Rumor: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Has More Characters Hidden On Disc

By Spencer . September 9, 2012 . 1:30pm

imageTekken Tag Tournament 2 already has a huge roster with over 40 characters unlocked when you turn the game on. Pre-orderers get early access to four more characters: Ancient Ogre, Michelle, Kunimitsu, and Angel.


There might be six more Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fighters. Someone with an early copy of the game mined the disc and found six characters that haven’t been announced yet. The final six are:


Miharu Hirano

Doctor Gepetto Boskonovitch




Slim Bob


Shoryuken has detailed profiles on the secret six. When Siliconera spoke to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 producer Katsuhiro Harada he gave us hints on two characters that haven’t been announced yet.


Hint 1: "One is a character a lot of people have been asking for his return. So, maybe they won’t be surprised, but a lot of people will be happy to hear about this."


Hint 2: "Maybe, it’s not quite a new character, but it’s one people will be very surprised at. This character is one that they wouldn’t have discovered."


Hmm… I think Doctor Boskonovitch fits the first hint. I wouldn’t have guessed Slim Bob since he was only revealed during his Tekken 6 ending.

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  • omeganeko

    SLIM BOB. Dude that is so chill lol. As long as I don’t have to pay it’s all good.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    For a second I thought there would be disklocked characters. Don’t influence them Capcom!

    • Marco Tinè

      There *will* be disklocked characters in the game, but you won’t have to pay to unlock them. The only drawback is Namco’s initial embargo (preordering customers must have some kind of advantage, right?), but you know you own those characters already because they’re on the same disk you’ve purchased, and you’ll come to use them eventually at no cost at all. 

      Charging for characters that you already own, as Capcom does, is another matter. I think this stance impacted Capcom’s reputation in a bad way, but at the same time, I don’t see them changing it as long as their games sells well… I say, good luck. That’s one more reason why the Tekken series is going to crush them as usual in terms of sales.

    • $30632660

      Harada is a beast, he wouldn’t charge you for this, unlike a certain company that doesn’t deserve to be named.

  • Tales_of_Master

    50+ character AND 6 hidden characters !! That’s it, first thing I’m gonna do tomorrow is go and get this game. Hell, I would’ve gotten it even if I wasn’t into fighting games. Games that oozes blood and effort are very rare these days, and I’m glad to support them whenever I can. Big ups for Harada and the awesome people at Namco.

    • Tales_of_Master

       Oh ***** I thought this was supposed to be released on the 10th. OK first thing I’m gonna do tomorrow is go buy the game.

  • Shadowman

    Slim BOB he jut doesn’t look right.  But Big BOB and Slim BOB will be tag team partner.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


    •  Ummm thought she was…i remember see people fight her in the arcade version

  • Of course it’s true! Last Wednesday, the pre-order DLC was leaked early and I got my hands on them before they were removed.

    I feel really sorry for the people who had to pre-order the game at certain places. I pre-ordered the We Are Tekken edition but that’s not important. At least they’ll still be free, right?

    Regarding the listing… Sebastian? As in Lili’s butler? Violet? He’s just Lee with a purple dye and sunglasses. Slim Bob? Namco has him and NOT Devil Ganryu? (though Ganryu can be giving wings and a laser eye in customization). I don’t really care for Miharu anyway.

    I’m disappointed that Azazel, the final boss from Tekken 6, isn’t in this game. I’m sure that beast could’ve been changed enough to be toned down (as in not cheap), same thing for NANCY-MI647J.

    Fortunately this isn’t enough to me not buy the game. I’m glad to still be able play as Asuka, Kazuya, Heihachi, Yoshimitsu, Jun and all the properly recognizable charatcers (similar to Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter) as oppose to the insanely obscure ones (Rainbow Mika).

    • Isn’t enough? What the hell else do you want?

      Oops, I missed the double negative in there :x

      • Rohan Viajar

        yeah I know right?
        that guy sure is a tough-to-please princess.

        oh well. his loss

        • Now look here, I’m not what you I am. I’m not obsessed with the bosses of Tekken 6. I’m just worried about the overuse of clone-characters.

          I freakin’ LOVE Tekken and I’m still lovin’ this next game. Don’t mistake me for some Megaman fanboy in recent times.

  • and i thought that unknown was not playable in the console versions. r u kidding me? how were they able to find out about the hidden characters and whats the process behind it in finding those unannounced characters?

  • “Maybe, it’s not quite a new character, but it’s one people will be very
    surprised at. This character is one that they wouldn’t have
    Devil Ganryu hopefully.

  • Göran Isacson

    Doctors B’s first name is Gepetto.

    I don’t know why, but I find that amusing. Slim Bob and Lilis butler are kinda amusing too, but who’s Miharu Hirano?

  • Peace Legacy

    Stupid rumor is stupid
    At least put in the effort to make it a bit more believable, goddangit

    Edit: After reading the newest comment, I am so so so so sorry for this comment

    • Scrooge_McDuck

       I hope the artwork and model rips would suffice for you, then.

    • Rohan Viajar

       if it’s a rumor why does it have to be believable.
      the purpose for this rumor was just to say that “there might be” or “there is the possibility”

      it’s not saying “go and believe it’s true and that it’s 100% gonna happen”
      so you didn’t have to go on and say “stupid” and “make it more believable”

      though I can’t blame you for not having seen the pictures from that one comment (Seeing as this was way earlier than that)

  •  Sebastian! LOL

  • Kowan

    Correction: there are 50 characters available when you play the game. Not 40.

  • excite!

    •  Miharu’s swimsuit is now my favorite. 0q0

      • agreed. lol. i love that outfit!!!

    • Peace Legacy

       Son of a- It’s true!
      (I am so so sorry for my below comment)
      Anyway …considering how Sebastian seems to have the same pose with Lili, or Bob have the same pose as skinny Bob, I sure hope this is not just an alternate character sharing same slot (like Panda/Kuma)
      Otherwise… I am ecstatically hype for Sebastian to be used with Lili

      • i guess lets just hope that they are not palette swaps huh?
        i hope so too
        this news made me even hyped up even more
        in my country its less than 24 hours away from its release
        but hopefully i would get the asia prestige version
        which comes out around september 14-17 in my country
        i super duper can’t wait to try this game

  • if in case it is true, do you think those 6 unannounced characters will be appearing as palette swaps? (like what they did to kuma and panda in the past tekken games years ago)

    for example:


    Bob/Slim Bob

    Alisa/Dr. B

    Lee Chaolan/Violet

    Xiaoyu/Miharu Hirano

    Jun Kazama/Unknown

    either that or maybe they might fill in the extra slots that are next beside to the additional characters (Ancient Ogre, Michelle, Kunimitsu, Angel, Prototype Jack, Tiger, Forest Law, and Alex)

    • Peace Legacy

       Dr. B standing pose and Alisa’s standing pose looks different though.
      and considering how Bob have an entirely different size from Skinny Bob (which would require different hitbox recalculation), some of them might not be just an alternate pallete

      • so you’re saying that some of the 6 characters might not be just an alternate swap huh?

        • Peace Legacy

          Well, also, considering how there are pre-existing character have different slot, but same move and almost identical gameplay mechanic (Christie and Eddy)
          I think it might be possible to have characters as a mere pallete swap, but still eligible as a standalone character.

          (I have already pre-ordered the We Are Tekken edition that will arrived on the 13th of September over here, goddangit, can barely hold the excitement)

    •  Here’s a screen. None of them are pallete swaps. They do not exist in this game.

  • Kitestwinblades

    ( ̄□ ̄;) I’m sorry, I think I need a minute… to change real fast.

    I cant believe what I just read and saw in the comments below.
    I wont repeat the character names on the list but I will say that Harada has REALLY outdone himself. That means every character in Tekken owned by Namco is confirmed. Unbelievable

    • Well to split hairs, there are still a handful of characters not in the game, but they are either deceased, old models, bosses or pallete swaps (Jack, Jack-2, Gun Jack, Jack-5, King I, Armor King I, Kuma I, Tetsujin, Roger, Nancy, Azazel and Devil (who is in but only as a extra form of Kazuya, he doesn’t have his own slot))

      To clarify, this is NOT a list of characters I want to be in the game, HARADA IS THE MAN FOR DOING ALL OF THIS, I’m just making an exhaustive list to compare just exactly how many characters were actually included.

      That’s not even mentioning some of the crazy predictions some people had with NPCs, like Shin, Tougou, and Jane. But hey, if Sebastian is in, I think just about anything can happen with future DLC if they choose to do more. There still are spaces for more slots…

      • i wonder if the total list of characters will be 66 since they have space for more slots in the top most part (where you see Kunimitsu, Tiger, Alex, etc.)

        •  I heard a rumor awhile back that Harada said he wanted to fill the top row completely, but I’m skeptical of that.

          • i guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and just let harada do the work though and see what he’s got in store by the time after the game’s release

  • i’ve been wondering about this since i saw this article. how were they able to uncover the hidden 6 characters? is there a process behind on how they uncover it?

    • I would think a PC with a Blu-ray reader drive would be the first step. Then most likely followed by analyzing the data in the disc.

      • oh i see. also in what kind of way on how they found out about the 6 hidden characters? do they just browse through and analyze the data and which filename would be one of the 6 hidden characters huh?

        • Well… in most games, file names don’t tend to have easily-recognizable names. Although that mainly depends on the structure/file-naming style preferred by the developers. There might also be some data encryptions and/or protections to bypass.

          • i wonder if its possible for ps3 users to datamine and find these 6 hidden characters?

          • On a console? If there are in-game ways to unlock (and hints on what the conditions are).

  • I will be getting my hands on Miharu Hirano when she’s available. A Ling Xiaoyu/Miharu Hirano team is now a definite yes!

    Also, I already customized Marshall Law/Forest Law to look like Kazuma Kiryu, albeit with Forest having a blue shirt instead of red (have to keep them apart).

    So yes, that means I do already have the game, but that’s beside the point. I’ll still buy the We Are Tekken Edition when it arrives!

    With Tekken Tag Tournament 2, practically every character is accounted for. Except unrealistic wishes like Azazel and 
    NANCY-MI647J. Also, Gunjack is missing, but who needs him? ;)

    I’m still a little bummed, though, that Devil is no longer seperate character but a transformation for Kazuya. It bugs me that I don’t know how to get that dude to transform!

    Anyway, with all the goodness this game offers, I am curious to see if the Wii U version will add any characters…

  • raymk

    Tommorow can’t come soon enough for me.

  • Tyler Sedrick :D

  • RablaAndrews


  • XiaomuArisu

    Sebastian they ready to leave already!

  • I already have my team, Lili/Miguel but I might switch out Miguel for Slim Bob. Just as joke team once in awhile. 

  • if they can datamine the game in the xbox360, is it possible to datamine the game on the ps3 as well?

  • that would be my guess if in case there are more characters to be added just to make it even. but like what the dataminers say, i guess dr b, miharu, sebastian, slim bob, violet and unknown are the only dlc characters to be found plus the 4 unannounced stages as there were no more room or space left inside the disc.

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