Aksys Shares Ragnarok Tactics Strategies And Connections To Ragnarok Online

By Spencer . November 7, 2012 . 5:00pm


Ragnarok Tactics is a tactical take on the Ragnarok Online universe Aksys picked up the PSP strategy RPG and brought it to North America. In this interview, localization editor Mike Engler shares some strategies you can use in Ragnarok Tactics and talks about how the game connects to Ragnarok Online.


Where does Ragnarok Tactics fit into the Ragnarok universe or should we call it a multiverse now?

Mike Engler, Localization Editor: No, it is a still very much a single universe filled with wonders, secrets, and stories yet to be discovered. And like our own yet to be fully understood universe, the reality in which Ragnarok is firmly ensconced has many lands, worlds, and nations where the inhabitants live, die, and, in the case of Ragnarok Tactics, go on grand adventures across war-torn lands in a desperate attempt to save humanity from not only an ancient evil, but from itself.


Short version (with 100% less overly pompous and thesaurus-abusing language! Also; NO COMMAS!): Ragnarok Tactics is an entirely new and original cycle of stories that takes place in the Ragnarok Universe and is generally subject to its rules and limitations.


Gungho Online Entertainment has been using the Ragnarok mythos to make a bunch of different games. What elements from Ragnarok Online does Ragnarok Tactics use?


The two things that players will notice right off of the bat are job classes and the menagerie of monsters. In addition, Ragnarok Tactics (RT will be used occasionally from here on out to avoid repeating the name of the game 100+ times) also adds the ability to play as the two merchant families/clans found in the online games: the manly Jonda and the feminine (yet insanely lethal) Kafra. The art style and settings in RT also fall very much in line with the online game’s aesthetic.


As far as game mechanics go, RT uses a streamlined version of the level up system found in its PC-based progenitor. While you can’t reset your character back to level one, you can swap jobs and gain access to more advanced jobs by mastering their entry-level counterparts. You also get the requisite Base points and Job points to distribute however you want to build the ultimate monster-slaying machine. Or divinity-level healer. Or battlefield scavenger par excellence. Or a William Tell-tier archer. You get the point…I hope… If not, I can keep this up all day.



Ragnarok Tactics had a pretty big demo that let players "beat" the game once. Is Aksys bringing this over?


Unfortunately, the demo will not be making its way over across the stormy Pacific (we’re on the west coast, don’t ye ken) due to <insert a long-winded tale about cats and cake-symbiotes fighting it out for supremacy of the universe. Also, puppies wearing HATS!>.

Or something like that…


Did Aksys suggest or make any gameplay tweaks compared to the original version?


We didn’t make any game play tweaks or changes, but we did include most of the DLC offered in Japan so that you don’t have to fret about missing out on anything earth-shattering. I knew you’d be pleased.




Can you share some tips to help us out during the game’s battles?


Like in life, balance and a robust imagination are key. In addition to the standard swordsman/assassin/healer/sniper classes, Ragnarok Tactics also has a few unique classes that act as facilitators to other jobs by boosting stats and abilities. I found that having a Clown/Dancer combo in your party to be a lot of fun, and they have combo techniques that can be WTH-tier devastating.


I also HIGHLY recommend assigning two characters healing/support duties. I went with a traditional healer for spells and an assassin for item use due to their wide range and high turn rate. For straight-out carnage duties I went with the champion class as their charge-up skills ensure maximum damage when it’s time to take down a target.


A disclaimer: Due to time restriction I only played about 8 hours or so of the game so I didn’t unlock any advanced job classes or learn super-duper high-level skills. You’ll want to experiment with the different classes until you find a party that tickles your fancy/is capable of driving its enemies before them while enjoying the lamentations of their women.*


*Yes, I know the quote isn’t 100% accurate, but it fits so I went with it. Here, have a chocolate bunny. It’ll make you feel better.

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  • $3587643

    lol so randum xD

    No but seriously I’m pretty sure Aksys doesn’t hire 15 year old girls. Cut that shit out.

    • Yuriangels

       hey not nice! the game does not look that bad. You haven’t ever play the game yet!! gave it a chance (O_0)

      • Muffum

        He’s referring to all the jokes Mike makes during the interview, which are the “being random for the sake of being random” kind of jokes you’d expect from a teenage girl. I have to agree with him, though I probably wouldn’t be as… straightforward, let’s say, about it.

    • ??

    • I am need of further explanation of what you are trying to say good sir.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Explanation: Most of his comments are either rude or whingy about something or other, it’s just what he does.

        • $3587643

           I love you too, bro.

          • Don’t even start. He said that precisely because that’s what you’ve done repeatedly in the past.

          • $3587643

             Uh. Don’t even start expressing affection because, since you’ve been negative in the past, you’re not allowed to be anything but negative? Don’t even start making offhand remarks noting the silliness of being rude and whingy about a poster who is often rude and whingy? Don’t even start what?

            I’m really not understanding what you’re going for here.

          • If you genuinely wanted to display “affection”, there are other ways to reply aside from sarcastic comments and feigned ignorance. I’m not gonna continue this childish argument of semantics and reification.

      • $3587643

         As Muffum said elsewhere, I was criticizing Mike Engler for acting like a Hot Topic customer instead of an adult human being. It bodes extremely poorly for a game’s writing when someone with the job title of “Localization Editor” can’t get through an interview without forcing us to endure his childish, godawful attempts at ‘jokes’. Very poorly indeed.

        • Oh my I see. Thank you for the deeper explanation :3

    • FFmax


  • i preordered this game 

  • s07195

    Uh… what does ‘original’ mean? Dang it, now I need to go look in a ‘Dictionary’!

  • Does anyone know if we are getting this game in Europe?

  • there a spellsword class in Ragnarok?

    • PoweredByHentai

      The Sage sort of fits that bill.  Not entirely sure if Sage class made into Tactics since it was on Ragnarok Online.

    • The Rune Knight third job in Ragnarok Online sounds like what you’re asking for.

  • Wackoramaco87

    Pretty excited to play this, as I’ve never played any of the Ragnarok games before! Hope it turns out to be solid srpg! =D

  • Godmars

    Does this have the “classic” battle animations of the original online game?

    • Tianyu Wei

       that’d be neat lol… i remember Soul Breakers with Augur/Ice Pick on Assassins like it was yesterday XD

  • Sounds like having a White Smith on your team would be a great asset, they had some awesome buff skills in RO that affected the entire party.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Grabbing this tomorrow. Already playing Ragnarok Odyssey too, haha. Its a shame though, since most of my early teen-hood was spent in Ragnarok Online, I can’t remember much of it or the lore at all. I feel like I’m missing out.

  • miyamoto

    Alas an English version. Must buy for me. Japnese ver was good.

  • Go2hell66

    anyone else reminded of FFVII when watching that launch trailer?

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