Tales of Xillia’s English Voice Recording Is Complete

By Ishaan . November 5, 2012 . 10:45pm

Namco Bandai are done with recording Tales of Xillia’s English dub, the game’s North American Producer, Ted Tsung, reports via the PlayStation blog. Recording took place over a span of eight weeks, Tsung reveals.


Tsung feels that the voice-actors chosen for the game match their characters’ personas and that fans will be satisfied with the English dub. He gives two examples of liberties that were taken with the English voices.


“For example, we went with a much deeper voice for Milla,” Tsung writes, referring to Tales of Xillia’s female lead character. “We needed her to maintain a very powerful and authoritative demeanor, so we didn’t find it appropriate maintaining the same pitch as her Japanese voice.”


In the case of Jude, the game’s male protagonist, Tsung shares: “Similarly, we pitched down Jude a little bit as well. He maintains the same adolescent qualities as the Japanese version, but we figured the North American audience would prefer a lower, stronger voice.”


Tales of Xillia will be released for the PlayStation 3 in 2013.

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  • HawthorneKitty

    So Johnny Yong Bosch?

    • or hopefully Yuri Lowenthal. God i love his haseo voice

    • YoshEE

      So hoping it will be Johnny Yong :D

    • Leon_Tekashi

      I know he’s a good VA but my god, he needs a break. Same with Laura and Yuri.

      • i love laura so much…i would probably play a game entirely voiced by her. lol.

  • Jude will be a good change, I think.  He was pretty effiminate sounding in Japanese.  For Milla, I’m just picturing FF13’s Lightning type of voice, I guess.

  • Cephrien_Takusukai

    Johnny Bosch, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Liam O’Brian, Yuri Lowenthal– you know they’re all gonna be in there somewhere. lol

    • Arrei

      Possible, but JYB and Laura Bailey are the only ones of those five that have played more than one important character in a console title. Well, unless you count Luke and Asch for Yuri Lowenthal.

      Now that you mention them, Liam O’Brien hasn’t played a main cast character for a mothership yet. Maybe…?

      • Hraesvelgr

        Luke and Asch don’t really count, since they’re supposed to have the same VA.

      • SirTeffy

        Liam may well end up being the main character in Xillia 2, but there’s no way he could mesh with Jude.

        • Arrei

          Might work as Alvin, though.

          From what I’ve seen of O’Brien’s work he’s pretty capable of doing both serious characters and sillier characters.

  • Arrei

    Good to hear they’re making Jude a bit manlier, and trying to keep the strength in Milla’s voice. All smooth sailing in my book.

    I hope the dub voice they chose for Elise/Elize sounds cute without being overbearingly sugary, though. I actually don’t like her Japanese voice that much so I’m hoping her English voice will be more endearing.

  • BloodyNights

    I’m def down for a deeper sounding voice, a lot of the times I can’t stand it when the girls sound like they are on some type of helium tank when they are talking. I can tolerate it more when it’s in the Japanese version though, in english I cringe.

    However Android 18 the original comes to mind when I think of a strong females voice. I’m just excited to know that progress is coming along smoothly, hopefully it will be out very soon in 2013, my wallet is ready!…sorta.

  • Suicunesol

    I kinda prefer the high-pitched voice so that it’s more inline with the original voices. But at the same time, it is REALLY hard to make a moe-moe voice sound natural in English. English-speaking people just don’t talk that way, male or female. Nor do English-speaking people take people with high-pitched voices seriously…

    • puchinri

      I think it’s more like it’s rare to find EN VAs that speak that way (because they’re usually not put out there) than the fact that a lot of English speakers can’t speak moe. I can think of a couple of VAs themselves that can do it, and in general, a lot of people that can. Then again, I’d also start devolving into talk of what I think our VA industry lacks and why, blah blah blah. Boring stuff. =o=

  • Barrylocke89

    “Similarly, we pitched down Jude a little bit as well.”

    Johnny Yong Bosch, calling it now.

  • Marcelo Gouvea

    I love how people keep going “YURI LOWENTHAL AND JYB BUT MAN THEY’RE IN EVERY EFFING GAME IN THIS FRANCHISE I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”. Uh, you do realise that they were practically nowhere to be seen in Tales of Graces or Tales of Vesperia, right? I mean, I *guess* they might have done some NPC voices, but nothing above that.

    I do think that Namdai strives for averting sameness. Ok, you could make a case for Johnny Yong Bosch and Laura Bailey being used for major characters more than once (Guy/Emil and Martha/Cheria), but those were different kinds of characters, and they were able to use completely different kinds of voice for them (for the record, I’m ignoring JYB as Cress in the Phantasia OVA. Didn’t show up in the games, doesn’t count). As for Yuri Lowenthal, he voiced one main character and nothing more. Maybe he could voice a villain for a change XD 

    Heck, for Graces, I think Namdai went out of their way to use voice actors they didn’t normally cast. I mean, hello, David Vincent? Bryce Papenbrook? Steve Staley? Cassandra Lee was also a pleasant new asset [s]altough she is very overused by NIS America and Bang Zoom, but… shhh[/s].

    In summary, I think they’ll surprise me with their casting once again. That said, I so want Steve Blum as Alvin. Or as anyone because he’s awesome. Is he a unionized voice actor? I think Namco doesn’t use those…

    • Hraesvelgr

      To be honest, I haven’t heard Yuri or JYB in that much lately, so I feel like that joke is kind of outdated. These days, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien are waaay more overused, especially the first two.

    • LynxAmali

      I’d say the issue is that more often than not, characters are type-casted. Hell, I’d say that’s an issue with the North American VA industry as a whole.

      I’m a huge Laura Bailey fan as well as a Monica Rial fan and both of them CAN do roles that they don’t normally do. (See: Kaine from Nier from Bailey and Jo from Burst Angel for Rial)

    • MrJechgo

      I believe that they do not reuse actors, unless it’s a spin-off, an NPC, a later adaptation or a game that wasn’t dubbed by the same studio.
      – JYB voiced Guy Cecil (Abyss; official), but he also voiced Cless (Phantasia; OVA) and Emil (New World; spin-off).
      – Jamieson Price voiced Malik (Graces; official), but also voices Duke (Vesperia; NPC).
      – Laura Bailey voiced Cheria (Graces; official), but also voiced Marta (New World; spin-off).
      – Steve Staley voiced Hubert (Graces; official), but also voiced Jay (Legendia; official, but not same studio)
      – Cam Clarke voiced Kratos (Symphonia; official), but also voiced Will (Legendia; official, but not same studio)

      See what I’m getting at ? Furthermore, Troy Baker (Yuri Lowell; Vesperia; official) questionned the voice director on why didn’t they pick Yuri Lowenthal to voice that character, since the name was similar. They answered that Lowenthal already voiced Luke and Asch in Abyss and that they wished to pick different actors everytime.

      • Elemiel

         Laura also voiced Anise from Abyss. :>

        • Marcelo Gouvea

          No, that was Melissa Fahn…. or, according to people, some Jolie Jackson chick. But I think that’s just an alias.

          • Elemiel

            This is the second time I’ve gotten a VA wrong!
            Gah, it was probably because of the voice she used for Anise.

  • Masengan

    Can’t wait to see/hear the first English trailer.

  • Hraesvelgr

    It really looks like they learned from their release of Graces. These constant updates of the localization process are appreciated, instead of nothing for ages and then suddenly putting the game out.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, aside from the constant updates regarding Xillia they started to improve their communication right before Graces’ European release, and the Namco UK Spokeperson behind the Tales of U twitter account has been doing a fantastic job so far. It’s a shame the US branch hasn’t anyone equally invested in the series, they seem to rely on their European branch a bit too much.

    • MrJechgo

      I liked the voices in Graces F, they matched their JPN counterparts pretty well.

  • xavier axol

    just show us a trailer! stead of having us guessing, please.

  • Good to know. I like to see this type of in-development tidbits so keep ’em coming XD Or a trailer will do.

  • Rob Hestar

    ::Unzips pants:: I’m ready…..

  • Very anxious to hear the English vocals at work in a trailer. In fact, I’m just anxious to get my hands on this title!

  • MrJechgo

    That’s cool and all, but… no video and no name ? Kinda lackluster for a statement.

    •  I’d actually rather not have names just yet.

      Kind of spoils the surprise

      Would like some snippets of the game though

  • XiaomuArisu

    The Tales of dub never dissapointend me,so come at me!

    • Marcelo Gouvea

       Well, there *was* Tales of Phantasia GBA, but I don’t know if that…”dub”…counts.

    • ChocolateBar999

      You just have incredibly low standards….

    • I’ve only played Graces f (needed to complete), but I’m loving the voice acting especially Sophie. 

      Hmmmm…. crablettes. ^^

      Loving that avatar. b^^

      • XiaomuArisu

         Yeah Sophie is awesome.Funny thing is her VA was completely new for me.
        Not like Jamieson”Gigantic”Pierce and Laura Bailey.
        BTW whats better then crablettes?Royal crablettesXD
        She loves crablettes so much she gets a title for eating many crablettesXD

        • Does she?! I need to play it this weekend! I want those crablettes! Mwhahahahaha! :D

        • PersonaBull

           Making me want to replay ToGf. I never finished whatever the extra story was so I can’t even just start a new game+ oh noooo~(technically I can but I want to finish it all first :P) I don’t think I ever got her crablette title though! I definitely need it!

          • XiaomuArisu

             Everyone has a favoritefood title in the case of sophie its no surprise she likes crablettesXD

  • SprintsMcGee

    That’s great! Hopefully the preorder phase will start soon.

  • Jirin

    These pitch changes seem reasonable.  VA isn’t exactly the most important part of a Tales game.  It’s not like they have fully atmospheric cinematic sequences, they’ve got plot skits.  Tales games always have fairly average plots, I play them for the combat.

  • carlospsp

    Haters gonna hate

  • Nitraion

    Ahh release it on Q1 2013 if you done everything please :D

  • I hope it includes the Jap voiceovers. Tales is fan based genre and thats why we love the Tales games so pls if your going to include English then make it dual audio. Del;iver to the hardcore fans. 

    • Luna Kazemaru

       That’s a good one hahaha if the last tales game didn’t have it what makes you think this one will?

    • Wow. You make it sound they are being forced into adding the English voiceover or something. If you want to support the series but don’t like English-only – buy the JP version or learn (if you don’t already know it) Japanese and buy the JP version. Problem solved.  

      I’ve not heard good things about some of the so-called “hardcore fans” of this series from other articles on this site. Are we talking about the same fans who say, “no jp voices, no buy”? So much for being “hardcore”.

      • Tianyu Wei

         you sound like the anti-weabo force or something… people can’t prefer listening to original sound tracks? When you dub something, even as you try your best, you lose some expression, nuance, and many minor quality that actually MATTERS.

        Enjoying as close to as the original is a valid point, and it’s not something that only happens with Japanese stuff. movies in French and German sounds much better/authentic in their own language than English dub.

        It’s about an authentic experience.

        • I have nothing against people wanting Japanese voiceovers in games – I’m all for it, but if your only reasons is for wanting them is for their sound or a sense of authenticity. Why not go all the way? Why not buy all your manga/anime/light novels directly from Japan in raw? Wouldn’t that be the true experience?

          Using movies as a example for your argument isn’t a great one. Yeah, the early films – especially kung-fu ones – were dubbed, poorly. Do you know how many films in English get dubbed for other countries to enjoy? A lot. Of course a film in French or German would sound good, if the movie was aimed towards its intended audience. The internet and technology have grown to allow us to have access to things we wouldn’t of seen if it they haven’t be made available to us by localisers.    

          When a game is localised, what is their main goal for localisation? Broad appeal to an otherwise foreign audience with no level of understanding of the imported good. Whether that be through a dub track or name changes. How people know what ishitsubute is? That name isn’t one a little kid in the west would pronounce very easily or sound as cool, would it? 

          • A bear hug is not enough for this, so I’ll make due with Tipo Hug.


          • Thanks for that! b^^

          • Kevadu

            Of course, just learn Japanese!  It’s so easy, after all.  Only takes like a weekend or something.

            OK, seriously, I’ve been studying Japanese on and off for 10 years now and I still feel like I have a long way to go.  I actually do buy my manga and light novels in Japanese (not anime but that’s mainly because it just costs too damn much, and US releases have dual audio so why bother?).  However even after all this time I still need to keep a dictionary with me while I read them that way.  It’s many times slower than my English reading speed.  Learning a new language as an adult, especially one as different from English as Japanese is, is not an easy thing.

            “Just learn Japanese” is simply not a realistic or viable option for most peope.What the heck is wrong with having a choice?  I can’t believe people are being attacked here for requesting dual audio.  Nobody is saying it should be Japanese-only.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I think the point of conflict is when the original poster and others refer to ‘hardcore’ fans being the ones who want, wish or demand dual audio. That when the point is made that someone wishes to experience the original intent, even using a translation from what is hopefully an English native speaker detracts from that intent. 

            And that perhaps learning another language either as a child or as an adult will never fully prepare that person for the background in which that original language exists. Thus, the experience — regardless of the language presented — can never be original, and thus lets not act like it does.

          • Learning any language is a huge commitment. One that provides both a sense of achievement and at times you just want to give up.

            Going from English to Japanese is not easy but there have been others in that position and have gone on to learn the language and others i.e. the two brothers of Monkey Majik they inspire me to continue learning Japanese. Don’t give up on Japanese!

            There is nothing wrong with choice. But when this choice is unavailable for some reason but a language they are proficient is, but won’t support it due to no JP audio, then there is a problem.

            Valkyria Chronicles came with dual audio, but it didn’t help with it sales; FF comes with only EN audio, yet still sales due partly to brand name.    

        • XiaomuArisu

           The problem here is not”which one is better”its”Jap.audio or no buy”.
          Some like jap some english.
          I prefer Simpsons,south park,Supernatural etc. in the wonderful german dub.
          And I prefer my Tales of in english.
          Just because you or others have different preferences doesnt it mean that my preference is wrong.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          The point we make on Siliconera is games can be experienced and enjoyed in many ways, and that there is not one specific way that defines one as ‘hardcore’. Nor is one way any better than another.

          For you and others, the authentic experience of the original is the important thing. For some, translation and localization mean an experience that for them mirrors the experience of the native audience.

          Here we have space for both.

          • Personally, I started importing Tales games because I’m not interested in arguing the “should-be’s” for the series – aside from the fact that I don’t exactly want to wait for (then-)uncertain English releases with my fingers crossed.

            I’d love nothing more than to understand the entire games in English, but I also like the “Japanese” feel of those games like the “complete” dubs (parts of which tended to be omitted for English releases) and the J-Pop openings. I’m not in the least bit interested in arguing which is the “right” choice; I merely chose the release with elements that I prefer more and thus want to prioritize, in a situation where I can’t have all of them together. (It somewhat helps that recent installments have rather good visual aids, like item icons, that spare me the hassle of remembering some Kanji.)

      • XiaomuArisu

         ….So are we Softcore fans for liking dub?
        And I play the german version,which means english audio and german text.So does that means that I am even “softier”?

        • Kibbitz

          You are a fan. That is all that matters. Ignore anyone that tells you how much lesser of a fan you are for whatever choice you make. You know fully well how much you love the series. Anyone who ever brings up ‘hardcore’ in a discussion about fandom is more obsessed with their own importance and not the material.

        • Like @Kibbitz:disqus said, we are still fans. If you enjoy it with German text, then that’s your prerogative. Enjoy the game, the way you see fit. :D If the so-called hardcore want to call us “softcore”… I don’t care. I still get to enjoy my   gaming experience. :D

          If I could understand another EU language, my options for importing would increase! Alas, I have to stick to English sub or dub to fully enjoy my games.   

      • CirnoLakes

        I am a hardcore fan and I prefer Japanese audio. I think it has slightly less to do with authenticity and more with the fact I simply find Japanese a very beautiful language. Leading to me to often want to hear Japanese dubs of things that aren’t Japanese. Though there also is a degree of authenticity at play, I don’t understand Spanish, but I strongly prefer to watch Pan’s Labyrinth in Spanish. I don’t understand Swedish, but I strongly prefer to watch Let The Right One In in Swedish.

        As for getting the full experience. A lot of people who do like incredibly original versions of a media product, see them as a intermediate stage between fully knowing the language. And works as a cool middle. The argument sounds a lot like “why not just watch anime raw”. But subs have a good and important place in the anime industry. And are in fact, the most popular form for anime consumption in the West. Many Western fans of anime are also big fans of Seiyuu. It’s okay to want to enjoy Japanese audio even if you don’t understand the Japanese language. Despite silly scandal, Aya Hirano is still a very popular voice actress and still sells a lot of things for me.

        As for being a hardcore fan. I am a hardcore fan. I own 3 copies just of Tales of Graces f. I’m determined to pretty much do everything out there of Tales I possibly can. Even owning rare stuff. I do however, consider owning Western copies more of a thing I do because I am not fluent in Japanese as something to hold me over until I play the Japanese versions. And I wouldn’t mind the ability to enjoy Japanese voice actor work in the meantime. Because it makes having to have a Japanese copy of the game even more a must. And is awfully strong on my wallet.

        I do not refuse English or Western versions of the titles simply because of lacking Japanese audio. They are, however, a bit less exciting for me because of this.

        • I, too, love the Japanese language, such a beautiful language to hear spoken or sung in. I find watching something in a foreign language, even with the aid of subs, as a form openness and an appreciation of the product in what ever form of medium it takes.

          An intermediate stage between the two. Yes. However, some of the meaning would be lost i.e. the use of certain use of kanji that form the basis of a joke would be lost on someone with no prior understanding of the language, leading to use of translator’s notes to help maintain the understanding of the original meaning or explain how they are unable to fully translate. Many times I would watch an anime and I would hear: tomotomodachi  or nakama. And they would all be translated into friend, most of the time, is this because there isn’t a direct translation for these words? Or is it just the easiest way for non-Japanese speakers to understand what is going on? I don’t doubt how dedicated many westerners are to Japanese media. I enjoy seeing the convos that people have about their favourite seiyuus; who should voice which characters for upcoming series or the latest news on them.

          Clearly you’re a dedicated fan of the Tales series, I’ve just got into with it Graces f and hope to continue with Xillia and beyond. No problem with people voicing their concerns about the things their passionate about. But, when those same fans put minority concerns over the broader appeal of the series – which allows the series to cement itself in the west and hopefully cater to everyone’s needs with future titles, to the best of their ability, we won’t see any of that happen if the series doesn’t have any localised support.        

          These companies aren’t stupid, with the analytic tools now available, they can now see an increase in export sales from sites that specialise in selling Japanese products to the rest of the world. When they see their efforts to localise a game not fare without a JP track, they lose. When they do release with both and the game doesn’t sale well, they lose. So what can they do to turn it around?

          Until the release of FFX, SE, at that time Squaresoft, didn’t have a single game with an audio track, but it still sold well enough. A matter of fact, no SE has dual audio but still sell well in the west. But Tales can’t seem to do it, what makes Tales, an interesting series, unable to sell similar numbers? When a “majority” (from what I believe) of people seem to hate SE even with the lack of “good” titles in recent years.   

          • CirnoLakes

            “But, when those same fans put minority concerns over the broader appeal of the series”
            I agree to that. I’m personally one who cares about the bigger picture. And I encourage people to buy the games anyway. Just if anything, because we sadly are lucky to get the titles at all.

            That being said, I know I can’t demand everyone to be as hardcore as me as to look past that. And I know that gamers have thousands of games vying for their time and money.

            It’s just not within me to call them whiny and entitled because I don’t think that will help anything. I have a lot of understanding and sympathy of those dying for more original Japanese audio options. Because I’m one of them. And I do think it is possible someday. They do listen over at Bandai Namco, though imperfectly.

            As for the lack of sales of Tales. I think it is because sadly Final Fantasy VII shadows all other jRPGs in the West. Gamers don’t really experiment enough, and most of the games that gamers are experimenting with are the Western games plastered all over the local Gamestop. Thus hardly anything other than Final Fantasy has had staying brand name in the West sadly.

            Namco has also never fed the Tales series quite like it should. Namco grew up on the action platforming discipline that took over before RPGs were more popular. While Square and Enix as both companies, got both of their starts in the RPG genre. And are willing to advertize and stand behind their products. Even if many of the games themselves aren’t nearly as good as a Tales title. Namco like many companies merely experimented with the genre.

            And the most prolific Tales work, is known as the good jRPG that the Gamecube got in the West, for Nintendo folks who bought a Gamecube but were starved as usual for a jRPG since the SNES. Tales of Symphonia was popular on the Gamecube, Final Fantasy VII was popular on the PlayStation, the reigning king of its generation.

            Namco sadly just isn’t as proud of Tales or Klonoa like they’re proud of Tekken, Pac-Man, and so forth. And thus don’t really stand behind, advertise, or even fund them in the fashion I believe they deserve. The real fault of both of these franchises is that the proper word never truly got out about it. Not for people to know the name Tales like they know the name Final Fantasy. In fact even Dragon Quest suffers a bit of that, even though Enix/Square Enix is behind that who do specialize in RPGs. The word just never got out about Dragon Quest in the West like it did in Japan. Thus Final Fantasy does better in the West than Dragon Quest, while in Japan Dragon Quest manages to be even more popular than Final Fantasy.

            Fans of Western games in the West opine similar things about Western games that have a cult following like Tales does. Psychonauts has actually a similar cult following to Tales right now. So does Okami. Okami is a smash hit but still underground. Same with Psychonauts. And the real reason for that is just because nobody really knew about these games outside of hardcore gaming message boards.

            Which I why I can understand hardcore Tales fans are so hardcore with getting with the programming and buying it no matter what. Tales needs to have the word gotten out and needs to be bought. Because Namco sure isn’t going to do that for us.

            It almost makes me wish that Capcom and Bandai Namco were interested in Kickstarter. Capcom for Megaman Legends 3 and a console sequel to Okami, Bandai Namco for Klonoa and Tales(at least for audio and localization in general). I’m sure that they’d all do really well, just like the “Double Fine” Kickstarter did really well. I’d certainly pledge to a Tales dual voice Kickstarter.

    • XiaomuArisu

       English dub lover I am.
      Tales of dub I like.
      Your lack of english dub love disturbs me.

      •  For some reason, I hear Sophie say those very words. How nice.

        • Draparde

          lmao, me too! 

    • Hardcore Fan. Love English dub and don’t mind not having Dual Audio. Don’t generalize and speak for yourself please.

    • Indeed, because the vocal minority knows exactly what the hardcore fanbase consists of.

      • CirnoLakes

        I don’t know how much of a “vocal minority” it is. Sure, many hardcore Tales fans do enjoy dubs, too. But a huge portion of fans also enjoy the original Japanese audio.

        Just because some hardcore fans like dubs, does not mean that the opposite is true of what pro-sub people say. And that Japanese voices wouldn’t make a whole lot of people happy.

        It’s because of things like this that many fans create undubs for things like the Persona and Tales series. There’s obviously an incentive there.

        • Fans can make as many undubs as they want, it’s their business.

          It may be incentive for the fans, but not for Namco Bandai. These “voices,” which in the grand scheme of things is still small, fell on deaf ears from one Tales game to the next. I can pinpoint a number of reasons why dual audio for Tales isn’t going to work, but most people here have done that for me. It would take a miracle for NB to add japanese voiceovers into the disks.

          Also, I don’t necessarily discredit people for wanting dual audio, the problem is how they voices their wants, which is shown above. They never stop asking for DA like this is a birthright for games, like it’s suppose to be a requirement for them. I’m guessing they’ve played too many NISA games. Anyway, it’s really just a bonus in comparison. If someone were to tell me that game X won’t get dual audio, I say “oh well” because I understand why. I got the memo a long time ago. But these pro-sub people sure don’t.

          And at the end of the day, we’re still gonna buy the game because that’s what really matters: playing it, supporting the companies who make the games we like.

          TL;DR: If we don’t get dual audio, we don’t get dual audio, whether we like dubs, subs, or both. Every Tales game had one dub, it’ll be the same for Xillia.

          • CirnoLakes

            You can never play too many NISA games. And that’s definitely a feature and business practice to be praised for and does put their localization rating slightly higher than Bandai Namco or Atlus.

            And you can say all you want. It doesn’t mean that fans should stop requesting dual or Japanese audio for Bandai Namco or Atlus games. People throw around the “boycott” word, because fans obviously come to the immediate conclusion that if don’t threaten to not buy, and just say something like “well I’m going to buy but I would prefer x” nobody will listen to them.

            They are a business, and you do have to complain and complain effectively in order to get better service. And “I’m going to buy it anyway” does not move any corporate heads. It also isn’t the first time Bandai Namco has done such a thing. The .hack// series is known to have dual audio.

            And the amount of people in the Tales fanbase who would like to see original audio options are no small percentage. And similarly, no small number of people would have been disappointed if the .hack// series games did not have dual audio.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             “People throw around the “boycott” word, because fans obviously come to
            the immediate conclusion that if don’t threaten to not buy, and just say
            something like “well I’m going to buy but I would prefer x’ nobody will listen’

            Oh they do listen very well Hence why tales games stop coming along with a number of Japanese games. I wouldn’t be shocked because if I was them I wouldn’t bring them over aswell if I have to deal with whinny and gamers who think they are entitled for the games to come over. This cry and whine and having little fits because you don’t get what you want needs to stop its a really dumb trend.

          • “You can never play too many NISA games. And that’s definitely a feature and business practice to be praised for and does put their localization rating slightly higher than Bandai Namco or Atlus.”

            Because NISA sacrifices english voiced dialogue to save cost and leave enough space on the disk for the JP voicetrack, it makes them a better localization company? Maybe for those who prefer sub first, but for a guy like me who puts dubs first, being one whose played several NISA games like Ar Tonelico (1 and 2), Mana Khemia (1 and 2), Cross Edge, among many others, this sort of tactic presents me with an often boring experience reading text after text. I don’t want to switch to Japanese just because of the lack of English. Do I blame NISA for this? No, because, again, I get the memo. I respect what they do with their budgets even though its scarce in comparison to other companies.

            This brings me to another point regarding these localization factions: every company has a different business model, both in the development of a game and the localization of it. NB would not use similar tactics that NISA or Aksys makes because they don’t want to sacrifice english-voiced dialogue when giving the western audience a triple A product. Tales of Vesperia was blessed with a massively voiced English track, which is a first for the company. They’ve mustered a huge budget to make this work, and it did.

            Japanese voice tracks also require a license, which requires a lot of money to obtain. Even the authority to use a character’s name costs money (remember NISA’s character name changes). This is a few of many issues that will proceed when a localization faction goes through great length just to sell you one product. For all we know, it can be a Tales-only policy. Worst is that these companies don’t even tell us everything that’s behind the scenes.

            “People throw around the “boycott” word, because fans obviously come to the immediate conclusion that if don’t threaten to not buy, and just say something like “well I’m going to buy but I would prefer x” nobody will listen to them.”

            You do know boycotts generally cause drama between both crowds when people make such “threats,” right? Remember Bayonetta 2? The whole Megaman drama? Capcom’s new DLC business model? If you ask me, fans boycotting a game because of a Japanese voicetrack is pitiful in comparison to these.

            ” The .hack// series is known to have dual audio.”

            “Known to?” Sure…

            IMOQ has this, yes, but I don’t remember .hack//G.U. having that, especially after all the videos I watched on YT years ago. Regardless, NB may have changed to their current business model after those games.

            “And the amount of people in the Tales fanbase who would like to see original audio options are no small percentage. And similarly, no small number of people would have been disappointed if the .hack// series games did not have dual audio.”

            And so they shall, and this cycle will just keep on rolling. You and I might even come back doing this. lol Like I said, it would take a miracle for any big budget Namco Bandai RPG to include a JP voicetrack on the disk without risk. Same for the next .hack// game, whatever that is.

        • evilmoogle

          Just because some hardcore fans like Subs, does not mean that the
          opposite is true of what pro-dub people say. And that English voices
          wouldn’t make a whole lot of people happy.

          See what i did there?

          • CirnoLakes

            There are a lot of fans of both.

            Neither one deserves to be left out if it can be avoided.

  • I’m pretty sure the voices will be good. After all Xillia is a main title for them and the Tales series hasn’t ever really let me down in the dub area. Bring it on Namco, bring it on =^_^=

  • Oltheros

    I appreciate their efforts, but I would value dual audio more. Just my 2 cents.

    • CirnoLakes

      And you’re entitled to it.

      I hope you will buy the game anyway, however. Since I’m afraid the only way to have a net positive effect is for more Tales game copies to sell.

  • ZEROthefirst

    I can see Patrick Seitz voicing Alvin, it just seems like he fits it.

    •  I see Kyle Hebert more. Alvin’s mixture of carefreeness and “coolness” works well with Kyle, and we KNOW how he does “cool.”


      • ZEROthefirst

        For got about him lol, but if they got either of those 2 to voice Alvin It’d be perfect.

  • Tianyu Wei

    Why can’t we just have BOTh soundtracks… it’s a freakin BR Disk… it’s more than enough to hold another sound track…

    • Two words: Licensing issues.

      • CirnoLakes

         Two words: Citation needed.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          What Atlus has mentioned since the days of the PS2 readily applies. Production committees are created for almost every game in Japan with VAs handled under a different contract than the game itself. Even the producers and game devs in Japan are not the ones in control of the voice tracks. Think reasonably, if a niche RPG sells 250k outside of Japan today, it would be considered among the biggest successes of all time. Costs of any title have exploded to the place that the days of a successful PS1 game with 25-50k sales are done for. If the choice is getting the game in a single language or not getting it at all, why should there be any discussion?

          NISA has indeed spoiled us, but it is worth noting that few if anyone before them ever considered dual audio and even today, they are the exception — not the rule.

  • Akarnage

    Think we’re getting fully-voiced skits? D:

    I can’t go back to non-voiced skits. I just can’t ):

  • Locklear93

    I’m starting to feel like dub/sub battles need to join console wars on Siliconera’s rule list. -_-

    •  Too trivial for a new rule. It really is. lol

    • Kibbitz

      This. It’s one thing to discuss voiceacting but it never really stays there.

  • Philip Irwin

    I thought the dub for Graces f was pretty solid with a good mix of veteran cast members and mild newcomers.  Everyone needs practice and sometimes these games need to be practice for newcomers.

    That being said, at the same time I hope it’s not OVERLOADED with veterans and more importantly, ones we hear in every single game.  I also hope they don’t just go with particular actors on pitch alone, but also consider the ‘sound’ of their voices.

    …What I’m trying to say here is that I hope they didn’t pick Michelle Ruff for Milla just because she has a deep feminine voice.  I dunno what it is but something puts me off about the idea of that.

    Either way, looking forward to a solid dub and with the voice recordings done, hopefully a spring release date!

    • MrJechgo

      A “deep voice for Milla” doesn’t really match Ruff’s voice range, and like I said (further down), they try not to reuse actors that already voiced past playable characters.
      Why do I get the feeling that these are gonna be the voices ?
      – Jude: Todd Haberkorn
      – Milla: Colleen Clinkenbeard
      – Leia: Cherami Leigh
      – Arvin: Newton Pittman
      – Elize: Tia Ballard
      – Rowen: Robert Bruce Elliot
      Yes, these are Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Gray, Happy and Makarov from Fairy Tail, but since FUNimation got the license for Vesperia: First Strike, that might be a possible cast.

      •  That would be funny is that was the alternative. Funimation actors don’t get their own limelight in Tales often.

        But there’s still a handful of voice actors they could’ve used.

        Jude: Darrel Guilbeau (should fit Playstation’s description)
        Milla: Kari Walghren
        Leia: Luci ChristianAlvin: Kyle HebertElise: Don’t care who does her honestly.Rowen: Steve KramerGaius: Dan Woren (He always gives me that Byakuya vibe)This is still a wish list, but what can you do?

        • MrJechgo

          Here’s my prediction:

          Jude: Spike Spencer (think Rolo Lamperouge… and NOT Arakune)
          Milla: Karen Strassmen (my guess is that she could sound like Fourier in Graces F)
          Leia: Cristina Vee (she sounds like Noel)
          Alvin: Patrick Seitz (his seiyuu is actually Ragna)
          Elize: Mela Lee (Rachel Alucard…)
          Teepo: Cindy Robinson (… and Gii XD)
          Rowen: Doug Stone (Valkenheyn’s voice would be more than fitting for Rowen)
          Gauss: Kyle Hebert (Ritcher Abent’s voice could work)
          Musee: Philece Sampler (Taokaka’s actress also voiced Maria Renard in Castlevania Judgment… I don’t know, but Maria’s voice could work for Musee)

          I could be off though.

          •  Cristi, why didn’t I think of that?!

            Doug Stone works too, but whenever I think of old guys, I always go back to Steve Kramer’s performance as the Third Hokage.

            I know who should be Agria though. Megan Hollingshead. Why? Shion.


            Now I know some people will tell me they hate this dub (it was above average to me), but at least give it some credit for the overly dramatic performances. I want Megan because of this laugh alone. xD

    • puchinri

      Agreed 100%. I really want to see more newcomers in general (and having them work alongside veterans is a good way to help them practice especially). But I do feel like there was an implication of the pitch more than “sound” of the voices, and I hope it really doesn’t sound that way at least. 

  • CirnoLakes

    Soon you will be in my hands… soon.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    so there havent been any confirmation on dub only? im not gonna go into the debate, but im just gonna say that the no addition of dual audio its just cheap, when smaller companies like nippon icchi do it in every game.

    • CirnoLakes

      The Bandai side of Bandai Namco has had a pretty good history with their jRPGs. The .hack// series has dual audio. And I honestly can’t see Tales a weaker, less selling franchise than that.

      I’ve also not heard of any official statement that the licenses for the Japanese voice work is too expensive or so forth. Just fan-assumption.

  • Willi Meyhoff

    I hope this game will do good in the west.

    after all, it’s time to prove it to them that we want Tales games!

  • puchinri

    Although I’m glad they tried to keep the character in-tact with the voices, some of what he says also is a little. . .  disappointing? I feel like localizations teams sometimes try to Americanize things, with voices and translation, and it really shouldn’t have that element added to it.

    If Milla’s voice took a certain pitch at times, that was probably characteristic of her for a reason, and trying to make her sound deeper to keep up with one part of her character but neglecting another part isn’t ideal to me. Same with trying to make Jude sound older to sound more appealing. Is that going to match his character less? (I feel like his age does kind of show in his Japanese voices, and it matches well for that.)

    NISA does this a lot too, very heavily now, and it’s irritating and disappointing. (Well, they tend to do it in translation more than the actual voices.)

    • Göran Isacson

      I can see where you’re coming from, but I don’t think I agree. I find the Japanese tradition of high-pitched voices for girls annoying because really, people don’t talk like that. It’s an exaggaration, kind of like the way dmb people in american cartoons sound very deep and talk like they’re babies, even if nobody talks like that in real life. We accept the stupid voice because we’ve grown up with it and it’s only used in acceptable circumstances- if a character went all “DUUUR WHAT AM THIS” during a very serious scene, it would be very jarring to the overall mood of the scene. I think that’s the key here: the traditional high pitched “anime” girl voice just doesn’t sound natural to a majority of western listeners, and we are only too grateful if it’s removed.

      In fact, I argue that you can change it and lose NOTHING of their original personality, as long as you take care to translate the “intent” of the times her voice goes high pitched in the Japanese version. Is she trying to sound extra cutesy? Trying to play innocent? There are ways to do that in English as well, but they are DIFFERENT ways than they do it in Japanese. In short, I guess what I’m saying is that I welcome our new, deeper-pitched overlords, as long as it feels consistent with their characters.

  • CirnoLakes

    I have to create a new thread because this system only allows a certain amount of replies per thread.

    First of all, I’m tired of illogical claim I keep seeing that hardcore fans are people who say they’re not interested in something because it wasn’t as good as another Tales game like Symphonia, or who will not buy the game if it doesn’t have Japanese audio. That isn’t anything close to a hardcore fan, that is the typical casual game fan that isn’t hardcore or fanboy or fangirl to any particular franchise. They’re casual fans who can be easily swayed to another franchise or game. You wouldn’t call someone who won’t buy the Wii U over region locking a “Nintendo fanboy/girl”. No, people call people Nintendo fanboys and fangirls over their insistence on buying Nintendo products over others despite Sony and Microsoft fan criticisms of Nintendo(usually Sony and Microsoft fanboys and fangirls themselves). So it makes no sense to call someone easily swayed and picky a “hardcore fan”. This definition of “hardcore” is the opposite of what the term means.

    Furthermore, to respond to the last response I was given.
    “Oh they do listen very well Hence why tales games stop coming along with a number of Japanese games.”
    That’s a pretty extreme jump. A lot of Japanese games in terms of coming to the West have been hit or miss. Tales of Phantasia for the SNES did not come over.

    I understand that Tales fans feel beat down and privileged to actually play a JRPG or a game they actually care about many times. Like they have to beg and plead and keep anyone in check. But this is not the norm and really shows how hardcore and hardcore desperate to play a Tales game the West is that we are so excited for table scraps. And I’m in that audience, too, but that just makes me a hardcore fanboy who is happy to have table scraps that the Western video game audience at large could not possibly understand.

    Bandai Namco have a terrible history about caring about their jRPG fans in the West. As in ignoring them no matter how they act for the most part. So the relationship feels more teetery and customers are often in the position of feeling less like customers and more like privileged fellows a company is doing a favor by acknowledging the existence of. But this isn’t normal, and if Bandai Namco feels that way, it’s a problem with them, not a problem with customers.

    “I wouldn’t bring them over aswell if I have to deal with whinny and
    gamers who think they are entitled for the games to come over. This cry
    and whine and having little fits”
    I think that all of the bad treatment of fans by Bandai Namco is making you forget something. We are customers. It’s our job to shop around, be “entitled” to good service, and companies are supposed to want to sell to us, not ignore us. The average video game fan is an entitled person, the average customer of anything is entitled.

    I understand that Western Japanese game fans today, especially jRPG fans, are becoming accustomed by being back to the position that anime fans were treated in the early 90s. But we are still customers and they are a business.

    If you go to Wal-Mart and there’s an item you want and there’s the same or better product elsewhere for cheaper, and you tell them that, they’re not going to say “well, you’re just an entitled whiny idiot”. In actuality, they’re most likely going to price match. If your item is broken, you can take it back. What about broken games and so forth? Heck, is someone a derogatory “hardcore sonic fan” if they find Sonic 2006 to be trash? Is is entitled and whiny if someone expects Sonic Team to do better? No, it’s a hardcore fan who doesn’t even care that Sonic 2006 is a bad game and thinks everyone should buy it and stop whining because “we’re lucky SEGA even still makes Sonic games for us whiny entitled jerks.”

    Every fan of video games has some criteria or standard for which they are willing to spend their own money as a customer on. Especially casual fans who can easily be swayed by someone else. Entitled? They’re a customer, they’re entitled to go buy whatever game they feel like. It’s their money. And if they’d rather go out and buy another game because the latest Tales game was dubbed and no Japanese option, they’re entitled to that, as well. Bandai Namco isn’t entitled to someone’s money just because somone might be remotely interested in the jRPG genre or Tales of franchise.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       So in short you support whinny and brat like behavior..That’s not looking to good there. Yeah you are The customer and yes you are a fan that still gives you no right to act like some kid who had their candy taken from them over some voice acting when you should be happy you are getting the game because as I stated before the games really don’t have to come to the west at all as a number of other Japanese games. Which brings be back to my point where alot of them don’t come over no its not that big of a jump If I was producing said games why should I take the time to bring over something If I know the sales will not make ends meat for the company after all the time was taken to translate it and for what a small thing call Voice acting?

      This is not the 90s anymore English Voice acting has gotten alot better and it has shown deal with it having duel auto brings licensing prices which is alot. Please don’t use oh but these smaller companies do it all the time….Come on you know most of those games don’t even have THAT much voice acting to begin with so that’s a poor example to begin with just like that wal-mart example. I don’t care that much for tales games ( due to story reasons) but I can see they are well made games and respect that but hey yeah you are entitled to do what you want with your money but if you if want to pass up a well made game that has solid Voice acting because you can’t hear it in a language you most likely don’t understand and most of the time does not even match up with the English text then you are NOT entitled to complain when the sales are not what namco wanted and NOT are entitled to blame them for anything of the short when they feel the games to not perform well enough to them to warrant another go at it.This goes for any company that releases JRPG’s.

      • CirnoLakes

        The problem is that it isn’t whiny or bratty behavior. It is normal and expected customer behavior. There is nothing whiny or bratty about threatening to not buy something or not buying something.

        “come on you know most of those games don’t even have THAT much voice acting to begin with”
        Are you saying that Tales games have more voice acting than, say, .hack// or Disgaea games? I’d like to see some proof of that.

        “if you if want to pass up a well made game because blahblahblah voices you don’t understand Japanese”
        That’s all really subjective. Different people have different criteria and most gamers have a few collections of things, that together, make a game worth their time and money.

        • Luna Kazemaru

           Look we can keep circle jerking about this all day about saying its not whinnying behavior but in the end to most it have proven to be said otherwise ts not normal customer behavior.

          Disgaea I will give you that because that is NIS bread and butter other games they have released lately don’t even come close to that.

          Its not really subjective at all you are calling yourself a fan to a product but don’t support it over acting as i say again you most likely don’t understand.

          • CirnoLakes

            I’m not sure how much of a fan I would consider folk who don’t buy over something like that. Certainly not a hardcore fan.

            However, most people aren’t hardcore fans and will have their opinions easily swayed over tiny things and decide to go buy something else. Most consumers, video gamers no exception, are fickle with where they spend their money.

        • Boycotting a “Video game” over what dub they use Is childish no matter how you look at it.

          I mean seriously if you care about something that holds no real value besides preferance and entertainment to the point of boycotting…

          You need a life.

          now if people actually spoke about it like you did than it woulden’t seem as childish since you have been very respectful while talking about the issue(atleast compared to alot of other Tales fans who speak on the issue)

          In the end you can spend your money how you wish, but responding with blind anger and threats will merely make you look like a spoiled brat.

          • CirnoLakes

            “no real value”
            Yeah, I’m sorry. But that’s pretty subjective.

            And “threatening” to not buy isn’t much of a real threat. And it happens all of the time in the video game world. It isn’t always so much boycotting as just people losing interest in something for lacking something they want.

            As for, “having no life”, I get sick of that phrase. If anyone has “no life” though, it’s me for buying up anything Tales related no matter how poor of quality those interested in finding “objective” observations of quality, it might be. I don’t have very discerning tastes.

            I don’t really hold any “good” reasons for most of the media I enjoy or consume. I just like what I like and therefor buy it. Who am I to say what holds no real value in the media? Who am I to tell folks they are childish if they don’t want to buy a Tales game? I’d prefer it if they bought Tales games, but I don’t feel it appropriate to degrade them if they don’t.

      • John Diamond

        constructive criticism and not taking crap from developers is being a whiny brat?
        don’t give the companies a chance to screw you over

        • Luna Kazemaru

          See I knew I would get comments its not constructive criticism at all tho.

          • Jake Joe

            “I receive so many requests from foreign players for Japanese voice
            tracks in the Western version! However, there are some difficulties with
            the company and the voice actors. That said, I will be considering the
            feasibility of it.”

            I blame NamcoBandai of America for not being open about whether or not including both audio is going to happen. Instead we just hear no reply like we don’t exist.

        • evilmoogle

          Okay, screw me over with what? they are not adding dual audio?!
          OMG,the product is ruined!

          You know what a real “screw you over” move is?
          Waiting for a hyped game to come out for 6 years.

  • evilmoogle

    Knew there will be a “dual audio” and “Jpn voice please” comments.
    Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
    No dual audio? deal with it.

    Note: I like both voices and never had a high standard when it comes to voices.

  • 果林

    Eh would be great if they had dual audio if not whatever since I got the Japanese version *-*

  • As a big fan of JRPG’s, I am slightly ashamed to say I have yet to play a Tales Of game, even with my years off gaming experience. I thought about picking up Abyss for the 3DS, but I think I will wait for Xillia. It seems to be shaping up rather well.

  • Yvonne Tsang

    Man, why do they always need to lower pitches? I mean, it makes sense for female characters since real girls don’t sound like that, but sometimes they totally miscast male characters and make them sound like adults instead of teenagers, which is what characters in Japanese-made games tend to be. I wish English dub studios would allow room for younger talent instead of casting the same people (who aren’t getting any younger) over and over again.

    • Arrei

      Tales of Graces f did that. Bryce Papenbrook, age 26, who entered the voice acting field only a few years ago, voiced the protagonist, and he was picked specifically because he was fresh blood, relatively speaking.

      However, Jude is actually one that could benefit from lowering his pitch a bit. He sounds rather feminine for a male hero, and a good number of importers apparently found fault with his personality in the Japanese version, which may be able to take on a different feel with a different pitch.

  • Neah

    I was hoping for the Jap audio coz I really liked how Milla sounded, ooh well. I really can’t wait for Tales of Xillia to come to the EU, will be my first Tales game (only Tales game that applies to me tbh). 

  • Göran Isacson

    I am okay with this… but is it strange that I’m mostly interested in buying this because I want to increase the odds of getting Xillia 2? I don’t know what it is about protagonists who transform, but I sure know I love them and want to play as them.

  • Draparde

    I can’t wait until this comes out~!

  • *preparing excited dance of joy*

  • splintered

    You kids these days… Clearly the best way to solve this “dual audio or no buy” issue is to just have no voices. At all. And just read everything and imagine how they would sound in our head using our imaginations… Like the good ol’ days! :D  Who remembers that? Only me?

    In all seriousness, I’m fine with English and Japanese voices in most JRPGs these days and I’m excited they’re giving Xillia a chance over here in the West. I’ll buy it day 1 because it’s a fun game and do my best to get everyone I know (who plays vidja games) to at least try it out.

    • 紅蓮

      Nay, best solution ever is to go learn Japanese :V

      Already platinum-ed this and don’t give a f*ck whether there will be dual audio or not, already enjoyed Sawakichi, Sugita Tomokazu and Hayami Saori’s voices while playing through two playthroughs :V

    • colorblindnightmare

      In all honesty dual audio isn’t a deal breaker for me. It’s a nice perk but not necessary. I was quite fond of the english dubbing for RE6and Asura’s wrath just to name a couple.

  • Pre-order hands down… come-on OPEN THEM UP!

  • Hahaha, and considering that Milla’s Japanese voice was already very very low for there, that’s fitting~

  • Setsuna ♥

    I love how they explain the choice in voices, I’m sure most of us complain about dubs in some way or another but at least this way we know they didn’t just take some randm VA that sounded nice or someone with some big name (like JYB) and slapped them in there.

    I played the game in JP last year (currently play ToX2) I can’t wait to play this one in English :)

  • Dyne1319

    I don’t understand why they can’t just include the JP audio, I’m sure they are going to be horrible they always are, Tales games have a tendency to be really bad in that department, Vespariea being 1 of the better voiced but still had a handful of annoying character voices and poor choices, and don’t even get me started on tales of graces F, it was so bad I had to turn off the sound.  So forgive me if i’m skeptical about your VA’s.

    • elppakcuf

      i heard for keeping the original voices in overseas releases the company has to pay extra money to actors, don’t know if it’s true, don’t care, i play undubs or japanese versions on purpose

    • Arrei

      That you can label Tales as having a tendency to be really bad, I’m inclined to wonder if you simply hate all English voice acting across the board. Tales is generally seen as having pretty good voice acting minus a couple of performances that lose the feel of the original (such as Asbel’s confidence being lost in his English dub, for one).

  • elppakcuf

    judgin by the experinec from all the dubs i played i can already imagine..
    “Hey!”, “Take that!”, “Ugh!”, “Are you dumb?”, “Go to hell!” – that makes me shrug in disgust..

    • Arrei

      You say that as if those lines themselves make dubs bad, and that Japanese scripts never use such phrases.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Ok then! I’m pretty excited for this, haven’t played a good tales game in a while, sorry but Graces R wa spretty bad imho

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