The World Ends With You Director Says He’s Working On Various Things In Addition To Solo Remix

By Spencer . August 28, 2012 . 6:56pm

tw2Famitsu has a little article on The World Ends With You: Solo Remix with a blurb from the original director, Tatsuya Kando.


"Sorry for keeping everyone waiting for new developments with The World Ends With You waiting. Solo Remix is a game with a high level of perfection it won’t feel like a port," Kando said to the magazine. "Players can extend the world further by receiving tweets from Twitter. In addition, we are in the middle of working on various things, but for now please enjoy Solo Remix."


While The World Ends With You: Solo Remix wasn’t the sequel everyone was hoping for, the iOS version is a high quality game (although it still feels like a port to me…) and perhaps it can introduce new players to the Reapers’ Game.

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Hopefully they explore an Anime adaptation as a future route to expand the audience further.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Oh, great.

      In comes the “BWAAAAAAAAAH!!!”s.

      • Hey, you get to watch 20+ weeks of fully voiced animated cutscene, why not?

  • SantiagodelosSantos

    Don’t you tease me again square enix. :(

  • Rentekabond

    Still slightly bitter that it wasn’t a major announcement after all the hype on the teaser site. I wasn’t too hyped about it because a friend of mine predicted that it’d be an ios game, but the fact that they went to such measures for a port when they know that all their fans who would actually care about a teaser site were expecting another things kind of just makes me sad.

    End mini-rant. 

    Glad to hear there’s more to come, but I’m not really holding my breath for anything anymore. Kind of Tired of SE constantly telling us to wait for stuff instead of just telling us things (though I still anticipate almost all of their games ). Just kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Raiyu

    Obviously they are making a sequel for Android only, which will have a tie in anime.

    Of course this will stay Japan only.

  • DesmaX

    “Solo Remix is a game with a high level of perfection”

    … What?

    • AuraGuyChris

      It’s like the DS was just a hectopascal stone to them…

  • …Like cooking dinner and counting his “TWEWY: Solo Remix” money.

  • I’m honestly enjoying Solo Remix so far, though I still am very sure they didn’t need a countdown for it.

    I hope the future holds wonderful things, though.

  • Grenalie

    You don’t make a countdown site for a phone port, you just don’t.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      They can and they did now deal with it and move on.

      • $3587643

         I will NEVER DEAL WITH IT D:<

        But seriously you completely missed the point here. SE goofed and they should know it so they don't GOOF AGAIN.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           I’m aware they goofed by teasing it to be a sequel but yeah they can make a countdown site for anything they one just saying.

        • Yeah, keep that up and you’re gonna have to take it to Rule #5.

      • Grenalie

        I honestly don’t care, I’m just saying none of this backlash would’ve happened if they had just announced the iPhone port regularly instead of hyping it.  Bad business decision on their part.

        • “Bad” business decision? It’s a 5-year-old game (from 2007). How do you expect people to know about it en masse? And if they don’t advertise it wholeheartedly, how else would they assure that they put any sort of care into the port? If anything, what they did made sense – there were changes, and that’s more than enough reason to inform people. The site isn’t even that big.

          This “didn’t deserve a site” argument is just a fallacy reinforced by a like-minded majority; a lot of gamers don’t take iOS devices seriously (at best, or with disdain at worst), thinking it’s not “acceptable”, consequently “betrayed” by their own wishful thinking, and threw a fit. The way I see it, that is just another excuse from gamers trying to justify their unreasonable rage. Making the site is fully within Square’s freedom; they had the money, they made the decision, and they pulled through with it.

          • Grenalie

            It’s not exactly rocket science to figure out the game has a cult following, I’m constantly seeing it praised as the best the DS has to offer on multiple websites.  There’s a thing called “words” not sure if you’ve heard of them or not, great at describing how different this iPhone port is supposed to be.  Obviously countdown sites aren’t big, they’re not meant to be big just numbers with a background picture and music maybe.

            I’m not defending the fact that a lot of people don’t take the iPhone seriously as a gaming device, obviously they had the right to hype up a phone port of a DS game but that still doesn’t make it good business if you don’t take the user-bases feelings into account.  To me the rage is far from unreasonable and I can clearly see where they’re coming from and how Square handled this situation poorly.

          • Oh~ if only words alone can make any difference or progress in advertising… I believe there’s also a saying that goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

            “[…] doesn’t make it good business if you don’t take the user-bases feelings into account”

            That’s not a principle that can always bring benefits just from following unconditionally. It depends much more on how reasonable/allowable the userbase’s demands/expressions are. …So I’d rather say it’s the agreeableness that matters, not the mere virtue of coming from a userbase.

          • gquain

             i know how you are feeling and how it sounds absurd for us that so much effort in maintaining a countdown site with all the musicchanging and brightness adjusting ofthe background picture was made just for a mere iPhones/iPad port.
            But we are speaking of japan, the country where every single household have at least one of those iPhones, twitter booming and cellphone gaming much more regular than elsewhere in this world. I dont have any connections to any japanese citizen to ask them how THEY feel about this announcement but i know for sure they aren’t as butthurt as we are, because for us it’s gaming>smartphone and for them it’s the other way around. Everything’s getting connected, everything will… no, MUST have online capacities and TWEWY is as close as they can get with their cellphone marketing.

            I obviously dont possess such a phone and it hurts me they dont have at least an Android version up their sleeve.
            Man, Steve Jobs must severely laughing in his grave right now.

          • Grenalie

            Even a picture would be better than a countdown site.

          • Well, Square obviously thought differently from a lot of people. I have no particular commentary regarding their choice, but if this is the extent of respect people are willing to give to others’ decisions, I’m really disappointed.

  • mooken

    Lack of ipod touch support has been very frustrating. It can’t be THAT much of a memory hog, can it?

  • $3587643

    That better be code for “yeah, we’re making the sequel. Shut up.”

    Or there will be blood. My blood.

    • natchu96

      As long as there are people to call them out on it, your own blood being shed is usually just as effective as theirs in the long run . . .

  • imaguni

    Heh, talk about incendiary comments… Hopefully, the iOS port gets even more people interested in TWEWY at least, because the game is good enough to deserve more attention, no matter the platform.

    More fans = potentially more people that might want a sequel = even more proof that there’s interest in a sequel and worth in making one, right? I’m not gonna hold my breath here, but let’s stay positive.

  • epy

    “In addition, we are in the middle of working on various things, but for now please enjoy Solo Remix.”

    Sure you are. I’m the middle of working on various things too, mainly dinner and catching up to Accel World. I don’t think SE will be able to pull off a successful tease for a while.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Android port!

  • ……………..
    Still waiting for that sequel that will definitely be announced soon! 8D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Its just a port. I call BS

  • Eliézer Dos Santos

    In the middle of other ports.

  • Lazulis

    I’ve learnt not to get my hope up.

    Though I wonder how many people are out there that are iOS gamers that have never heard of TWEWY before…

  • Paradox me

    >The World Ends with You characters featured in Kingdom Hearts 3D; equal parts big deal and kinda random.
    >Nomura hints at future developments.
    >iOS port, bringing a cult hit to an entirely new audience.
    >Director hints at future developments.

    I firmly believe that they’ve got something up their sleeve, even if nothing surfaces right away. That’s an awful lot of attention being given to a game from 2008.

    Regardless, I take all of this as a good sign in and of itself. The game hasn’t been forgotten.

  • rinalicat

    I’m remaining hopeful! I mean, if this is the first of a future sequel or something of the like, BRING IT ON!! I am so ready!!

  • …..and perhaps it can introduce new players to the Reapers’ Game.  XD

    And yes, cool your horses and stop whining/complaining. I still think there more to it then another port. (But 3DS/PSV/Android port sounds good too, hey more moneh 4 TWEWY series development)

  • Go2hell66

    square enix should learn from atlus and just give people what they want :)

    • Luna Kazemaru

       And fans need to learn they not always going to get what they want. See it works both ways. So what TWEWY comments are going to be added to the list of I’m going to complain all day area’s like the FF,DmC and Tales thread?

    • Not everyone wants the same thing, I think you meant to say “give what I want”

  • Vampiric

    this was not a good port.

    it wouldnt be the new square if they did good things

  • SupaPhly

    square enix riot control

  • Eh, why complain? I think we should just be happy that they are still doing something with the series. Especially if he says that they are working on other stuff as well, I can wait lol

  • XiaomuArisu

    Maybe it has better graphics and more songs but it has a different battle system.
    DS version:Control Neku and one of his partners
    Ios:Just neku,thats the reason its called SOLO remix.
    The boss battles will feel very different.

  • SpaceOfSoul

    I was happy with this release. I dont really own a ds any more, while I do miss the dual action. The iPad version of the game runs very well. The new music is ok, but the game is still great.

    It also expands the game to other players as well. Hopefully this game introduces the world ends with you to newer players. Both casual and hardcore.

    Truthfully I wanted a sequel, but this is just as good. 

  • Hopefully people will keep their expectations in check this time, so to avoid disappointment.

    I’m quite happy to know there’s more to TWEWY than the original game and the port, no matter what.

  • Although I understand the disappointment, it looks like a fair amount of work went into this port. I don’t really understand why they would go for the iOS, as I think the 3DS would make a bit more sense, being the successor to the console the original was on, and already having introduced the characters to 3ds players via Dream Drop Distance.  Seems like it would kinda split their consumer base.

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