Dead or Alive 5 Costume DLC Round 2 Brings Kitty Outfits And More

By Ishaan . October 16, 2012 . 9:30am

Three new DLC costume packs for Dead or Alive 5 are available today. Unlike the first batch of DLC costumes for the game, you’ll have to pay for these. Here’s a list of the three packs, along with pricing on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live:


Kitty Pack ($4.99 / 400 MSP) – Cat ears and sexy outfits for Helena, Christie, Tina and Lisa.



What a Character ($4.99 / 400 MSP) – Maid outfits for Hitomi and Mila; Bartender outfit for Rig; masquerade gown for Lisa.



Special Set ($4.99 / 400 MSP) – Overalls for Kasumi; Panda shirt for Leifang; a “fiend” version of Hayabusa; black dress for Lisa.



Round 2 Costumes – Full Set ($12.99 / 1040 MSP) – All of the above costumes for a discounted price. Available today on Xbox Live and next week on PlayStation Network.

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  • That Hayabusa one looks sick.

    • Testsubject909

      He should go see a doctor then. Get some proper medication and rest.

  • Godmars


    So, for “special wear” two girls get casual outfits, one guy gets something actually awesome, and then another girl gets a hand-me-down.

    I mean, isn’t Lisa’s dress the same one Leifang had for several games?

    • Agreed. What if I only want some of the outfits. Wish we could buy them separately. Nya!

      • Godmars

         I’d rather everyone actually get a “special” outfit.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I forget how many of these aren’t actuallu new, but since no one here has actually played Ninja Gaiden 3, the Hayabusa costume is from NG3

  • XiaomuArisu

    The only good one is the special set,the others are meh.

  • katzedan

    Lisa everywhere! :(

    Where’s my Kokoro and Ayane extra Outfits? :(

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    >Hitomi in a skirt


  • neo_firenze

    Hey, remember a couple weeks ago when everyone was all “Tecmo Koei is giving us free outfits they totally get how to do DLC” and I said to wait and see if they’d try to nickel and dime us in the future?

    Yes, this is an “I told you so” post.

    • Godmars

      Hey, if people want to buy this stuff to fap – I mean mastur – I mean…

      Well, its their business isn’t? That’s all I’m saying.

      That and they could at least give Lisa something other than Leifang’s hand-me-downs. More so when asking for money.

    • Joom

      Cheapskating it up.

      • neo_firenze

         I’m not complaining that DLC exists. I’ve even defended CAPCOM on that point, so I’m certainly not one of the people who just whine about DLC’s existence.

        What I’m saying is that everyone who was jumping up and down with glee because Tecmo Koei gave something away for free and therefore had a more gamer-friendly idea about how to do DLC were jumping the gun.  So quickly they forgot the Ninja Gaiden 3 weapon DLC debacle, and how easily they ignored that DOA5 would end up in overpriced paid DLC too.  These costumes don’t really impress me either – many are rehashes, and they only come in packs so you have to buy the whole pack if you only like one or two.  And over a buck a costume isn’t really cheap. 

        Buy em if you want em, that’s not my issue.  It was the unwarranted enthusiasm from the first pack of costumes (which may as well have come on the disc for free) as some evidence that Tecmo Koei was “different”. 

    • Angeru_Lito

      How is this DLC nickel and diming people? people like when they get things for free (the previous pack) is that a bad thing to get excited about?.
      People got mad at Capcom because of their bad track record with DLC , keep your fans happy then you can talk about selling them stuff it’s about keeping a good relationship with costumers and Capcom keeps making the same mistakes the concensus for a lot of people is that DLC is taking content out of the game and then sold to you later how about giving some of that content for free just once a couple of characters out of your 14 roster of DLC characters maybe a costume pack out of the 10 you have for sale? … nope is all about profit , that’s why people praise Namco or Tecmo.

      • neo_firenze

        Apologies for the long post…

        I knew this would turn into unfair Capcom-bashing.  But since you had to bring it up, I’ll take SFxT (the game that is the target of the most DLC-related whining) and compare.  If you’re someone who is consistent and is either OK with ALL paid DLC or against ALL paid DLC, well, fair enough.  But if you can say Tecmo Koei is OK and Capcom is somehow worse… I don’t think you make a damn bit of sense.

        SFxT costumes:
        – SOLD INDIVIDUALLY if you don’t want to buy the whole pack, for $0.99 each costume
        – Also sold in packs, for much less per costume.  Best deal is buying the $17.99 pack containing costumes for 38 characters, under $.50 a piece.

        DOA5 costumes:
        – Even with the “discount” pack, comes out to over $1 a costume.
        – Can only buy in packs

        Biggest complaint against Capcom for SFxT: Didn’t include 12 MORE characters for free in a game that already had 43!!!! characters (PS3 version) before DLC. DOA has only 24 characters and released for the same price as SFxT, yet Capcom was apparently ripping people off for having nearly twice as many characters in the original game???

        Capcom did sell 12 extra characters for $19.99 (about $1.66 each), making it a massive game with 55 characters – few fighters ever have had such a large cast.  Those DLC characters cost a hell of a lot less per character than other fighting game companies have charged:
        – Soul Calibur IV/V: SCV Dampierre and SCIV Yoda/Vader were $4.99 each
        – BlazBlue CS: DLC characters were $7.99 EACH
        – KOF XIII: DLC characters launched at $4.99 each (since discounted to $3.49)
        – Mortal Kombat: DLC characters were $4.99 each

        I think Tecmo Koei committed a FAR greater offense in their last game (Ninja Gaiden 3), giving the player access to only one weapon unless you pay up in extraordinarily expensive DLC packs ($9.99 each for packs with an additional weapon and some trial levels).  And heck, look at the excessive pricing on the DLC for most of their Warriors games – Tecmo Koei is in my mind one of the most egregious offenders of bad DLC pricing practices.  That’s why it boggles my mind that they can release one free costume pack then go back on their merry way of charge, charge, charge (DOA5 costumes, One Piece Pirate Warriors DLC packs that are likely gonna be about $5 a pop for the US – and there are 10 of them, etc.), and for some reason people act like they’re suddenly this consumer-friendly company with great DLC practices. WHAT???

        If you think ANY company isn’t holding back content for DLC on purpose, you’re just not paying attention.  It’s part of their business model now.  Sell a $60 game, then try to get even more money out of fans later through DLC that was already planned from the start.  Do you really think DOA5 costumes that release 1 week and 3 weeks after the game launched couldn’t have been put on the retail disc for free? 

        Whether you think it’s right or not, it’s the current reality of the market.  And Capcom isn’t doing anything different than industry-standard.  So let’s not single them out, especially in comparison to the Tecmo Koeis of the world who have a pretty god awful record of their own with respect to DLC.

        • Darkdam

          If I remember correctly, didn’t Capcom have those dlc characters on disk and the dlc they sold simply unlocked the character for use. I recall there being someone who hacked into the xbox 360 version and played with the dlc characters online before they were released creating one of the hate problems.

        • Angeru_Lito

          I think you completely missed my point ,I wasn’t trying to bash Capcom I Love Capcom (even though I would never pay a dime for a DLC costume in a fighting game never ever), Capcom’s reputation over the last 2 year has been of a developer that “exploits” the consumer this is not me who’s saying it is the people on the internet that keep complaning about it, why? because “timming,tact and turst” 3 things current Capcom lacks do you actually think people compare or pay attention to what the DLC is about? price and content? no! they just look at what is presented to them.

          RE5 had 2 great DLC story chapters barely anyone remembered those but they sure as hell didin’t forget the 2 MB download key for that awful Vs mode that had not place in the game, do you think people looked at the new modes introduced in UMvC3? NO! they just looked at the 40$ updated version of the game they bought for full 60$ less than 8 months ago, do you think people went “hey thanks Capcom free DLC for RE6!” Nope they went “this game is awful! nice damage control” why do you think is that?.

          Say what you will about Tecmo or Namco the fact of the matter is that in the public eye they’re not as “dirty” as Capcom is (even when Capcom has been doing what they do) but just sligtly different though, how?  timming, tact and trust you may think Tecmo isn’t doing better practices by selling content but other people will see the free content they release for their games they will see they didn’t held any characters on the disc regardless of what that means to you (to the public it means bad stuff “you’re taking away something from me” and all that) they will see they didn’t make any updated ultimate super edition (yeah remember that joke?) of their lastet game and so on.

          Build trust with your costumer even if is just by giving a slice of the bread you’re about to sell them, people won’t care because you had tact you showed you “care for them”, and work on your timming how about you don’t talk about the content that’s is on the disc before the game ships? how about not doing EXACLY the same thing your fans gave you flack for a few months ago? I love Capcom games they’re fantastic they way they handle bussiness and project themselves to their fans? awful,  Tecmo? Namco? how cares what they do they’re not doing what Capcom does and that’s all that people need and will see.

          • “how cares what they do they’re not doing what Capcom does and that’s all that people need and will see.”

            That’s like saying all the kids who are smarter than the class dunce are equally smart. Being able to behave better than Capcom is not the end goal of business practices, you know; it’s kinda hard to do worse than someone who’s shooting themselves repeatedly in the foot. And how a company behaved in the past does not paint a permanent picture of them; for an example, Capcom themselves – compare their current image with one from years back when they were making what a lot of people consider today to be classics.

            I like the Musou games TK releases, but there’s no denial regarding how unbalanced their DLC prices can be.

          • Angeru_Lito

            Are you sure? because it seems like even if Capcom does something better they procede to shoot themselves in the foot immediately with some practice the public doesn’t like who else is known for “on disc DLC” other than Capcom?

            Musou? that’s niche as hell people don’t care why? because Capcom is the big AAA publiser/developer that keeps doing that to the games they want to play I  wouldn’t be suprised if Capcom does something stupid with DmC and Lost Planet 3 by having content on the disc despite what that has done for them in the past, their justifications might be valid but people don’t like to hear the game they just bought has content locked behind a paywall how about stop doing such thing for your next release? other developers are able to sell DLC without a problem, they’re not missunderstood they’re just backwards and misguided as a publisher can get.

          • A game’s popularity or unpopularity has no bearing on how excusable its responsible companies’ business practices are. A niche company making a shoddy game and charging high prices on the game and its DLC would be just as inexcusable as when a big company does it. It’s the validity of the complaints that counts; not the size of the crowd.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Not sure what you posted below, but this was expected knowing how they handled the Ninja Gaiden 3 dlc

  • omeganeko

    More Mila and Christie love woot. Man Lisa gets a lot of costumes lol

  • kylehyde

    All right they convince me with Helena Kitty outfit, but it would have been awesome to have a Kokoro chan kitty outfit.

  • Yes! A birthday present from Team Ninja to me! Mmmmmmm, dem sexy cat girls. Nya! =^_^=

  • Romangelo

    umm… I need something like swimsuits and lingeries.

  • Sperium3000

    Goddamit Team Ninja. You want to make porn? Just go make porn!

    • I don’t see any porn here. I think you need to get your eyes checked.

  • CombatMeido

    Meido Outfits and no Black French Maid Outfit? What ze hell?

  • Sardorim

    So much Lisa… Is she popular or something?

    • Antonio C. R. Murray

      Got a problem against Black women (and be honest)?

      • Rick R

        It was just an observation. Everyone had one costume with the exception of Lisa who had three. Why do you have to bring race into it and try to turn nothing into an issue? You need to calm down brah.

        • Antonio C. R. Murray

          If Lisa has more costumes then everyone, then so what. Forget about it as there’s more DLC down the line, yet its just odd that she had to be singled out. For the second time. By the way, black people are highly popular in Japan unlike others. Honestly though, if the other females had as much or more, would it be an issue? No and as a matter of fact it would be praised. The United States was built on race. Get it rite.

          • … I’m going to ignore the fact that your initial question came out of nowhere. If your intention was to shoehorn what you wanted to say about race: Be contextual and stay on topic.

    • MrJechgo

      Well, they need to catch up since she appeared only since DOA4.

      Here’s the catch though: if you play the story mode, you might rage at Lisa’s situation…

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Having the hardest rare costume to get, yeah

  • Here’s hoping for a Wii U port with all the extras or a Super DoA 5 or something with all the content. I wont be buying any fighters original release, ever.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Please no console requests. 

  • Tee Niitris

    So much for everyone getting a free costume.
    $5 a pack for these… not really feeling it.

    Also, why does Lisa have Leifang’s exact outfit? That’s just lazy; at least make it a different color. :P
    That said, I’d pay money for a color edit mode at the very least

  • Sesshomaru

    Why does Ryu never get anything good! Why can’t they add his tux from DOA Dimensions? If they’re such a big fan of adding old costumes which all of them are. I’m pretty sure Jann Lee wore that thing Rig has on and Mila is wearing Hitomi’s hand me downs. So lazy…

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    Outside of Hayabusa and the maid outfits for Mila and Hitomi I’ll pass on these there is just not enough for me to actaully pay for the DLC costumes.

  • Göran Isacson

    Gotta admit, Tekken got this game beat as far as costumes go. These are somewhat… how to put it… bland? It’s kinda like they’re not even bothering to pick interesting-looking outfits that sorta say something about the character. It’s just… maid-outfit. generic cat-girl outfit. To me the outfit itself isn’t enough, I want the outfit to kind of “go” with the characters personality. I’m just not seeing that in most of these, save for Ryu’s fiend-outfit.

    Also, agree with what someone else said- ball and package-jiggle physics next!

  • Someone’s got a soft spot for lisa…also, at these prices, these are basically fap material; 5 cash for 4 costumes (amongst which is at least 1 recycled one) is too much.

  • The only thing I really want would be Ryu’s costume (Ohgodyes) but paying 4.99 for those costumes? Not worth it really I wish they where free but I guess every company has to make extra money with DLCs. 

  • DemonicX

    The maid costume looks nice on Hitomi, and Leifang just looks adorable. However, I’d rather not pay $5 for these. >_<

  • MrJechgo

    Meow ^3^

    Also really like Ryu’s outfit ^^

    However, I kinda hope that they don’t limit themselves to costumes. I’d like to see Leon, Ein and other VF characters as downloadable characters too.

  • Darkrise

    Would pay for special set. 

    • Linhua

      … my thoughts exactly.

      … I was only going for Frito Lei’s Panda outfit when I heard it was upcoming DLC… this just means I get dat KasumiBuLisa bonus.

  • well im getting ALL of them muhahahaha !!!!! keep them coming team ninja im waiting for one for hayate ^-^

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Pretty uninspired in all honesty…these should be free. I’ll be keeping my money until they start to get creative. No, adding cat ears does not work on me.

    • raymk

      Most of these are old costumes and thats what some people wanted.  Even if they are creative that doesn’t mean that they’ll be good, though you are going about it the right way voting with your wallet.  They can’t all be free though as not every costume is going to appeal to everyone and as soon as someone says one is ugly they’ll say that should be free.

  • AndyFe

    There are a little steep for some costumes, I wish you could get them individually. I would definitely get the Helena for sure as well as the Ryu one  

  • Nitraion

    Only hayabusa is the cool one…
    and i feel “told you so” comment coming up XD

  • Testsubject909

    Saints Row 3 has a ballsack customization for your character.

    I’m not kidding either.

  • Rolling Guy


  • Hinataharem

    Aw the panda costume is paid DLC :(

  • raymk

    The cat pack is cool and I most def want that tina catsuit as its very good.  I also like that lei fang swap costume for lisa, that black dress is very sexy.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Once again, no love for Kokoro Tecmo?T_T

  • Ridho Siregar

    Badass Ryu *o* … but oh I can’t stand a cute chinese girl too. T^T

    What kind of a man I am.

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