This Week In Sales: Animal Crossing Hits 1 Million; 3DS XL Outsells Vita

By Ishaan . November 21, 2012 . 2:30pm

Period: The week of November 12th – November 18th (2012)

Top-seller: Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 290,280

Nintendo 3DS sales: 51,441 | Total sales: 7,122,323

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 117,435 | Total sales: 1,136,071

PlayStation Vita sales: 13,091 | Total sales: 1,042,804

<< Last week’s software sales chart


Last week’s biggest release in Japan wasn’t a piece of software, it was this:

That’s a Nintendo 3DS XL bundle with New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-installed. It pushed 3DS XL sales hard, and brought them to 1.13 million. The 3DS XL has now outsold the PlayStation Vita’s lifetime sales. Meanwhile, New Super Mario Bros. 2 sales are now at 1.38 million (including sales from the bundle).


Animal Crossing: New Leaf crossed the 1 million mark last week, too. Retail sales of the game are at about 890,000 copies sold, but counting even just the initial download sales, the game is comfortably over the 1 million mark.


Last week also saw the  release of new red and blue colours for the PlayStation Vita, which gave the system’s hardware sales a temporary boost for the week. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation was released last week as well, and sold around 24,000 copies on the Vita. Meanwhile, Assassin’s Creed III on consoles sold 72,500 copies on PS3 and close to 9,300 copies on the Xbox 360.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
01. 01. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 290,280 893,344 3DS Nintendo
New 02. Assassin’s Creed III 72,504 New PS3 Ubisoft
05. 03. New Super Mario Bros. 2 41,658 1,385,212 3DS Nintendo
New 04. Summon Night 4 40,111 New PSP Namco Bandai
New 05. Medal of Honor: Warfighter 25,097 New PS3 Electronic Arts
New 06. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation 24,304 New PSV Ubisoft
02. 07. Dynasty Warrriors 7: Empires 14,911 85,012 PS3 Tecmo Koei
New 08. Need for Speed: Most Wanted 13,383 New PS3 Electronic Arts
New 09. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Best Price!) 13,236 New 3DS Capcom
04. 10. Tales of Xillia 2 12,337 411,565 PS3 Namco Bandai
New 11. Assassin’s Creed III 9,261 New 360 Ubisoft
New 12. Aikatsu! Cinderella Lesson 8,725 New 3DS Namco Bandai
06. 13. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy 8,624 257,884 3DS Square Enix
08. 14. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 8,454 59,176 PSP Konami
11. 15. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 7,492 355,985 PS3 Konami
09. 16. Okami HD 7,141 86,797 PS3 Capcom
13. 17. Run for Money Tousouchuu 7,102 236,737 3DS Namco Bandai
12. 18. Style Savvy: Trendsetters 6,696 173,113 3DS Nintendo
15. 19. Pokémon Black/White 2 5,736 2,834,685 DS Pokémon Co.
10. 20. Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition 5,487 73,697 PS3 Sega


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and

  • Ethan_Twain

    It’s long been a trend that “evergreen” software that lingers on the Japanese sales charts is something that happens best on Nintendo hardware.  But normally these long selling titles are made by Nintendo too.  But this Run for Money game…. wow. It’s clearly not going anywhere, and has also made way more money that was expected of it.  Congrats Namco-Bandai.  This does beg the question though, how is this gonna change the market?  Namco-Bandai, if not others, are going to be making a bunch of new TV Show licensed games to try and recapture this success, no?

    • I think Run for Money might just be some kind of crazy anomaly. Namco are already in the business of releasing licensed games, though. 90% of their output is anime games. :)

      • s07195

        How long has it stayed on the charts, coincidentally?

        (Counts as my weekly Run for Money post :P)

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Run for Money is different case as it is i think currently one of the most famous TV shows.

      Just like how Deal or No Deal do quite well in U.S even though the game is very much a simple thing.^_^

  • $29082171

    Good, good.

    Now PLEASE bring the 50 other currently japan-only bundles that the 3DS has over the west, Nintendo, preferably the Fire Emblem one with the cobalt blue 3DS.

    • Junko Enoshima

      And the Charizard and Pikachu bundle…

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Pikachu bundle is coming out……..though only for Europe.T_T

        • Junko Enoshima

          I want to move to Europe, sell my current 3DS, convert the money into pounds, then buy it. ;(

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            THats a good idea…….. but you will lose Etrian Odyssey 4 there? Dillema is it?^_^

          • Junko Enoshima

            Stop confusing me! :(

            Meh, I’ll just wait here, as I’ll probably get Soul Hackers and EO4 here anyways…

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            I love confusion lol.^_^ Well, this is the current problem sadly.T_T

            In Europe, you had better chance for Level-5 game while on U.S you will get Atlus goodness and X-Seed as currently Atlus don’t have any branch on Europe which makes the gamer over there to be very dependent on Zen.

  • Naninho Carioca

    Impressive! But I think we shouldn’t include NSMB2 sales from the bundle. These aren’t physical copies of the game, so tracking sales will become confusing.

    I’m not sure on how Nintendo Network accounts work, but if these copies need to be linked to them, the company will probably count these as digital when reporting sales.

    • kylehyde

      Media Create only tracks physical sales

    • Media Create are counting those because they were sold as part of a retail hardware bundle. For future reference, Media Create always include hardware bundles as part of overall sales for any given game. 

      The only difference in this case is that there was no cartridge. The game was just included as a download instead of on a cart. :)

      Also, for what it’s worth, Iwata didn’t count Animal Crossing 3DS bundle sales when he tweeted download sales figures for the game. Both Nintendo and Media Create consider hardware bundles to be part of retail sales.

      • Naninho Carioca

        Oh, that’s interesting. Thanks!

        I guess it was pretty obvious that a company devoted to tracking sales like Media Create is better than me …tracking …sales.

        • No worries, we all start somewhere!

  • malek86

    Uhm. There are another 19 weeks before the end of the fiscal year. Xillia needs to sell another 240k units in that timeframe in order to meet its projections. So it roughly needs to sell 12k units per week from now on.

    The holidays might give it a boost, but after that it will probably drop fast. It’s already down to 12k at its third week. Can it really do it?

    • LinkofCourage

      Not a chance.

    • Ladius

      Considering most home console Tales games have an habit to sell roughly 100k more copies after their first weeks according to past motherships’ LTD data, I think it could manage to reach 550k (which would imply an higher number of shipped copies, since the current shipment is slighly below 470k according to last week’s MC sellthrough report).

      That said, it’s important to remember that even with the current numbers Xillia 2 is still the most successful Tales release in the last six years aside from Xillia 1, just as its opening was the second best in the series in the same timeframe.

      • The series has been doing decently these past few years. Namco’s real troubles with Tales won’t begin until after 2014, once the PS3 is phased out. 

        • Göran Isacson

          And new hardware arrives that will, I presume, be more expensive to work on and which they will have to spend some time to get acquainted with?

          If that’s the case, do you think that the Wii U could be the next place for the franchise to move on to? In terms of development costs and hardware power I believe I’ve read that the Wii U isn’t that different from most current HD consoles, so do you think Namco will want to move development there instead of the (supposed, at this point) more expensive next-gen Sony and Microsoft consoles? Or do you think the Tales of-audience won’t approve of the Wii U thereby making it a bad choice for Namco?

          • Well, more than the hardware and cost of development, I was thinking about the eco-system of the next round of consoles. As we all know, the PS3 got off to a very rough start in Japan. Not only did this screw Sony over, it also screwed over a lot of publishers who had put their faith in Sony and the PS3, and were banking on it doing well. 

            With the PS3’s failure, software sales dropped all across the board. Meanwhile, publishers were clearly not prepared for the success of the Wii, nor did they have any clue of how to make sense of the new controller and how it would or wouldn’t affect their games. So they stayed away, stuck to their guns, and kept developing 360/PS3 games.

            After years of publishers stuffing the market with their various games, the PS3 was pulled out of its limbo little by little, and an acceptable eco-system for software sales created. It didn’t come easily, however. So, what happens after the PS3 is phased out? Will PS4 go through the same issues all over again?

            Specifically in the case of Tales, the reason these games succeed on Sony hardware is because the PS3 has become Japan’s go-to Blu-Ray player and overlaps with the anime audience, which Tales is clearly aimed at. So what happens when the PS3 is phased out? Will they have to wait for PS4 for take its place? Will they switch to 3DS or Wii U? Will they go completely multiplatform?

            They have options, of course. It’s just interesting to think about what they’ll do. Tales isn’t a genre leader. It first relies on Final Fantasy to create an RPG userbase on a particular console, then swoops in to provide further games to that userbase. This gen, things lined up perfectly for Tales. FFXIII was a failure, and PS3’s anime audience was receptive of Tales filling that void. Things may not line up quite so neatly for Namco next time.

          • Peeka Chu

            All of your suppositions are based upon the assumption that Sony will make another machine like the PS3 (hugely specced and with a massive cost). As we’ve seen with the Vita – despite them misreading the market or generally mishandling the device – Sony got the design right by using high-end but off the shelf components to keep the software development and hardware manufacturing costs low. There is no reason why they wouldn’t pursue this route again, in fact, I think its exactly what they will do. And again, going off the Vita, its had great support for (J)RPGs, regardless over its overall appeal. That’s pretty much all that is on the system at the moment, despite Western fans not getting any. 

            They also wanted to win a format war, and I guarantee you there won’t be any of that nonsense complicating the product portfolio again next year when new consoles are announced.

          • sd28

            personally i believe they should start going multi platform  ps3 and wiiu until the ps4 hits a reasonable level of success then wiiu and ps4 if its still profitable

          • @google-f3968aea901f635f48876fb0bcb5a9ac:disqus You’ll forgive me if I don’t consider ports and remakes of older games to be “decent RPG support,” especially while its competitor is getting brand new titles alongside ports and remakes of more popular older games.

            Clearly, the vast majority of other consumers can tell the difference between the two. If you aren’t willing to accept this fact, I don’t know what else I can say, other than that I’m glad you love your Vita, but clearly, it isn’t appealing enough to consumers at large.

            The other thing to note is that several of these games were in development before the Vita was even released. Just how many publishers will be willing to greenlight Vita projects in light of its performance remains to be seen, but judging by the announcements thus far, there’s absolutely no reason to be optimistic. 

            But getting back on topic, my suppositions are not based on PS4 hardware being difficult to develop for. As you pointed out, the Vita doesn’t present any complex architectural hurdles, and if Sony are smart, they will likely adopt this same approach with the PS4. I’m mostly confident that the PS4 will be a relatively simpler piece of hardware to develop for than the PS3 was.

            Rather, my suppositions are based on the fact that Sony do not have any major first-party franchises with which to sell their consoles. This past generation, they got very lucky because the Xbox 360 was never going to be a competitor in Japan, despite Microsoft’s best efforts. Meanwhile, the Wii, on account of being a little too unique, caused publishers to be wary of it. Despite its failings, the PS3 was allowed ample time to recover from its situation.

            Things won’t be so simple this time around. This time, a fully viable alternative to Sony’s next console is being launched several months (possibly a full year) before the PS4. It’s also launching with two of the biggest third-party franchises in Japan associated with it, along with Nintendo’s own stable of system-sellers. The primary concern with Wii U at this point is that no future games have been announced outside of the so-called “launch window” so far, and we’ve yet to see how committed third-parties in Japan are to the system, but the situation is already vastly different from the 360/PS3/Wii one. 

            So again, while the future is unpredictable, there’s plenty of reason for concern regarding the PS4’s challenges, and publishers are well-aware of the challenges consoles in Japan face in general. How things play out over the next few years will be very interesting to see.

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            I think all depends on how well will Wii U do and how does Namco sees the consoles environment there.

            Bamco may consider that the big title like Dragon Quest, Mon Hun be a threat and end up releasing the game on other consoles or in other case, they can consider that those other big title is going to be a system seller which will open up more consumer to be reached.^_^

            It all ends up on december if you asked me. If Wii U do really well, i can see Tales moving to Wii U.

          • Tails the Foxhound

            If Bamco were afraid of MonHun or DQ they would have abandoned the PS2. I still see them jumping ship to Wii U/3DS (or completely multiplat), but that’s only because I have no faith in Sony or the PS4.

          • I don’t think Namco are really “afraid” of bigger franchises. I think Tales succeeds on systems that have the Final Fantasy audience. Meanwhile, God Eater was a success because it was on the same system as Monster Hunter last generation, and filled a void for those fans while Capcom were in between games.

  • Random musings #1:

    A while ago, someone on here (I can’t remember who) mentioned that Tomodachi Collection suddenly looks much more important in light of Animal Crossing’s performance. I’m in agreement with that observation. Up until now, the real killer apps on 3DS have all been games with some sort of sharing or community aspect to them.

    Mario Kart 7 has online play with an emphasis on communities. Animal Crossing is very much a social game in the first place. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate revolves around local multiplayer. Meanwhile, on the Nintendo eShop, Pushmo has the level sharing feature. All of these games have generated word of mouth through these features.

  • Random musings #2:

    Assassin’s Creed is holding pretty steady. These are first-week sales of each numbered Assassin’s Creed game in Japan: 

    Assassin’s Creed (PS3) – 27,895 [released much after 360 ver.]
    Assassin’s Creed (360) – 40,811
    Total first week sales: 68,706

    Assassin’s Creed II (PS3) – 48,748
    Assassin’s Creed II (360) – 24,227
    Total first-week sales: 72,975

    Assassin’s Creed III (PS3) – 72,504
    Assassin’s Creed III (360) – 9,261
    Total first-week sales: 81,765

  • puchinri

    Yay for Bravely Default staying on the list~. And go Animal Crossing. Glad for Ninty.

  • puchinri

    Interesting to see how the sales shifted for the 360. Also, I can see this, given all the sexy art of the AC main characters.

    • Göran Isacson

      You know, Japan DOES have a lot of art for the AC-people. I guess that they like themselves some hooded fellows over there… and European/American history.

      • puchinri

        Honestly, I think it’s because of how well you can connect the characters to. . . things related of what the art evokes. Which says something funny about the games.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Heh. Both of the tope spots were held by an AC game. Nice to see Bravely Default still kicking.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    AC:NL is totally killing all competitors there. and this is not even counting the download sells.

    Fantasy Life and Magician Quest suddenly looks that they can do much well now as it seems Japan gamers love this kind of genre. Not to mention it seems many idols also plays this game lol seen from their tweets.^_^

  • sibarraz

    Never got the logic that new colors of a console help to sale more units, are there people who don’t buy a console just because they don’t like how it looks?

    •  Yes.

    • There are those, and there are also the more enthusiastic fans who double-dip. Japan, especially, has quite a few of those.

    • Grenalie

      I’m looking into getting a 3DS XL and I’m pretty much just waiting on colors other than red or blue.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I actually bought 3 DS lite lol just because i wanted special edition ones so….yes?^_^

  • Unless I’m reading the numbers wrong does this mean NSMB2 has outsold the Vita?

    • You mean the game itself? Yes.

  • Göran Isacson

    Tales of Xillia 2, Bravely Default and Okami are still hanging in there! Have to admit I hope that Okami can crawl over the 100K mark, even if I have no idea if that’s the kind of sales Capcom will take note of it’s… well, it’s at least something.

    That aside, Assassin’s Creed and Nintendo domination seems to be the running theme this week. Now I’m for some reason imagining AssCreed outfits in Animal Crossing… wouldn’t be the strangest cross-promotion! Or Mario freerunning through the American woods in an Assassin Hood.

    • Or Connor running through the American woods in a Tanooki Suit. :)

      • Göran Isacson

        This idea is good and righteous… and now I want to see Ezio in Kuribohs Shoe.

        If only because the assassin with most style deserves the tool with the most style.

      • that’s still possible, as a wii u only DLC

  • ragingmerifes

    Call me close-minded and hater, but I just don’t understand how NSMB2 and Pokémon sell so well when they have nothing new to offer. If I worked at Ubisoft or Namco Bandai, I’d be really angry if people bought a copypasta game made in two weeks instead of a game I worked years on.
    Just needed to voice my opinion. Don’t hate me.

    • maybe it got the same reason with some sport games that only add rooster of player, and the gameplay almost identical every release; but hey, it still sell well
      Or maybe not…

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      But… Assassins Creed is the same every year.

      •  maybe if they change it, the DMC Situation will be repeated again lol

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Because the game had a very strong brand power? and the characters is very memorable to the gamers?

      Just like how PES or FIFA is able to sell crazy lot each year. Mario,Pokemon and Digimon series just did the same thing here.

    • sd28

      i wonder maybe they sell more because there good games and people like them 

      though i do like your copy and paste line since it reminds me of xillia 2 and ass creed 3 

    • Krisi92

      So you’re not into Pokémon. That would be the only explanation why you even said that. Also, they worked 4 years on Black/White.

      • ragingmerifes

        4 years? I bet their designers worked 2 hours per day and 1 day per week to reach 4 years. Seriously, while games like Assassin’s Creed, Tales of Xillia or any random FPS are really repetitive, they at least enhance things like graphics or add a new plot. Now how about Pokémon? It’s just the same thing over and over with minor changes, which Nintendo expects people to just swallow and be happy.
        You may think I’m a terrible person because I criticize something you like, but I’m actually just amazed at how lazy the companies got because of conformist fans.

        • Krisi92

          Ugh… Now I’m perfectly sure you know almost nothing about Pokémon Black/White. They are really different from the rest of the games in every aspect, and they have a really great story. Do you really think that if they were that boring and the same every time, it would still be the most popular video game franchise in the world? Probably not. But then again, you probably won’t believe me on this anyway, so whatever. I don’t think you’re a terrible person at all, just greatly misinformed.

          And why do you think they work much more with “any random FRP” or anything? Just because they have fancier graphics and their level design is more designed for action? You know that it’s nearly not everything they have to work with, right? It’s the easiest thing if anything, as they can borrow most of the graphics from a previous game.

          • ragingmerifes

            Really diferente? Sure, now they show actual contact between Pokémon in the battles, and sure, they now have a lot of new Pokémon (I won’t mention minor other details, like the MC’s age), but what about the broken mechanics? What about the fact that all you have to do for the main game is cruise through the gyms? What about the lack of a decent plot?
            Crack also sells well, but that doesn’t mean it is good or well-done. Sure, it is addictive, but it’s not addictive for its merit.

          • KHSoraKeyBlade

             Both Black and White (and their sequels) have a great story. If anything BW was a major update from Diamond and Pearl. People can criticise the new Pokemon all they want but you are complaining that they haven’t changed the formula of the games. In the 16 years of the series though they have drastically changed the battle system, it’ll still forever remain a turn-based style but with the addition of double battles in Ruby/Sapphire and then triple battles in Black/White and the changes to the games they did in Gold/Silver with clock based gameplay and what not, they are hardly the same games since Red and Blue. Trading online, mini-games, Battle Frontier, re-matching gym leaders, having any Pokemon follow you, better sprite animations with each game, more Pokemon… the list goes on with how much has changed.

            You don’t like Pokemon, fair enough each to their own but do not criticise something you clearly have no idea about. Pokemon has a formula, you are a kid, you get your starter pokemon, you win badges, you beat Team X, you win the pokemon league, you catch them all. It is in no way a broken formula and games like HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black/White(2) have shown us in previous years that the series is going strong with fans and new people alike. They don’t need to fix something that isn’t broken. Instead of making a Grey version or something they gave us sequels to Black/White, how does that make them lazy? BW2 feel like completely new Pokemon games despite being in the same region as their predecessor.

    • almostautumn

      What works once will work twice, and pokemon and mario have a simply rock solid entertainment formula.

      Call this a stretch, but look at modern FPS’; essentially, the only difference is the cosmetic and reliance on set-pieces; the gameplay largely remains the same though, and they sell boatloads in the west. Same thing, except this one actually has customer and fan loyalty, rather than some ADD fixation.

    • You’re close minded and a hater.


      Now, regarding about your comment don’t you think it’s best to keep a formula that is so successful? While Pokemon and Mario follow a similar pattern they do provide variances such as new level/areas, new modes of playing (Multiplayer game on NSMB, Triple Battles on Pokemon, etc).
      Pokemon for instance has improved a good lot on Black and White story wise, gameplay wise and graphic wise with the champ not being the final boss, Neo Team Plasma being actually dangerous and competent, Awesome cutscenes, PWT allows yout to battle all 46 gym leaders and region champs, Gyms being unique on many kind of sense and many more things to mention.

      It may not convince you but man it really did it on me! Many games usually try to stray from the main formula, sometimes it goes for better and others it just goes for worse, Pokemon and Mario are those game you’re sure it will always provide the same essence although being diferent with each new entry.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Why are there no lines in the chart?

    • No lines?

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Nevermind, it seems to be a problem with Chrome. When the page initially loads up, the inner borders appear just fine. But when it finishes loading the page, they disappear.

        Anyway, it doesn’t happen with Firefox and it’s not a big deal anyway.

        • That’s odd… I use Chrome and it shows up fine for me. Maybe there’s something up with your cache? Try clearing that and see if it helps?

  • almostautumn

    Does Okami HD have furigana like the previous versions? Thanks!

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