Chulip, The PS2 Kissing RPG, Puckers Up For PlayStation 3 Re-Release

By Spencer . November 20, 2012 . 2:18am

imageIf you’re sick of sequels and want to play something completely different you should check out Chulip. There isn’t anything like it since the game revolves around kissing people in a small town to restore the hero’s health.


Let’s back up a bit. Chulip is about a guy who gets rejected by his dream girl. Your father responds by telling you to kiss a bunch of people to raise your reputation in Long Life Town. Characters in Chulip live life on their own schedule, so part of the game is waiting until time passes to surprise them with a kiss. You also have to collect items to write a love letter, fill in as a defense attorney (take that Phoenix Wright!), and… deal with aliens.


Since Chulip was only sold as a GameStop exclusive late in the PS2’s lifecycle it didn’t get as much attention. Maybe it’ll get a second shot as downloadable PS2 Classic for PlayStation 3? The ESRB re-rated Chulip with Sony Computer Entertainment America as the publisher indicating a PSN release in the near future. After completing Chulip, Yoshiro Kimura went on to making Little King’s Story and No More Heroes with Marvelous.

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  • Robert M. Fenner

     The thing about this game, is that it was impossible to complete without a walkthrough in hand. The PS2 game came with a walkthrough in its manual.

    •  Oh, geez… Any game that actually gives you a walkthrough with it is practically telling you “this will be long and/or hard”.

      • Boy was it ever. I only played it for a few hours after realizing it wasn’t very fun to have to just look up the answers to everything.

        • Robert M. Fenner

           Yeah. I was looking forward to this game from 2002-2007, but it really wasn’t very fun to play. Awesome soundtrack though.

          Finding a ‘big poopie’ in the woods and dying hours between save points…so many cheap and unexpected deaths, it was like playing a Sierra game.

          • Elvick

            Wait, you die in a game about kissing people? o_O;

            edit; vvv missed that :P

          • Nyandroid

            “Revolves around kissing people in a small town to restore the hero’s health
            I’d say, yes.

          • You can die in some pretty horrible, horrible ways, actually. Like getting gunned down by a robotic policeman with flashlight eyes and an uzi, or getting the blood sucked out of you by a vampiric dentist who prowls the streets at night.

            It’s a gloriously bizarre game. I reviewed it on GameFAQs long before it was released in English, and stand by the high score I gave it. The novelty factor of this game is outstanding.

          • Robert M. Fenner

             It was in fact Tom’s review many, many years ago that piqued my interest in the game.

            It is a great piece of weirdness, and worth playing, but has a lot of bad design flaws.

      • Robert M. Fenner

         To make matters worse, IIRC there were a few errors in the manual’s walkthrough so you had to go to gamefaqs anyway.

    • Göran Isacson

      Oooh, that did turn my expectations down a notch… but one the other hand, if its cheaper online AND I’m prepared for an insane difficulty, I may end up enjoying the good parts and have more patience with the bad. It’s funny, the way expectations can color our perception of a games quality…

      Unless it’s also not just hard, but also flat out super boring to play. In that case I am just dissapoint.

    • Misty Jugs

      yeah, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get very far without a walkthrough. There’s also a lot of waiting and backtracking. Later in the game things get very time consuming and it gets really annoying. I loathe Funny Bone Factory.

      I did enjoy the game, though. Well, at least the quirky/unique characters and story. Gameplay was awful.

  • HassanJamal

    This game sounds weird….I must try it.

  • this was the only game my ps2 had disc read errors would, i would love to actually try this game

  • Tachimukai

    I remember watching the Let’s Play of this on the Something Awful forums. I’ve always wanted to try it since I like quirky games like these just for the experience, but I could never find a copy.

    Guess I’ll be able to try it soon!

  •  The PS2 version is still cheap thinking of picking that version up and hope this is a sequel or whatever for double dip

  • Really interesting game, and refreshing in a sense, but I found it to be really frustrating at parts. I can’t remember exactly what put me off, but I know the kissing parts need specific requirements, then I was being attacked by poop which took away my life, and time did not speed up for those daily deadlines (they had a couple items that would help, but not that much).
    I might actually give it another go if it was available again, and I think novelty of it is enough to keep some people interested. I think got stuck at the factory part. I don’t know anyone who beat the game, yet, either.

  • I think I played an eroge with this exact same plotline.

  • Learii

    i haven”t play this i must  pickk it up

  • Barrylocke89

    Oh, I remember hearing about this game a couple years back. I kinda wanna try it just for the widget factor.

  • Hours

    This a really fun game. Very weird, but that’s why I like it.

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