Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault To Cost $20

By Ishaan . October 26, 2012 . 11:30am

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will see its release next month on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and Sony announced this morning that the game will cost $20.


Full Frontal Assault will be available as both a retail and a download game on the PlayStation 3, and both the retail and download versions will support Cross-Buy, so buying the game once will get you a copy for PS3 and a digital copy for the Vita.


Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will have both co-op and competitive multiplayer modes that support both split-screen and online. The game is scheduled for release on November 27th.

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  • KingGunblader


  • Hassan Shah

    thats a good price. i am getting it.

  • Whoa why so low?  Neat that you get basically two editions of the game to play so it is like 10$ a version.

    • Andrew Norris

      It’s probably so low because Sony wants good sales for one of their first Cross-buy games.

    • Elvick

      Because it was originally just a PSN game, NA wasn’t planned to ever get a physical version. Until now. :D

      So I was expecting around $20 or $15 for the game.

      Glad I don’t have to import and deal with the lame EU Q-Force title.

  • neo_firenze

    $20 for two platforms seems more fair.  I’m still not interested though, and I expect a lot of people who buy because of the Ratchet name will end up disappointed.  In case you’re not aware, this is a multiplayer-centric battlefield game (think DotA or League of Legends).  Insomniac is calling it a blend of shooter and tower defense (ugh).

    Personally, I’m about done with the new Insomniac and their new “everything must be multiplayer” strategy.  Ratchet: All 4 One was the worst game in the series thanks to the multiplayer fixation, and their idea of branching out is doing Facebook social games and military-themed shooters (Fuse, formerly known as Overstrike).

    I’ll keep my good memories of the excellent single-player focused Ratchet games instead, and maybe give this a try if it’s ever free on Playstation Plus.

  • kupomogli

    It’s $20 because it’s got a very short campaign and the main draw is the competitive online, but the competitive online doesn’t even look good.  The game itself just looks ridiculously boring.  Like a bad version of Starhawk.

    • Göran Isacson

      That is one harsh judgment… especially since I didn’t think Starhawk was all that fun to start with. Does it really look that bad?

      • Not “That bad” but….Not good IMO. 

    • Elvick

      It’s not bad, it is a bit boring though. I was in the beta and wasn’t impressed. One match I was in, just would not end. It was really tedious. Went on for over 20 minutes. Which is too long for the type of game design the game has.

      I’m buying it in hopes that I’ll love the story. For all the faults of All 4 One, I didn’t find issue with the story. Still enjoyed it.

      So I’m hoping the story here is on par.

    • Mr_SP

       Yeah, I was hoping that when they said it had a story as long as Quest For Booty, they were wrong… because “long” and “Quest for Booty” are incompatible concepts. Clearly, they aren’t.

  • Amazing, definitely buying this day 4 (shipping time).
    I won’t buy digital version even if it’s $10 but I will buy retail version even if it’s $60. I love physical good.

  • i’m still not sure if it will be a mini version of the big game like Quest for Booty or a mindless nobody-wants-spinoff like R&C:Arena or All4One?

  • protofox

    please dont fall into the typical 3rd person and 1st person online shooters ratchet and clank..plleaasseee..one of the few games that still have an amazing single player style and storylines…large and extend online muiltplayer battles DOES NOT have to be added, dont break what isnt broken >_<  and speaking of which..new sly game, new ratchet…no hope of a DECENT new jak game?

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