Darkstalkers Resurrection Has Been In Development For A Year

By Ishaan . October 15, 2012 . 11:00am

Last week, Capcom announced Darkstalkers Resurrection for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The two-game bundle, which includes updated versions of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3, will be released in early 2013 with online play and other enhancements.


Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, shared today on the company’s official forums that Darkstalkers Resurrection has been in development for about a year, and in planning for even longer. This is the reason the game hasn’t been announced for a Wii U release, Svensson clarifies.


When planning for Darkstalkers Resurrection began over a year ago, Capcom didn’t have an understanding of the Wii U’s online strategy. However, Svensson adds, requests for a Wii U version of the game have been noted.

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  • I would love to see this on the Wii-U. Added incentive to get a fighting game for that system (though Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is looking great). However, I’m just glad to see Darkstalkers coming to life (hopefully) with a new crowd of gamers. 

    • Mizu D

      There is also Injustice coming from Netherealm.
      More support coming from Capcom on Wii U eshop is good.
      The only missing now is an official TE arcade stick from Madcatz or Hori, all with USB cables!

      • mikanko

        I’ve heard rumors to the affect that there is a madcatz stick of some sorts in the pipeline for the wii u.  Madcatz’s best known representative loves him some Tekken, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

      • PreyMantis

        Since the Wii U is compatible with all Wii controllers, can’t you just use a Wii fighting stick?
        Like this one:

  • …sure it has…and Duke Nukem Forever is the best game ever.  Ok ok i’ll be fair maybe it has but idk since its just two old games with online and some add stuff though its not like there were balance changes being done like with Guilty Gear especially knowing Capcom.
    Wii U thing is pretty understandable, hopefully it gets a release for it too

  • Godmars

    Not to start anything, but its not showing anything graphically. Hope whatever work involved pays off online, but expect major complaints if this requires a consistent online connection.  

  • AveDeRapina

    My gripe with the Wii U for fighting games comes from the fact that it costs extra to use ethernet. Playing against wireless people is a huge turn off. I’ll be sticking to the 360 for fighters, though I wish more of them would come out on PC.

  • I celebrated the Darkstalkers resurrection by picking up a figure of my favorite character to fap to, Lilith xD

    I think they should just put out more of these. Just for me. 

    • Hinataharem

       “my favorite character to fap to”


      • Can’t help what I like! XD

        I mean, it’s Siliconera, I feel I should be honest :3

      • Just Tim

        That reminded me of the time when Lupinko went necro for Hsien-ko!  >_<;

        • Hinataharem

          Everyone is necro for Hsien-ko

  • Darkstalkers Resurrection Collection Announced for PSN & XBLA


  • Just Tim

    Also, I honestly thought Marvel and Capcom would do a Marvel Zombies-related DLC for this upcoming Halloween; it looks like Resurrection would make it just in time instead… :s

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