The World Ends With You Countdown Is For An iPhone Version

By Spencer . August 24, 2012 . 12:40am

Update: There might be more to Square Enix’s countdown than meets the eye.


image Square Enix accidently revealed the news behind the countdown site. Yes, it is for The World Ends With You – an iOS version of the 2007 hit Nintendo DS game.


The World Ends With You – Crossover – arrange album mentions the iOS version will have arranged tracks from Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance].





Square Enix deleted the details from the CD’s product page, but not fast enough since Japanese blogs screencapped the leak.


Look for The World Ends With You on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch near you in 2012.

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  • Otis ChaoticNeutral Small


  • topdog2007


  • Curan_Altea

    No words.

  • EverEndingStory


    I’m really glad about this, for two reasons:

    1) I played this game when it first came out, but my DS was stolen shortly after I got it and I never got to finish it. This way I can actually finish it without shelling out for a new one.

    2) I do not want to see this become a franchise, as I don’t think it would survive and retain the love that it has now. Now just hear me out: The World Ends With You is a heck of a lot like Kingdom Hearts, if you think about it. A very strange (neither game should have worked) blending of many different disparaging pieces, that manages to meld together impossibly well within an amazing and stylish presentation. Both games, also, have great characters, and storylines that are very strong on an emotional level. But, looking at it, both are very overwrought on a purely narrative and raw intellectual standpoint, with much of the world functioning on a metaphorical level, but not on a raw, logical one. It is this reason why the KH games are falling to pieces lately – in order to extend the franchise, they must extend the world, but the initial world they were working with wasn’t created with the purpose of existing as a stable world that could house numerous stories – the world’s main purpose was to serve as a metaphorical background for the specific conflict taking place in the foreground, echoing and giving a physical manifestation for the themes of this one specific story. What the first game gave us wasn’t logically sound enough to be expanded upon. I see The World Ends With You as being the same. I honestly believe, if they made sequels to this game, and tried to perpetuate a coherent world over multiple stories, after a couple games it would be in the same state KH is now.

    I’m probably going to be gloomily alone on this front though, huh?

    • TaintedSeraph

      I agree with you on the “I don’t want this to be a franchise” point but the fact that this is a simple port to iOS is horrible. I never really wanted a TWEWY sequel, but a remake would’ve been great.

  • Rammon


  • DanteJones


  • Xapth

    Before people start getting riled up over this,
    it’s still possible that this is only PART of the announcement. 

    There could very well be more surprises waiting once the countdown reaches zero.

    • Flagged for review, seriously?


  • xXDGFXx

    Wait, what? They made a countdown for a port?

  • Well that’s disappointing, there goes all of my hype. Unless this thing actually has some bonus content instead of just a port

  • Pascal Ebner

    That is such a BUMMER. And there I thought part two is finally being announced. oh well . . . 

  • Is Square Enix that strapped for cash that they keep having to port their games to iOS?

  • RadShiro



  • recrimson

    What the.. I’ve been listening to
    all day with hype and this happen FFFff (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • Ace

    Profound sadness. 

  • rinalicat

    WHAT. Oh God, if the whole teaser site and the music is just for a port, then what is the point?? It can’t be this! It just can’t be!!

  • Suicunesol

    Man, I never did play The World Ends With You, but I am feeling for you guys. What a let down for it only to be a re-release. And on iOS no less.

  • Phlo

    Whoever didn’t see this coming wasn’t around when they hyped everyone up exactly the same way for what turned out to be Chrono Trigger DS. It even had a countdown website.

    •  XD really, i must have missed that. Did it have the whole sequel type vibe they’re trying to throw out here? Squeenix is kind of mean if so

    • Tom_Phoenix

      To be fair, the DS version was the first time the game was released in Europe and Australia, so at least some people had a reason to be happy with the news.

      •  The DS version was the only version… oh wait you meant Chrono Trigger, heh thought you were talking about the DS version of TWEWY

  • DanteJones

    Was this comment necessary? You’re only trying to pick a fight with a post like that.

    •  How else am i gonna word it?

      “Golly Gee, you’re probably incorrect good sir”

      I can laugh at it if i want, like i said, if it turns out to only be part of the announcement i will come back here and apologize to him for being wrong. It takes two to start a fight, not one

    • Wait, who the heck is gonna get mad at “keep telling yourself that”, no one starts a fight over that. Apparently someone got mad at my post enough to flag it for review. Didn’t realize Siliconera turned into the United Nations of peace.

      • $30632660

        Only extremely butthurt posters flag comments and more often than not, the reason they do it is because they are mad you have a different opinion than them.

        •  Apparently, i don’t really post to try and be offensive, yet somehow people take offense to something i say. All i said was “XD keeping telling yourself that haha” to the post saying it might just be the first part of the announcement. It was more of just a “Sure it is” type post. Heck i even said that if it turned out to be true and a 2 part announcement i would come back and apologize for being wrong, but apparently some part of that is offensive.

          I’m kind of annoyed now.

  • Meh…. I expected this much….

    I’m kinda grateful that I’m not a TWEWY fan….

  • kashiwaba

    Why no android support xx

  • Detrimont

    damn you SE, why no sequel

    •  Because it doesn’t have Final Fantasy 13 in its name

      • I’m having trouble seeing how your reply is necessary. 

        •  It was more of a joke saying that Squeenix is currently only making sequels to FF13? Sheesh, can’t make one reply on this website without someone clammering at you for one reason or another

  • solbalmung

    wow, we got trolled hardcore there :/

  • Wait. If you people do care about the game that much, why the gloom about its appearance on a popular OS? If anything, your favorite game is going to gain more popularity.

    •  Probably for the fact that people wanted an actual sequel, not a port of a game they probably already own.

    • The hurt comes from the fact that every indication was that this teaser was for a sequel.

      • Then they may want to revise the coverage up to this point. All that is known so far is that Square Enix is doing “something” with The World Ends With You, and there’s a teaser site confirming that along with remixed tracks. That something could be a port, a remake (if SE feels the need to for a game from just the last generation) or, yes, even a sequel. It is within the range of possibilities, but there was no concrete statement from Square to confirm what it would be – until this screencap. With that in mind, I would say “every indication” is pushing it; there was an equal chance, so to speak, that that “something” could be one of those three.

        And all of that is before we consider the nature of the game itself: TWEWY was a pretty self-sufficient game with a story that didn’t really leave any room for a continuing story. (Square could theoretically expand the game with more Noise and Pin types, but that’s hardly enough for a sequel, and people most likely wouldn’t be satisfied with it anyway.) So… if anything, there is less chance of a sequel, unless Square decides to make an entirely new story with the same mechanics – the chance of which is reduced further by the appearance of major tracks remixed from the “first” game.

        I don’t intend to step on anybody here, and I can understand wanting a sequel… but this seems like a case where people expected too much and brought the disappointment upon themselves. Again.

        Besides, the countdown is still ticking. They may (or may not) have something else kept in secret, but the fact at the moment is that the wait isn’t over yet.

        • no_fun_allowed.jpg

          • I’m afraid I didn’t get what you’re trying to say…

            At least most of you guys aren’t having fun with this announcement, that’s for sure.

          • Be a bit more optimistic about sequel possibilities.  TWEWY only takes place in Shibuya, but to my understanding that’s only one smaller part of Tokyo.

          • Oh, I am aware of sequel possibilities; just, not as a continuation of the current one. And I have to wonder whether people would be satisfied if Square did attach a continuation to it and somehow interrupted its current “equilibrium”.

            Then again, who knows… When there’s a will, there’s a way. And they’re getting flak with most things they do these days anyway.

  • AokiShizuku


    ..Slams head on my desk..

    You know what the sad thing is? A part of me was hoping for this just to see everyone’s reaction. I’m horrible.

    •  Heck, i joked with my friend who is a huge TWEWY fan that it might be the iOS version, i never really thought it actually would be.

  • No… Nope. I’m going to wait until the countdown actually finishes to freak out. In the meantime, I’m going to pretend I never saw this and live in blissful ignorance while still hoping for a sequel. 8D

    •  the same here, dude

      this news really got me down )): I was hopin so bad for a sequel D:

  • SupaPhly


    how would this game even work on the iphone anyway?

    •  Probably the same way it works on the DS with two scre…. oh….

      Hmm, good question actually.

  • Raiyu

    I remember a few months to a year ago I was talking about a port of the game. Everyone thought I was crazy and told me it couldn’t/wouldn’t be ported to another system….

    well ain’t that something.

    But why isn’t this on Android too? I’d buy it…

  • Heartless ㅤ

    Haha XD

    Troll Level = Square Enix!

    Now hurry up and gimme my Versus.

  • RablaAndrews

    Gotta love how everyone is assuming remake. That hasn’t been explicitly confirmed yet.

    Regardless of what it is I’ll buy it however. I would like an Online Tin-Pin mode in whatever it is though.

    Hell just make the entire game about Tin-Pin.

    •  I think everyone is more so assuming its a port of the game, which it is O_O.

      Before that it was TWEWY 2 for the 3DS assumptions, not sure where remake came in.

      • RablaAndrews

        Port, remake, whatever. I’m just saiyan the only info we’ve got is its on iOS and its related to TWEWY in some way shape or form.

        That description piece does not say “iOS TWEWY Rerelease”.

  • Azuku
  • badmoogle

    Never change SE!!

  • $30632660

    I did not expect this and I am surprised.Squarenix is lowering itself into the same level as that “other” company.

    I don’t see how the game can work with 1 screen.

    • Kevadu

      Uh, draw a line on the screen and split it into two halves.  This ain’t rocket science.

      • You’re missing the part where TWEWY has button controls.

  • Typical Square Bate-And-Switch. Get the audiences excited about mysterious news, then have an anticlimactic reveal.

    •  This feels like the Squeenix version of the whole megaman iphone social rpg, except switch megaman fans with TWEWY fans. I wonder whats next, Chrono Trigger iOS if that doesn’t exist, a countdown to an iOS version of Earthbound/Mother?

      • Chrono Trigger’s been on iOS for a while and Mother is a Nintendo IP.

  • Go2hell66

    Don’t know if i should be laughing or crying right now…

  • Isn’t everyone jumping the gun?

    That guy worked on the original game, he’s a translator/writer— I’d say we should just wait and see since his tweet was in reference to the iOS version and the accompanying album.


    • MrKappa

      Bashing on SE is good fun since they have put out nothing but crap lately but I’ll wait until this countdown is over before I take my part in it.
      Not holding my breath though.

      • Enma_Kozato

        Opinions are very finicky things ヽ(´ー`)┌

        • Pretty sure their last good game was TWEWY.

          • Enma_Kozato

            Gee, that sure sounds like an opinion to me.

          • Safros9

            Guess you haven’t played Type… oh wait, it wasn’t released in America or anywhere else in the world. Still, great game. TWEWY is perhaps one of their last and best localized games… but their last good one? Nah. BBS was plenty good.

          • I was genuinely interested in Type-0 but there hasn’t been much word on it being localized aside from “we’re working on it”.  It did seem really good from the bit I played of the Japanese demo regardless of not knowing what was happening.

  • epy

    Wow… this is… wow…

    Edit: Ok, I recovered. Funny thing is people were joking that it would be an iPhone version or social game, I don’t think many expected it to be. Maybe not a sequel but at the very least I thought it would be an improved version for the 3DS with more stuff or something. Not cool.

  • D-Rev

    C’mon Square….Why do you have to be like this?
    You’re one my top thre- no wait, Top Fi- erm…
    You’re one of my top 10 favorite development companies, why did you have to make an iOS port and get my hopes up for a sequel/3ds remake

  • malek86

    Uhm, so much disappointment down here. But let’s see. Theory: if Squenix actually announced a sequel for the game, but exclusive for iOS, people would be raging even harder.

    So chances are, you guys aren’t disappointed that it’s (presumably) just a port, you are disappointed that it’s on a smartphone.

    I haven’t seen this much hate for a gaming platform since… I don’t know, the Jaguar maybe? Or the Virtual Boy. Who knows. And at this point it’s starting to feel unjustified. The iOS is successful and is here to stay, why shouldn’t it get games?

    • Rad Phil

      Explain how can a game that was exclusively made for a dual screen handheld work for a touch-screen single only device, added with the fact that not only have fans of the game been asking for a new game/sequel for the longest time, but even the director himself stating that he would like to make another game. Not everything translates well.

      It’s also not about the iOS, it’s about the need for them to do this big thing, just for a port. However, if it was a sequel, yes people would be raging harder, considering that it would be crippled in control aspect.

      (You do realize that the Jaguar and Virtual Boy both were not successful due to a variety of reasons)

      • – That’s the point of a port: The game can be tweaked to fit the new device’s hardware – for example, slow down game speed a bit to compensate for touch response times. Whether this will be done or not is up to Square Enix. If they don’t, this will end up a weak port, for all the big preparations they’re making.

        – How much money they want to spend on promoting the port is, frankly, their decision. At no point did they confirm that they’re making a sequel. The director’s statement can be considered in the same manner: Even if he wanted to make a sequel, the statement means nothing without an official nod.

        • Rad Phil

          Thing is though they have to change the core design of the battle system. The battle concept was geared around dual screen, since 1 was button control and the other was touch screen control.

          And yes, no one confirmed that it was a sequel, but when you put all those tidbits out there, and then turn into this, you question why did they do it specifically for this port. There’s another one(port) coming out at the end of the month, but no marketing like that for it.

          People are saying they have nothing to blame but themselves for the hype and that’s fine, but SE is not really innocent in the manner to the way how they set this up either.

          • Well, if that’s what it takes for the game to work well on those devices, changes have to be made. I mean, that’s pretty much the core concept of porting: Adapting a program for another operating system, and possibly another control device/method. In fact, I can imagine the game working fine on iPad: Hold it vertically (short sides up and down), split the screen, and the buttons will be bigger due to bigger screen. I’m not sure how they plan to work it out for iPhone though.

            As for their big hype… I’m gonna wait and see what else they’re hiding behind that still-ticking countdown.

  • Even square wont make a countdown to announce a port..
    There is more to it, just wait and see :)

    • doemaaan

      i’m sorry, but that level of optimism makes me nauseous.

      • Then don’t follow the Square Enix America staff on Twitter.  They believe SE can do no wrong.

  • z_merquise

    So I guess many people’s reaction were similar to this guy . . .

  • solbalmung

    Couldn’t agree more, It’s justified that many developer think that the era of console gaming is nearing its end, with the quality of video games nowadays…

    • zeta

      its square enix where everything is going bad directions lately…

      they used to be my top 1 fave gaming companies now its somewhere in the bottom.

  • Prinnydoom

    Talk about a giant kick in the balls……………

  • Mnstrzero00

    Everybody calm down, wait until the countdown is finished.

  • Brandon

    I highly doubt they’d put an entirely new remix on the site just for an iOS port. That may be part of it, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were more to the announcement; I don’t think Square has done a countdown for any of their other iOS ports.

    I do hope that any sequel that might materialize isn’t completely unnecessary. The characters from the first game–at least, the Players from the first game–have had their stories play out. Cameos here and there would be cool, but I wouldn’t want a new game to focus completely on Neku, Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme.

    • kuroneko0509

      Probably the remix is to promote the new ost… Who knows?

  • Alos88

    If true, that wasn’t worth a countdown.

  • Andrew Austin

    Excellent trolling.

  • TaintedSeraph
  • Xekyo

    I never got around to completing the game.  It was a bit uncomfortable playing a copy of the game on my iMac but I liked the way the story was developing and the unique but enjoyable battle system.  I’m definitely gonna give a try on the 4S.  All i’ve read was good news for old fans. Also, great media publicity if rumors are true, regarding a sequel to the series..

  • kuroneko0509

    Won’t the controls getting a bit messy if TWEWY is ported to iOS. Imagine playing this on iPhone, swiping/slide/etc. around while ‘mashing’ the virtual arrow keys… <.<

    • Yeah my first thought was “impossible” and they’re gonna ruin it no matter what they end up going with.

  • Yoshinatsu

    I’m gonna put a countdown for my next defecation!!

    • keithmaxx

      And add splurty soundtracks while you’re at it.

  • zeta

    what the hell my faith on sqenix is lost… oh wait I already did when I played FFXIII .

  • Tales_of_Master

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL XD I can’t believe it !!!! Square-Enix actually did it. They pulled off the biggest mass trolling in the history of gaming XD  And to think that people were actually joking about this being an iOS game XD I’m really sorry guys, hopefully you will get your TWEWY sequel someday….after getting Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3 :P

  • Jacob Thomas

    Lame. TWEWY is one of the best games I’ve ever played and I was excited to see something new with the series, but why this? I don’t understand why Square releases games for iOS like this. 

    First it was Secret of Mana getting a remake… quite possibly my favorite game of all time, now this. Square is just one bad decision after another. Or, should I say one bad announcement after another… ‘cuz they love their announcements.

  • God this is lame…damn you SE!

  • If this turns out to be true, I… will just go back and play on the DS. -_-
    This much hype for a port doesn’t seem realistic, but who knows?

    • keithmaxx

       Well all I can say is, good luck fitting the split screen and button interface on that tiny bit of iPhone real estate…

  • O Jester of fate, how you mock me so~! :(

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    Square-Enix: Snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory!

  • Ninten

    You know….eh. How can you build hype for an iOS game? It’s just not right, so something’s still gotta be up in SE’s sleeves.

  • sd28

    all of my hate 


    Ahem yeah, coming from SE this shouldn’t be that surprising.  How dare you expect a decent new product from them.  Now maybe they will sink so low everyone will have to like their puny Lightning Saga now.  >:P


    • Tiael

      You sir, are an idiot.

      •  Thank you for calling me sir.

        Bravely Default is a shining gem among the landfill.

        • Tiael


          The entirety of the FFXIV reboot? 
          Say what you want about the original.

          Dragon Quest X? New expansion for FFXI?

          •  Yeah mere gems.  Can you compare that to the PS1 era?  No?  Well then.  We must look forward to XIII-3:Revenge of the Toriyama to keep us afloat.

    • Sinking lower causes the opposite effect though???

    • Tiael

      Oh, and I guess Bravely Default isn’t considered a “decent new product” from them.

    • FFmax

      Don’t I know you from somewhere?…Hey! you’re that Gilgamesh guy from Gamefaqs aren’t you!

      •  Are you sure?  I would not stoop so low as to spread the GILGAMESH even to here.

  • XypherCode


  • XiaomuArisu

    Well better a port then an awfull sequel… least the soundtrack would be good.

  • Masengan

    I think someone had called this on a different post. I’m pretty indifferent about this I must say, I mean it’s SE after all.

  • scratchbach

    Well, that’s that. I should feel mad, but I don’t. It’s just a little funny to me.

  • Riian


    So much hype and all we get is this… I still have hope, though. Maybe this iOS game is a companion to a proper sequel!

  • Somewhere in SE office:
    (I kid, I kid)

    The storm has arrived.

    (I’m still sticking to the end of countdown to see is it really the truth)

  • Abhishek Posooa

    God,I soooo want this game!

  • French

    The iOS jokes were actually right, f**k Square Enix..if we dont hear about Versus this September (thats your final chance) then SE is dead to me

  • z_merquise

    So I just checked the teaser site and then this awesome music started to play (sorry, haven’t played the game yet) and it’s still counting down. 

    I dunno, maybe you guys and gals could still wait, maybe there’s still something special after the countdown and the iOS is just a part of it.

    And I also found this one: 

    I guess there’s still chance for the fans, yeah? (Is that person worked at Squeenix?)

    Looks like TaintedSeraph already posted the link.

  • Well aomebody did see Gree in the source so this shouldn’t be unexpected especially from SE. Those of you saying wait for the end there is no need. We got the info early and it’s a huge disappointment.

  • Shadowman

    I hate you SE you just took my heart and pancaked it. T__T

    • Vyrus

       Mine just became a “slabs of ham, celery and horseradish, tons of asparagus.”

  • My ds broke before I got the chance to play it, been saving for an ipad mini (I hope it ends up being true) so this is kind of a good news for me.
    also I don’t understand why people are mad, the game will have more audience now, maybe if it sells well it’ll fund a sequel on the 3DS :/

    EDIT: sorry I just thought about it from a different point of view and I can see why everyone is mad, I know I’d be furious too if I have been waiting for a sequel -_-

  • The day Square died.

  • ಠ_ಠ
    I hope that was meant as a joke. With maximum deliberation.

    • You never know….. With internets nowadays (,– Does this make me sound old?)

      • Well, I know I’m already feeling too old for all of this…

    • SolidusSnake

      Not really. It may seem a little harsh and unfair to the handful of cool gamers out there, but I believe it is a pretty accurate representation. I also stand by my statement that it is a great decision on SE’s part to reach out to the Apple userbase. It would be great if they would also put it on Android, though!

  • MrOrpheus

    In the words of the Prince, f this. F for… well, you know.

    • I though F means Fabulous XD (Its stated on tvtropes)

      • MrOrpheus

        Well, I suppose it depends on your connotation. I’m going for a more negative tone.

  • darkfox1

    Lol we should have known SE is trying to bring like everything to ios these days. 

  • Wait, what’s the difference?

  • Oni123

    Devastated T.T .. well at least we don’t need to stare at that countdown timer anymore.

  • enorka miho

    android is probably not in the party list aye? 

  • Luna Kazemaru

    I like how everyone was assuming it was a new game based on nothing but a site then when its found out to be a port its trolling….Really? SO because everyone jumped the gun its trolling on SE’s part…ok.

    That being said the ISO is something of a seller it seems in Japan (well mobile and handled gaming as a whole) so it wasn’t much of a shock to me tho alot of devs are jumping on those platforms as of late. Only dumb thing I’m trying ti figure here is why just ISO if they are going to do mobile games they should put it on the Android aswell?

    •  Its kind of hard to believe they would make a teaser site for an iPhone game. Main reason a lot of people thought it was a new game.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Seeing as how mobile gaming is a growing trend in Japan not really.

        •  Yeah I guess so. I still feel it was over hyped.

  • Natat

    …………………… Okay, I’ll wait. I will try to calm my raging self trying to flip every goddamn table I catch sight of, but this BETTER mean something other than a silly iOS port (seriously who would make a countdown for THAT).

  • Oh man imagine playing TWEWY on your phone and then having the game interrupted by SOMEBODY CAAAAAAAAAAALLLIIING

  • Alexander Aubert

    you are really on the edge, aren’t you?

  • all of my FFFUUUUUUUU, so basically its the same game but ported to ios ? =/

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Trolled us hard! I so called this. *sigh* Neku looks like you got to wait for your next game :/

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    at least I can look forward to the teaser thing for the FFXIII saga in a week

  • doubletaco

     Remember, people. If you buy into this you’re not telling Square-Enix you want more TWEWY, you’re telling them you want more iOS ports.

    Vote with your wallets.

  • Zeonsilt

    The World Ends With iOS.
    p.s.I hope,after SE “farm free money” from iOS title,we can get TWEWY2.
    p.p.s.Maybe they want a larger fanbase,before TWEWY2 come out.

  • undersaffiresky

    Well, this is a bit on the lame side if this is it, but at least iOS will have a grade A game in its roster. Which is an improvement over… almost nothing besides a handful of 99 cent amusements.

  • Fryxell

    Speechless. :<

  • DesmaX

    … It would make a lot more sense. If the first one sold poorly, porting it to other platforms would help make the series more popular, thus, justifying a sequel. Thus, if a second TWETY does happen, and it follows the story of the first one, it would be nice to have a digital copy available anywhere

  • KingGunblader

    Well. You’d think by now I’d learned my lesson in tampering my expectations when it comes to Square, but… sadly no. I’m still really disappointed

    Was a mysterious 7-day teaser countdown really necessary for an iOS port, though? REALLY?

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      why would they wast time making a website for a smartphone port?   All that hype for nothing 

  • CrossZX

    Well that’s dissapointing. I was really looking forward to a new game, not using the same characters though since Neku’s story had a really good ending.

  • Justin Graham

    Well, that’s disappointing.

  • SirRichard

    Welp, now I know not to get excited about Square Enix teasers any more, as they’ll likely just end up to be browser games and phone ports.

    I’m hoping there’s something else to it, because a 7-day lead up to an iOS port (however fitting) seems a bit much.

  • TBH I think this is just SE trying to fool us while they actually do release a sequel teaser after the countdown’s finished… Then I’d be kinda like “DAFUQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ YAYS”

  • Levin_Scorpius


    … why, Square Enix. Just why? Hyping something like a TWEWY sequel up with a fancy ole’ countdown, and then you shatter everyone’s hopes and dreams by announcing this? Do you really hate your fans that much? 

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Nah they just hate the whinny ones.

  • kylehyde

    I guess that I won’t eat avocado like in a two weeks, thank good the taco party in my cousin’s house is three weeks later. Well I hope that if SE decides to make a sequel, made it for a handheld.

  • Meh a port is okay but I’m glad it isn’t a sequel.
    I don’t know how well the gameplay will translate.  There’s probably way more games worth porting that can make sense, but amusing to see how they will port it.

  • Rentekabond

    I don’t know if anyone else posted this because I don’t want to read through 162 comments worth of angst BUT 

    Apparently, this isn’t the ONLY TWEWY announcement. No need to have your jimmies rustled yet.

  • Nameless App 1989

    Famitsu said that something big is coming this weekend.

    Seeing as this isn’t it, I wonder what it is?

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Its a good thing I didn’t get my hopes up…

    *cries on the inside*

  • Elemiel

    If you hear the sound of breaking glass, it was just my dreams shattering.

  • oh my god. i suddenly enjoy living a bit less. ;n;

  • Uh, the countdown isn’t over yet people. -_-

  • kevinposta

    Okay I may come off as obnoxious here but… is there really a necessity to be so depressed over these news?
    TWEWY doesn’t really need a sequel as it’s pretty self-contained– plus personally I’m not expecting a sequel holding a candle to the first one.
    And secondly, the countdown is still going. It wouldn’t be unlikely this is the only announcement, true, but I’d hold dissapointment till then.
    Personally my only regret is that it’s on mobile devices, TWEWY is an amazing game that hurts no one by being ported.

    • too bad it hurt the majority of people here lol

      • kevinposta

        Too bad, indeed. I’m slightly dissapointed at how fast everyone jumps into sadmode/blamethycompany.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           welcome to this gen of gamers bible thump is crying.

    • J

      I agree, it is pretty self contained and all. The problem is, it’s been requested for years, and we keep getting teasers of something big in the works for it. And, if Nomura’s statements are any indication, they no how bad we want it. So, they have this really cool countdown in TWEWY style, of course everyone thinks it’s a sequel or remake or something. And Square expected this. So this being a port to the iPhone (which doesn make sense from a technical point of view) is considered them yanking our chains around, getting our hopes up for nothing.
      The point isn’t the game (though it is a massive dissapointment). The point is there screwing over there loyal fanbase for little to no reason, like Capcom.

      • kevinposta

        So people think they did a teaser site to let people down? I find that unlikely.
        I fail to see the main part of your argument: Square-Enix screwing over the fanbase.
        People had big expectations for the teaser and now are jumping over conclusions saying this is the single one announcement for the teaser.
        Unless this is the actual only announcement, I see no need to think Square-Enix is wanting to “yank the fanbase’s chains”.

        Unlike Capcom I haven’t seen SE going lengths to show their lack of appreciation for the costumers so I find this feel of betrayal from people quite dishearting.

        It’s not surprising to see cynical and exaggerate reactions over the internet, and I admit I probably shouldn’t have commented over it since, well, that’s not something that will change anytime soon but there are times I feel the need to express that the internet community in general should be more level headed on these sort of things.

        • J

          Maybe not, no. But do note alot of fans here are also used to Capcom doing this, and react negatively towards any perceived trolling.

          if this is the only announcement though, I’m really gonna have to give the “Cruelly trolling there fans” theory alot more credence.

  • William Hsia

    i wonder what they’ll do about the pins that you need to blow into to use…unless the touch has a mic, i wouldn’t know never used a apple product before


    Well the countdown isn’t over yet, but if we’re only going to get an iOS port…

    *In Sho’s voice* The world is garbage! >:

  • FFmax

    Lmao! We got trolled! I knew it was going to be a crappy i Phone game! But then again, there might be more to this news, but if it’s still the i phone game then I’ll keep my troll statement.

  • That can’t be the only thing. I don’t think they’d put on a countdown site just for an iOS game. I don’t remember them ever doing that for phone games, with the exception of ones that were known as phone games from the start.

  • Closet_Ninja

    sad, so sad i am the sorrow.


  • DemonicX

    Personally, I don’t believe this is what the countdown is for. I still believe that there will be more.

  • RmanX1000

    My body WAS ready… Not anymore.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    So much promotion for an IOS game? The ones who are never released overseas? Is Square competing with Capcom to see who disappoints more fans? Will FF13-3 and Versus be for portable consoles? I’m a bit annoying with these question, ain’t I?

    • natchu96

      Well, what do you have against portable consoles?

      I agree though, iOS is kind of crappy for a franchise like this. And the partner is now useless.

  • MCoelho

    Before Countdown: Oh my god, i can’t wait for P4Golden!!!
    Countdown appears: Oh my god, a new TWEWY game!!!!!

    Now, not everything is lost, wait for the countdown to finish!

  • Christian Wright

    that little hypefire just got put out… tears (╯︵╰,)

  • Tatsumarii

    How about people wait ’til the countdown is actually over?

    • Vyrus

       That’s so Zetta slow! This is subtracting from my arts and crafts time.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    -_- …….  This is trolling at the highest levels.  Hyping simply for an iOS port? As a business, I know Square likes revenue for very little work, and that they’re trying to build an audience outside of the core players, but hyping it like it’s a brand new product is overdoing it a bit, no?

    Will see what the end of the countdown reaps, but my excitement has been turned down to 1.

  • imaguni

    I thought I would be more disappointed than this, but… ahhh well. I remember S-E confirming that this wouldn’t be a sequel from day one on Twitter, so as much as I would have loved a really enhanced 3DS port…

    Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are. TWEWY is great enough on its own. I don’t expect much from an iOS port so I’ll probably pass on this. Plus, I think that controlling your partner would be quite tricky on an iOS device.

  • Not gonna lie, I’m disappointed. I’m more shocked though. I can’t see how a game like TWEWY could possibly work on a single screen device without buttons. It just doesn’t seem possible. I suppose I’d be interested to see how SE pulls it off, but I wish there had been a sequel announcement with a new cast of characters.

  • Yamaneko22

    So all this commotion… for iphone version?  Uhhh

  • Wait so it’s not the world ends with you 2? FFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCC

    • Benny Tormoes

      Too lazy to make anything other than XIII sequels now D:

  • Vyrus

    In words of Neku Sakuraba: “…Why … What the HELL!?!?”

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Hey there folks, just wanted to post a little reminder. We know this day has brought a lot of news inspiring much ‘concern’. If the only way that concern can be expressed is I hate iOS, just leave that off the boards. We have still have two days until all this plays out with that timer. Our community has that much patience.

  • TheSwordUser

    I bet it will cost 50$, judging by recently inflated pricing of their games on mobile.

    1st day free, rest of week and each thereafter 15$, 5$ for tin pin slammer extra…

  • Dyne

    I think I die a bit inside my self from hearing this…

  • Whats next?
    FFXIII-2 complete edition instead of FFXIII-3?

    • SLick123456789111

      First they’d have to make FinalFantasyXlll-358/2 Days By Sleep.

  • Is time to go plant that seed. :3 *packs his things*

  • Eliézer Dos Santos

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How could you Square-enix? I feel less than empty now. Just… no… no… nooooo. 

  • Everyone jinxed it!!

  • Kitestwinblades

    *Falls over* Say it ain’t so…   
    Well it’s the news behind the countdown so here’s hope for something else when it ends. I can’t say I’m “entirely” sadden at this though. I’d love to play this on my phone. But the timing is horrible if this is the stand alone reveal. r.r;

  • Brandonmkii

    I feed off the angst in this thread, and will continue to do so for the next 2 days.

  • People are still saying “derp wait guys derp.” >_> 1) did you read my comment? 2) Why would they post it suddenly remove at this time that just happens to have a countdown for a twewy announcement. So here is why it is dumb to say oh derp wait there is still time. 1) Gree was found in the source. 2) The whole thing happened while there was a countdown. 3) It was immediately taken down.

    • GREE being in the source had nothing to do with the platform the game is on. It was merely part of the site code that allows sharing. You’re being all high-and-mighty without having any clue of what you’re talking about. 

      • Are you sure? And I am sorry for acting high and mighty Ishaan… and after what happened not to long ago… well it’s a personal matter and shouldn’t be brought up but… I feel more lucid (if that’s the right word) after crying so much. And I might have been unduly harsh… scratch that I definitely was too harsh. And I am sorry (again) Ishaan.

  • Benny Tormoes

    I dont want to live on this planet anymore…

  • Hey guys, look at the bright side… atleast it’s not a iOS-exclusive sequel. :I

  • Travis Nolen

    recently game news has been making me want to die

  • Maia Kasoya

    Well, it certainly wasn’t KH3 that became an iOS game.

  • kuroneko0509

    its official….
    <.< i'm starting to hate you, SQEX

  • okay an IOS game sounds like a terrible idea at first, and like many of you i had doubts, then looking into it i realized how awesome it actually is. First i think we need to be thankful that square hasnt forgotten about the franchise.Thinking about TWEWY itself, the menu screen is a phone and to have it on a phone.. thats genius. But knowing square, they already said they added stuff for old fans and knowing Nomura he loves secret endings, and with the cast getting voice acting roles in kh 3d, i know something is up. i see them making an ending pointing to a sequel for sure. What got me thinking most of all though- if this takes off not only do we get to utilize the feature that were meant to be in the game like friends lists but they will get money for a so called sequel. If they can make a game on one screen, whats stopping them from putting a sequel on a psvita? But most importantly we get a new soundtrack..Awesome. I seriously hope people realize the big picture and stop letting the hype of the countdown crush them. I for one cannot wait, slam on.

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