Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection Coming To North America And Europe

By Ishaan . September 20, 2012 . 9:01pm

Believe it or not, Generation of Chaos 6 for PSP is coming to North America and Europe. NIS America will release the game as a PlayStation Network download title next year, under the title Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection.


Pandora’s Reflection has a real-time strategy battle system, where you get to move and position your units on the battlefield, take over key locations, set up ranged weaponry and so on. Defeating enemies nets you Alchemy Points, which you can use to power up your characters and weapons.


NIS America also provided a story summary for whoever needs to catch up:


Dark clouds blanket the withered skies and block out the sun; cracked earth and choking fog rule the land. This colorless world, showing no signs of life, is known as Hades. The barren land is blasted by chilling winds that cut to the bone… This is where we meet our heroes—Yuri, a young girl cursed with a disease draining her life away; and Claude, her protective older brother who will stop at nothing to save her. As they travel in search of a cure, they find themselves embroiled in a conflict that will determine the fate of the world and, just maybe, the fate of the siblings. They’ll lose old friends, meet new friends, and travel on a path that will lead them to the very doorstep of destiny…


Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection will be released in February 2013 via the PlayStation Network for PSP. NIS America sent out tiny screenshots of the game:


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  • Noba boba

    maybe i’m missing out something here, but this looks nothing like an “RPG”.

    • True, it’s a strategy game. Edited!

    • Go2hell66

       strategy rpg?

  • Raze

    What about Sol Trigger?

    • There’s a demo on PSN JP, if that’ll scratch your itch.

  • Ashurei

    I thought this had positively abysmal sales in Japan?  Sometimes I just don’t understand.

    • landlock

       Doesn’t really matter how it sold in Japan. The more important thing would be how the other generations of chaos sold in the US/Europe previously and NISA already have a pretty good relationship with Idea Factory.

      Plus it’s a DD and therefore it’s easier to get released.

  • Ahmad Reyner Nabeel

    Wait what? Haven’t played the original ones though… Oh well maybe I should wait for this one? Hmmm >.<

  • Eliézer Dos Santos

    Wow. Just… wow. I didn’t expected that. Now I have a little more faith in some PSP games getting to western shores.

  • Shiki

    Saw the title >> O0O
    Noticed the ” PSN ” >> -.-”

    But it’s a good thing for other ppl I think , and if it’s that good , i’ll gladly import it

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    DD only huh?T_T Kinda sad here but well better than nothing here.^_^

    I wonder does Nisa does special edition for DD game there?

  • veruses

    Forgot to the mentioned the part where this is developed by Sting?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Whaaaaaaaaat!? NISA, you so awesome.

    I was only slightly interested in this when it was announced, but now I have to have it. I commend any publisher willing to cater to those who still look forward to PSP games.

  • kroufonz

    wow more psp jrpg! nice stuff and they got release date already, make me wonder what happen to BRS ?

    • They said they were still working on it.

      or did you mean Something else?

      • kroufonz

        you’re right, i did mean black rock shooter

  • XypherCode

    NISA is on a roll :))
    I’ll be happier if they do Sol Trigger as well. xD

  • Hoshi星

    Welp, that was unexpected. But what was expected is that it would be on PSN-only.

    I’m still against DDL-only but it will only be the viable way to bring the japanese PSP game overseas. It can’t help it and we’ll have to get use to it with all the future PSP game releases.

  • SprintsMcGee

    Guess I need to find the other Generation of Chaos games huh

  • SprintsMcGee

    Either way, I’m quite happy about this!

  • This is cool. I wonder if I can play this without playing the others. 

  • Great news :)

  • This is absolutely wonderful news. I found the game very interesting a few months ago and was desperately hoping it would get a release over here (or I would have just imported it). So, this news really excites me because I now do not have to import! Instead I can enjoy it on my PSP through digital means! Not my preferred method, but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to this handheld XD

  • Go2hell66

    i just hope they know that no one will be playing on psp’s in 2013, so this better be available for vita as well

    • Vita can play downloaded PSP games so its Fine.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I believe that’s what he means. It’s known that this is a PSP game, but there’s still a good deal of PSP games not available on Vita’s PSN or PSN at all.

        • Seeing as the game is download only theres little chance you woulden’t be able to get the game on the VITA’s PSN(Since all PSP games that are downloadable on PSN are available on the VITA’s PSN then it will be fine)

          • Solomon_Kano

            Again, there’s still a number of downloadable PSP games not available on the Vita’s PSN (for example, FF 1 and 2 are on PSN, but you can’t get them from the Vita’s PSN). This being download only makes it more likely that it’ll be there early on, but it’s not a guarantee.

    • NaotaChannel

       75 million PSPs sold

      2 million Vita’s

      Wake up and smell reality

      • Solomon_Kano

        Sales of the system have what all to do with the ever-declining market for PSP games in the West? The reality is that the PSP has a rampant piracy community in the West and this, being a niche title, has an even smaller chance of selling than anything else.

        That has nothing to do with how many PSPs are out there in the wild, especially considering you’ve cited sales worldwide.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Wow… a PSP being released overseas, even if it’s a download-only title? That’s great news, even if I don’t know a thing about this game though the RTS genre is interesting as I loved SC3’s Chronicles of Soul mode RTS battle system.

    Hopefully that will mean more PSP games will be released overseas in the future! ^_^

  • malek86

    I find it… somewhat weird, that this title in particular would be localized for Europe, whereas almost every other Sting game this gen has been left in the USA.

    But hey. More power to us. I’d like to give it a try myself.

    • Ladius

      That’s because NISA is localizing it, while Atlus seems to be completely uninterested in bringing their games to the PAL PSN Store.

      They even have PEGI ratings for both Gungnir and Growlanser WoT, and yet they’re sitting on them and those games could very well never be released there, just as Hexyz some years ago.

  • Oh HELL YES! I was waiting for news like this for this game. F- yeah!

  • Anything from Sting is a must buy!! And since Nis is still taking a psp game… is there a chance for Soul Trigger…

  • Raharu95

    What a most unexpected surprise… I gotta buy the last generetsion of chaos in the PSP then. What number in the series is the ons on PSP?

  • Eddie Dominguez

    i played a couple of generation chaos back in the day and you know what? the games were shit.the gameplay was broken,the game had a few bugs here and there and the menus were just frustrating to me.and by those screenshots, it looks like nothing much have changed…oh wait,the game’s appearance have deteriorated from the last game i, in a nutshell,i wont be playing this.sorry, nisa! =/

    but i will surely try the neptunia game,thats for sure 

    • Z3

      The menus was just unbearable 

    • Ladius

      No offence, but I wonder how much you played the last GoC games if you aren’t able to see this game’s genre is completely different (the previous games were grand-strategy jrpgs, this one is a strange hybrid of real time strategy, rhythmic combos and other things), not to mention it was developed by Sting instead of IF.

      Also, the previous GoCs’ gameplay were all but broken: the issue was that they were extremely complicated games with an high learning curve, and the fact that the localization shortened the menu entries making them far less intuitive surely didn’t help.

      You’re right on the extremely low budget and on the lack of tutorials, though, especially for the first GoC (which was actually the fourth game in the series in Japan, which explains why they considered some things a given), but that doesn’t mean the game itself wasn’t good if you like this much-neglected niche subgenre.

      • malek86

        What’s the word on this GOC6?

        If it’s more accessible to newcomers (ie. it has a decent tutorial!) and the difficulty is not hellish, I would try it quite gladly. I skipped on Gungnir because I heard it was difficult even for SRPG adepts… and I’m not a SRPG or strategy adept either.

        I know Sting tends to make peculiar games, but some of their titles also aren’t all that hard (Riviera and KITN come to mind). I hope this one is less lke Yggdra and more like KITN in terms of difficulty.

        • Quadsdat

          The tutorial is basic and confers only the basic elements of gameplay. As for the game itself it is no where near as complicated as previous GoC games and gameplay does not really go any deeper than what is conveyed by the tutorials (which consist of a page of words with pictures). Learning curve is mild and most things are easy to understand. There is not much of a menu to navigate outside of the intervals between chapters, and even then it is very basic.

          The simplifying of the game has me a little disappointed, honestly, but the game is still pretty fun but gets a little stale towards the end due to the shallow nature of the gameplay.

          To put it simply, this isn’t really a GoC game so much as a Sting game. Adjust your expectations as appropriate.

  • drproton

    NISA, confirming its ultimate bro status once again.

  • cj_iwakura

    If we get this and not Eternal Punishment PSP, something is NOT RIGHT, Atlus.

    • Altritter

       This is NISA, not Atlus.

      • cj_iwakura

        I know that, but still; if NIS can publish PSP games this late in the game, why can’t Atlus?

        • Solomon_Kano

          Differing companies of differing size have differing priorities. Persona being what it is says we have a chance of seeing it, but we don’t know how well IS did for them and we do know that EP did poorly domestically.

        • Kunio_kun

          Because Atlus is dead?

          • Ladius

            You could be right, but localizing niche games like Gungnir and Growlanser WoT and skipping a Persona game which is a direct sequel to a localized game would be kinda strange, no?

            Not that I’m whining too much, Growlanser WoT is such a fantastic game I can’t be grateful enough for its localization, and I already played P2 EP on Ps1 (even though I would like to see the new contents of the PSP edition).

            Edit: this post was meant to answer Solomon Kano’s.

    • JazzyMan123

      Where in this article does it say “Atlus”? Could you kindly point that out?

    • Ladius

      Yeah, that’s kinda worrisome, at this point our best bet is that they’re holding up the announcement till P4G is released in the US.

      Then again, I wonder how much Gungnir and Growlanser WoT sold… I know Growlanser was very strong for a niche game, with retailers exhausting their stock multiple times and the first print being almost completely sold (not to mention the almost-day one Vita compatibility), but Gungnir’s performance seems to have been far less stellar.

      • cj_iwakura

        Atlus has a parent company who make their games, though. I can’t fathom why they’d skip the game that finishes what IS started, unless IS’ lackluster sales in the US and EP’s lackluster sales in Japan are the reason.

        • Ladius

          Then again, I imagine anything with the Persona brand would be able to sell better than Gungnir, so I think it would still be strange if they didn’t consider EP worthy of a localization effort, even more so considering they don’t even have to license it from another company, as you pointed out. They could skip the UMD release and go digital if they fear overstocking retailers or weak physical sales.

          I don’t think Japanese sales are an issue for them, considering how both Gungnir and Growlanser WoT were both sub-30k in Japan, I think their main concern is the number of western jrpg fans still invested in the PSP scene (or Vita, considering PSN, but we all know that platform isn’t exactly setting charts on fire).

  • AndyFe

    As much as I like physical copies of games, that fact that they are ever making this available on psn is great. They are many many great psp games that never made it over here. It’s more than likely the it is more cost effective for a smaller company like Nis to have a Digital release than physical one 

  • Ladius

    While it’s fantastic we  still have four PSP jrpgs in the pipeline (Ragnarok Tactics, BRS, Class of Heroes 2 and this one), I wouldn’t say this means we will have a chance to see more problematic games localized.

    We must remember that IF is one of the most progressive publishers in terms of facilitating localizations: chances are this license was dirty cheap and IF is ready to work on their end of the localization as soon as NISA is finished with the translation (which is fantastic, considering the hell NISA must be experiencing with ImageEpoch and BRS).

    I’m still sad we aren’t getting Spectral Force Legacy, or anything that resemble a grand-strategy jrpg, but I will wait for GoC6 with an open mind.

  • Zeonsilt


  • ThatAzure

    [email protected]~!~!~!!~This game really interested me, but I kinda forgot about it when I realized nobody would bring it to US/EU. Thanks NISA!~ I’m already grateful that you guys are bringing Black Rock Shooter: The Game to US, and now here you are bringing another awesome PSP game out; man you guys rock! XD

  • Bryce Ward

    WOW…  I didn’t think this would actually make it over here.  I was just lucky Gungnir did.  But needless to say I am Exstatic that this game is coming. 

  • Learii

    oh thank NISA i love you yay

  • majestix1988

    hmm..its giving chances we can get sol trigger via Nisamerica/PSN policy

    • Ravage27

      i sure hope so! Sol Trigger looks fabulous!

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