199.99. Yeah, it’s pre-loaded with 20 NeoGeo titles, but the list is missing many classics. Here’s what you get with the Neo Geo X Gold:











NAM 1975












The NeoGeo X Gold also has an expandable game slot, but it isn’t clear how you can add extra games to the system. "Great game consoles don’t die; they’re just reborn in much more affordable and convenient packages," said Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan. The NeoGeo X Gold comes out on December 6.

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  • omeganeko

    hmmm….. i love the idea but my wallet looks like it is ready to backhand me.

  • This may be the worst idea I have seen in terms of gaming to release in NA. Even with Ouya being funded and going to cost just $99, this is gonna be a big issue. Someone is going to grab one of the numerous emulators and have access to many more games than this is offering. >.<

  • So it really does exist…

    And it’s a neat kind of set up, I think.

  • I would get it…but tight on cash, but one day my sweet~

  • “Great game consoles don’t die; they’re just reborn in much more affordable and convenient packages” 

    I’m not certain if his definition of “affordable” is applicable especially when you can get a current gen console for less than that. What market are they exactly aiming at?

    • Code

      Yeah it’s also missing some pretty select games o~o;; I have to admit it looks sharp, but that’s a serious knee drop to the wallet. Way too steep for me >3<;

    • SeventhEvening

      It is affordable to SNK, which has never had a realistic idea of what things should cost. The original NeoGeo cost a ludicrous amount of money.

      • Ladius

        To be honest, NeoGeoAes was something absolutely unique in the home entertainment landscape of its age, it was an arcade perfect machine in an age of shoddy, technically limited portings and I think it was one of the most satisfying experiences of my early gaming life. It was pricey, but it was really in its own league and had a long lifespan, too.

        • SeventhEvening

          I’m really a fan of SNK, but it really was crazy expensive. It put the PS3’s launch price to shame and individual games cost the same price as some consoles. Even these days, buying the old Neogeo titles on PSN seem to be much more than buying other classics. I understand the collector pedigree of Neogeo, but 200 is a bit steep given that I can buy an SNK collection for PS2 for about 9 dollars.

      • True, but like Ladius said, the Neo Geo was pretty much a full blown arcade system without the cabinet. For that time it’s pretty awesome for the money. Now though, is a different story. 

  • seriously? what an outdated design that look like something from 1990 and that game list!!!!! my Kawaks listing more game than that.

  • d19xx

    “the NeoGeo X Gold costs $199.99.”

  • WyattEpp

    It’s sort of like $100 console + $5×20 games. Is this for the kind of person who buys a console and all of its release games all at once?

    EDIT: Just so everyone’s on the same page as far as the vintage goes:
    1990-04-26 MAGICIAN LORD
    1990-??-?? CYBER LIP
    1990-??-?? NAM 1975
    1990-??-?? PUZZLED
    1991-07-01 LEAGUE BOWLING
    1991-11-25 FATAL FURY
    1991-??-?? ALPHA MISSION II
    1991-??-?? KING OF THE MONSTERS
    1992-04-17 MUTATION NATION
    1992-04-24 LAST RESORT
    1992-04-28 BASEBALL STARS II
    1992-??-?? SUPER SIDEKICKS
    1993-04-23 3 COUNT BOUT
    1993-09-16 FATAL FURY SPECIAL
    1994-02-02 ART OF FIGHTING II
    1994-10-28 SAMURAI SHODOWN II
    1995-07-25 THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’95
    1996-05-24 METAL SLUG

    • SeventhEvening

      It is still pretty hard to justify for me. Several classics are missing and we’re not talking about “release titles” we’re talking about games that are 15-22 years old. For 200 dollars, I could buy a Sega Nomad and between 30 and 50 games. Or for under 20, I could buy an SNK classics compilation for my PSP or PS2 and get the same 20 games or so. 

      • WyattEpp

        Haha, only several?  Please don’t misunderstand; I’m just taking a guess as to the rationale of the people who decided this was reasonable pricing and marketing.  Granted there are some good ones listed, but…. ~_~

    • d19xx

      Really bad news if Blaze is the actual manufacturer of this device. Some of those games you listed would probably be badly emulated. 

      If you seach for “Blaze handheld bad emulation” you’ll see several complaints regarding the devices they’ve sold. 

      For the sake of those people buying the NeoGeo X Gold, I hope Blaze had made a decent MVS emulator.

  • Sam

    As cool as the console is, I’d rather just the handheld. 

  • doubletaco

    A $200 MVS? My “too good to be true” alarm is going off here.

  • .

    I’m guessing a lot of people who were interested in the Neo Geo but unwilling to pay those prices in the 90s found them through emulators for the PC by now, but this is not for them. Though I’m hard pressed to think of who its for now…

    Really, for me to even consider this it would at least have to have more numbered Metal Slugs, King of Fighters, Last Blade 1 &2, and Mark of the Wolves…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm 200$ is not so bad hre lol^_^ Especially when i am one of Neo-Geo follower here.^_^

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Not trying to be a troll, but my question is why?

    And who is going to buy this unless they decide to come out with new titles?

    • doubletaco

      People who are starting to collect Neo Geo games, but not to the point where they want to drop $600 for other MVS consoles (or even more for an arcade machine).

      And for new titles, I’ll draw your attention to Gunlord:

  • James Beatty

    200 seems a bit much for this. It has a lot of built in games, but still. Not sure if there is a big market for this, but i can see it selling to a niche audience 

  • $30632660

    For the cost of nothing I can get all of these games.

    This type of scam might fly in Japan, but it won’t in America.I know we got some hardcore collectors, but even those guys wouldn’t get this crap

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Perhaps there are some folks willing to to enjoy these products legally, and in the style of the original console unit.

      Warned. Please keep pirate and flame comments off Siliconera in the future. 

      • $30632660

        Who said anything about pirating?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          ‘For the cost of nothing I can get all of these games.’ Even if we are talking gray area online emulators, that’s still not quite a licensed version. I understand SNK has been quite aggressive in porting their older titles, but there is still a cost associated with buying the PS2, PSP or whatever disks.

          Also, this does have the fun factor attached to the design and the wonky original control stick.

          • $30632660

            There are several boxes of old consoles and games I keep stored in my Grandma’s garage, including the games mentioned in this article.It costs me nothing of monetary value to just go in there and find it, although it would cost me time to look through all that junk.

            And there’s no guarantee that any of that stuff still works.

            200 dollars for 20 games is still a rip off.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Funny thing about that though, bud. Somebody had to of bought those old consoles and games at one point in time. So it did cost somebody something.

            While it may be all fine and good for you since you weren’t that somebody to pay for those games that excuse doesn’t hold any water. It would be the same as me going to the Salvation army looking at a VCR and going

            “Well shoot I have a VCR in my basement that my father bought years ago. What a rip-off! Why would I buy this!”  That’s not an honest complaint, that’s just stupid. -_-

          • Arrei

            Then you can’t say you can “get” these games for free, because you already have them…

    • neo_firenze

      Don’t assume you understand Neo Geo collectors.  I’m going to get one of these instantly, I don’t even have to think about it.  I’m also the type of person who has 4 Neo Geo cart systems, a Hyper NG64 arcade board, and several Neo carts worth hundreds of dollars each.  I’m not very unusual in the Neo collector scene.

      Now, mass-market?  Yeah this isn’t likely to take the world by storm.  But there’s a niche audience for it. 


  • Jirin

    Doesn’t this all assume Neo-Geo still has name recognition?

    What’s next, Atari Lynx Platinum?  Panasonic 3D0 2? Phillips CDi Ultra?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      These re-releases are actually nothing new. Sega Genesis had like 3 different versions done by folks not Sega (not including the clones), Game Gear was treated similar and even a Saturn was planned. 

      They can be done on the relative cheap, and the name recognition can help with the initial marketing.

    • $30632660

      I can’t even begin to understand what goes on in the minds of these companies trying to pull stuff like this.

  • Only real hardcore fans will get this (the rest knows they can easily play those games in their PCs for free)

    • You forgotten about the portability of the system. I also don’t believe that many people like to and know how to crack/emulate systems. That’s why people still buy classic rereleases on PSN/360 etc.

  • Rollersnake

    I was pretty interested in this until I saw the price.  Also I assume it’s going to have a fairly limited release and thus never come down in price, as Neo-Geo collectors have all the money in the world, it seems.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      The NeoGeoPocket re-release from a few years back was $80-100, with fewer games and a lesser selection of what would be called NeoGeo classics. 

      Guess I remember the times of a far more expensive hobby, but I don’t see the price point as an immediate deal killer.

  • sibarraz

    I don’t get this, do you get a handleheld, a controller AND an aes?

  • I might get this on release. Big classic SNK fan. 

    Had an AES and a NGCD. Considering how pricey the hobby can be, $200 is a nice price. The initial selection of games is disappointing, so I’m hoping they release packs of games at humble prices.

  • Katamari Toys

    Man, want this so much! Just put all garou games + the best KOF ever (98) and then it is the perfect SNK console ever!

  • LazuliteLiamz

    If we get all of those things in the picture for $200, isn’t it quite a good deal?
    I love gaming on the go, although I’m not a big fan of NeoGeo, but if they sell the handheld separately, I might consider getting one.

  • ZEROthefirst

    The sad thing is that a lot of people are going to ignore this to get whatever games they want for free online.

  • miyamoto


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