Resident Evil 6 Ships 4.5 Million Copies Worldwide

By Ishaan . October 3, 2012 . 6:57pm

Capcom have shipped 4.5 million copies of Resident Evil 6 worldwide, the company announced this evening. That figure marks the highest initial shipment ever for a Capcom game.


For comparison, when Capcom released Resident Evil 5 in March 2009, they shipped “more than 4 million copies” at launch, worldwide. Then, in June 2009, they announced that they had shipped 5 million copies of Resident Evil 5. To date, the game has sold over 5.8 million copies on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Capcom have high expectations of Resident Evil 6, too. The company hopes to sell 7 million copies of the survival-horror game by March 31st, 2013.

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  • Shadowman

    Wooow!! Nice work, capcom it not the original but it’s new fresh let just hope it doesn’t dig ya’ll into a bigger hole then SFxTK.

    • Eliézer Dos Santos

      Everybody liked? Put me out of this.

      • Shadowman

        Okay so not whole lot of people like it.

  • Shipped Units =/= Sold Units

    Just a heads up.

    Calling it a Survival Horror game is laughable.

    • It does to them Magius. By the way long time no see! Godless ring a bell?

      Anyways to these developers, Shipped=Sold, same thing with Tales of Xillia and Namco.

      •  And SE with XIII series.  It’s Capcom systematically killing off their fanbase so meh.

        Nice to see ya again Godless.

    • Derek E Nay

        Certainly not a Survival Horror game. It’s certainly has horror, even if it’s little, but the survival part was killed off in 4.

    • sandra10

      Sure it does. Capcom sold that many copies to retailers. Depending on the amount of returns, that’s all revenue in Capcom’s pocket. 

      • Göran Isacson

        That’s interesting- so if this game fails to sell well it’s the stores, and stores alone, that will suffer?

      • sandra10

        @Goran:disqus Sorry. I’m having some issues with DISQUS.
        The stores will suffer, yes. But they might (should?) have some sort of agreement with publishers where they can return a set amount of games for a refund (maybe not a full refund). This would also negatively affect how many RE games retailers order in the future from Capcom which would lessen their revenue.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm, this is going to be interesting here. Whether this game will actually do well or not even as there are quite a lot of dissapointment from reviewers there.

    Considering RE: Racoon City do well, with RE name and main number here, i believe this game will be able to achieve their target.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Considering how it’s selling where I live, I’d consider it a major success. Reviewers don’t really mean anything at the end of the day. They’re just people with opinions, like the rest of us.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        O.o. Well that is nice news for Capcom then.^_^ No matter how much RE series have changed there, as long as i still feel the fun, i will buy and support the company there.^_^

        And yeah, i rarely follow reviewers there. I even still remember how reviewers give 6.5 for Infinite Space which i totally dig that game, from all the type of ships into a very great space opera story.^_^

        Our own opinion is always the most important here.^_^

  • Eventhough I disliked RE 5 very much, I found it entretaining. I think the RE6 will be the same, only a little more fun. The reality is I wish one day they will develop a game based on the first prototype of RE 4, that looked scary as hell.

  • This is all kinds of wrong. But that’s what happens when gaming goes mainstream. As one reviewer pointed out it’s the videogame equivalent of a shitty Michael Bay flick

    • Luna Kazemaru

      so because you don’t like it its wrong? gotcha

      • Asura

         Because it’s crap by the STANDARDS we have it’s “wrong”.

        Do you guys want to keep acting willfully dumb? Have fun with that.

        • Kaihedgie

          Everyone has their own different standards, so moot point

        • Luna Kazemaru

           So I’m willfully dumb because I don’t agree or share the same standards as you. Yeah you are a complete joke get out of my face with that.

    • Paradox me

      This is all kinds of wrong.

      As one reviewer pointed out it’s the videogame equivalent of a shitty Michael Bay flick.

      In other words, there’s a market that enjoys it and you can’t deal with the fact that someone likes something that you don’t.


    • Draculoid

       One reviewer? It’s what every negative review says *rolleyes*. Honestly that’s the most unoriginal thing you could say at this point.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Honestly I’m waiting for some more mercs dlc or w/e that mode will forever be fun.

  • Tee Niitris

    Geez, I’m sure a lot of people don’t like RE6 or the direction it took. But I don’t want it to be a massive flop either (I mean, Capcom must be expecting a record return for their expectations to be that high).

    That said, no way it’s reaching 7 million, so I hope that’s not the bar Capcom is setting to determine where they want to take the series afterward. Based on that comparison to RE5, reception to RE6, and the status of this generation of video game, it will barely ship 6M, much less sell 7M.

    However, unless they released an unplayable mess unworthy of being called a video game (and even then), RE6 was going to sell… a lot… and reach (if not eclipse) RE5, regardless of reception.

  • survival-horror game
    I’m sorry, this is not Survival-Horror game any longer. It’s just Action Game.

    • With Resident Evil, we’re trying to be as inclusive as possible. We’re trying to reach as many people as possible,” he said.

      “That makes it hard to maintain a horror feel to it when you’re trying
      to be inclusive. It is a challenge. I’m not afraid to admit that. We’re
      trying to see what kind of action we can include in the game and still
      maintain the horror sensibilities. Trying to blend those together is not
      an easy thing to do.”- Hiroyuki Kobayashi It’s a shame, but he brought it up in an interview. I mean I would definitely love for the survival horror aspect to be there, but at least the story is more than lack-luster.

    • Ty Austin

      There are horrible things that you are trying to survive, hence it is survival horror ;P

      • d19xx

        By that logic, every action game falls in the survival horror genre…

        • Kaihedgie

           You callin’ Goombas horrible? :U

  • Cephrien

    I’m glad the biased butthurt classic RE fanboy critics didn’t hurt this game’s sales. 

    This game is just plain amazing and it did NOT deserve the heat it got. 

    • Curan_Altea

      I knew I was going to enjoy it (big RE fan, and I played the demos). But it was really good. Leon’s campaign was amazing and Chris’, though less enjoyable, easily topped the last 4 Call of Duty games.

  • disgaea36

     complain complain complain complain thats all I’ve been seeing lately will there ever be a game you guys won’t complain about. I’m not gonna even bother saying anything else since you guys will continue to complain anyways. I just hope the day doesn’t come where all this big companies close down due to fans complaining cause that’s when you guys are really gonna complain smh

    • Luna Kazemaru

       welcome to gaming this gen?

      •  People have the right to complain, therefore the majority tend to abuse it. Luna’s right, and I side with you Luis. I’d rather ignore those that complain and play the heck out of this game. It’s fantastic. =)

        • Asura

           It’s sh*t.

          • disgaea36


        • disgaea36

           Yes I totally agree with you since Im having a blast also but it’s annoying because we miss out on so many great titles because companies are afraid people are going to do what they are doing now to RE6.

    • Cjs0511

      Well this gaming gen is filled with dipshits that forgot a game is meant for fun and not some false tradition of some kind but for FUN

      •  Could you explain to me what exactly is fun about this joke of a game? Also, what does it offer that a million others don’t? Survival horror is a dying breed and this game is more action and American than apple pie. I’m surprised you don’t eat that instead of tic tacs to heal.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          You done ranting yet?

          •  Not until Capcom stops trying to be the next Gears of War of whatever action blockbuster title they are aiming for. We have enough of those already, we don’t need anyone else selling out.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            so you want them not to provide competition? The game is nothing like gears other then then some action set peaces.

          • OkamiKing

            Well with all due respect. You can demand as much as you want for a good survival horror game. Doesn’t mean it’ll happen. Most protest in real life get ignored, a mention on the internet is at best most demands tend to get. Pretty sure a lot of people wanted megaman on MVC3….. Didn’t happen though

        • Cjs0511

          People try different things in video games, and if they did the same goddamn thing wouldn’t you be fuckin sick of it? Besides even if its not horror it doesn’t mean they tried thinking in a different matter and tried to make it scary.

          I mean there are people who have infected moths coming out of their asses how is that not scary?

          • Whoa, back up there. Your saying that them turning it into an action based shooter is trying something NEW?!?! Where have you been the last few years? Heard of games like Call of Duty, Gears of War, Battlefield, Halo, etc? Action based shooters are all we see anymore. Rather than innovate in the survival horror genre, they made a generic action game. Like so many others have.

          • Cjs0511

            Your acting as if action shooters are the only thing that will await in the future instead of different ideas.

            Until you see what happens next for games don’t try to fucking think everyone is gonna be making the same thing

            And besides this isn’t the first time that a series has had a weak game in a franchise.

          • disgaea36

            come on now jordan you can’t even talk you just played the demo and didn’t even give the game a chance. Like really that whole survival atmosphere is not gonna work in this generation any more. I was playing Silent hill HD and found myself sooooo bored. They have to switch it up from time to time or else people are just gonna get bored. The game is fantastic! Ok yes I miss the way the old ones play but I loved 5 and the way they set up 6 with the partner system and 3 point of views was perfect. Also jordan it has to be an action game have you not notice how more advance the monsters are?!?!? there’s no way in hell your gonna be killing them with those old knife and gun strategies (and resident evil was never no silent hill or clock tower so your won’t be doing any running away) capcom is obviously trying to make the games more hands on and realistic. For example I’ve always hated FPS until I played borderlands cause the creator tried something new and mix a FPS with RPG elements and did it right. I think capcom is doing a good job. Some people might not agree but since the ps3 hasn’t released many great games like the ps1-ps2 era I’m enjoying it for what it is.

        • TrevHead

          As someone who understands that most games can be enjoyed with the correct mindset I often think to myself when I play a game I flat out hate the first time I play it that my hate for the game is clouding my judgement somewhat.

          But honestly I just don’t see it with RE6 judging from the demo, to me it’s just a B game with a little bit of AAA sparkle, but with none of the interesting new ideas that make good B games special, sure RE6 does new things but it’s that part which is the most dire.

        • Symbol de Au

          It’s not “American”. Everything action doesn’t have to be American and American media covers all genres not just action.

      • I more or less thought this when people started to complain about other games for not being “traditional”. Makes me think they are living in the past rather than the present. Ignore me though lol

    • konsama

      And you can’t stop complaining about people complaining, you’re not different than them complaining complaining complain-*gets shot*

      • Luna Kazemaru

         What a wonderful comeback :rollseyes:

        • konsama

          I know, right?

          He may have a sort of point, but terribly exposed.

          Compla-*Gets shot again*

      • Bentan

         Comception… yo dawg i i herd you like complains, so i put complaints in your complaints while you complain

    • SLick123456789111

      or instead of making posts like these , you could laugh inside at the posts you read (like me) or try to understand where people are coming & reach a middle ground with them. OR you could always Agree to Disagree.

      Not spite your peers for being more vocal about their opinionated (or “factual”) thoughts on an article.

  • This game is hilariously bad, I mean I literally couldn’t stop laughing while playing it. Its pretty sad that you can play through the entirety of this so called survival horror game punching and kicking everything.

    Bad metacritic scores don’t matter, if this steaming pile sells well, Capcom will have the only reason it needs to keep cranking out games like this. So without a doubt, this is going to be the new series direction, calling it now.

    • Cephrien

      Haha– I know you didn’t play through the game punching and kicking everything. You’d be having a REALLY bad time if you tried doing that. 

      Lemme guess, you played the demo and now think you know the entire game based on that? Is that what the negative misinformative reviews told you?

      See, this is the bad thing about classic diehards and “professional critics”. Now people are going to think that this is actually a bad game and not actually try it for themselves. 

      It’s a damn shame really.

      •  I played both demos so I think that counts as trying the game, and not only did I punch my way through every chapter, I had more fun that way. Guns just felt cumbersome and slow. Why shoot a zombie when I can body check it and then kick its head off?

        I’m also not a diehard Resident evil fan, I’ve only played the 4th so I have no real personal attachment to the series. I just know a shitty game when I see one. To be completely honest, I had some fun playing it, but it was all shock value. I was amazed at how big of a train wreck it was.

      • kupomogli

        The demos weren’t like the Yakuza 4 demo which threw you into a single battle with each character.  It was more like the Yakuza 3 demo except with three seperate scenarios so it was three times longer.  Whether people have played one or both of the demos, the scenarios were all fairly large that gave you a great representation of what to expect from the game.

        The fact that there are reviewers out there expressing the same opinions that those who have hated the game just by playing the demos did, kind of tells you something.

    • I doubt you and many of the other horror critics are actually horror fans, just band-wagoners who think you know what horror “should” be. Considering your personality is that of a clown who laughs a lot, I doubt you’d be ever be scared at all of anything no matter what the amount of horror in it is. I also thought people cared about story so much, the story has evolved/advanced forward and so have the characters.

      •  Horror is about atmosphere. Horror isn’t a salt shaker you sprinkle in where you feel like it. Things like tension and atmosphere are ruined when a game is too ridiculous for it to be taken seriously. Excuse me for finding it hard to get immersed when you can punch the crap out of zombies which are supposed to be an infectious threat.

        Also on the characters, when I played as Helena, I was amazed how much screen space her ass took up. Her shirt partly unbuttoned with breasts bouncing was a nice touch. She’s quite the interesting character, if you catch my drift. And insulting me, saying I’m a clown during a discussion. Classy.

      •  I’m guessing you haven’t played the Dead Space series or most likely forgotten about it. Play those games and come back again with your definition of a “survival horror” game.

        • :/ I wasn’t scared of Dead Space while every other of my friends are. Bioshock however scared the crap out of me because of unexpected surprises. Play that instead of Dead Space. Actually speaking of which Bioshock wasn’t a horror was it? been long since I played it haha *being dumb*

          • I did, thank you. It had good and scary undertones. Though it didn’t scare the crap out of me, it often creeped me out. Psychological horror/mindscrews, really. You can tag the horror genre in Bioshock (the first one, at least) and nothing much would change. Can’t say the same for RE6, as Leon’s campaign is the only throwback to the survival horror while the rest lean towards “killing zombies” (Chris) and “thriller” (Jake).

          • I was originally meant to reply that to AdamAnimeHero but okay!

  •  Well that’s pretty much the last nail in the coffin. I wonder if there will be a mass realization amongst everyone hoping for the game to “return to its roots” at this time. What bothers me most is that it ultimately fails at what it is trying to be – a third person shooter.

  • GuyAlpha

    People got into RE because of horror elements, atmosphere, puzzles, scarce ammo, feeling of isolation in a horror setting, chessy dialouge, etc. back when the series started. Capcom took that away from the games and now the core fanbase is upset. You see, when you alienate the core fanbase in try to appeal to a broader audience, it’s going to piss people off. That’s just what happens. Now this game tries to appeal to both the old and new audience and the end result is just sloppy. It’s a passable game if you ignore that it is an RE game, but even then it’s just a shallow C grade TPS imo.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      Revelations mixed the new elements of RE with the old and it worked out great. Maybe they should have made Revelations the console game. 

  • TrevHead

    With the reviews and general hate for this game I was hoping that the world had suddenly turned on its head and stopped buying mediocre (imo it was dire) games but sadly it wasn’t to be.

    Meh I don’t really care there’s lots of good games around, even if many of them aren’t from the old AAA publishers

  • As long as I’m having fun with it, it was worth it ^_^

  • Grenalie

    I’d rather see the series go the way of Breath of Fire and all the other forgotten Capcom games than for it to be handled like this.

    • Shane Guidaboni

       Breath of Fire needs to come back. NOW.

    • landlock

       Breath Of Fire was mistreated worse then Resident Evil. Breath of Fire V was a disaster.

  • Lance Buxley

    Key word: SHIPS.

    Capcom’s overshipped several meant-to-be-“AAA” titles in recent years but Lost Planet 2 stands out the clearest, similarly reviewed poorly and was poorly received by early buyers. I’m sure retail ordered high numbers expecting majority 9+ review scores and a positive fan reception. No doubt RE6 will still sell millions to the ignorant and easily pleased, but that 4.5M isn’t going to deplete any time soon.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Ok why do people have to be ignorant to like this game what the hell is this logic? Honestly just because you dislike the game and others do it automatically makes them ignorant or easy to please that’s anything but ignorant but that statement clearly is.

  • personablaze

    Um..If you dont like the game then dont buy it..Maybe that’s just me >_>

    I wanna know How many were sold..Not shipped.But we will have to wait a week or so to see so Only time will tell.

  • Lance Buxley

    On the plus side, if you’re morbidly curious about how the game turned out, you’ll be able to pick it up cheap in no time!

  • idofgrahf

    Its a game, so long as it entertains people then its fine. I’ve played all the RE’s can’t say I’m disappointed in 6. Is there much horror? No. Is it entertaining? Yes. Not sure what the general hate/flame on the game comes from. People need to get use to the fact that games change and the chances of RE7 being RE3 is probably non existent. I’ll bet if RE stayed with the same formula of RE 1-3 throughout all  numbered games, people will complain about that too saying it needs to change or the formula is old. Really, can’t please everyone.

    • Peace Legacy

      Most of the reviewers criticize the game not because the game change roots, not being scary, etc. They criticize the game because the gameplay mechanic itself sucks, regardless of genre.

      You fanboys need to stop building strawman out of reviewers, and stop
      trying shift the blame away from a game that deserve blame. It’s like if a gourmet criticize a steak for being a bad steak, you go on and assume he criticize the steak because it is not a chicken dish, then went on enjoy the bad steak, while thinking the gourmet is stupid for wanting a chicken dish (no, he thinks the steak itself is bad).Here’s a review paragraph that sums this up perfectly:

      “It’s bad enough that the game — at its very best — is so pedestrian,
      but to screw up in areas that even third-rate shooters manage to get
      right is something Capcom should find degrading. It’s not enough to say
      that Resident Evil 6 is poor as a Resident Evil game. That alone implies
      there could be a quality experience if fans can get past their
      preconceptions and feelings of betrayal. No, Resident Evil 6 is poor by
      the standards of any game, not just the high ones set by its own legacy.
      This is unexceptional tripe that becomes insulting once the woeful
      missteps come into play. Resident Evil 6 is not just a step back for the
      series, it’s a step back for commonplace, unassuming action-shooters.”

      Also, this video is relevant:

      • Kaihedgie

         Have you played the game before?

        • Peace Legacy

           Have you perhaps read a single review instead of just looking at the score?
          The arguments provided behind the criticism is OBJECTIVELY sounds and valid, which makes it irrelevant whether one have play the game or not.
          I have notice how most fanboys criticize reviewers, without even rebutting a single point they establish and criticize about the game
          How about, try for certain, watch the Gamespot video review, then provide some rebuttal to the points they made? Instead of just saying things like “it is just an opinion” (which is wrong, it is not an opinion, but an argument established from proper judgement)

          • Kaihedgie

             How about answering the question first instead of skippin’ around it

          • Peace Legacy

            I already provide the reason why the question is irrelevant, but I will still happily answer it:
            No, I haven’t played it
            But saying you can’t judge whether a game is
            of bad quality, flawed, etc. or not without playing it is like saying you can’t say
            concentration camp life was bad because you haven’t been in it, or you can’t say getting a heart attack feels bad because you haven’t experienced one
            With all the objectives evidence and reasoning explain why something is good/bad available, one do not need to have first hand experience with it in order to make a judgement regarding it. As long as you are making a statement that is measurable by objective standards (in this case, game quality), You-Don’t-Need-Firsthand-Experience
            Welcome to debating 101

          • Luna Kazemaru

             He is asking if you played the game not asking anything about the review lol. Since you are dogging the question I guess no because I’ve just beaten the game myself and I’ve ran into the flaws of the game but none of them really make the game not enjoyable and terrible. Its pretty funny people are raising up arms about people upset at the reviews when its the same people that get man when another AA title that we all know (as much as i like that game) gets  high marks and does little in change and balance.

            If you like I can run down the issues of the game I’ve seen so far.

          • Peace Legacy

             I never once said the game is not enjoyable (since enjoyability is subjective), just that it is not good, quality wise (which is lot more objective since it is measurable)
            and yeah, I already respond to his follow up comment

          • Asura

            Lol, he is making a strawman because lol, the original post was about quality, lol.

            But no seriously, the topic wasn’t “Did I like the game?” It was “Is this game a quality product?” I’ve enjoyed garbage before. I eat at McDonalds rarely and find it quite tasty now and then during the times I do eat there, but I still know it’s crap food.

          • Kaihedgie

            So you say the question is apparently irrelevant and then

            ” I already provide the reason why the question is irrelevant, but I will still happily answer it:
            No, I haven’t played it”

            You just shot down your own post right there. Yes, the question is completely relevant. You’re relying on what other people said instead of your own personal experience. Instead of forming your own opinion on the quality of something, you’re taking someone else’s word for it. You’re not really any better than the people you call fanboys for some enjoying something you don’t like and worse, you haven’t even played it, so how would you know whether or not it’s actually good or bad. You basically went “this review says it’s bad, therefore it’s bad and reviewers are never wrong”. It’s an attitude like that is why we can’t have nice things in the world.

          • Peace Legacy

            …did…you just totally ignore my entire paragraph of argument (below)?
            Does the concept of Objectivity (opinion) vs Subjectivity (argument) is too hard to grasp?
            I am not trying to judge the game feeling base on feeling, but I am judging the game quality base on argument and evidences
            …since you can’t even differentiate the 2 concepts clearly before even entering this debate, and keep on arguing with the strawman of my arguments you have built for yourself, it is completely futile to go on any further (like any internet debate without an impartial judge)
            Yeah, you win, whatever, if saying that will help you sleep at night

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Who cares what reviewers have to say? They’re just opinions like everybody else’s. If you haven’t played it, you can’t judge it.

          • SLick123456789111

            “If you haven’t played it you can’t judge it.”

            I can go up to gamestop , look at a Mortal Kombat 10 & say “This is too gory for my kid to play.”
            Judgement passed then & there. Because I have the “understanding” that this game contains graphic violence. (Which is a fact btw.)

            If I need to buy a game I or someone else is unsure of to justify the purchase of that same game (What lol ?) somethings wrong.
            Then if that game really DOES have a problem , then that customers money has just been wasted & then we have a REAL problem on our hands.

            Now trust me , I know exactly where your coming from Dawn , because I used to use the same schtick when I was a minor. But it’s not that people need to get their hands on a game to be allowed to pass judgment on it. All that’s required is an “understanding” on the game their judging.

      • idofgrahf

        If you have yet to even play the game, there is no point in arguing with someone who only rely on reviews and not his/her own experience. Stop quoting reviewers (who’s opinion is by no means objective) and judge for yourself. After playing through ALL four campaigns I can say the game play mechanic, while not perfect, is tight enough to be enjoyable. Also I’m not sure where the logic that since I like the game makes me a fan boy comes from. You can only debate a subject if you actually know something about it, since you haven’t even played it, the only one who sounds ignorant is you.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Actually sold out at my store. And at the Gamestop where I used to go, it sold out there too. 

  • Kaihedgie

    Sometimes I wonder about two things:

    How is possible that today, people almost incapable of forming their own opinions when it comes to an entertainment product. A review is just, after all, an opinion. A glorified one, at that.. Makes me wonder whether or not people actually trust wholeheartedly the people who occasionally trashed the games they love. Wanna find out whether or not a game is good? Play/rent it for yourself.

    Regarding the RE series itself; isn’t it quite possible that maybe, just maybe, zombies have lost their scare factor over the years and that Capcom just decided to switch to more intimidating and effective cannon fodder than walking decaying bodies? While I was scared of the original RE as a kid, but looking back now, it’s kinda silly, not some revolutionary Blob/Thing-like experience. Its whole basis was B-Movie-ish to begin with and it relied on jump scares to actually be scary and the whole tank-like controls of the earlier games just turn people off. You almost kinda forget it’s suppose to be scary when the dialogue is a gold mine of memes.

    I also kinda find it funny how people complain about Capcom apparently killing off this franchise or suggesting it being taken down despite the fact there they were selling an Anthology version featuring all of the main games. But, there you go, for those who played RE6 and didn’t like how it turned out; Capcom supplied to you the five previous main games as a bonus.

    • Peace Legacy

      “A review is just an opinion”
      A substantiated opinion that is back up with reasoning, objective facts and evidences (the reasons why it is glorified)… saying a review is just an opinion, making it wrong, is logically wrong in itself
      It is not about whether it is an opinion or not, but whether the reasoning behind the opinion is valid or not
      …and if an opinion got back up evidence and reasoning behind it, then it is an argument (or judgementt), not an opinion, which makes your premise about how reviews should be ignored, totally invalid.

      Also, reviewer isn’t criticizing the game for not being a horror game. Stop creating reviewer strawmans to divert it from the real problem they are criticizing

      • Kaihedgie

         Like I said: a review is still an opinion, just a glorified one. Some issues simply aren’t as much as a bother to some as they are to others. That’s it.

        Remember how X-Play regularly trashed on anime games or how Gamespot pissed on Sonic Colors?

        • Peace Legacy

          you are still regarding it as an “opinion” (without even provide why it is still an opinion) even though objective reasons and arguments have already established within my main post to prove that calling it an argument is “invalid”. In my ‘opinion’, I don’t think you are arguing fairly here/ From my ‘judgement’, I can establish that you are not arguing fairly here
          Just because something is bad, doesn’t mean it is unenjoyable, and vice-versa.  Just because a game is enjoyable, that doesn’t necessarily means it is a good game.
          It is like comparing Mc Donald to 5 stars catering.
          Do they both taste good and make you full? Yes.
          Do they both of the same quality and both deserving equal score? No.

          That’s what reviewing is about, and since there are already games with better quality than Resident Evil 6 being available, there is no way Resident Evil 6 can get a high score (which would greatly offset the game that already have high score, which is about 7-9).

          I never said the game is not enjoyable (since that is subjective), but all I said is the game is objectively bad. This is the same issue with most Anime games (I never really go into Sonic, so can’t really make any statement regarding), they are generally enjoyable, sure, but their production values, quality and flaws, makes it really unfair for higher quality game if Anime game was to get the same score as them, thus anime game tend to get a lower score, simple as that.

          • Asura

             While I agree with you for qualified reviewers, I do have to say that the vast majority of video game reviewers are not qualified, and do not have their review in the form of an opinion that is actually informed.

          • enorka miho

            Right, you have your point but I have to disagree… In entertainment it is different than say, food.. Why? Because there are chemistry behind it. Whatever you eat, good or bad its can really be proven by science it self. 

            So, let me get back to what I wanted to say.. You see, entertainment is subjective and is abstract… Just because they go technical with all the reviews does not make them anymore fun to everyone… Compelling or not, just like mentioned by Kaihedgie it sort of like the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Its something like a piece of artwork, picasso vs leonardo.. Some may like picasso but dislike leonardo’s, vice versa or they may like both, or they have something to pick with those work but still like them nonetheless…

            And the bug issues, etc.. It has always been there since the beginning of gaming, people complained but that did not stop them from liking it… To some it sucks but to that few others as long as they enjoy it then thats that… If you keep comparing to those “great’ ones.. Or comparing with those games you like most, then, we are always going to get the same thing over and over again.. Its just like all the shooter games outside..  What then is the point of reviews if all they do is to tunnel everyone’s thought and mind into something they thought as fun? Where then is the creativity??

            So, i say Kaihedgie has his points.. People should think and try for themselves.. And worst thing is reviews these days are all about graphics and stuff.. So what? Now, studios has to pass your check list just like an exam instead of talking about freedom for player to experience it themselves? Be it good or bad?? This, review thing I say, is madness and that is what make all the gaming plot so stagnant… Everyone always talk about how HD the graphic is, how smooth the transition is, how many guns? Can they run? How real.. and they ignore the essence.. Which is the STORY!!!! The bravery of trying something NEW!!We play to experience not to see how great your old mechanics are..

        • SLick123456789111

          Ugh , X-Play.
          Don’t remind me lol.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        So, the IGN review of Godhand, for example, was backed up with reasoning, objective facts, and evidence?

      •  To be fair, most reviews actually aren’t substantiated with any (sound) reasoning or objective facts. Most of the time they are kneejerk reactions, or are intentionally inflammatory to get attention. Although here on Siliconera the articles are almost always thoughtful discussions of a the pros and cons of a game, most of the other big sites don’t have the same integrity.

        Also, no matter what you do, any judgment is still an opinion. There really isn’t any such thing as objectivity in any creative endeavors. These things are subjective, hence the fact that review scores vary.

      • That’s what reviews SHOULD BE – but they are not. There is no reason to take a review as an expert opinion at all. So there is no reason to listen to any review over my own opinion, or yours… so i dont.

      • “A substantiated opinion that is back up with reasoning, objective facts and evidences (the reasons why it is glorified)”

        You say that as if merely coming from a reviewer fulfills those criteria automatically. Different reviewers have different ways of reviewing; some are more informative or fair than others.

  • malek86

    Seriously, what’s with everyone thinking that the game got poor reviews cause Capcom “betrayed their roots”? In case you have forgot, RE5 wasn’t a survival horror either, and it still got received pretty well.

    Regarding those sales, they are good for the first week, but the first week doesn’t really consider word of mouth. I dunno if they’ll be able to get to 7 millions now.

  • Syn

    Dont like it dont buy it, simple as that, I for one, am intrigued by Leons story so am definitely getting this.

  • John Szczepaniak

    If this sells as much as they hope, it will set a dangerous precedent that tells companies: it doesn’t matter how poorly designed your game is, it can still sell millions.

    An excellent write up by Gamasutra, looking at O’Brien’s review, adding some of its own points, with some excellent commentary below:

    Here’s a parody review which actually makes some good points:

    The bottom line is, RE6 is just badly designed. It’s a bad game. Why are you people buying it?!

    •  Keep in mind these are not sale figures, but rather shipping figures. Which simply means Capcom sent out that number of copies for retailers worldwide. One would assume that eventually all these copies of the game will sell, and Capcom would then have to restock by shipping some more copies, but again, it doesn’t mean the game sold that much, it’s too early to say.

    • ShinGundam

      Believe it or not, quality isn’t everything in games, games can be really average or badly designed yet enjoyable sometimes.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      The truth here, it is actually not a bad game but it is the name of RE that actually makes us feel that the game is bad here.

      The RE name there makes us keep hoping for our old Survivor Horror genre which i believe most of the fans love but, most of us should already know that RE is moving out from that genre there.

      I myself actually plays this game only for the story. I can’t even care about Survivor Horror anymore as i know Capcom has abandone that ship long ago.T_T

    • eilegz

       i would like to see how its this bad or poorly designed when its an improved anbything over what we got at re4 and re5

      • Pierce

        The shooting doesn’t feel as solid as 4 and 5 and the hit detection when you do kungfu is off. Sometimes I’d wallop a guy and the enemy wouldn’t react or flinch while in 4 and 5 they would. The camera is also a bit odd in comparison to other 3PS and 4 and 5.

  • isfuturebright

    Well the name sells the game… 

  • I can understand why people are upset, but Capcom didn’t lie to you.  They specifically said that Revelations for the 3DS would be the departure of what is known as “Survival Horror” for the RE series. 

    Capcom is of the opinion that Survival Horror no longer sells to their expectations.  With that said they want to appeal to what they think a bigger majority will cater to, which to them is a action oriented shooter game.  

    I can say that RE6 is a pile of crap or a masterwork of higher powers.  It’s really subjective and up to the individual.  Eye of the Beholder if you will.  It isn’t going to matter what one person thinks.  Companies don’t care about you.  They care about your money.  They are a business and they want to make money, that’s just the way it is.

    IMO this game at it’s core seems lacking and wants to deviate from what it was, and has become a shell of it’s former self.  Then again I played Resident Evil since the 1st installment, so what do I know right?

  • I love how its called survival horror when EBGames list it as Action o_o…

    • Aleksi Eerola

      Survival Horror is a buzz word originally coined by Capcom, not a genre. However, the usage has spread into pop culture to describe action adventure games that share similarities with RE series.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The genre goes much further back than RE. The early PC game Alone in the Dark is usually the first to be so called but even it just put several already existent ideas together. Call of Cthulu was a tabletop RPG in which the player characters were basically assured of going insane at some point. Both games used Lovecraft’s mythos.

        • you’d figure folks would fact check their statements, Sweet Home by Capcom predates Alone in the Dark by 3 years… and on top of it is the template for Resident Evil…

  • xxx128

    Hi capcom… You shameless sell-outs you.

  • Brandonmkii

    I’m having a blast with it. At least as much fun as I had with 5. Not sure why people are having such a horrible time with it compared to me. Having a differing opinion is cool, and everyone is entitled to one. But when people get straight-up offended that you like something that they hate (justified or not,) something is terribly wrong. I suppose this applies to people on the other side of the spectrum. Don’t jump down someone’s throat if they (politely) disagree with you on an opinion for an entertainment product. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s no reason for the animosity, guys. It makes me a sad Brandon. And to quote a great movie, “Be excellent to each other.”

  • When did reviewers become infallible authorities on video games? Like, just because some schmuck managed to get somebody to pay him to play a video game and talk about it, does that make him qualified? Why value the thoughts of a total stranger, one whose values you can’t vouch for, whose integrity you can’t be sure of?

    Here on Siliconera, I’ve found the previews and reviews to be thoughtful discussions of a games various features, which are typically pretty objective and very informative, and that is why I frequent this site. I trust the judgement of the folks around here because of experience.

    Reviewers are people. Their opinions are just those. They can be petty. They can be spiteful. And believe it or not, they may even have agendas of their own that don’t really line up with discussing the actual quality of a game. 

    • I don’t think anyone’s saying that reviewers are infallible. As you pointed out, they’re human and have certain likes and dislikes just like everyone else.

      The issue here is that it is not “a” (single) reviewer. A number of sites (including our own, and playtests are certainly not our main focus) have made the same observations regarding frequent cutscenes, camera issues, cheap deaths and constant QTEs. 

      When so many people speak out about something, it usually means there’s some truth to it. Regardless of review scores, the text in a lot of RE6 reviews has touched upon the same issues. For some people, it was a deal-breaker and for others, it wasn’t.

      I’m personally a big Resident Evil fan, and I was really looking forward to RE6. I loved RE5, regardless of whatever people said about it. It had a focus—to be a damn good co-op game—and it succeeded at that, which made it a great game. Having read all the coverage of 6, the problem appears to be that the game is trying to be a little too “cinematic” at the cost of other things (like gameplay).

      This is a little worrying to me, because Capcom are one of the few remaining developers that really put big budgets behind gameplay over cinematics. That’s what I love them for. I don’t want to see them turn into a Kojima Productions or a Quantic Dream.

      • there is no proof that if so many people speak out about something there is some truth – this is a statement that can’t be proven and shouldn’t even had been stated as a fact… there is no objectivity in the gaming press – look up the godhand metacritic, one of the greatest brawlers ever made… there is no rhyme or reason to reviewers and half the time they just go with flow… look up “Asch conformity experiment” to see PROOF of group think and how your statement (if everyone says blah blah) falls right out of it.

      • eilegz

        i would like to listen how the gameplay got affected, you character in re6 move faster, better, have so many options, the coop partner its not stupid anymore that basically you can play this game single player if you want to. The item management and weapon selection its fast and fluid, there its no need to sort items like re4, you coop partner cant eat your resources like re5.

        There its variety in campaign, while the texture its not better than re5 the ambient and more color tone its welcome vs the green brown gray colors from re4 and re5.

        I find chapters and content general bigger than previous re4 and re5 too, There its new addition like roll, slide and melee  and sure the cover system its useless its still better to re5 and re4

      • “When so many people speak out about something, it usually means there’s some truth to it.”

        I dunno… That sounds like argumentum ad populum, for one. Maybe popular opinion might be a perspective to consider, but I wouldn’t put my trust on it readily. And not every player has enough understanding of a game’s system, mechanics and design to give reliable feedback; I’ve seen time and time again people finding “bugs” in various games which is actually just them not triggering the program codings the proper way.

        Of course, I’m not talking specifically about Resident Evil. Just saying in a general sense. I’m all for good design and user convenience too.

        • malek86

          Well, if people can’t trigger the program codings in the proper way and think they are bugs, I might consider that to be faulty game design – intuitiveness should be key.

          • That I don’t deny – as part of the picture. That being said, sometimes, people have no idea how to trigger something because they’re just clueless – due to, say, inexperience. Nothing wrong about that… until they decided it’s because of a bug. You can never underestimate clueless players.

          • malek86

            Right, but I don’t think that applies to reviewers. I assume they have enough experience about games to know when something doesn’t work just because it doesn’t work, not because the developers made it difficult to do.

            Maybe some power users will eventually manage to understand the mechanics better. But if a game – especially one that is supposed to be aimed at mainstream players – makes some basic action impossible to do without extensive training, that’s a big no in my book.

    • SLick123456789111

      I agree with this statement.
      Key point : Reviewers reviews are opinions.
      (Btw , If Atem’s comment has something to indirectly do with RE6 then w/e tbh. Just browsing through the comments here.)

  • eilegz

    im happy that this game its selling capcom did a good job on this one, seriously people have some unreal expectations. Survival horror its a dead genre, even resident evil revelations which its more horror focused didn’t sold that well.

    Now about the criticism i still cant understand how this game its flawed, buggy, broken to a point that its unplayable like most of those reviews and the score put them.

    Every single thing of re6 its better, improved and more content of what we got at re4 and re5, you can move and shoot, easier navigation, not annoying cooperative gameplay (no babysitting and improved AI) that basically make this game enjoyable even in single player. you can change in option about how you want the sensibility of you camera you laser, your aiming options. Different LONG campaign for many taste, UNLOCKABLE campaign (usually this its day one dlc locked on the disc) After SF x T fiasco seems that capcom learned its lesson and re6 its a game with plenty of content (i just beat the game and spent 32 hours) and tons of replay value.

    Now if we want to compared this game with other TPS (specially cover based), its just an unfair comparison for example re never dependent on covers and the part that really use it its few, cover in re4 and re5 its almost no existent and useless same its here.

    Many can argue that re6 try to do so many things but never do it right, and maybe they are right but uncharted have decent cooperative gameplay? NOPE…. Gears of wars have a flashy cinematic experience? NOPE… RE its a hybrid game its not a traditional shooter cover mechanics would be better if its more used but its not.

    just for an example because borderlands 2 its not the best fps or the best rpg dont make it a bad game right? its a good hybrid game, it wont beat diablo or final fantasy in story or rpg elements…. It wont be better than Halo or call of duty in the FPS department…

    In the end if the game its improved over the predecessor, its fun and enjoyable it deserve a better review and not the whole negativism that its receiving.

    • Please God, I hope your’e trolling…

      • eilegz

        why would i? looking at the reviews only destructoid one have some valid points and even that its just minor issues, the whole QTE pissing appear in so many games i can count only 2 qte that i found annoying (i wont mention it since i dont want to spoil) it involve in using two shoulder buttons with a timing…

    • You should apply for Public Relations.  Capcom would love to have you.

      • eilegz

        not really considering that i could not defend the sfxt, the new DmC and how the ultimate marvel cant have jill and shuma included…..

        I have no seen a single reason how this game its worse than re5 and re4 or how could previous version its better.

  • LustEnvy

    I rented it, beat Leon’s campaign, and would have to say that the game, while faulty, is GOOD. 7/10 good. Worth playing once. It’s my first RE since Code Veronica on the Dreamcast, so I don’t have a large bias for or against change. I like it. That’s enough for me. Reviewers can blast it for being too different, but in the end, it’s a fun game. Games are meant to be fun.

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