Sega Beefed Up The Hostess Dating System In Yakuza 5

By Spencer . October 3, 2012 . 2:46am


Yakuza 5 has more playable characters, more places in Japan to explore, and souped-up cabaret clubs. Players can visit one of the clubs and chat with the hostesses working there. While conversations in previous games were mostly text, Sega says most lines will have voice acting and girls will speak in regional dialects. The free action system should give players a more realistic conversation too.


Not quite sure if having a girl invite you to play a "chocolate stick game" leading into a kiss is realistic though…

yakuza51 yakuza52 yakuza53


You can purchase Gacha Drinks at cabaret clubs, which might reward you with rare items.

yakuza511 yakuza512


When you first meet a girl at Rose Hip she will give you her business card. Then you can choose what you want to say to her using the free action system. Characters can learn more topics by listening to gossip in town.

 yakuza58 yakuza59yakuza510 yakuza55 yakuza54 yakuza57


If she likes you, you can bring her out on an actual date. You can walk around town and share a meal. Each character in Yakuza 5 has unique dates that expand the game’s storyline.

yakuza513 yakuza514 yakuza515 yakuza516 yakuza517 yakuza518 yakuza519 yakuza520 yakuza521 yakuza522


Yakuza 5 is slated for release on December 6.

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  • Go2hell66

    “Not quite sure if having a girl invite you to play a “chocolate stick game” leading into a kiss is realistic though…”

    challenge accepted!

  • …Wow. The hostess actually looks like a person. I think it’s the reflection in her eyes that brought the image up from Uncanny Valley.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

       Need to see how she animates though. That’s how things fall deep into the Valley most of the time for me.

  • badmoogle

    …This looks so real it’s unreal…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Yakuza!!! Once again proving that no matter how manly one man is, woman is still a must.^_^

    • Never

      How does not being manly have anything to do with having a woman?

      Maybe I should rephrase this..

      Since when could you be incredibly manly WITHOUT having a woman?

      • Göran Isacson

        Since the first man who swung the other way realized he liked men. And then wrestled a bear because he felt like it. That’s a pretty decent way to be hella manly without having a woman.

  • SupaPhly

    even after playing through all the other yakuza games, I still don’t feel comfortable with paying someone to pretend they are your girlfriend :P

    • Craig Mikucki

       Do it in person. Then doing it in Yakuza will be no problem!

  • SeventhEvening

    The chocolate stick game is pretty common. I’ve done it tons of times. Heck, it is so common I’ve watched two of my male students do it as a joke a few times. It’s pretty interesting to see it in game form. 

    • I do that all the time too!

      Unless anime girl wallpapers do not count…

  • errr…. Can haruka go to the hostess club too? LOL 

    and why do they use saejima as the example?
    i forgot, but sajima can’t go in in yakuza 4 right?

    • SupaPhly

       yeah, he called them a waste of time in yakuza 4


    Gotta love those deadpan kissing faces.

  • Paradox me

    Each character in Yakuza 5 has unique dates that expand the game’s storyline.

    Aww, I have to play the weird dating minigame to get story content? Bummer. But it’s Yakuza, so it must be done.

  • meganeshounen

    After seeing how serious and strict Saejima is about some things, I just can’t see him being someone who pops into cabaret bars every now and then.

    Then again, he’s (ex-)yakuza, so it might come with the title?

  • As long as they don’t cut it from the NA version…

  • Demeanor

    Still can’t hold a candle against the Dream C Club Aaaan shite banana game XD 
    Jokes aside this looks really really great, gotta hurry up and finish Yakuza 2 and then do 3 and 4, have lots of catching up to do before this…

  • Learii

    wow this is the best yakuza  game ever lol

  • Göran Isacson

    That rosetinted screen-shot. He just looks so… so non-plussed. Like this isn’t even anything special to him. Just everyday life. Not sure if mistake on animators part, or if this dude just has that much stoic swagger.

  • Is he supposed to be happy!?|17 I am confused by your expression, sir ( @[email protected])

    • Mazdian

      “I-it’s not like I like it when you kiss me or a-anything! Baka! I’m just gonna stare glass-eyed ahead.”

      Yakuza Tsunderes. xD

      • LOL!! Seriously laughed out loud at this!

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