Fantasy Chronicle, A 16 Bit Era JRPG From Kemco, Arrives On PSP On September 4

By Spencer . August 24, 2012 . 2:28pm

imageOK, if Final Fantasy Dimensions sounds too pricey, but you have a Super Nintendo JRPG itch maybe Fantasy Chronicle can sate your appetite.


Kemco and developer Hit-Point originally released Fantasy Chronicle for iOS. It’s coming to PSP via the PlayStation Store on September 4 with extra event scenes and point system for obtaining special items. Fantasy Chronicle will cost only 600 yen ($7.60), which sounds pretty reasonable.


While Fantasy Chronicle has been localized, Kemco has not said if they’re going to bring the PSP version to other regions.

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  • Vince

    ewww… a watered down mobile RPG. Nothing to be excited over. 

    • neo_firenze

       Silence!  This is Kemco we’re talking about, they’re actually pretty awesome and have an RPG/adventure game heritage back to the 8/16-bit days.  They’re developing new 16-bit style stuff on iOS/Android and frankly their games are quite good.  I think it’s nice to see them getting ports to other systems (3DS and Vita downloadable games would be very nice!)

      • landlock

         Is this the same Kemco that use to release really dodgy games in the US/EU a couple of generations back like Rogue Ops and Batman: Dark Tomorrow?

        • neo_firenze

          Yes, though generally they were more a publisher than a developer.  For instance, Batman: Dark Tomorrow was developed by some second rate European developer. 

          It’s also the same Kemco that did the NES versions of the classic ICOM adventure games – Shadowgate, Deja Vu, Uninvited.

          The cool thing about their current Android/iOS games is that it’s as if the 2D 16-bit JRPG era never ended and they just keep making new ones.  They’re pretty solid games if you like that SNES-like style. 

    • epy

      Really? This looks quite polished and most likely has higher production values than something like Final Fantasy Dimensions. Hope its available on PSN.

    • Kevadu

       Now with buttons!

    • daylightdies

      I’m excited because I like this type of game. Even moreso since I do not like mobile phone gaming, and I love PSP Gaming.

  • Dragon Quest style battle system….

    No, thanks.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “OK, if Final Fantasy Dimensions sounds too pricey, but you have a Super Nintendo JRPG itch maybe Fantasy Chronicle can sate your appetite.”

    Or you could, you know….play a Super Nintendo JRPG.

  • TouchSatori

    This is a iOS/Android RPG and its NOT watered down.

    • Vince

      meh.. what I meant is that it is an original mobile RPG which is a rather watered down JRPG experience (Yes I have played it along with other kemco games). I don’t regret purchasing the games from the appstore but the only thing I can praise the game for would be its 16 bit snes style. It is a style born from severe technological limitations of the time..but still has its own nostalgic charm. The plots, character developments in the game etc are practically non existent.

      Their games stand out on the mobile platform which is mostly populated with poorly translated KRPGs that are basically fetch quests cobbled together…but on the psp?!

  • I’m not a fan of the first person battles I really love the side view myself.  I’ll always have good memories of it.

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