Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix First Look With The TGS Trailer

By Ishaan . September 23, 2012 . 10:59pm

Square Enix have shared the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix on the collection’s official website, and KHInsider have uploaded the trailer to YouTube with unofficial subtitles, using the original English localization. Watch it below:



Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix will be released for the PlayStation 3 in 2013. It will come with the following:


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories HD

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days cutscenes viewable in HD, in the compilation’s theater mode (note: the game itself is not included).


Both games included on the disc will have Trophy support. Additionally, while Kingdom Hearts Final Mix originally used the English version’s voices, the version in the 1.5 HD Remix compilation will have Japanese voices.


Spencer’s note: During Tokyo Game Show, we asked Square Enix about Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and if the game would be coming in 2013 too. A representative said the news is just for Japan. However, since the games are already localized and Kingdom Hearts is a strong series for Square Enix I think we’ll see this compilation appear in other regions.

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  • Zexill

    I don’t know how to feel about this… Happy? Because of the fact that they are releasing it in HD? Or sad from the fact they want to make more money and put Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by sleep on 2.5 (if there is ever one).

    •  How about happy that the games will be rereleased for the uninitiated/new fans? That’s kinda a plus.

    • Agreed. I dont know how to feel about this. I was really looking forward to that 358/2 days remake.

    • Herok♞

       I feel this is the best course of action because 1, Re:CoM and 358/2 go best together story, and there was no way square was going to release all the games at the same time with cutscenes and this way if they have some idea when Versus will be done they can hold off the second set until closer to KH 3’s release.

  • Curan_Altea

    I’ll probably still buy this if it’s localized, but these games look better on my emulator. I know It’ll look different running on my PS3, but it’s a pretty meh remaster. 

  • I can tell quite a few things look a lot smoother, and some graphics are more detailed. I do love how the 358/2 Days cutscenes are turning out, though. Xion’s Japanese voice is shockingly adorable, and the animation is very nice.

    I hold out some hold that this rerelease will have 3D capabilities, actually. That’d be cool.

  • Sperium3000

     I read somewhere that it -will- be localized, but even so I’ll probably wait to see if they don’t release a collection with KH II Final Mix (And possibly Birth By Sleep?)

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    It does look glorious.

  • dotzeno

    If there’s dual audio, i’ll be buying.

  • Ryan Chiu

    Damn. If only they localized this, then I’d finally be able to play Final Mix. Here’s to hoping that they do. 

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    When you walk away~

  • topdog2007

    i am going to buy this for sure
    weaps manly tears at this game 

  • shouldn’t it be

    KH HD 1.5:

    -birth by sleep

    -KH 1

    -KH chain of memories

    KH HD 2:




    • Ricardo C

      BBS’s secret scene might spoil yet tease the end credits scene of KH2 so it makes sense why 1.5 doesn’t have BBS because newcomers and people that never played BBS (KH2 for the most part) might become confused by it if they didn’t spoiled themselves already by now so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

    • Curan_Altea

      I doubt we’ll see any HD remakes of coded or 358 days. Those were both DS games, and would have to be remade entirely. PS2 games just require some upscaling. 

      • Then again Chain of Memories was a GBA game and they still ported it to the PS2 and now PS3 so I mean its not like it couldn’t of been done. 

        • Curan_Altea

          Oh it’s certainly possible, but given how recent the games are and the fact that 358 days is only in cutscene form, I highly doubt to see Re:Coded in HD. Re: Chain of Memories was bundled with Final Mix plus in Japan if I’m remembering correctly. I just feel like a full remake is not happening.

    • Bakuryukun

      I think if they do a 2.5 it will end up being 2 and Birth By Sleep.

      Also I really hope this comes out over here, I’d love to play KH with trophy support.

      • Anime10121

         I can practically taste an easy platinum for any and all Kingdom Hearts games already, since you know, I actually have completed each one of them 100% and defeated any and all secret bosses (Xemnas, Sephiroth (both KH1 FM and KH 2 FM versions, Terra’s LS, XIII data batles, etc etc.)!

    • Nope. KH I secret ending leads to Days, it’s sequel is CoM.

      KH II secret ending leads to Birth by Sleep and it’s sequel (Kinda) is Coded.

  • Alexander Aubert

    i never had a chance to play kingdom hearts, i will definetly buy this game

  • Ricardo C

    I’ll import it. I dont care if it doesn’t get localized because PS3 games are region free unlike the PS2 was back then.

  • It seems some slowdowns were fixed, however they only showed VERY LITTLE gameplay. And almost no Jaggies on-screen, that gives me hope that the Remaster is being done  at 1080p resolution, or they just cranked the AA to a High Multiplier. Anyway,I wouldn’t expect 60fps.

    Also, why only the cutscenes for Days? The game wouldn’t be too hard to port to Single Screen systems, unless they have legal stuff to do. Though that’s ok with me because I didn’t like the game anyways…but those who did should enjoy it in Glorious HD.

    Hopefully this will be localized and keep all the Final Mix contents ON DISC…or if they put them on DLC, whatever, at least we’re getting them.

    However it ends up, I’m still hyped.

    • The trailer says “Final Mix”… so the one on the collection IS the final mix… no DLC…

      •  Yeah, but I was referring to a possible localization, since the Final MIxes never made it out of Japan, I don’t know how would they handle them in an Overseas release.

        • zweii

          The NA and EU versions of Kingdom Hearts are the Final Mix of Japan already. The original KH in Japan actually has less content than the western versions.

          • I don’t recall being able to face the Enigmatic man ( Xemnas) in the NA/EU versions

          • Christopher Nunes

            When Kingdom Hearts was first released in the US/EU they included extras that weren’t present in the original Japanese version, among them the Sephiroth battle, and so in return the Japanese got a re-released with the US/EU bonuses including even more extras like more skills and the Enigma Man battle which is the Final Mix version of the game.

            Kingdom Hearts (Original) – JPN
            Kingdom Hearts (w/ Extras) – US/EU
            Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix – JPN only

            Look around a bit more before posting something like that or it’s going to confuse a lot of people.

        • They would handle it the same…? The final mix extra content were keyblades and bosses, no big deal actually. .__. BbS here got extra content than the original japanese version and it wasn’t DLC. People these days are just thinking about DLC on every game. -.-

  • Masengan

    I wonder if they’re gonna recreate all of the important plot points from Days. I mean they already have all the 3D models and places, all they’d have to do is ad voices… It would be cool to see all the scenes realized in cut scene mode.

    • shafiq95

      that was a new cutscene at the end if im not wrong…..i hope they remake the cutscene with ven,drowned goldfish and xigbar as well

      • Masengan

        I wrote my comment with that particular scene in mind.

  • Well, i’m just waiting for Square to announce it overseas. ¬¬’

  • Wait, wait. Voiced 358/2 Days Cutscenes?

    Oh god, resistance to buy if localized fading. Must endure…

    • Godmars

       Do you mean endure until its localized, or endure to keep from importing?

      •  The idea was to not buy it because I already played them (and indeed have them) but if they get localized and the 358/2 get voiced over by the English VAs… well that’s something I can’t resist.

  • Nitraion

    Good but TBH  i don’t see any different well maybe just trophy patch make it different… SE should make that 358/2 days playable instead for make it more appealing in my opinion….

  • Christopher Nunes

    I have to admit the HD, however slight it appears at times, looks AMAZING! I was going to play the original Kingdom Hearts after hearing about this and playing Kingdom Hearts 3DS, but to my dismay the disc won’t read anymore so I have to go looking for a replacement but this collection might be worth the import!

    However I want to wait until they OFFICIAL announce a localized version of it. But the Tarzan world, which I’m aware, had some licensing issues in the past which prevented it to make an appearance in Chain of Memories but I’m not sure if this was something regarding in the US or not and hopefully it has been resolved at this point. I would LOVE to re-play Kingdom Hearts again in glorious HD because it was an awesome game!

    Here’s to hoping to see Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix in the future as well!

  • If you have a pc,you can play all kingdom hearts game in HD using ps2 emulator

    • It cannot offer the awesomeness of Days narrated in HD scenes though!

    • the9reen9uy

      It looks better than this too -_o

  • XxStoicmonkeyxX

    Love KH, i really do. But this isn’t even a proper “HD” Remix, not a single texture was redone or anything. This is literally the exact same outcome of what happens when you emulate a game. Why can’t video games get actual HD remix’s???

  • DCBlackbird

    Wonder if they’ll try to sneak in a few more bits to the story like the recom ending very vague but not vague enough you know more foreshadowing or maybe just a little present like day 0 cutscene(s) for roxas lol look at me as if i were talking to square themselves  

  • DCBlackbird

    Wait so its knly those 10 cutscenes 358/2 had or the numerous buddy buddy ones at the clocktower too? Cant remember if that cutscene is new or not

    • Pretty sure it’s new because I don’t remember seeing it.

      And I played the game again last week. but when in doubt check the internet.(I’ll get back to you)

      EDIT:I can’t find it so I’m assuming its new.

  • masaYT

    Argh, another re-release from SE, man how far they’ve fallen.

    Anyone else remember a time when they used to release new games all the time and how they were all awesome, now they just make quick cash-in’s all the time.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      Oh like that brand new Kh game we got 2 months ago? Yeah man those were the times

      Seriously though quit your complaining, others actually like this news.

      • And others don’t.  This is a step down from the greatness of the PS1 era.

        Not all opinions are going to be positive.  So quit complaining about people complaining.

        Lemme go instigate another FF4 release.  Cuz you know “people” would like that.

        SE can re-release their old games because they obviously can’t make anything anymore. What about old IP’s like Chrono series or even The Bouncer? Where are they? EXACTLY.

        • Chrono Trigger was done by a collaboration called the Dream Team, doing a collaboration like that now doesn’t seem likely but who cares? Chrono doesn’t need a sequel, Cross is an example of how they tried to overcomplicate the original game.

          And yeah, live the now.

        • Paradox me

          Has it ever occurred to you that the greatness of the PSone era may have been a fluke, wasn’t sustainable, or that it isn’t so easily replicated 20 years later? 

          Square in the 90s was not the norm, for either them or the industry at large. Their output from the mid to late 80s wasn’t anywhere near what it was during the PSone era, and the same could be said for last generation.

          It doesn’t help that budgets have skyrocketed and expectations are higher than ever before. As much as I love Squaresoft and just about all of their games, the stories and gameplay mechanics of yore do little today but appeal to nostalgic gamers. World maps pale in comparison to the exploration offered by The Elder Scrolls or Xenoblade Chronicles, turn-based combat is considered archaic even by many of the genre’s fans and the writing of past titles is hardly better (and at times worse) than the heavily criticized Final Fantasy XIII.

          Now, Square has made plenty of decisions in recent years that I don’t agree with at all, but it’s hardly anything new. Final Fantasy II’s original release had a horribly broken leveling system, Final Fantasy III was a ridiculous grindfest, they opted not to localize countless big titles like Final Fantasy II, III, V, Seiken Densetsu 3, Front Mission etc., shuttered their North American studio after only one (good) game and nearly went bust due to The Spirits Within.

          Furthermore, look at where all of Square’s past talent ended up after leaving the company. Sakaguchi has yet to find even a fraction of the success he had at Square (in fact, I believe Mistwalker could be described as ‘struggling’), Takahashi went on to make the so-so Xenosaga and marvelous Xenoblade, Ishii’s just about fallen off the map save for Ocarina of Time 3D and Matsuno has decided to make small games at Level-5.

          It’s just not that easy, nor is it any way forward. Square has had a hand in some amazing games this generation, and that’s with them being crippled by managerial and technical issues. I wanna see what they do next generation, alongside Eidos and with the use of Luminous Studios.

          I wanna see what they can do in an environment that’s more conductive to taking risks and innovating. I don’t wanna see them shackled to the past or living in Final Fantasy VII’s shadow for the rest of their existence.

    • Herok♞

       you say that like they haven’t already released 3 new games in 2012 and have only done remakes.

    • LightZero

      That’s funny because they re-release FFI/FFII, FFV/FFVI and CT/FFIV on the PS1. I guess they must have fallen back when they were still Squaresoft. 

  • XiaomuArisu

    Not being a dick  or something but does it really looks better?I cant see a difference…still an awesome idea!

    • Roubjon

       There is anti-aliasing, so everything looks smoother.

    • veruses

      It’s pretty much true 16:9 resolution & better AA support. It’s just for the big fans of the first game or newcomers who have yet to try it out. One way to make funds for future KH series, if you wanna look at it the positive way.

    • Evan Groman

      Yeah, I don’t remember if KH1 looked worse than KH2, and now they’re all excited because it’s up to the standard of KH2 or whatever, but this just looks like standard KH graphics to me. Don’t know what all the fuss is about.

      My brain must just be incapable of understanding the subtleties of art.

      • Anime10121

         @XiaomuArisu:disqus and @google-dc90442117b6fec884f52972cf12316c:disqus , I’d buy it just because of Final Mix, CoM, and REDONE CUT SCENES FROM 358/2 DAYS alone!  I really dont care if the graphics change at all, because they were already pretty good anyway for a PS2 game.  But there is A LOT of content here for a game that’ll probably be 60 bucks (I know hd collections are usually 40, but I see Square using the Square Enix tax to up the price, especially considering Konami’s MGS collection started at 50, and Square will want to beat that).

        • Evan Groman

          Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply it’s BAD. Even if it just functions as a rerelease, that’s still good. In fact, I’ll probably end up buying it just for that reason. I personally don’t care for final mixes, but I guess it’ll be nice to play it in that version.

          What I wanted to say that I really don’t get the difference in graphics that people seem so caught up with. I’m not saying it’s not worth buying, though.

          (but to be completely fair, if it’s 60 bucks I’m not even going to glance in its general direction.)

          • Anime10121

             Oh, I understand, the graphical improvements in most HD remasters arent very noticeable, so I get where you’re coming from.  I buy the collections because they’re convenient, not because of “graphical improvements”.

          • Keichi Morisato

            i found upping the graphics for xenoblade and LOZ:SS actually do have a noticeable difference.

      • Keichi Morisato

        its mainly because the textures are the same from the original games, which gives it a more dated look.

  • lol, just like Sony refreshing the PS3 again :P

    No harm earning more money to fund future/upcoming projects :P 

  • Herok♞

    I will buy this if the cut scenes are skipable which was my only problem with the PS2 version of NA Kingdom Hearts

    • Anime10121

       They are, KH Final Mix had skippable cut scenes :) and so did KH re:CoM!

      • kevinposta

        KH1FM only had skippable cutscenes if you were defeated by a boss and re-watched that cutscene, I believe.

      • Herok♞

         Thanks, if they still include the english audio I might even import now.

        • Anime10121

           Unfortunately, from what I read, they seemed to have taken out the English audio and swapped the Japanese audio back in.  But there’s NO WAY we’re not getting this too next year, so I’d just wait for the inevitable localization announcement.  If Final Mix was gonna stop them from localizing it, I think they would have included the original KH, so I’m sure we’ll see this too.

          • Herok♞

             Well I just hope we can get it in someform with FM, I wouldn’t even mind if we lost english as long as it was subtitled.

  • Isaac Newton


    EDIT: OH MY GGGGAWWWWDD!! Even the battle system was change!!!!????

  • shion16

    Pretty……but what is going on with the plot?
    Way to confusing

    • Here’s a brief summary of what’s going on and what will happen next made by moi. I don’t think I need to say this is huge spoilers so be careful with the liiink~

    • Anime10121

       Play these games, and you’ll understand the plot, as these are the first games  in the series.  You play these, and you’ll understand the base themes/plot of Kingdom Hearts.  Then when the inevitable KH 2.5 comes, you’ll come to realize how epic this series actually becomes!

  • What’s wrong with this company? FFX HD announced 1 year ago and we still didn’t know anything.

    • I think this is how SE rolls:
      They announce games far in advance but it’s delay it’s proportional to the hype (See Versus and FFX HD).

      Unannounced games slighty teased in previous games gets teasers or trailers out of the blue after a while! Surprise buttsecks! (See LR: XIII and this game!)

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hearing Marluxia(Shuichi Ikeda) voice there makes me flutter here lol.^_^

    If this game has dual voice here, i am going to get this game for sure here after hearing many of the VA there, it makes me remember how i wish the first one and the second one had japanese VA there.

    If not, maybe i will just import them as i already knows all the story here lol.^_^

    • Keichi Morisato

      though you can’t exactly say that the american dub was bad though, and they reanimated the games cutscenes to fit american voice acting, so you can’t say that mouth movements were much of a problem. also this game has always been intended for the american audience, as disney would not have it any other way. (though i can’t say the same for FM…)

  • Honestly, this was the most interesting thing announced at TGS this year (for me at least). A huge surprise as well, most announcements get leaked way before they’re officially announced nowadays, but this managed to stay pretty much fresh until it was announced, despite the many teasers Nomura put up for this (both in interviews and in KH DDD’s ending).

    So yeah, I’d also like to believe other regions are getting this, when one takes on account the ending in KH DDD did hint the HD remakes (among other things :3)

    • Hoping for localization!

      Man, it’s like my prayers came true! Ps3 comps with FM included! Man oh man when 2.5 comes out I really hope they’ll HD Birth by Sleep FM, I will need a whole truck of pants for that one! :D

      •  Birth by Sleep ranks up as one of my favorite games of all time (yup, been playing since the late 80’s, so that’s saying a lot!), because it just manages to do a lot of things right. The chance to revisit it one more time, and to play the extra FM chapter…that’d be sweet!

  • I can give you a brief resume about what’s up but that’d be huuge spoilers, wonder if you mind… and the rest around here.

    Edit: This was a reply to shion16 derp.

  • What the heck Disqus?

  • Alphabet Soup

    I will definitely pick this up.  While I enjoyed Birth By Sleep, I think KH 1 and 2 really were the special combination of Disney and Square that made this series awesome.  I never would have thought in a million years that such a combo would work, but KH 1 in particular was such an amazing mix of Square storytelling and the playful innocence of Disney.  I hope they bring that back.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “However, since the games are already localized andKingdom Hearts is a strong series for Square Enix I think we’ll see this compilation appear in other regions.”That’s what Square said or what Spencer thought?

  • You know, I was being bugged at the fact that we would’ve be seeing just the theater scenes from Days but after seeing this trailer it seems they’ll narrate the whole story through cutscenes or maybe even as a one whole compilation like a movie! That’s be sweetcakes!

    The graphics do look more smooth and fluid but I was expecting stuff like model updates and stuff but I guess it’s a nice touch they are keeping things original.

    • Keytotruth

      They did update the models. For example, Sora in KH1 is the Sora from Re:CoM (way more detailed version) and Ansem SoD has its KH3D version of the model and has improved facial animations. (Just check the original KH1 cutscene and this one.)

      • Uh nope? I can see KH 1 Sora looks diferent than Re:CoM Sora, Ansem kinda changed but definetely not from 3D. 3D Ansem looks different than KH I and Re:CoM, more serious and his lip movements are diferent.
        Let’s not even mention Riku, there’s a noticeable difference between his model saying “Im not afraid of the darkness” and himself speaking to his replica in Re:CoM.

        In any case I don’t notice the changes from the originals at all.

  • Anime10121

    Dear Square USA, hurry the hell up and announce this for a 2013 western release.

                         Thank you
                           Your fan (as long as you comply with my letter) Anime10121 :)

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

     Graphics do look more Smoother but I’ll pass on this one  

  • armstrong40k

    I’d love to see this game in North America, but I have my doubts because they’re using Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (which I think is just stupid that it was only released in Japan with english voices).

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Yami! Hikari! Kokoro! Tomodachi! Kingdom Hearts! Yakusoku! Riku!
    They repeat those words so often that I already learned them. XD

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Where is Sora there? At least Kairi too?^_^

    • Hikari is light, kokoro is heart, yami is darkness? What does the rest mean? :S

      Edit: Thanks people :)

      • Tomodachi is friend, Riku means earth , just like Terra , Yakusoku means something I dont know that word…

      • Herok♞

         ともだち/tomodachi means friend and yakusora means promise.

      • Werty18

        Tomodachi is friend, yakusoku is promise

  • MrRobbyM

    Seeing as the first Kingdom Hearts is one of my most beloved games of all time, I only have an HDTV now and I don’t own a copy anymore, I’ll definitely pick this up.

  • Cjs0511

    Goddamnit we need a HD adaptation for 358/2 days, thats the only one where you play as Organization XIII

  • Demeanor

    Awww why not 2? With 2 in this would have been a sure buy for me.
    Wow, I must say the first KH was awesome though, the Hollow Bastion theme is one of my favourites, and that Sephiroth fight… too bad after playing KH2’s awesomness (DAT final battle in ultimate form ) the first feels so slow and clumsly ^ ^

    • Ben Sylvia

       So they can make a “2.5 Remix” with KH II, BBS, and the cutscenes from RE:Coded.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Still withholding my enthusiasm until some from Squeenix says beyond a shadow of a doubt that Final Mix will  be included in the localized release.

    That’s the only way this is a sale for me, I’ve already played through KH1 dozens of times, and I want my @$%!$ One-Winged Angel Keyblade.

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Besides the FM games, DDD, and Re:Coded, I got the rest. If this gets localized, I’ll buy it. Oh the nostalgia…Good times….Good times. I remember playing these games non stop.

    • Masengan

      I have every KH game out so far, and I sure as hell will be getting these.

  • I never played the first Kingdom hearts but I have 358 days already.. and chain of memories I played not the RE chain though…

    And I dont feel like buying a PS3 anyway..

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Meanwhile in Development Hell:
    Noctis: You are tearing me apart Square!
    HD Tidus: Calm down buddy, I really doubt that you have been here for six years.
    Noctis: You don’t know them man! You don’t know them! Just take a look at that one from localization hell.
    Ace: Watashiwa— I mean I am, zettai, I mean….

  • Spider-Man

    I’ll just watch 358/2 Days’s HD cutscenes on Youtube. I’ll way for a collection that has BBS and KH2 Final Mix.

  • Göran Isacson

    … Welp, can’t say I think it looks THAT different from my memories, BUT it’s been a fair long while since I last played the game. Maybe replaying it will brush up my memory and enable me to see what this trailer improves on.

  • Kefkiroth

    It seems more like an up-res with possibly some anti-aliasing if anything… maybe that’s why the trailer came so soon.
    Hopefully the delay on Final Fantasy X HD is because it won’t just be an up-res like this.

    • Keichi Morisato

      maybe the FFX HD will be more like when it was first announced, pretty much more detailed and you saw the world like in FF12

  • $36598391

    about time this was announced!

  • Damn it… I can’t watch 358 cutscenes without crying…. I can’t wait for this to cone out.

  • Maia Kasoya

    Oh, I remember how fun Kingdom Hearts I was… and how much I hated that battle with Riku at around 1:19.

  • Total_Overdose

    I just wish the non numbered titles came with a different theme song. Getting so sick and tired of hearing “Hikari” and “Passion” all the time.

    Are they saving a new song for KH3 or something?

    • Keichi Morisato

      hikari is the artist passion is the opening to KH2 your thinking of simple and clean and passion. and yes i would love to hear more of her music.

      • Hikari is the japanese versions name. Simple and clean is the english version. Just like kh2 is passion and sanctuary respectively. And the artist is named Utada Hikaru

        • Keichi Morisato

          i meant to spell hikari *hikaru…

  • Please hurry come out square enix i cannot wait more :(( 

  • Pythia Brixham

    Okay, I will defend Square Enix to the death, being the brainless Square Enix fanboy that I am. But seriously? If they are just going to include the Days cutscenes but not the game itself, they might as well not even include the cutscenes at all and just put KH, CoM, and II all of one disc. I am sure people would be fine with that without the whole “Yeah, we have Days cutscenes, but you just can’t PLAY Days”.

    • But then woulden’t they be completely switching consoles in allowing us to play days? they’d have to change a lot to make it into a console title so I cankinda understand it.

      It’s not like porting a psp game with updated graphics and stuff(They woulden’t have to change much compared to a ds game)

      so I think its more likely to get a updated version of BBS that we can play over days.

      and if I was wrong on anything in this post about the possibility someone please correct me.(Or my view on this is messed up)

    •  I don’t think they Can do KH, KHcom and KH II  at one PS3 disk so I understand.
      I hope it’ll available in English

    • $36598391

       Square Enix would have to remake 385/2 Days in order to do that though, changing how the game uses the Dual Screens of the NDS would be the biggest thing

  • Heartless ㅤ

    I still have a soft spot for KH! 

    That music :’]

  • Final Fantasy XIII (10%)
    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja storm generations (%5) %15 not okay..
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 (%5) %20 not okay…
    One Piece Pirate Warrior (%20) %40 still
    Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja storm 3 (%5) %45 ..not yet
    -=Edit=- Tales of Xillia 2 (%5) %50 ..not yet

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD (%30) %80 !!
    Now I really want to get PS3

  • Derek

    Yeah plz SquareEnix… Re: Chain of Memories was released as a seperate title in America, what a cheap cash in. Please released this version bundled with the game and keep it that way!

  • Some1onearth

    Could they not have just bundled Kingdom Hearts 2 alongside all this? Gah….I don’t want to buy a two HD remixes seperately…TOGETHER DAMN YOU MONEY GRUBBING SQUEENIX! T_T


  • I want KHII Final mix not a bundle <_<

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