Nomura Teases Kingdom Hearts II HD And Other Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Tidbits

By Spencer . October 2, 2012 . 8:02pm

imageFamitsu has an interview with Tetsuya Nomura this week and they asked him straight out if a HD version of Kingdom Hearts II would come afterwards. Nomura said to the magazine it would be unusual if it didn’t.


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix has Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and movies from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in a theater mode. Square Enix is recording new voice work for theater mode, 70% of the main plot will be covered.


Instead of upscaling the models, Square Enix is using the Kingdom Hearts 3D model for Sora as a base for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. The gameplay, according to the magazine, has been overhauled to play more like Kingdom Hearts II.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Yeah, we all saw that coming.

    It’ll look so good in HD.

    And overhauled gameplay? Glorious

  • MrRobbyM

    So we should see at least some improvement other than the obvious upscaling. At least it’s something.

  • LynxAmali

    – The gameplay, according to the magazine, has been overhauled to play more like Kingdom Hearts II.

    Super Spam X With The Occasional Triangle Button Co-Starring Cure: The RPG 1.0?


    • heartless141

       square for finishers actually more important than most people think.

    • Detrimont

      other than dodging you just mash X in 1 as well, and magic is basically the same in both too

      • Anime10121

        Well Arc’s Arcanum, Ragnarock, Strike Raid, and Sonic Blade had actual timed button presses that you couldn’t just “mash X” to do like you could in 2.  KH had far more focus on skill than 2 did, anything you did in 2 could be done by mashing Triangle or attack, whereas in KH1, if you wanted to perform a full skill, it couldnt be done by mashing attack, you had to properly time your X presses.

    • Rogerrmark

      KH2 was kinda a smash button after some hours,indeed.I barely used the Drives/Reactions to avoid this. ):

      Really liked the battle system of the first KH,dodgind and attacking in the right moments,it was more strategy overall,although the camera was not good.

      I would prefer if they only fixed the camera,instead of copying the battle system of KH2. A review on the Gummi ship minigame of the first would be nice too…

    • Hinataharem

      It’s just replacing the bottom option with a reaction command, making interacting with things less of a pain.


  • imaguni

    I hope the swimming in Atlantica will be less of a pain…  And if KH1 now plays more like KHII, does this mean more reaction commands?

    • sonicgamer07

      If taking out the Limit button and replacing it with Reaction Commands counts, then yes.

  • heartless141

    the first game really left a deep impression on me even until now.
    everything was soo magical and rad.
    KHII was ok i guess, with a slightly better gameplay.
    :) overall a good fusion

  • YES!

    I loved KH I plotwise but I liked KH II’s battle system better! THIS BETTER BE LOCALIZED SQUARE! D:

  • $3587643

    And then the game was never announced for localization.

    • Setsuna ♥

      Yay for PS3 not being Region Locked ~ If localization isn’t announced within a month of it coming out in Japan I’ll just import it :p

    • Ronald Bixler

       Square I might be wary of hesitating at localization, but Disney on the other hand…

  • Cjs0511

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix HD Version
    Do it

  • StarWarudo

    Ugh, no! I wish they would’ve left the combat intact for the first one. That’s what made the first one actually challenging on proud mode… unlike KHII.

    • Henry Baron

      The only known change so far is that “examine”, special attacks, and other actions are now activated by Triangle.

    • ign0z

      At least they’re fixing the camera, right?

    • Zeik56

      The only thing that was inherently “harder” about KH1’s combat was that it was clunkier, which is hardly an improvement. That and stuff like Drives, which obviously aren’t going to be added.

      Although I never understood why people always acted like KH1 hard mode was so much more difficult. I got to level 100 and did everything I possibly could and I never felt the difficulty stood out any more KH2. And it was certainly easier than KH2FM on it’s highest difficulty. 

    • Final Mix already plays a hell of a lot like KH2 so you weren’t going to be happy from the start.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Models as the base for the KH1 HD? Overhauled gameplay to play like KH2? That’s… freaking AWESOME! I’m loving it already! I’m playing the original Kingdom Hearts right now on the PS2 because these news excited me so much and now this! PLEASE LOCALIZE AND RELEASE ON THE SAME DAY AS JAPAN!

    Also Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix? Pfft, it’s obvious he’s going to do that as well! No question about it!

    • Gemlit

      I realized that there might be a KH 2.5 HD remix as well, but when I thought about it, the 2.5 would not make sense.  Why?  Because there are more games that come after KH 2, not like one game that came out between one and two of the Kingdom Hearts series thus making KH 1.5, understand?  Besides, many people, including me would want them to make Birth by Sleep and the DS Days game to be all reformatted to HD to be playable with the PS3.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I can’t imagine 2.5 won’t include Birth By Sleep and possibly 3D, if not its cutscenes at the very least.

      • Yeah but no. Your timeline is off. KH2 has the same amount of non numbered games after it as KH. BbS is a prequel so it’s out. Between KH1 and 2 you have CoM and Days, two games. After KH2 you have Coded and 3D, two games.

  • Now cut the Gummi-shit out and I’ll buy it 20 times! XD

    • MrRobbyM

      I actually liked the gummi ship segments in KHII. It was a fun, solid little distraction that was just deep enough to serve it’s purpose. I DID NOT enjoy it in the first one though. It was so bland and filler-y.

      • I totally agree, lol. 

        • Ronald Bixler

           I’ll just leave this here.

  • Total_Overdose

    70% new voice work…If that is not just including 358/2 Days, does that imply that more of Re: Chain of Memories will be voiced (since wasn’t it only voice in floors between worlds)?

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “The gameplay, according to the magazine, has been overhauled to play more like Kingdom Hearts II.”
    Yes! It’s true!

    Also, Nomura and his favoritism. A lot of Sora and zero Noctis XD

  • ffboi7

    “The gameplay, according to the magazine, has been overhauled to play more like Kingdom Hearts II.”
    fudge yes!!!! as much as i love KH I i could not stand the gameplay!

  • Herok♞

    Maybe this is holding up Versus which in turn is holding up KH 3, oh the irony.

  • Xapth

    Oh my god,

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix is ultimately the best Kingdom Hearts experience one can have at this point in time. 

    If that game was to get an HD remake along with Birth by Sleep, and perhaps with HD cutscenes of Kingdom Hearts 3D, all to be released as “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX”…

    I just– I can’t. I just can’t.

    • Evan Groman

      Contain your orgasms.

  • michael

    still mad i gotta buy two games. always wanted KH1 + KH2 together in a collection for the longest time…

  • YoshEE

    Dam, why can’t they add KH2 remix :(

    • Ricewarrior

      They’re saving that for another HD release most likely.

      More money that way.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Because the second one will probably also include Birth by Sleep and 3D or its cutscenes.

      • I doubt 3D will be in it, simply because it is the only KH game out on a latest gen system. The 3DS isn’t outdated yet. 2.5 with most likely be BBS, IIFM and the few relevant scenes from RE:Coded.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          But if he’s trying to put all the games in one place, then it would make sense. Plus, it’s not like every PS3 user has a 3DS and it’s not like the PS3 didn’t get PSP remakes like Peace Walker before the Vita was even announced.

          • What makes you think he is? Don’t confuse profit opportunism with creator benevolence.

            They are going to try to squeeze every penny out of the KH franchise that they can and cutting Dream off at the knees would be a bad idea. No one is buying GBA’s or PS2’s and the sales for the DS and the PSP are converting to 3DS and (very very slowly) the Vita. Because the weekly sales for those systems is declining, there is no risk in remaking those titles for another system. However, if I had known the 3D would be coming to an HD home system in three or less years, I would have had no need to buy a 3DS to play it. (Granted, I still would have; I think this thread and the other are ample proof of my status as a KH superfan, but that’s beside the point.) Like any burgeoning system system, the 3DS needs its exclusives and pissing off Nintendo is a pretty big mistake to make. Remember, of the
            current manufacturers, Nintendo is in the most stable position. They have the two most popular systems on the market in the Wii and the DS, the 3DS post price drop has been growing almost exponentially, and the Wii-U is already beyond sold out more that a month before release. Taking away one of its highest profile exclusives would not bring smiles to the house that Mario built. Furthermore, with this type of remake SE like to wait until the first version is 100% not selling anymore copies. Remember, there were almost FOUR YEARS between Chain and RE:Chain and there was three between coded and RE:coded. 2.5 would most likely be coming in 2014, possibly late 2013 and that’s not a very long time. They can still sell more copies on 3D at that point.

  • Rhiwion

    Still mad that it won’t come to Europe for now. :<

    • Vitor Duarte

      Is it still Japan only? If it comes out in NA we can just import it..

      • If KH1 Final Mix is in the HD collection, so would KHII: FM. Meaning Square will less than likely release it stateside for the same reason they didn’t the first time, whatever THAT is.

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          Or something better.
          Why not be optimistic and think that the Final Mixes will actually leave Japan for once?
          Until they flat out don’t announce this title for any other country then I won’t believe isn’t coming out here.
          Just because the Final Mixes weren’t released in the past doesn’t mean we can rule them out just yet

          • Daniel Kursave

             wasn’t one of the Final mixes jsut the NA version re-released in japan?

          • TaintedSeraph

            All of the Final Mixes use English voice acting for the old scenes while any new scenes aren’t voiced at all. They’re basically the NA versions with added content and everything is written in Japanese.

          • Anime10121

             Heres how the Final Mixes usually work. Japan gets a Kingdom Hearts game.  The west gets the same Kingdom Hearts game with added secret boss(es).  Japan gets western Kingdom Hearts with English dub, and Japanese text, with the added bonus of more skills, new plot relevant secret bosses, and a new secret movie that is fully fleshed out instead of just being a teaser like the western games get, all Final Mix’s have at LEAST that!  KH II FM: got a full fledged remake of Chain of Memories as a bonus (which eventually came to the US as Re: Chain of Memories), and BBS got a playable epilogue with Aqua in the realm of darkness fighting heartless, along with a lot more stuff. 

            tldr: Final Mix is ALWAYS more than “just” a re-released NA version.

        • They didn’t release the FM’s the first time around because they figured the sales wouldn’t be relevant. Just think about it, how would a public that’s not that into jrpgs in the first place react to the very same game they got a couple of months back with 20% to 30% of new content? I’m not saying the FM’s didn’t add nothing worthwhile to the table, because they did and in most cases set the stage for new games in the series. But as much as I would’ve wanted this games back when, I think I understood SE’s position here. They know they can push the games in Japan because the public there loves the genre and can easily get the same again with new content, but that wasn’t the case back when with the western portion of the world.

          Sure, times have changed, and since a lot of time has passed since these games released, I believe it’s now relevant to release these games again in the west. More so when lots of franchises are being revisited under the “HD Collection” moniker.

          •  And what’s ironic is that FM is no longer relevant in Japan either. Square flopped with the sales of KHBBS:FM, releasing the “same game with some new content” mere months after the first installment. Sound familiar? It should.

            Final Mixes are no different than add-on content these days. They could’ve easily been DLC. But Square decided to play by the book and KHBBS:FM sold less than any other Final Mix (which is the ironic part given that the PSP is most popular and convenient in Japan).

            As much as I’d like to be happy that maybe Square will care to release their Final Mixes in the west, waiting for one to release has already left me sour. For their sake, they’d better make this relevant.

          • “Mere months”?
            Birth by Sleep came out on January 9th 2010. BBS:FM cam out on January 20th 2011. That’s over a year and the typical wait peroid for a Final Mix. 

          •  @eris216:disqus
            My bad, then. Still, even a year-round period isn’t saying much in this case.

          • Final Mixes also rebalances and retunes game mechanics. For example KHFM plays a hell of a lot like KHII and they moved a permanently missable trinity mark to another area. It’s not so much addon as it’s the difference between Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV.

  • frank xiong


  • Curan_Altea

    Well….. If the gameplay improvements work well  it won’t be as painful running through again. Not that 1 was bad by any means, but some parts were just….. annoying.

  • Dyne

    wow a real hd update with new models!

    i starting to think that no one did that

  • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Hallelujah because unfortunately going back to KH1 after KH2 was quite rough and made it feel dated.

  • Barrylocke89

    OH, so the gameplay is going to be different too. Now I’m kinda interested. HD remakes are great and all, but if it was just an upscaled game, there’d be less reasons to get the Remix (besides the fact that it almost certainly has the Final Mix stuff and an inevitable secret movie at the end).

    That said, I hope that if it gets localized, they retain the old voices. Nothing wrong with Haley Joel Osment’s voice nowadays, but I always liked how his voice matured along with Sora’s age. If he revoiced KH1 Remix now, that “younger Osment” charm would be lost.

    Perhaps Squeenix could put that localization money towards a dual-language option instead? ;)

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      I wonder if people will actually like the use of reaction commands in KH1… Reaction commands made things so much easier.
      It reminded me of the battle of a 1000 heartless in KH2 where I used to do the battle without reaction commands just because it was too easy otherwise xD

      • Anime10121

         Nah, that was just because KH 2 was an all around easier game.  Even normal in the first game was harder than Proud in the second.  It had nothing to do with the reaction commands, they just made the games balance WAY to far on the easy side.

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          Very good point. KH2’s gameplay was great though by comparison. I still get insanely frustrated with the L2 and R2 camera controls in KH1 especially when there is a perfectly good second analog stick >.< Strange though because I find it fine for the handhelds… Hmm.

          It's nice to hear that they are fixing the gameplay a little in KH1, was there a critical mode in the Final Mix?

          • Anime10121

             Yep, and it’s SO much better :)

          • Barrylocke89

            Oddly enough, I kinda liked the L2/R2 controls of KH1, because it made it easier to navigate the menu while running around. In KH2, you had to do a Monster Hunter-esque claw thing to get at the arrow buttons, or stop moving your character. I got used to it, but it was odd at first.

  • Anone

    and this is how you do a proper HD collection. Something new to justify the purchase. Not just a lazy port with stupid filter. Learn it well capcom.

    • MrRobbyM

      I think it could be much better to call it a “proper HD collection” but at least it isn’t just a simple up-res(even though it mostly is)

  • Zonic505

    Glad to hear they’re putting so much effort into this enhanced HD port. I’m more motivated to revisit KH now, assuming we get this in the US.

  • “The gameplay, according to the magazine, has been overhauled to play more like Kingdom Hearts II.”

    I also read this elsewhere, and I don’t think I understand where Famitsu got that from. I don’t recall any significant differences in the gameplay footage we were shown in the latest KH 1.5 trailer, it all just seemed better looking and brighter, but in no way particularly different.

    I went ahead, rewatched the trailer and printscreen’d some images from that trailer which depict battle gameplay. And as I remembered, nothing seems any different. So why exactly is Famitsu saying the games will feature changes implemented in KH II? I’m posting the pics:

    • Please tell me that you didn’t actually just pull a “That’s not what was in the trailer”.
      Please don’t tell me that you haven’t realized that trailers almost always lie. There are plenty of scenes in trailers that don’t make it into games. Here’s a fun tip: The trailer for Birth by Sleep at the end of KH2 and KH2FM were quite different from the actual game. Don’t assume that the trailer is anything more that something to announce the game.

      Famitsu got the info from SE. I’m going to trust them.

      • Sorry, I actually did what I said I did. I’m a meanie, sorry to disappoint.

        Lemme just make this clear…I’m not saying Famitsu took the information out of their behind. I was just trying to understand where exactly where the changes they claim to have been made. I’m not dumb enough to believe the footage in the trailer was final, I was just trying to understand (with the help of others), if there was something different about it. I think I could’ve done it without the smart ass attitude, thank you very much.

        But this is the internet, guess I shouldn’t expect any better, so.

        • Except you kinda did think the trailer footage was representative of the game, thus you posted? It’s okay to be wrong. But lol. Welcome to the internet.

          • Kalis Konig

             “The trailer for Birth by Sleep at the end of KH2 and KH2FM were quite different from the actual game.”

            Thats different. Those were just teasers/concepts Nomura made to reflect what the next game may be like. He admitted those trailers were made before he even began development on the game they portrayed.

          • Note the part where Sora is running through Disney Castle in the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts. Again, the first trailer for any SE game is nothing more that conceptual and should be judged as such.


          • Except you failed to read my question, and you’re wrong and the actual trailer DOES show some differences in gameplay, as Famitsu pointed out, as a friendly user explained up above, answering my question.

            Again, please consider revising your attitude, it doesn’t suit a friendly community like Siliconera’s.

          • Again, note the first trailer for the original Kingdom Hearts. First trailers from SE are mostly conceptual. Also, despite your persecution complex, I’m not even being mean to you.


          • M’iau M’iaut


                  Let’s all agree to a truce on these subjects. An honest thank you to the both for your interest in Siliconera.

          • Steven Higgins

            Yes trailers usually don’t depict actual gameplay, but in this case it’s different because this is a remake of a game that has already been released and not a concept for a brand new game so I think we can consider this one an exception.

          • No, because it’s still prone to changing. If Nomura decided that something wasn’t working the way he envisioned it, that portion would get changed *even if it were in the trailer*. Plus this is a lot more than your typical remake as they are rebuilding the game engine as well. Thus the whole “will play more like Kingdom Hearts II”. No exceptions

    • Anime10121

      Dont know why this comment didnt post the first time, but oh well.

       Remember there were 4 command options in the original Kingdom Hearts. 
      This game also has the big triangular reaction command option (you can
      see it if you watch the trailer, but blink and you’ll miss it).  You can also see the updated 3D (the second picture) model in comparison to the original one (the first screen) (although the capture from the ps2 isn’t as clear as the one in the trailer, you can clearly see the difference in models, and the one in the trailer is without a doubt a higher quality model :P).

      • Ben Sylvia

         So they… took off a command slot?

        Unless you press left on the d pad to switch commands like II.
        Or it scrolls like the recent games.

        • Anime10121

           The last command slot was used for limit (Trinity Limit, Ragnarok, Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, Strike Raid etc. etc. ) attacks, those’ll probably be handled now by the Reaction command (Triangle) in the game.

      • Masengan

        Nice find. I didn’t notice that reaction thing and it’s cool they’re tweaking the game a bit. I haven’t played KH1 in such a long time, will be nice to revisit the nostalgia. 

      •  First and foremost, thank you for actually taking the time to read my post through and answer my question :)

        Second, thanks a ton for making that clear, it makes perfect sense to me. I do admit the reaction commands from KH II are much more useful. I rarely used Limit or special commands in the original KH simply because it was a pain having to select these from the menu in the heat of battle, only to realize they just weren’t worth the time I spent actually executing them, lol. And since they’re not going for the Command Deck thingamajig, which is still the best system, I’m glad they’re doing the best they can to update this one :)

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    I’m so happy. The only KH i played was the PSP version. Now this is a good title to do the Cross Buy for the Vita. Don’t let me down Sony.

    • Ladius

      Sony has nothing to do with this game, though, and since this collection is for PS3 only, with no PSVita version in sight, a Cross Buy function would be impossible to begin with.

  • Rather it played like BBS and 3D, since they’ve been refining that combat engine so much and I’m certain that’s what they’re going to put in KHIII

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I really like the idea of modifying the gameplay considering KHII was my favorite. I wonder if Square will do the same with FFXHD to include an Active Battle System?

    • kevinposta

      I’m pretty sure they confirmed FFXHD was just a remaster… Plus I personally prefer FFX’s battle system than ATB :p

      • Solomon_Kano

        I love the ATB, but it’d be a damn shame to see X’s battle system changed. It was awesome!

  • Brandon001

    please god, does this mean we finally have a chance at getting FM?

  • Sperium3000

    Oh? So they’re actually tuning the gameplay and re-working the graphics? That means this is more of a remake than an mere HD Collection. Which is great.

  • Demeanor

    Character model changes and system tweaks to make it more like the (awesome) sequel? So we cross the border from lazy port to actual kinda sorta remake? Do we also fix the sluggishness you feel in playing KH1 after playing KH2?

    Paint me interested now… O_O

  • DCBlackbird

    No game developer has ever tormented me like nomura………

    • You must not play Golden Sun or Mega Man Legends.

      • DCBlackbird

        NOOO! THERE ARE OTHERS ON HIGHER LEAGUES…… and I was hyped for legends…..then some bogus thought entered the developers head

        • That would be the Capcom Hate machine. Or did you not see Rockman X Over?

          • DCBlackbird

            I didn’t……but I get a bad vibe from the sound of it

          • I’m currently smiling with malevolent glee.


          • DCBlackbird

            Once again I misread your question and GAAHHHHHH im having a heart attack-ack ack ack ack ack ack I hope for localization

          • DCBlackbird

            Whoops misread your question I did…sad fate for megaman…….x

  • Theather mode that say we cannot play game but just see the picture ? i dont know what is thearter mode if the 385/2 is only that so bad >_<

    • sonicgamer07

      You get to see the cutscenes from Days, but not play it. Days is a game, but there’s no console remake for it, so you can only see the cinematics.

    • Sebastian Lothian

      It’s a collection of videos. Considering how 358/2 Days’ storyline/gameplay was carried out it’s fine for them to only put a theater mode instead of a port. I’m not saying that it was bad, but we’re not really missing that much with only the cutscenes.

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