Sol Trigger One-On-One Fighting Game Unlocks Weapons For PSP RPG

By Spencer . October 1, 2012 . 12:30am


Imageepoch likes promoting their packaged games with web browser mini-games. They made Sol Trigger Training School, which is a one-on-one fighting game. You can "fight" Fran by clicking like crazy. This damages her and fills up the Sol gauge. When the Sol gauge is full hit that to do a special attack. Here’s a link to the game.


Sol Trigger Training School rewards players with passwords that unlock items in Sol Trigger, Imageepoch’s PSP RPG that finally comes out this week.

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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Imagespooch as usuall really gives their whole for their games here.^_^

    If this game come here, I am going to support this game for sure.

  • Curan_Altea

    I was really interested in this game from the start, but after playing the demo I know I really want it. Hopefully it gets localized….. If not I’ll end up importing probably. 

  • This would be a day one purchase for me if it made it here. 

  • (Cries due to Imageepoch awesomeness and wishes for localization)

    Don’t make me beg Imageepoch, don’t make me beg.

    I really want to import it just because I want it and I want to help out sales too, but my wallet will hate me lol.

    • Marco Tinè

      I can beg for the two of us, if you agree, so…

      Please please please, Imageepoch, don’t let us miss such awesomeness!

      • Agreed.

        (Starts to beg with Marco) =P

  • Palmer Nyako

    I wish the battle system was more like final fantasy type-0 :/

  • Demeanor

    What, there’s a demo around and no one told me? :O excuse me while I go hunting… :P

  • Aoshi00

    I want to get the special password, but are the mini-games working for people?  The clicking game is so hard, can’t click too slow or too fast, always ran out of time, you have to do it like 5 times (got carpel tunnel syndrome alrdy *.*).. and the other academy game not working for me… 

    I hope this game is more fun than Last Promise…

  • Wagnaria

    Tsk… Too hard, It’s almost impossible to WIN.
    I gave up after reaching & giving Round 4 tons of retries.  Just like the other person said below neither you can click fast nor slow @[email protected] It’s Click per second also changes as you win and you’ll be unable to click within milliseconds if you mess up the rhythm/clicked too fast [It’s like getting stunned].
    Did it’s webpage developers actually tried this? ^^;

    Anyway, I’m hoping for a localization for this game, The actual Sol Trigger game looks so cool.

  • D: Pantsu-chan is hard to beat…. Sry Lizbeth Emma…

    Also watch her charac trailer….. She…. defin. has something off in her head….

  • Impossible. That or stupidly hard in such a way nobody will be able to do it. I can beat her like to the 3rd time and almost the 4th, but never win.

  • here games are very fun and also availamle fun games hereFighting Games

  • Steven Johnson

    At last!!! i finally defeat her

    20+ Loses and 1 Win XD

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