Want Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? Better Buy It While You Still Can

By Ishaan . November 7, 2012 . 9:45am

In 2008, Capcom struck a deal with Japanese animation house, Tatsunoko Production, to publish a cross-over fighting game titled Tatsunko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.


Featuring Capcom characters such as Ryu and MegaMan, and Tatsunoko ones like Ken the Eagle and Casshan, the game was developed by Eighting and released for the Wii. Capcom then released Tatsunoko vs. Capcom in the west in 2010, with enhancements such as online multiplayer.


Soon, you may not be able to find Tatsunoko vs. Capcom in stores anymore.


Capcom’s rights with Tatsunoko lapsed “fairly recently,” so they are no longer allowed to sell Tatsunoko vs. Capcom either physically or digitally to consumers, Capcom USA’s senior VP, Christian Svensson, shares on the company forums.


So, if you still want the game, you should probably pick it up soon, as stores won’t be receiving new copies once they run out of their existing stock. The chances of any kind of re-release are slim, too, unless Capcom were to strike a new deal with Tatsunoko.


Food for thought:

Earlier in the year, another licensed Capcom fighter, Fate/Unlimited Codes—also developed by Eighting—went past its expiry date, too. Hopefully, everyone who wanted that game managed to grab it in time.

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  • Christopher Nunes

    I’m lucky I got both Tatsunoko VS Capcom and Fate/unlimited codes when I did! Sucks they’re not going to be available anymore (and in F/uc case it already did).

    • That makes you the owner proud owner of two rare games then. :D

    • midgard229

      im not a fan of TvC, I think its boring, maybe because i dont like most of the character. I do love me some fate though

      • Budgiecat

        You probably need to watch the shows to appreciate them more…

        get on that…

  • Suck! TvC is an awful lot of fun, and all the better with the US release having additional characters. (Though this did bite me in the rear the one time I played a candy cab version of it. =P ) I’d highly recommend interested peeps to pick this up while they can. It’s a pretty good fighter, but just didn’t really have the widespread appeal of say MvC3.

  • I’m smelling collector’s value.

  • It can’t be overstated how much of a miracle Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was. This was a time when Capcom would bend over backwards to get what was thought to be an unlocalizable game into store shelves everywhere. Can you imagine present-day Capcom putting in the effort to do anything of this magnitude just because a few thousand people heard of it? Keep in mind that this is the same company that didn’t bother localizing a follow-up to one of their own much more popular properties yet still announced Ace Attorney 5 anyway.

    • As has been discussed many, many times in the past, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 is an unfortunate exception in that it wasn’t a financially viable localization. TvC actually sold moderately well. Ace Attorney Investigations didn’t. The DS market was too plagued by piracy by then.

      • Budgiecat

        Piracy never stopped well known DS games from selling well.

        • True, but the kind of games you’re talking about are really well-known games. At the end of the day, Ace Attorney is still a fairly niche series, even though it’s extremely popular within its niche. Big fish in a small pond kind of deal.

      •  Could be the reason why the Tales DS games never came to America and/or Europe as well or just that Namdai hated us, yeah… that’s the reason.
        Anyway, the Wii was also plagued by piracy you know. People can easily mod/hack their Wii and download & play games.
        So there was still some success with Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

        • Modding your Wii is way harder for the average person than simply buying an R4 or something. The two don’t really compare if you ask me. 

      • CirnoLakes

        I’ve never seen piracy as being a particular cause for a lack of sales.

        Usually heavily pirated games are heavily bought games. There’s a quote from someone in the industry, I forgot who exactly sadly, that went like this: “Don’t worry when they’re pirating, worry when they’re not pirating.”

        Piracy usually means “I want to play this game but I already spent all of my current paycheck” not “I’m not spending money on some stupid video games.” I’ve had some pretty poor friends during my life, and for several of them, they wouldn’t buy anything at all they hadn’t pirated first.

        As much as Ace Attorney is awesome. I don’t think that’s to blame for the poor sales.

      • I can only imagine clearing well over a dozen licenses for both North America and Europe was somewhat more strenuous than localizing a game composed entirely of in-house text.

  • KingGunblader

    I don’t know how well this game was received by the hardcore fighting game fans, but I remember having a ton of fun with it. Thanks for reminding me, Ishaan! I’m going to go find it!

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Damn..I guess now it’s a better time to get a copy.

  • CudaBiro

    I’m disappointed they never released it on other consoles though. I was really interested in playing it, but couldn’t commit to purchasing a Wii just for it. 

  • Krimson4eva

    Ah money in the bank for selling this soon

  • ronin4life

    Yeah I got unlimited codes. It was my main entry into the fate series… well, my only entry besides Extra.

    And my nendo saber. ^,^;;

  • ddh819

    i have this and 2 TvC sticks. maybe i should have kept the boxes. well i’m never selling them anyway.

    • almostautumn

      Same— just played this with a buddy no more than a week ago also. My favorite entry in the VS series, no doubt; so easy to just dig into and enjoy.
      Yatterman & Jun the Swan FTW!

  • aww crap I better grab it soon then.

    • Budgiecat

      Get me a copy too. 

      Also one for Ishaan


    It should be fine to grab TvsC as a pre-owned game from Gamestop, isn’t it?

  • Peace Legacy

    IP copyrights
    Enemy of modern joy
    Divide us gamers

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. Surfing around shows that the only Swedish copies of these I can find seems to be used copies up for auction… I guess it must have sold well enough to it’s core audience! Come to think of it, how much DID it sell overall? Any numbers on that?

    • They never commented on exact figures, but they did say that it beat their initial expectations and was a success. 

      • Göran Isacson

        Huh. Nice to see that, even if it most likely wasn’t a huge number. At least it goes to show a crazy labor of love can work out, even if it is for an unexpected platform and featuring relatively unknown (to one market at least) characters.

  • Istillduno

    TvC was easily the best new Capcom fighting game this gen, just a shame it was Wii only so it got overlooked offline and the online was toss. (Seriously think worse than pre-patch Tekken 6 online)

  • MrRobbyM

    Oh god I’ll get this asap. I’m preparing my wallet as I type this comment.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    Oh hell. Here comes the ridiculous price-gouging by secondhand sellers.

  • LynxAmali

    I’m assuming this throws the idea of another one out the window?


    Would’ve loved another one (especially if they included more Tekkaman Blade characters, like say, Evil or Rapier.)

    • Just Tim

      On an off-topic note, there’s a joke right now that Viewtiful Joe, let alone Capcom, won’t make it to SRW because GodHand poked fun of Mazinger Z’s OP theme, and it doesn’t help Batsu’s VA is GaoGaiGar while Blade himself made an appearance in an SRW game.

  • neo_firenze

    I doubt this has much practical effect on availability anyway.  It would actually be rather surprising to me that they were still doing any new print runs of the game, so I’d suspect most of Capcom’s inventory had already made its way to retail (or the second hand market). 

    Realistically, this seems like it would only affect sales direct from Capcom (say, direct from their online store), or limit Capcom’s future ability to do a digital download version in the future.  Not that we can buy any digital Wii games now, but maybe down the road on WiiU or something…

    At any rate, I have my Japanese copy (reason I modded my Wii) and the later US release.  Plus a Sanwa-modded MadCatz TvC stick.  So I’m good :)  Great game though!

  • Wow, Ebay and Amazon are going to have a field day with this lol

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    There goes my dream for Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2.T_T

    • Just Tim

      #BestCaseScenario is for @tatsunoko_pro, Capcom, and fans alike is to make a new deal for TvC2: Return of Super Heroes for Tatsunoko’s 50th anniversary (keep in mind Karas was the 40th Anniversary commemoration, by virtue that their 1st anime series was aired in 1965 Japan).

  • WingsOfEternity

     So no SKET DANCE?

  • CirnoLakes

    >Capcom Tried To Get Samurai Pizza Cats For Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
    How did I miss this article? How? Oh yeah, I wasn’t around.

    Oh my God. That’s disappointing. I love Samurai Pizza Cats. Samurai Pizza Cats needs to come back.

    Speaking of the piracy discussion down below, if this game really does become a rare an expensive collectible, I can expect it becoming a popularly pirated game. And also a much bigger cult hit than it is now.

  • This is sad news to hear.  I wonder why Capcom couldn’t renew the license with Tatsunoko?

  • Elvick

    Shame. They should have renewed it, and released it on HD Platforms for more exposure. It’s a great game. 

    Only flaw to games like these I suppose.

  • Debating whether to buy any local copies I can find to sell later as collector’s items

  • Just Tim

    I’m just grateful I got the chance to play this game, to the point I even humiliated other players with Roll.

    Yeah, SRK, I dare you to win as Roll vs Karas on a 1-on-1; oh wait, you can’t, because you don’t wanna get told, “YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED BY A LITTLE GIRL!”

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