Sword Art Online: End World Social Game Has 20 Player Boss Fights

By Spencer . October 5, 2012 . 12:55pm

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Namco Bandai is making a social game for Sword Art Online with GREE. Sword Art Online: End World has characters from the series represented as cards. You create a party, enter dungeons, and complete quests. The game also has "raids" where you team up with other players to take down a boss. Raids can support up to 20 players, so they’re kind of like actual raids!



Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment is also in development for PSP.

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  • echokanon

    i hope this is not done by cygames and/or mobage, if it is then by any chance we get an english version then we will have the “2 week friend” trade limit… (see rage of bahamut or marvel)

    • Nee Nee

      No kidding. But anyways with all this recent influx of card games on mobile phones, I think I’m just gonna stick to RoB and maybe play Tales of Card Evolve.

  • ronin4life

    I would think everyone would be too scared to play a game about this… based off the story…0.0;;

    The last thing anyone would need is being trapped in a Gree game forever…lol.

  • Hmm, I will have to see more on this.

  • shion16

    One male character, four support female characters.
    I wonder which of them i am gonna choose.

  • GREE has taken over all the IP. Calling it now.

    I really dunno how I feel abt this lol.

    Wait they r giving Kirito and Asuna their starter costume but Liz(s)beth and Silica have their laatest costume?? Well since KiriSuna is a strong team it made sense to nerf them down lol.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Gree has taken over gaming world.^_^

  • Kei Takishima

    Is this going to be like an MMORPG?

  • Singing Raven

    Is this going to be a real rping game?It looks fun…even though you would die in rl if you die in the game…..At least my big bro kinda did something like training!XD

  • Yoshi45

    The manga was good so i hope the game is good to

  • Kirito/akashina

    i dunno about you guys but if it really were like in the show i would love to get stuck in that game forever looks fun life isn’t fun irl and if you’re still in school say goodbye to that if you do die too bad you’re dead not living if i died i wouldn’t care at least i had a better life and something fun to do before i did die i don’t know but it’s just my opinion

  • Kirito/akashina

    my life is just so bad i’d rather die in a game and real life having fun doing something opposite from what i do in real life and be happy knowing that my life became better than ever because of a game mostly it would prove my parents wrong from when i was younger saying that games teach you nothing and that they are a waste of your life although i know they were wrong about that because one game helped me find who i loved i now live in Florida with someone i love then back where is used to live it was dreadful but thanks to a game my life became better so what your parents say sometimes may be true about games but not everything

  • please make a PC games to it.. T_T i want to pla it. i like it soo much
    and if possible make a nerve gear like on the movie ^_^ .. but not on high price just low price to
    buy it .?

  • tinha q sai para computador tambem

  • i love sword art online and i specialy love asuna

  • Hw to ply the sword art online ? I can’t ply the game….. Urgent ….

  • when will it be english???

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