So, We Asked Marvelous AQL About Bringing Grand Knights History To Steam

By Spencer . October 31, 2012 . 5:00pm


When we spoke to Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy producer Esteban Salazar about bringing games to Steam he teased about doing something "grand." If you didn’t get the reference Salazar was talking about Grand Knights History, the online-enabled PSP game from Vanillaware.


"I am personally very interested in doing Grand Knights History if we get a chance, but it’s not just a question of interest," Salazar elaborated. "It’s a question of logistics. That’s not just how much does Half-Minute Hero sell. It’s also if we can get Vanillaware to work on it. If we can get it to work on PC, but I would love to have that game on PC and Steam."


We also asked Yoshifumi Hashimoto who was the producer on the PSP version his thoughts about bringing Grand Knights History to Steam. "We don’t have any reason to reject the project. If there is a possibility we would like to do it. Since it’s an online game we have to think about the infrastructure as well. We looking into it, but we also want to see how Half-Minute Hero will do after launch," said Hashimoto.


Hashimoto also talked to Siliconera about the Vita version of Muramasa: The Demon Blade which will cover later this week. Stay tuned!

  • kaizenmx

    Marvelous studio was recently sued by an indie game company, along with Xseed.

  • MrRobbyM

    We need more Japanese games on steam so I’d support this if it happened.

  • $3587643

    Now talk to them about a Steam version of Muramasa.

    • Hidayat246

       if muramasa come to PC GKH also have chance too but since vanilla is never make PC game the only hope is falcom

  • ill take on consel and  PC so yeah lol

  • I dunno I was open to steam but when I’m too lazy to upgrade to play all the games but would be nice to see ports as more Japanese support the better.

     I prefer PS3 or 3DS ports myself.  As much as I wanted the PSP game the online probably wouldn’t of been too active to take advantage of the main selling point of the game.

  • z_merquise

    One thing I would still like to know, is there still a chance for Grand Knights History to be release in PSP? Just a PSN download should be enough for me, personally.

    If XSeed already completed the translation but Vanillaware can’t do the coding for the English release, can the parent publisher just find someone who can do it?

    • Ladius

      Outsourcing the text insertion and debugging without having to deal with Vanillaware sounds absolutely feasible, but if they didn’t do it I imagine there are some unknown roadblocks.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    How ’bout a release on PSN. XSEED already did the translation. It would cost less than actually doing a whole new port.

    • But would it have sold enough on PSP to recoup the costs? Compared to that, I can understand why they picked PC, because at least that’s not gonna die down anytime soon. Not to mention the potentially more powerful network components, seeing as this is an online game.

      • Elvick

        Depends, because it can sell on PS Vita too. Since every new PSP game is released on PSN, and retail is the question. And people clearly like to buy them on PSN here. Based on the whining when it’s not day 1 on Vita’s store front. :P *looks at the lazy FFIII port*

        If we could know digital sales, it would be easier to figure out if it would actually be worth it for publishers.

        • I know the game can sell on PSV as well, but I don’t think we can rely 100% on how many people whine about a game not being on PSV store. If there’s something I caught on on SiliconEra up to this point, it’s that words aren’t guaranteed to match up with sales numbers. (And realistically speaking, I doubt a few tens – or a couple hundreds tops, let’s just say – of users complaining in the comment sections would affect sales significantly, even if they were to buy one copy each.)

          There’s also the question of how many more separate sales the game would get on PSV. I imagine many people who liked their PSPs got PSVs as a replacement/successor, so in those cases, sales aren’t gonna multiply.

          Anyhow, yes, I do agree that sales numbers are the closest thing we have to accurate, reliable data.

          • Elvick

             Except, we don’t know digital numbers at all.

  • Prinnydoom

    No this cannot happen. Steam is great but i would really rather play it on a more portable device.

    • “This cannot happen.”

      Why? It’s fair that you’d rather play it on a portable device, but you’d rather it not be released at all than not be released on the device of your preference?

      • Prinnydoom

        I am a little pc-phobic i guess. id much prefer it if they released it on psp id probably still play it if it was on pc it just wouldn’t feel the same.

        • That’s fair, a lot of people seem to feel that way. I think it just doesn’t bother me because I’m used to playing games on my laptop, so they’re essentially portable to me. I know that a lot of people aren’t in the same situation though.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    It would be nice if more developers/publishers made their games available on GOG as well now that the service hosts modern games alongside PC classics.

    I would love to see Recettear and the Ys games on GOG.

  • I seriously feel like this is wrong and a dumb idea.  Probably in the minority there.

    • Why, out of curiosity?

      • It just feels like everything appealing about the game would suddenly disappear once released on anything but a handheld.

        • Fair enough. 

        • That doesn’t make sense… The only difference I can think of is losing the PSP control scheme, but it’s quite possible to use a 12-button “PS360” controller – with more buttons, in fact.

          If you don’t want to play on PC for any reason, that’s understandable. But unless there’s a feature that only PSP can provide as a significant mechanic, I don’t think the hypothetical future release would be anywhere near as bad as you’re being paranoid about. It’s just a port to a different platform; this happens all the time in the software scene.

        • Ladius

          I really can’t see why, if anything such an online-focused game is more suited to PCs than PSP, at least in the west (I concur that Japan is in a different situation due to its hardware trends, though).

  • I would love to see GKH on Steam.

    • I wouldn’t mind it either.  I don’t know why people get cold feet over another console that it’s released to.  It’s not like it’s going to change your experience on the console that you already own.  It’s giving people another chance to experience the same game if they don’t already have the console.

      Steam’s already pretty darn popular, and the idea of porting to it is becoming a common as of late so I’m not surprised at giving something like this a chance when we already have NISA doing things like this from the PSP console as well to Steam.

      • Peeka Chu

        A PC version would also have Vanillaware art in full HD too. Glorious.

  • JazzyMan123

    “Get Vanillaware to work on it”. So they too can’t do a thing until Vanillaware is done on their end as well.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    The closest thing to Grand Knights History on PC…

    Please make it happen…T_T

    • MrTyrant

      Wow they really should do the full game. I would buy it for sure.

  • There’s no way you spoke with Hashimoto again without bringing up Dragon Marked for Death… right?

    Unless he said he couldn’t talk about it and thus, it wasn’t mentioned here. :(

  • TrevHead

    I would jump at the chance to play this on steam, same as any other vannilaware game.

  • Christopher Nunes

    As long as we get the game over here anyway possible I’m open to the idea of getting this game on Stream (though I have Stream, I don’t really use it) would be great! And if possible have it on the PSN as download-able, I mean they finished translating it so it would be a waste not to get it on the PSP and Vita (if the Vita supports the game).

    I really like to see Grand Knights History given a second chance to come over to the US, I was really looking forward to it. Please Vanillaware, help have someone able to do the code part even if it’s on the Western side so we can finally have the game in the US!

  • I would like to at least try this one

  • Foofin Around

    I honestly don’t even have a Steam account or anything, but I’d be willing to figure it out if that’s what it took to support GKH.  I was really looking forward to it when it was announced for the U.S.  Sure, I’d like it to stay on the PSP, but I’m happy as long as we even get the chance to get it and support the people behind it.  

    Here’s to hoping it comes over in some way, shape or form! (^_^)

  • I am still playing GKH on PSP, really hope they would release it to the western world so I can enjoy the multiplayer feature

  • PersonaBull

    It would probably do much better on PC than PSP, all things considered. It would be nice to not only be able to play the game translated, but also get the online portion that, from what I hear, is the real meat and potatoes of the game. I can’t imagine the multiplayer feature would be as full as necessary if it was released on PSP at this point. PC release? I’d bite~

  • Go2hell66

    if there’s anyway i can still play this in english then please go ahead with it marvelous


  • Ladius

    As much as I would love to see GKH on Steam, I can’t see this happening if they want Vanillaware to be directly involved in developing the port. They couldn’t even save a single programmer to insert the localized texts in the PSP version, it would be very unlikely for them to pop up a whole side team devoted to creating a port.

  • Please do that for absolutely every portable game that there bringing over, hate playing portable game and it’s always such a downer to have game announced for them, especially when you know it’s going to be used as an excuse to not localize the game.

  • Elvick

    I wouldn’t have interest in the game if it were on PC tbh. I’d probably buy it to support Vanillaware and whoever localized it, but like many things I buy on Steam, would probably not play much. It’s why I try not to login there now. xP

    And if they can’t free up enough people to do the localization process, I can’t imagine them being able to do that with a port to PC. I guess it would depend on what their future products are going to be.

  • Göran Isacson

    Bought Half-Minute Hero, and I would buy this if it could help VannilaWare make more money. So I guess all I can do now is sit back, wait for sales numbers to come in and prepare my wallet for more should this trial be succesful…

  • Triplicity

    I’m glad the producers are so open to the idea.

  • Tianyu Wei

    I am still extremely pissed about Xseed dropping the balls on GKH… I was so stoked…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yet, the decision on Grand Knights was Vanilla’s, not Xseed. The translation was actually done, or at least very well along.

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