Kasumi Was The Hardest Character To Remodel For Dead or Alive 5, Say Team Ninja

By Ishaan . August 31, 2012 . 2:50pm


Tecmo Koei have put up the second part in a series of developer diary videos for Dead or Alive: Dimensions, where developers, Team Ninja, discuss the characters’ more realistic appearance and how they’re animated.


According to director, Yohei Shimbori, Kasumi was the hardest character to adapt into a more realistic style, since she’s the face of Dead or Alive.  You can watch the developer diary above.


Dead or Alive 5 will be released on September 25th in North America.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I miss my old generic face Kasumi ;_;

    She looks really good now but it just ain’t the same.

  • Rasec46

    I like the new face and the final result isn’t bad. The approach of wanting the characters more realistic is a good point and from what i’m seeing i’m liking the results.

    Also in the video it was funny when the producer said that in his everyday life he observes the hairs of the people, dirt, sweat and, also didn’t said it but he was gonna say it, see the jiggling process of breats xD

    • Must be a sad day for Gainax, isn’t it?

  • コルセット

    I applaud the more realistic look.  I much prefer it to the generic anime faces of the old games.

  • pressstart

    To me, she’s really the only one who’s face actually looks different compared to the previous model. Everyone else more or less look the same.

    • Airgetlam

      I think they all have pretty drastic changes. Here’s Helena for example: 

      • Anime10121

         And many, like Helena here, actually look MUCH better, however Kasumi, Ayane, and Hitomi, still just dont work for me :(

        • pressstart

          Yea, Helena definitely looks better. I might not have looked at Ayane or Hitomi much, but Kasumi doesn’t really work for me either.

      • pressstart

         Wow, they do look different. Guess I’ve been hasty with my judgement.

      • FB

        Helena with a dimple in her chin just seems really really really weird. 

  • Good riddance to that creepy doll face that was copied and pasted into all the female characters.

  • And now… to see if the next DOA Beach Episode will have these new graphics and physics engine!

  • Tee Niitris

    It’s still a bit odd seeing Kasumi without having a cutesy shaped face. But considering that she’s supposed to be a highly trained, elite level, kunoichi master (who is taught to kill whenever necessary), I can accept the new look.

  • Nitraion

    Well i hope they have more project together with sega, virtua fighter is great game… i like they admit DOA is VF child…

  • XypherCode

    I very much like all of the character’s new look. They’re much more mature looking.

  • Claire Oga

    The characters’ renditions looked awesome. I’m getting this day one when it launches. 

  • Learii

    my hero kasumi <3

    • Rolling Guy

      You mean heroine right? I know Kasumi’s not a trap. *snickers*

      • Learii

        lol  yep

  • Her new black outfit is a winner, just ditch the old one forever. Props to whoever designed it

    • ZBaksh386

       Pretty much

  • I don’t really care that much about Kasumi, but I really don’t like Ayane’s new look.

  • Stranger On The Road

    I’ll pay extra for an JRPG that have such character designs. And better yet, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 or Dead Or Alive Paradise 2.

    P.S. Sorry guys, I love the characters of DoA, but I’m not a fighter.

  • omeganeko

    Seriously? where have they been hiding that black costume for kasumi?

  • FB

    I’d say the hardest character’s for them to remodel where the ones they flat-out didn’t.

    Tengu, Leon?

  • I think change can be a bit troubling to some of you hardcore fans, but as somebody who just enjoys a fighting game, all the new characters look far superior. People are complaining about Kasumi here, and everyone was complaining about Hitomi before. To me, there was nothing particularly interesting about 3d anime dolls with different hair and outfits, but only slight variations in facial features.

  • ZBaksh386

    I think the only redesign i hate was bayman because he looks completely different compared to the other characters.

    everybody looks the same or similar enough to see a resemblance.

    i dont care much about the girl changes since they still look sexy.

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