Virtua Fighter’s Pai Chan Signs Up For Dead or Alive 5

By Ishaan . September 12, 2012 . 8:55am have revealed another guest-star from Virtua Fighter who will be playable in Dead or Alive 5—Pai Chan, the martial arts movie star. also officially confirm the inclusion of Gen Fu, who we’ve previously seen only in trailers.



Pai will be joining her fellow Virtua Fighter colleagues, Akira and Sarah Bryant, for Dead or Alive 5. The game will be released on September 25th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America.

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  • Jordan Coleman

    Am I the only one who dislikes these guest characters? I wanted new characters in the rooster and we only get 2. Did’nt want guest characters.

    •  I didnt want guest characters either but I have no problem with only have two knew ones. I hate when fighting games get too many of them. It just breaks the game somewhere.

      I hope they only introduce one more crossover character. Four is more than enough. And it should be a guy. I vote for Goh. I dont even use him, I just like him.

      • Rick R

        Same. If they put to many new characters in each game it will eventually lead to other characters getting left out of sequels. Larger rosters also create balancing issues and characters can start to seem “samey”. It’s best they keep new characters to a minimum for these reasons. Unless you want them to run into a problem like Mortal Kombat did.

      • sunK1D

        If 4 is more than enough, shouldn’t 3 be enough then. Why do you want another one? oO just sayin

        • Lol! Sorry, you ARE right, it’s just cos I like like symmetry. I thought they were gonna leave it with just Akira and Sarah. But announcing Pai makes it feel like something is missing. So one more guy. n_n

          • sunK1D

            Lol don’t worry, i think most people are bothered by odd numbers. I know it bothers me.

      • Angeru_Lito

        I’d give you that but in this case those VF characters totally fit in the roster they look  like they belong in the DOA world , I don’t like when they bring characters that look out of place like Joda and Vader in SCIV and Cole and those Sony cats in SFxTK if they fit with the style of the game I say do it bring some guest.

        • Oh I totally agree. They fit very well. The art style and the gameplay are similar so it makes sense and you can see their tournaments working in the same time frame and “universes”. Its just a personal preference that I dont want crossovers. 

          I wouldnt mind so much if this wasnt meant to be a triumphant return to form for DoA as a brand. If it were the next one (if this one is successful) then I probably wouldnt have batted and eyelid.

    • Nitraion

      don’t understand the hate but…. maybe you should put ideas what martial arts do you want to appear on DOA 5 now?
      i vote for shaolin style….

    • Tre W

      Not at all. The VF presence is what has done a lot to vindicate DOA5, in a lot of ways. A lot of people probably wouldn’t have even given DOA5 a second glance if it weren’t for the fact that characters from one of the most respected fighting games ever stopped by as bonus characters.

      If anything, what I’m hoping for is that by the time AM2 gets its “turn”, maybe we’ll get a full-fledged DOA x VF crossover on next-gen Sega arcade hardware. Mmm-mmmmm~

  • GibbRS

    I didn’t think Gen Fu would return, I’m actually pretty happy about that.  I figured they’d just have Elliott and lose the old guy, but Gen Fu has always been one of my favorites.  Pai Chan is sort of cool I guess, but I’d like more new characters, like Jordan mentioned.

    • andref

       Well I can understand the concern being that Elliott was Gen Fu’s apprentice thus having a similar fighting style but Elliott having shorter length. Though I still thought the way they fought incorporated different ways to utilize them. On the other hand, I was surprised Gen was even in DOA 4 when he wasn’t even in the tournament when his only reason for fighting was the prize money to help his granddaughter so I wonder how he will fit in DOA 5

  • Nitraion

    Yeah moar VF char…..

  • Claire Oga


  • omeganeko

    I guess it’s cool to have VF characters but i kinda wish more original characters were added. But still rigs and mila are cool

    • raymk

      They only add 2 or 3 characters every game anyway if you look at past doa games.  I’d rather they just add 2 good new characters instead of 4 bad ones.  Also they could have just put no one in the 3 guest character spaces at all :/

      • omeganeko

         You make a good point, I’m just being greedy lol

        • Budgiecat

          Well Ryo Hazuki, Lan Di and Kazuma Kiryu I would welcome

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    This is almost becoming a Virtua Fighter semi-sequel with all the guests. It’s interesting to me, though, that this game seems to have a lot of story involved, while one of the things that always kept me from the VF series is the lack of story (specifically endings). It’d be amusing if the characters get more storyline as guest characters than in their own games.

    • Nitraion

      Yeah i think same VF fun is just the pure fight game it never have actual stories that’s why i very hype to see VF char in DOA 5 because i want VF char stories too

    • raymk

      Yep the guest are actual guest in the storyline though I’d guess those are fan-service meet-ups and so forth.

    • Budgiecat

      The funny thing is now they’ll probably have more of a story to them than in their own games

  • raymk

    Figures they would reveal her as they new that people knew about her.

  • All’s left now is Alpha-152 and Leon. To me, Leon was the most forgettable fighter in DOA so let’s hope Team Ninja is coming up with something crazy to re-introduce the guy in 5.

    • ZackEager

       Like not putting him in because he’s not in DOA5?

  • Jake Caro

    And there it is.

  • Sammy Garner

    FINALLY!!!! Adding her to the roster is gonna b GREAT, for me at least. HELENA n PAI or LEI-FANG n PAI. ^-^  So hyped for this game

  • Yay my fav VF character.

    This is looking like a stealth VF vs DoA game.

  • If I go online and see almost nothing but VF characters I’m done with DOA5! They look extremely broken, and now there’s 3 of them.

    • Budgiecat

      1st world problems

  • Cjs0511

    She reminds me of Chun Li

  • Leonard Norwood Jr.

    Pai Chan, another memorable fighter in Tecmo’s new DOA game. Thinking back to the earlier memories where usually I play as Sarah or Jacky, mostly due to their Jeet Kune do styles and how well they had both of them implement with it very well without making it too Bruce Lee-like, as they’ve done that part many times. I admit, due to the way how the players I fought players use Pai against, I found it annoying how they just attempt to combo me at the start, which was annoying till I found a good way to counter. I never thought less of Pai Chan as she is amazing, but I found myself on the worse end on combos at times when it came to players or the CPU in the game just trying to beat me down with those moves they pulled off. Virtua Fighter 2 was one example that a CPU Pai Chan just started beat me down just 1 second after the match started. Of course I was a kid and it was my first time playing Virtua Fighter back then. I did play as Pai and I found that her emphasis on her style kinda fit me in a sense, making her another one of my favorite characters to use.

    I haven’t played much Virtua Fighter games after 3 as for some reason I had lost touch with them.

    Seeing her again puts a smile on my face, and this give me an idea on what to do with her once I get DOA5. And I’m still trying to ponder what brought the VF fighters to pit themselves against these new fighters they now have opportunity to face. The hype with this moment is staggering.

    • Budgiecat

      I hate that Jeet Kune Do is a “style”. It’s not supposed to be. It’s a philosophy.
      Bruce Lee was against “styles” because he felt they restrict freedom.

      If anything, MMA is Jeet Kune Do, or Vale Tudo (Anything goes) because people “use whats effective and throw away what is useless”. Although, MMA is a sport with rules still….so I guess Vale Tudo is more accurate since it has no rules…

      • Leonard Norwood Jr.

        You’re right on Jeet Kune Do, I was too busy typing what came to mind without elaborating first on what Jeet Kune Do is. Anyway I’m still down for getting this game

  • Göran Isacson

    Man, there is just no retiring some people, is there? I mean I like Gen Fu and all, he was my main in DOA2, but you’d think he’d leave the fighting to his pupil and concentrate on taking care of his grand-child/macking on finely aging grandmothers by now…

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    Pai vs. Lei Feng that will be so epic!

  • Budgiecat

    Finally! What the hell…took long enough

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Just make it 
    Virtua Fighter VS DOA already 

  • XypherCode

    God…finally! :D

  • Mantiskilla

    Ugh Pai.  Let the button spamming begin. It’s cool that VF chars are in the game though, but at least Lei-Fei isn’t in the game.  Where the *bleep* is Vanessa Lewis?! haha

  • shion16

    Wont be easier if they just call it Virtua Fighter vs DOA?

    •  BUt they’ll have to add more VF characters then …isn’t it?

  • Kitestwinblades

    Should be fun to team her up with Lei Fang :3

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