Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy Is Coming To Steam

By Spencer . September 5, 2012 . 7:01pm

Marvelous AQL, the studio behind Senran Kagura and Rune Factory 4, is now working with Steam. Their first release is Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy and it’s set for release on September 27.


"We’ve brought back the extra modes from the PSP version and added full Steamworks support so you have achievements, leaderboards, matchmaking, cloud saves, community integration, etc," said Esteban Jose Salazar, producer at Marvelous AQL, in a Siliconera interview. "Of course,we’ve added keyboard support and key binding. The full Xbox 360 version is there, too, so you’re getting the ‘Ultimate’ ersion of the game.  Of course, you can still switch between the graphics from the 360 version and the old-school 8-bit graphics."


If you missed out on Half-Minute Hero the game is a brilliant deconstruction of JRPGs where you have to save the world in 30 seconds. You still have to walk on a field, fetch items for helpless villagers, fight monsters (by running right into them!), and level up before you face a boss monster. That’s… a lot to do in under a minute! Fortunately, the Hero is blessed by the Time Goddess who can rewind time if you pay her money.


The PSP version included other gameplay modes like Princess 30 which plays like a shoot ’em up and Knight 30 where you have to protect a Sage for 30 seconds. Marvelous also made Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax for Xbox Live, which had new cartoon graphics, but changed all of the other modes into the standard Hero 30. "For the first time they’ll have translations in French, Italian, Spanish, and German.  The PSP version was only released in English in Europe, but now language won’t be an issue if you want to play.  You can even play in Japanese if you want to practice," Salazar added.



Since Half-Minute Hero is on dashing to PCs, I asked Salazar if Marvelous AQL will localize the Japan-only sequel Half-Minute Hero Second and release that on Steam.


"We are absolutely considering it, but the feasibility and timing of bringing the second game or any of our other titles to the PC will depend on sales of the first game. So, if you want to see more Marvelous AQL titles on Steam, vote with your wallet and pick up Ultimate Boy."

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  • Zeromus321

    Good for them. Always good to see this kind of news.

  • OOOO Awesome news

  • DuskSharkEX

    Consider it bought.


  • DesmaX

    Steam is instant buy for me.

    Oh, did they announced a price?

  • I played it on 360 but it just didn’t feel right outside a portable system.

  • Steam could always use more quality Japanese games.

  • WyattEpp

    Great, just what the stinking time goddess needs: more of my money.

    (Yesss! Doing jumpkicks now)

  • Why they no realease Half-Minute hero second! DX

    • Joseph Santee

       Hey, like they said,  buy the game and if they get high enough sales, they’ll localize it. :D

    • JohnThackr

       Because, sadly, the game has had pretty terrible sales for such an awesome game when they’ve released it before. Maybe things will change now.

  • Cephrien

    Dammit, I want HMH Second. D:

  • ninjabart122

    It’s too bad the sequel was never localized though.

  • TokinTokins

     I am filled with much excitement!

  • MrRobbyM

    I actually really like the sound of that. I’m also all for more Japanese games on Steam. Hopefully this trend continues.

    • I’m still wishing for a Trauma Team port on Steam. I imported it, but EU never got it officially…

  • Awesome! I’d love to see a price, though- I can assume  it’ll be the same as its XBLA price (~$10)?

  • Spirit Macardi

    The future of PC gaming has never looked brighter :3

  • Lazulis

    Welp, I’m gonna waste more moneys on Steam. Looking forward to doing so!

  • Dexward

    The memory of repeating Hero 3 over and over still haunts me.

  • I’ll buy it, just to play Evil Lord 30 again. Loved that mode so much.

  • Eliézer Dos Santos

    My fair people, now is the time to prove that we all love this game and buy it so the second game will be among us too.

  • This will be the third time I buy this! I live this game and more people need to play it! I really hope it does well as I’ve always wanted to get into HMH2nd

  • Go2hell66

     i love this game. i wonder why so many people haven’t played it?

  • icurafu

    I’m having a lot of fun with this on my Vita, but I don’t think this will feel right on a PC.  But it is perfect for a handheld.

  • malek86

    One thing not said here, is that Marvelous has finally opened their european office, Marvelous Europe (with HMH as their first title). I guess this means they won’t have to rely so much on external publishers anymore, which might be good news for us. Now if only Atlus did the same.

  • Triplicity

    Extra modes restored AND true online leaderboards (as opposed to the unwieldy code system) AND online multiplayer AND a possibility of getting HMH: Second localized based on sales of this port?

    Decision to double dip made– in far under 30 seconds!

  • Dyne

    i may pick it up if it does not cost a lot (own the 1st game) but from what i can tell, the 1st game has more things to do….. “re-reads the extra modes from the PSP version part are back”

    Ok now i am getting it!

  • Hi guys, Esteban Salazar, producer of the game here. We are doing our best to make the best version of the game for fans both old and new. If the game does well, it’s almost a certainty that we’d do the sequel.  If you’d like to let your voice be heard, head to our facebook page at 
    https://www.facebook.com/officialhalfminutehero or follow us on Twitter @halfminutehero:twitter 

    • Yui

       This’ll be the fifth copy of the game I’ve bought, I think. Definitely going to support you, and hoping that things go well enough to merit bringing the sequel over. HMH was hands-down my favourite game for the PSP and I’m already squealing like a baby at the thought that finally my wishes might be answered.

      Thank you!

      • DuskSharkEX

        …I’ll have to gift the game to some people if that’s what it takes to get the sequel.

  • Göran Isacson

    Buying it the second it comes out. Don’t even care that I’m short on cash, this is exactly what I want to see easily available on Steam. And hey, if this becomes a success, who knows if other Japanese companies start getting interested in selling their niche products over Steam…

  • Wagnaria

    I never had any chance to play this on the XBox360 console, so I’m really happy it’s coming for PC. I can’t wait! XD (I enjoyed the PSP version so much, I hope we can help to convince them localizing the 2nd game by buying/supporting this PC version.)

  • Ty Arnold

    I think the PC is probably a much better platform for this sort of game than handhelds or consoles. I’ll hope that this game becomes an unexpected hit the way that Recettear and Binding of Isaac did.

    • The game’s meant to be played in short intervals, and has super-simplistic controls. How is the PC better than a handheld for this sort of thing?

      • JediScar

        I actually agree that the PC is a better format for the game, at the very least MUCH better than XBLA. HMH is a casual game most likely to please retro JRPG fans. I would guess that most of that audience is on the PC rather than handhelds nowadays. IMO, PC is a better genre for quick play casual games and the price point is a lot better than the PSP version.

        I don’t put much stock in the claim that high sales will bring out HMH2, but I hope the game does really well. I really like the HMH series and would love to see more people experience it.

  • Yeah, another port, but no localization for Half Minute Hero. No, that’d be silly.

  • I never did get half minute

  • I never did get Half-Minute Hero the first time around, even though I did like the demo I played of it. Being on Steam now will be a no-brainer for a purchase this time.

  • Just Tim

    I sincerely hope Marvelous AQL would expand this to all their games (Luminous Arc, Rune Factory franchises, alongside Victor-era games, to name a few).

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      For Rune Factory franchises, it would be better you just find them on DS there lol as they are damn cheap now and DS itself is also very cheap now rather than waiting for something that had close to 0 chances coming to Steam there.

      For Luminous Arc, i won’t even hope anymore considering only the first one that comes here while the other series is Japan only as the first series sells quite bad over here.

  • Universe

    After the trailer I feel like I must buy this title. Creative games such as this one deserves the PC community support.

  • TheSwordUser

    Hahah, oh look, I called it it in comments in Cladun X2 on steam article….
    …or maybe it was just inevitable.

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