Remember Me’s “Memory Remix” Feature Lets You Alter People’s Memories

By Ishaan . August 14, 2012 . 4:14am


Earlier tonight, Capcom announced a brand new action-adventure game, Remember Me, being developed by Dontnod Entertainment. You can watch gameplay footage of the game above, and read more details on the project below.


Remember Me takes place in Neo-Paris in the year 2084. This is a setting where personal memories can be digitized, bought, sold and traded. It’s a world without privacy, where social networks have become incredibly prevalent, and citizens themselves have accepted to trade privacy for the comfort of smart technology.


In Remember Me, you play as a character named Nilin, who is a former memory hunter. She has the ability to break into people’s minds, after which she can steal or alter their memories. Scared of her abilities, the authorities have arrested Nilin and wiped her memory clean. Ultimately, she escapes from prison and sets out to recover her memory.


Remember Me uses a “Memory Remix” feature, where you enter people’s minds using Nilin’s power and alter their memories in real-time. This will result in characters changing their perspective of both themselves and the people around them.


Capcom will publish Remember Me in North America sometime in May 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game have localized voice-overs in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, as well as subtitles in Russian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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  • Solomon_Kano

    I absolutely love that bit of music/speech/whatever at the end of the footage. Looks pretty good… pretty interesting, since this is not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination. The faces look really good, everything else? Not so much.

    From the trailer it looks to be focused on melee combat, so a futuristic Uncharted game with a taste for hand-to-hand is something I can definitely get behind. On top of that it appears to have an at least semi-open world, so that’s good. Overall I’m getting some Beyond Good & Evil vibes from it, and that’s certainly a good thing.

  • Shadowman

    This is awesome. Capcom very own Assassin Creed game, but going into people mind and alter there memory for the target to kill them self that some next level stuff.

  • SirRichard

    In action, it seriously looks like futuristic cyberpunk Assassin’s Creed, in fact I’m pretty sure Nilin even shares exact animations with the Assassins. Sure, there’s only so much people can do when climbing all around like that, but still. There’s emphasis on stealth and evasion by climbing all around the terrain, it takes place in a major European city in a time distant from our own (though not as much here) and the main character needs to use her skills and equipment to assassinate people and presumably steal things and avoid people later on.

    But, the setting and aesthetic are original and really cool, and the whole “memory hunter” idea is neat. The memory remix section was really impressive, and even seemed to be like a much more serious Ghost Trick, actually. It’s a neat puzzle element, if nothing else, and it’s certainly not as demented as some of Brotherhood’s and Revelations’ puzzles could get (those code wheels still haunt me).

    It does look like it could be good, even if it does seem derivative here and there, but the major thing is that it’s going up against Watch Dogs, which this is also very similar to. And if it came down to them, I’d probably go with Watch Dogs right now.

  • sounds like a Pat Cadigan novel

    • andref

      Mentioning written material, just reading the summary reminded me of a one shot the characters in the manga Bakuman once created though my memory being bad I’m not sure how similar the plot was to this game

      Edit: scratch that, after a minute it just hit me like a bullet. After having seen Total recall, this game is eerily similar


      • Scallion

        Thank Phillip K. Dick for practically inventing this genre.

  • rinalicat

    This sounds interesting! It kinda makes me feel bad though to drive someone to suicide…

  • Göran Isacson

    Oh My God invisible walls… No wait, my bad- some kind of barrier by security cameras that you MAY be able to walk into, but doing so is a bad idea… seems like this game is less free than Watch Dogs, but could still be interesting. Now I’m curious how long this has been in development, and how much Watch Dogs made the developers of this game go “DARNIT THEY BEAT US TO IT”.

    The memory rewriting does raise some questions though. Do you have infinite attempts? Won’t it slow down the games pace to go from platform leaping and stealth sneaking to what looks like adventure game-style conversation scenes/combine every object until a solution is found-puzzling? Can the elements blend? Intriguing prospects, much that can go awry and much that can go right.

    • Bloodmeat

      It has been revealed a year before by Capcom in the name of “Adrift”. 
      Here’s a video of it:

  • $30632660

    Beyond Good and Evil+Assassin’s Creed=Capcom’s Rival to Watch Dogs.

    At this point, i’m not hyped at all for this.I saw how Dragon’s Dogma turned out.

    At least Crapcom gets one thing right with announcing the game and having it coming out within less than a year.9 months is very close to a year, but it’s better than having a game get announced and having it come out in the next 2 or 3 years.

  • ZBaksh386

     this reminds me of a story i was thinking off.

    now i gotta scrap and come up with something else.

  • eilegz

    looks interesting, kinda good to see capcom doing new stuff or at least supporting it

  • Rollersnake

    This sounds really interesting.  It’s also kind of funny as I just finally beat Metal Gear Solid 2 last night, and I can’t help but associate the two.  I went to bed thinking “there HAD to have been a better way to incorporate those themes than through a tedious, longwinded diatribe right at the end of the game,” and here it is.

  • by “alter memories” i thought they meant you could alter the memories in any way you like
    seems the game does not allow this and you are forced to do the memory a specific way to proceed

    linear as crap. i’ll pass.

    • Pichi

      It’ll be low on my buy list if its too linear. I’ll be contempt if there are different ways of doing the memories if there’s not more freedom to go about it.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Looks interesting…but mean.

  • New IP from Capcom?

    Color me impressed.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

       Well, there’s the successful, weirdly console-exclusive Dragon’s Dogma.

  • miyamoto

    meh feels like Heavy Rain

  • Scallion

    I’m really glad cyberpunk settings are en vogue again. I like this fad a lot better than…that other hyphen -punk setting.
    Anyway, the best thing about using it is that you can seamlessly incorporate so many gameplay elements directly into the fabric of the gameworld itself. It would’ve been nice if your character’s avatar entered the memories she was altering rather than doing it through menus, but it’s still a cool effect.

  • Looks awesome :) mind altering stuff looks cool

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