Whoops! New PlayStation 3 Firmware Makes Monster Hunter Freeze

By Spencer . October 26, 2012 . 3:41am

imageCapcom brought Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to PlayStation 3 with a HD remastered version. The game was working fine until system update version 4.30, which somehow affected Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version.


Sony confirmed that the latest firmware makes Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version freeze at several different points in the game. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is already working on new firmware to remedy the issue and hope to release the update soon.

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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    O.o Incoming rage response in Japan lol.^_^

    •  Stuff like this happens, with so many games on one console, do we really expect them to pull each of the firmwares of perfectly?

      At least they made it official and are already working hard on it.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Lol, i am just joking here.^_^ After all, MH is the biggest franchise in Japan currently and of course this kind of event will bring some kind of backlash there.^_^

      • malek86

        “Stuff like this happens, with so many games on one console, do we really expect them to pull each of the firmwares of perfectly?”

        Actually I wouldn’t mind that. As a consumer, it’s their job to make sure I don’t have trouble so that I’m more willing to buy their products again next time.

        • I wouldn’t mind it, but we can’t really expect them to test each and every game before the update, can we? That’s why we, the gamers are around.
          We encounter something, report it and they’ll make sure to fix it. Simple as that. Nothing is perfect. Not you, not me, not Sony. A mistake like that, in my opinion is perfectly acceptable. Especially if they make an official report of it and promise to fix it ASAP.

  • hongisfire

    Hope nintendo don’t make same mistake :D

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Obviously Sony’s response to Monster Hunter going Nintendo exclusive, lol.

    • Peeka Chu

      Capcom aren’t exclusive to anyone. They’re probably just waiting for PS4/ Xbox next to launch before putting the Wii U port on those systems.  They’ll throw a bone to the Vita at some point, I’m sure.  

      • d19xx

        You mean like Squeenix did with Dragon Quest?

      • JonathanisPrimus

        “Capcom aren’t exclusive to anyone”.

        May I introduce you to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capcom_Five

        They’ve done that in the past, and given this is the same company that launched stuff like Resident Evil: Revelations exclusively on 3DS, and has completely ignored a very obvious Monster Hunter Portable 3rd G on Vita to say they aren’t exclusive to anyone is a bit faulty.

        • d19xx

          Don’t forget to mention that Capcom has made games with Nintendo(minish cap.) Ninty and Capcpom are tight.

          • mark zeus lee

            they also made Zelda Oracles of Ages and Seasons

        • Peeka Chu

          They put MH on the iOS. They’re not exactly discriminating in their tastes.  If you think that MH will remain on Nintendo systems once next gen rolls around, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.  Capcom’s focus lately has been on Globalization.  You don’t “globalize” by putting your IP on one platform alone.

          I’m not sure why you even linked that wikipedia article either, when the best – arguably – of those games were PORTED TO THE PS2 (not yelling, but there is no italics option for emphasis) a few years later.  Except for the one that sold so poorly that they never bothered with a port. Everything else was ported or cancelled.

          • sd28

            honest question what befits will they get from putting monster hunter on vita ios makes sense vita not so much


    Keep those rapid bursts of absolutely necessary updates coming SCE. That is why consumers have so loved your devices since 2006.

    It is always a pleasure to play a round of Russian roulette whenever you turn on a device and wince to see whether you are going to have to dedicate another pointless hour of your time to go through yet another arcane, elaborate and woefully inefficient update ritual.

    It was a joy to see that the powers that be decided that this proud tradition was to continue on successor devices such as the Vita and will no doubt be held true on the PS4 as well.

    • sandra10

      The Vita doesn’t get nearly as many updates as the PS3, and most of them are to add features to the system, not to just combat piracy. 

      • d19xx

        Well the Vita it self has not been hacked, so updates are unnecessary(for Sony). Only the Vita’s PSP emulator has been hacked. But there’s very little Sony can do about that and I doubt they want to waste any more valuable time and resource on patching it. I also think they have given up on it…

        • Belenger

          Firmware update 1.81 would like to have a word with you, that update was only released to stop a harmless exploit that let users run homebrew, the games afflicted with that where also removed.

          So the legacy still maintains true to the word of sony of combating terror…..

          • miyamoto

            well said

            anti piracy is one of Sony’s greatest contribution to gaming

      •  The PS3 doesn’t get that many updates anymore either.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       the dumb in this post…lol

  • XiaomuArisu

    How dare you sony!
    Making patches to prevent hacking…you monsters…

  • Skyrim and New Vegas do that just fine with or without patches. Now that is magic.

    • Peeka Chu

      I played about 25-30 hours of Skyrim on the PS3 (was a gift), before swapping to PC, and I was flabberghasted that the thing didn’t freeze once.  

  • Well, they said they were removing stuff with this update (per usual, it feels like).  Stability is obviously going to be one of those things.

  • Just Tim

    Ha, this reminds me of the time when SCEA did an “update” that forcibly shuts down the original model PS3, to force customers to buy the current model.

    • JonathanisPrimus

      Haha, yeah I totally remem.. wat. That didn’t happen.

      • polka

         actually it happens back 2.40 update or 2.50 (arggh cant remember) that actually locks every console once it upgrades. Funny that every console brick that time and Sony didnt held responsible for it and force everyone to pay penny just to fix they $h!tass firmware.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          Uh, that firmware issue wasn’t widespread (“every console” lol), and there was no reported cases of their PS3s actually dying due to it …

  • konsama

    It only does…freezing.

    •  it’s funny how our consoles this gen either overheat or freeze

      • This gen is obviously an hommage of the title “A Song of Ice and Fire”

  • l777l

    I appreciate the advancement of technology and the leaps in depth of content it allows, but in terms of reliability and service I longingly look back to the SNES.

  • Matt Crane

    As one of the few Americans who’s actually playing MHP3rd HD on my PS3, I hope Sony fixes this soon. I’ve been playing the game regularly and haven’t had any problems yet, but I’m just doing villiage quests for the most part, which are offline.

  • sd28

    sonys revenge for not getting tri g and 4??

  • Learii

    this doesn’t bother me since tha game didn’t come to the west

  • the new firmware also makes trophy list in the wrong section and new unrevertable ugly unusable playstation store, thanks sony..

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