Who’s Who In The Saint Seiya Omega Fighting Game

By Spencer . August 16, 2012 . 3:00pm

Namco Bandai is about to release a fighting game with the Saint Seiya Omega license. It looks like Saint Seiya Omega: Ultimate Cosmos has standard mechanics like a super meter (called a microcosm gauge) that charges when you attack or defend. When it fills up you can do a Big Bang Attack like the Pegasus Meteor Fist.


saint23 saint24 saint25 saint26 saint27 saint28


You can play as these characters in Saint Seiya Omega: Ultimate Cosmos:


Pegasus Koga

saint1 030[1] saint2


Lionet Soma

saint5 saint3 saint4 saint29 saint30


Aquila Yuna

saint6 saint7 saint8


Dragon Ryuho

saint9 saint10 saint11 saint12


Wolf Haruto

saint13 saint14 saint15


Orion Eden

saint17 saint16 saint18


Pegasus Seiya

saint19 saint20 saint21 saint22


Saint Seiya Omega: Ultimate Cosmos comes out for PSP on November 29.

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  • OatMatadoQuatro

    The first time I see the new Sagittarius helmet… or what is supposed to be a helmet (most armors in the series have this types of helmets). By the way, what’s with Seiya’s eyes “O_O”

  • Bring back Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

  • MrKappa

    Still a bit surprising that Yuna isn’t a man.
    Haven’t watched Omega yet so I won’t bother with this game until I get around doing so… which may take forever.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    OMG they even got Eden, but Souma, Ryuho, Naruto, Kouga, are all awesome. Too bad the old saints as they appear in Seiya Omega arent playable :(

  • MrJechgo

    I stopped caring when I read “for PSP on November 29”

    I just don’t get why can’t companies make the transition to 3DS and Vita already. PSP’s dead, literally dead; stop using life-support on that thing.

    Also, Fighting Game + PSP = NOT WORKING !

    Why ? No online mode, you know, the thing that the 3DS and Vita can do much better. The PSP doesn’t use online, as in with Wi-Fi or 3G, as much as the other two or even the DS. Dude, every fighting game that came out on the PSP has ad-hoc only, and no, you shouldn’t have to use Ad-Hoc Party or other thingy to get the PSP to work online. It would be like having the Wii connected so the DS can go online, it’s just as ridiculous.

    Geez, why don’t they think about the international market instead of JUST the Japanese one ? It’s not like the 3DS nor the Vita isn’t selling in Japan. Would it kill them to “tell” their customers that they’re making the transition and that they should do as well ?

    Sorry if I come out as a whiner, but come on, the whole PSP-over-3DS-and-Vita is getting annoying as ever. It reminds me of the NES-over-SNES-and-Genesis scenario, where they kept releasing games for the previous console when two more powerful ones were coming out. Beside, both the 3DS and Vita need good games.

    • LynxAmali

      You do realize the PSP STILL sells like wildfire in Japan, right? You do realize that this game’s target audience is the Japanese consumer base, right?

      Hell, I’d only say the ever made a succesor to the PSP is because it was dead everywhere but Japan.

      Wait for the Tokyo Gameshow.
      You’ll probably get your Vita there.

      Sorry if this comes off as insulting. I’m just tired of seeing the same complaints everywhere.

      • uchiha victor

        You´re right

        it’s not psp’s fault if people here don´t like him 

      • MrJechgo

        The Vita could make a far better game than what we have right now, with a better engine, better graphics, better processor and of course, an online infrastructure.

        Also, excuse me if I just want companies to MOVE FORWARD and ditch out-of-date systems. Even if it still sells, the PSP is not comparable to the 3DS or the Vita. It lacks everything the Vita can do.

        Developpers shouldn’t go by sell numbers (which are nowhere as accurate as they should be), they should go by what would allow them to do more with their games. They need to take risks…

        • LynxAmali


          You do realize this game isn’t targeted for you? Maybe they don’t want that stuff?

          And who god damn cares if lacks what the Vita and 3DS can do? IT SELLS.

          Video gaming is still a business for publishers and developers. WHY wouldn’t you go to where you could get the most sales?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Sir, please be aware this is why we can be so picky about avoiding the passions that console ‘conflicts’ bring.


          This is a fighting game based off a boy’s adventure anime, I’m not quite sure what risks could be taken or if the target audience wants said risks. As has been noted, in a tight market where sales have been declining, a 20million+ install base still has influence on decision making.

    • kevinposta

      The PSP is dead? On the contrary it’s very alive in Japan.
      See it this way: development costs for the PSP are much lower than on the Vita and I assume than on the 3DS. The PSP is still popular in Japan, their target audience.
      They aren’t factoring on Wi-Fi features or that the 3DS or Vita need new games, they think about the development money and revenue.
      It has nothing to do with them putting the PSP on life-support, really.
      Just because a new console is out it doesn’t mean they need to make the jump immediatly.

      On a side note PSP works for fighting games pretty well from my experience. I played both of the portable Blazblues, Street Figher Alpha 3 MAX and Street Fighter 2 and I had no problem with the button layout at all. It just gets a tiny bit to get used to.

      • MrJechgo

        The buttons aren’t the problem; it’s the fact that 99% of the games that allow ad-hoc multiplayer don’t allow Wi-Fi multiplayer.

        Fighting games depend on online multiplayer when they’re released on consoles and handhelds. Releasing a fighting game on the PSP just doesn’t work because of that.

    • Sardorim

       Pssh, the PSP is still good. SRW z2.2 is better than anything the American 3DS or Vita has.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    The PSP…….meh Vita or 3DS .. but the psp is alive in japan 

  • Abhishek Posooa

    I’m soooo wanting this!!!
    Time to revive my PSP!!!

  • DasBoots

    I hope this game is also a downloadable one from the japan psn store. i’m definitely going to get it. 

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