Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Has A World That Changes In Real Time

By Spencer . December 3, 2012 . 1:37pm

litrSpeaking with 4gamer, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama talked a big more about how the "world driven" game works. The Final Fantasy XIII team reiterated that FFXIII was "story driven" and FFXIII-2 was "player driven".


Lightning has 13 days to save the world in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. While Lightning tries to change the future, the world moves at its own pace with a 24 hour clock and day/night cycle. Toriyama said "time management" was one of the key systems in Lightning Returns.


Players might not even make it to day 13 because Lightning’s actions can slow down the world’s demise or speed it up. Battle Director Yuji Abe says in-game characters act on their own schedule and there are different events depending on the game time (morning, afternoon, evening, or night), which changes in real time. Square Enix is still adjusting the time of one Final Fantasy XIII day, but Abe says he thinks it will be between 1-2 hours.


Abe hopes fans will discover new events when they replay Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and players will talk about what they saw during a run through the game. Toriyama said the foundation of Lightning Returns is the world driven concept and like a Daruma otoshi toy (a game where you smack the base of the Daruma with a wooden mallet) each part of Lightning Returns is a different block on the Daruma. Toriyama said he will explain his philosophy for the game design during Game Developer’s Conference which sounds like the next time we’ll hear about major developments in Lightning Returns.

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  • Basically Final Fantasy: Majora’s Mask to an extent.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • Derek E Nay

      … Now I am interested!

    • Zonic505

      Haha, that was my first thought. Now I await all the crossover fanart to be made relating to this idea.

    • FFmax

      I wonder if this game is going to get a rape face moon too XD.

      • Amagidyne

        I have a feeling the Moon’s face will be Snow’s face…

    • Göran Isacson

      Ha ha you said all I wanted to say. I just hope that this game is as full of unnerving elements as Majoras Mask, ESPECIALLY someone as weird as the Happy Mask Salesman.

      And Anju/Kafei sidequest. Especially Anju/Kafei sidequest.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I know I may be in the minority, but I’m looking forward to this.

    I also think to myself if they could take all the elements they came up with over the FFXIII games and put them all into FFXV, it will be something special.

    • Himiko

      Not at all! I look forward to this as much as many others. It continues to sound amazing.

    • Eilanzer

      Please no…No element from XIII in future ff´s…Maybe graphics and that´s it! Give me FF6 story…FF7 fun…FF8 action…FF9 heart…i only need 1% each of these things and I am satisfied. And hell…No crybaby/emo characters deep like a thin piece of paper with squeaky voice!

      • Monsley

        “Give me FF3 story”
        Well, that’s an unusual request.

        • Eilanzer

          It´s 6(3)…not the jap 3 ^^ (edited)

        • LOL … nice one

        • zephyrsword

          I suppose it if was still the 1990’s when Square screwed up the timeline I guess it would still be valid.

      • “Gimme FF III story”

        … Personally FF III’s story is what demotivated me to play the game further .__.

      • GaiunxWolfenX

        the greatest comment i have read today, if anyone at squenix is reading this pay attention please, am pretty sure you could get a great idea here (but please don’t put the micromanagement of 8 i loved the battles but the micromanagement was a little painful or at least make it more accessible in my opinion ff6, 7 and 9 battle systems were more fun to play)

        • Kerzie Wildrick

          8 is my all time favorite game ever created so if a game with alot of elements from 8 would make me happy

      • >no crybaby/emo characters

        But you just mentioned FF7.

        • NekoDraga

          The FF7 characters were only like that in the spin-offs and sequels. In the original game they were actually pretty interesting.

          • Can’t help but agree with that.

    • Justin Whiteaker

      Pretty sure FFXV is going to be like an Ivalice game. Since it’s those developers doing a new ” big secret unannounced” project at SE.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I really hope it’s not another Ivalice game. I HATED XII with the same passion most people here hate XIII with.

        • ErhmagerdWerds

          I disliked both of them as well. XII was my least favorite game in the series until XIII, I honestly didn’t think they’d top XII for worst-FF but I didn’t really predict the weird downward slide they’ve been in in recent years :(

          • Kerzie Wildrick

            really 12 was really good why do you hate it for?

      • LightZero

        I doubt it. FFXV will most certainly be based on Agni Philosophy.

      • Barzh

        Eh, I can see them taking a more Western approach with XV and make it more medieval ala TES.

      • Ugh. not another dry Ivalice game. As bad as XIII was, at least it wasn’t as dry and boring as XII. I hate everything related to Ivalice.

        • Even Final Fantasy Tactics? And Vagrant Story?

          People seem to forget there were multiple Ivalice games, and two of them were among the best of their time.

          I agree on FFXII’s general lack of soul, though. It’s like the dev team got increasingly bored with it as production kept going. (I suppose Matsuno leaving the project also played a big part in its lack of focus).

          • Eilanzer

            The great problem of XII for me was the MC…Vaan was…Out of place during all the game…Penelo too…If the mc was Balthier, telling the story of his life…the time he leave the judges…met fran and so on…the game would gain a completely different face…

        • Syn

          Ivalice dry, wow, forgive me but I in my opinion Ivalice was a very rich setting, especially in XII(just read the bestiary and try some side quests), however, the story did fall a bit flat cos of the MC’s lack of being the leader(honestly, this was Balthiers’ game), however, the combat and exploration where great achievements especially when the FF combat system at the time was hailed as getting stale. All in all, XII was is one of the greats for me even with the shortfall story, the world and combat more than made up for that.

          • Kerzie Wildrick

            i agree

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      No prob. i am also looking forward for this game.^_^

    • Nope! I too am looking forward to this :D

    • Syn

      If the elements of Versus and Type-0 where to be a major part of FFXV, then yes, by all means YES, otherwise, no thank you.

  • Lol no one cares about this XD but really 1-2 hours a day? Too short should be like 5 hours. Well I dont really care either way I havent played FF in a long time

    • No. YOU don’t care. I happen to like it.

    • Thank you for telling me that you don’t care, that’s exactly what I needed to know. Finally, FINALLY, I can move on and see what else the world has to show me~

      Oh and for future reference, if you don’t care, don’t comment(or at least elaborate), it has nothing to do with your rights or anything, it’s simply pointless to point it out.

      • I would bring up the whole “you supposedly represent an entire community by the way you said that”…but it’s probably going to result into something long so hm….

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Lol yeah because you are everyone

      • I was the first person to comment on this so I was under the assumption no one cared what was happening with final fantasy anymore because Square enix is screwed as a company eitherway and all the things they have made besides bravely default in recent years is crap.

        • The quality of their work has really deteriorated.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          This is not the first time you have made inflammatory posts without attempt to support. Our audience here is quite wide, so understand acting as if you speak for all of them will result in these reactions. Please take a moment to review our rules before future posts.

    • Himiko

      Have you not played a game with a day/night cycle? 1-2 hours is quite long. Most games, like Xenoblade as everyone loves has only a 30 minute one.

      Witcher 2 is lik the only long one.

    • Correction: “Lol I don’t care about this XD”

    • I care, your argument is invalid.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    When does the first trailer come out? Square is already telling us how the game works.

    • Godmars

      Next year of course. Right after they tell you how the game ends.

      You know: to promote the game they want you to buy. That’s how things are generally done nowadays.

  • Gmoyajp

    oh man Majora’s mask system in to a FF game ; ;

  • Godmars

    Would live to see such mechanic in games, kind of have been expecting them since the beginning of this gen , but I’m far from happy seeing it attached to a direct series of sequels who’s first entry, the subsequent controversy surrounding it, turned me off of the overarching story.

  • SoulEmbrace2010

    Looking forward to this real-time, world-driven adventure.

  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    I truly think Lightning is the least interesting main character on a Final Fantasy game ever. Really hope after this, they make a comeback to the FF9 days. Not trying to be nostalgic, but im tired of the “world reciclement”. The three FF games this generation are in the same universe, it would be amazing if this trend stopped.

    • SerendipityX

      I would say Lightning’s background is a bit more interesting than her actual character (even though I’m a big Light fan). I’ve always wondered what happened to her parents, since (i think) it was implied that they died in the war.

      • PABLO Rapetti Perez

        The thing is… her onscreen persona is just… It reminds me a little bit of Squall, but without any heart. I love a good sequel, but three times of Lightning and CO in a generation is way too much. I just didn’t cared about her… in any way. FFXII didn’t do anything for me, besides the incredible looking final FMV, I was like… “and the emotional payoff?” I loved FF games because they touched your heart. Yes, I know im getting all Disney here, but that’s the reality. Like the ending of FFVIII when I found myself with wet eyes. (Way out of subject in this long answer, sorry).

        • Squall had heart? What drugs are you on, and where can I get some? FF VIII is by far the most soul-less game in the series since it started becoming character oriented.

          • SerendipityX

            I’m with you here bro, heck I laughed all the way through FFVII and FFVIII. I think FFXIII was the first FF I actually felt kind of sorry for the characters. They were like sheep/slaves for the Fal’Cie and once they were forced away from Cocoon they were angry b/c they had no idea what to do.

          • PABLO Rapetti Perez

            Wow, really? I absolutely disagree with your opinion. I find it impossible to not be touched by FFVII. On the other hand, FFVIII amazed me as how much I didn’t care about the fate of them.

          • SerendipityX

            Concerning FFVII I think the only character I thought deserved even an ounce of sympathy was Vincent. What happened to him was eff-ed up (and funny). Everyone/everything else I just laughed, I just couldn’t take the story seriously at all. XD

          • James Carney

            That’s exactly how you were SUPPOSED to feel… that’s basically the entire point of the game >.>

          • SerendipityX

            Was it? lol *sweatdrop* I thought I was supposed to feeling some other emotions during the wild ride that was FFXIII.

          • epy

            Objection! Your argument is invalidated by a myriad of reasons but because I don’t feel like writing a wall of text I’ll just name one scene: The scene with Laguna and Raine in the ending. I’m not saying you have to shed manly tears (I know I did) but I’m sure it moved you on some level. I’ve played better rated games that didn’t do that once throughout the entire experience. Now, I don’t particularly like FFVIII, but you have to give credit where it is due. FFXIII didn’t do that for me ONCE.

          • Budgiecat

            Get out

          • PABLO Rapetti Perez

            I smoke pot sometimes, but im belive that dosent influence my opinion much. The space/Rinoa floating part in FFVIII would like to have a word with you.

          • Just because you don’t understand the character and you overrate happy go lucky characters doesn’t mean he was a heartless.
            You say the game is soul-less? You surely shouldn’t have played Laguna scenarios somehow.

          • PABLO Rapetti Perez

            Laguna could have made an entire FF game. His whole story was simply outstanding, such as the one of his comrades.

          • Guest

            Call it pointless if you wish but I always wanted a VIII and X prequels about Laguna and Jecht stories respectively a la Crisis Core, that would’ve been lots of fun!

          • ErhmagerdWerds

            A Jecht story would have all my feels. We haven’t had a bamf ossan since X :(

          • wha? really?well thats a fairly obtuse statement. laguna standing over raines grave? the lap scene in ragnarok? the school feast at the end of the credits? even lil things had depth like the abuse of mumbas…in any case 8 had plenty of soul and heart, or maybe my definition of soul is different

          • So 4 moments in a 4 disk game, most of which are at the end or in barely relevant filler moments in the game. Your patience to get to those points must be remarkable.

            I find Squall’s trite, selfish behavior disgusting, and unsuited for a protagonist. There’s nothing to motivate anyone to see him through except the same sort of foolish stary-eyed love from “I Can Change Him He Really Cares On The Inside” romantic idiots. The same sort who like Twilight..

          • “So 4 moments in a 4 disk game, most of which are at the end or in barely relevant filler moments in the game.”

            That doesn’t invalidate his argument. There’s a certain attention to detail all over the game which tells me it has a heart. Little things like seemingly pointless interactions, silly chit-chatting among characters, quirky NPCs, pieces of backstory scattered about… try to find any of this in the the barren, humorless, soulless FXIII, for example, a game which seems as though it was made by robots on an assembly line.

            FFVIII isn’t perfect (I HATE the battle system with a passion, and some story elements are poorly presented, like the silly reasoning behind the character’s amnesia or the villain’s motivations being stupidly handwaved by someone saying “it’s not important”), but something keeps pushing me in its general direction every once in a while. I believe it’s because I can feel when a game is made with passion, and they are the ones which linger on your mind long after you’ve finished them.

          • hmm surely you understand that those four events were just SOME of the events that showed FF8 had heart. and really,squall is selfish? based on what?he doesn’t really like people? well, a alot of FF characters are exactly like that yet he still makes a fantastic protagonist. did he not console irvine when he missed the shot at the end of disc one, and being the valiant yet scared leader that he is, jump in a car and took edea on alone, yet you’re disgusted by his behaviour? and mind you, this is disc ONE.

            and like the comment below, the small things give life to the game, non of which are found in FF13 besides now perhaps sazh’s chocobo in his afro. but i still clearly remember how much i laughed when seipher got irritated at zell for ‘swatting flies’ .

            The game is not perfect, but soulless? and it only appeals to romantic idiots? please. that’s an insult to the game and FF 8 fans.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Squall was such a cipher of a character, though. Lightning is a so much better protagonist.

    • LynxAmali

      -I truly think Lightning is the least interesting main character on a Final Fantasy game ever.

      I’d personally say Squall or Cloud for that myself.

      There’s a reason I prefer Squall’s Kingdom Hearts equivalent better: well, he’s likable!

      • SerendipityX

        Oh yeah Squall in KH was loads better than original. I was very surprised! XD

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I really like Cloud, but I hate Squall. Still, I don’t think anyone could be less interesting than Vaan or whatever the guy with the evil twin was.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Lol, for Vaan his M.C position is stolen from him there. So sad sad Vaan indeed.T_T

      • Steven Lamphere

        I would agree with Squall but originally Cloud wasn’t a very boring character or a stereotype; he started out as a cocky heartless bastard, turned to a crossdressing concerned friend, a heartbroken and angry man, a confused and isolated guy and a far more humble and generally caring person within the course of his game. It’s hard to say that he is boring or uninteresting. (granted my favorite FF’s are FF9, FF6, FF10 and FFTactics/FF7 in that order)

      • MrTyrant

        “I’d personally say Squall or Cloud for that myself”

        …and they are somehow similar. At least design-wise but Lightning stop being interesting when Square give her too much focus and that’s the problem, the world shouldn’t be moving around her because is like some special mary sue fanfic or something.

      • ErhmagerdWerds

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who has no care for Squall but find Leon interesting.

      • Interesting =/= Likable

        Like them or not, both Cloud and Squall grow and develop throughout the game. The Lightning at the end of FFXIII is the same one we saw at the beggining – she has no strong personality traits to stand out from the others (that would be Sazh), doesn’t face any kind of inner conflict (that was Hope) and lacks an interesting backstory (that’s Vanille and Fang). For the record, I dislike most characters in the game, but Lightning stands out for making me feel NOTHING at all. She’s just… there, and Square expects me to like her for some reason.

        • Himiko

          It seems you didn’t pay attention enough when playing the game. She is not the same as she was in the beginning- that much is obvious. Yes she does have an inner conflict. Should play the game again.

          Square does not, lol. Not expecting anything from you.

        • LynxAmali

          Where did I ever imply likability and character development were the same?

          Because I didn’t.

          Also note:
          -I’d personally say Squall or Cloud for that myself.

          Note the two words, personally and myself.

    • I sincerely don’t understand what’s so good about FFIX sides from being a nostalgia-thon.

      Well granted the OST is amazing, the characters are lovable and it’s a pretty good Final Fantasy game overall but outside from that I don’t see anything too outstanding in comparison to the rest.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Gives Gambit a Gibbs NCIS smack to the back of the head. :P

        Nostalgia, music, characters, solid game.

        You just gave more reasons to play and enjoy than most titles — regardless of their name — have going for them.

        • Well nostalgia actually doesn’t effect me as I’ve played IX when the PSOne era arrived but even then Im not actually much surprised what the past had to offer, the gameplay is pretty obsolete.

          Music wise I prefered VIII but pretty much all Final Fantasy osts never dissapoint. As for character I greatly don’t understand the constant complain about serious main characters, they might come out as “whiny” or “emo” (Apparently nowadays having a conflicting life or being affected by a delicate matter is considered emo) but Im not fond of having constant silent MCs or happy go lucky characters on every RPG, I don’t mind them and I do enjoy stories with it but a change once in a while it’s okay.
          Solid… I dunno, the gameplay was slow for me and the Final Battle was vastly confusing and dissapointing, the after credits ending was also a bit of a let down having just a Blackjack game.

          Not really, The points I’ve provided I can find it in other Final Fantasies as well, I don’t see the point of coming back to nostalgia again and again.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Is OK, it’s not like I’m gonna ban you for it, the leads are not the strongest, and it does indeed try too hard to be from the IV-VI era. Only noting that you provided the answer why (for some) in that original post.

          • *Gulps*
            W-were you considering banning? N-no one mentioned the word ban here o-or disagreeing with popular belief is usually motive to do so? .w.””’

            Aaanyway, I really hope Im not being misunderstood as if I dislike IX or that I consider it a bad game, I really enjoyed it on it’s time, honest! It’s just that I don’t like see the other FFs being looked down just because it’s not IX or VII, honestly both had their own share of flaws and each have a different flavor as the rest of the other titles, the point of FF games is that they have to be different to each other, it’s because people expect too much to be other games that they can’t come to appreciate the new things or so I believe :S

          • M’iau M’iaut

            You better understand there’s nothing to be afraid of — just carrying a little OT fun to the main site. From a personal standpoint, I’ll always pick VI, and in many ways see VII as an attempt to retell VI in a more graphic-focused world.

            All games have flaws, all games have supporters and all games have detractors. That’s one of the things we try and base ourselves on here, that even the ugliest child is loved by someone and no one should make fun of any child just because they aren’t the prettiest or most popular.

          • Well I was also sort of joking on that one too but I gotta admit perhaps I took it too serious given the heat of the disscussions around, my apologies for any sort of uncomfty or harsh criticism ^^”

            VI is a good choice! It’s my personal SNES favourite and one of the most epic, crazy, funny and radical game ever!
            While I do agree that VII have many similarities to VI, I think VII has it’s own particular charm that makes it an unique title, not as radical as VI but still pretty well elaborated.

            I really hope people may come to understand that one day and there will be no longer hate comments based on narrow minded opinions :S

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Interestingly, Lightning is my second favorite Final Fantasy character ever, after Auron.

  • SerendipityX

    Very excited for this game. I’ve never played majora’s mask so I’m wondering if the time management is like the Atelier series. You know where you have a certain amount of time to complete a quest. :o

    • Farid Belkacemi

      I don’t want to spoil you but the time management is different in MM. The game lasts 3 days… You should totally buy it on Virtual Console if you have a Wii (or Wii U) :)

  • Farid Belkacemi

    The MM vibe made me curious. I’m in ! :D

  • ResidentMetroid

    I hope Noel makes a return as a playable character in some form.

  • Guest


  • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • SprintsMcGee

      Can never unsee D=

  • Jeremy Barnes

    I don’t like the sound of it, but I’ll wait and see how it plays out.

  • Suicunesol

    Yeah, I’m pretty curious to see what this looks like. I’m hearing it’s going to be an action game, and if there was one thing I enjoyed about Lightning in FF13, it was her battle sequences.

    With her juxtaposed against that European-style city in the painting, I keep thinking that this game might be like Majora’s Mask x the freeroaming aspect of Assassin’s Creed.

  • Is it that hard to make a new MC? i dont care they re-using graphics and stuff but i would be a lot more interested if this was with another new character in the same world or something, completely unrelated to the ff13’s ppl, or maybe interact with them ToX2 style, lighting isnt bad, but she isnt that interesting or deep or anything…

    • SerendipityX

      I think it’d be kind of weird to throw a different MC after what happened with FFXIII-2’s ending. It would just make the story more convoluted and we definitely don’t need that.

      • Not really, they could have the new character doing something he has to do and at the same time helps lighting and stuff, pretty much ToX2 style without adding more unnecessary stuff to the main story D:

      • amagidyne

        Yes.. it would make the story kind of unclaire, wouldn’t it?

    • LynxAmali

      I would much rather have Lightning be the main character than say someone like Noel.

      I liked him intentionally but then as it went on, he got…annoying to say the least.

      • Well, whatever, i just mean that im kinda tired of this’s party’s storyline u.u, i just cant find it interesting so i guess i just gotta wait until they finally decide to do another step

        • PABLO Rapetti Perez

          Wait for the next gen to see that. Im waiting too…

  • Unlimax

    What a quick time to spread information about this game .. I’m literally shocked .. People here are pretty much excited about this and not giving a single interest on Versus , Hell even Versus doesn’t get these kind of news so quickly .. wow , just wow -.-” !

    Edit : Looking forward to LR: FFXIII ~
    sorry M’iau ^_~” .

    • If nothing new comes out about, why should people care?

      More news on LR:FFXIII = interest in the game. No new news for Versus XIII = less interest (for the time being). It’s as simple as that.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Please note this is an article about Lightning Returns, not Versus.

  • ragingmerifes

    I need to play FFXIII before this comes out. I know how this game is hated, but I have an obligation to play all FFs, and since my cousin lends me his PS3 during weekends, might as well play before judging.

  • MLSabre

    I don’t like the FFXIII series but the Majora’s Mask-like gameplay mechanics is interesting.

  • Crevox

    Sounds annoying, and this is coming from someone who played and enjoyed both of the other FFXIII (to an extent).

  • Ladius

    Time management sounds a bit like the Way of the Samurai series, or traditional Atelier games, or Ephemeral Phantasia, or… well, there are a lot of games designed this way. Then again, it’s a system I really enjoy, and as much as I didn’t appreciate 13 and 13-2 I will try to be open minded regarding this sequel.

  • Robert Leonardi

    Real time clock system is good and all, but it get kinda bad when you forgot to pause the game and had to go and take a big number 2 in the toilet, or when your cat jumps on your face and covers it for a long time

  • DEnM

    So it’s kinda gonna be like Dead Rising?

  • I enjoyed FFXIII-2 very much and want to finish the story. I am looking forward to Lightning Returns. The new game mechanics intrigue me as well.

  • Budgiecat

    I don’t know why they trying to make such a big deal about a world that changes in real time like its never been done before. Shenmue did it, Sleeping Dogs did it, Zelda Majora’s Mask did it, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII announced early on thay they were going to do it. So whats the big deal?

    • SerendipityX

      Eh~*shrugs* they’re not the only ones who hype things up that have already been done.

    • Himiko

      If they can make a big deal out of it, this can, too.

    • Well why not?

    • It’s like when XIII-2 used quick time events but are referred as “Cinematic Action(!)”

    • saxophone15

      They are making a big deal about it because it’s supposed to be an important gameplay mechanic for this game. Is that not what every game developer does?

    • Godmars

      Can’t really count vs13 since its yet to be released. They’ve also already said that they’re using assets from it for this.

      • Himiko

        Specifically, Technology and Technological Skill. However, that can be argued since technically it is from the Luminous Engine so in that case the Agni team.

        • Godmars

          Point is a better statement could be made with elements from vs13 – with the game vs13. Seeing them in a sequel few if any expected or even wanted for another title which itself wasn’t all that well received does not suggest that vs13 itself is in all that good of shape. That it could be a broken and floundering mess of a title which Square doesn’t have the common sense to publicly put a bullet in and cancel.

  • Eilanzer

    sigh…Versus XIII~XV…Where are you love?… =_=”

    • Leave that to related article, this is about lightning returns.

  • yalissa

    I love time management in video games. I’m hooked.
    I’m definitely going to get this despite how much I’ve disliked the past 2 games.

  • Rihawf

    Atelier Lightning!

  • It’ll be a treat if the world is beautiful but if the NPCs are bland and annoying like in XIII-2 and if other main characters are annoying like Mog, then I can try and intentionally let the world be destroyed! Be a bad guy, everyone! ^_^

  • Ehren Rivers

    This doesn’t cover all of the information they gave us in that interview… I wish Andriasang was still around to translate the whole thing. And also, the end of March better NOT be the next time we hear big things about this. They made a big deal about opening the floodgates and giving us lots of real, new information in December. This hardly qualifies.

    • Himiko

      GDC is for Developers. They will continue to give info and new stuff this month. Don’t worry. As previously, it runs parallel to media/press news.

      • Ehren Rivers

        Yeah, someone told me about that later. The article just seems to be poorly worded.

  • Josh Strange

    not a big fan of the whole “majora’s mask” system.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Hey folks, 13 always brings out the passions, doesn’t it? Let’s keep things manageable as they have been — so far — and keep the conversations on topic.

    • Not only XIII, every FF topic brings multiple passions come to surface!

      Garland: This is the cycle OF BATTLE!
      WoL: Destiny ends here!
      Garland: End it of you can!
      WoL: Destiny ends here!
      Garland: End it of you can!
      WoL: Destiny ends here!
      Garland: End it of you can!

      Rinse and repeat :P

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        Johnny: What a story Mark

        Mark: You can say that again

        Johnny: What a story Mark

        Mark: You can say that again

        Johnny: What a story Mark

        Mark: You can say that again

        Johnny: What a story Mark

        Mark: You can say that again

        Johnny: What a story Mar–ERROR 404

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Passionate fans from both sides.^_^


      Replace BRS with FF13 and you will get the same thing. Rinse and repeat. ;D

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    13 days at 1-2 hours…

    Seem like this game will be really short, but i guess that shouldn’t be surprising since both XIII and XIII-2 were really short too.

    • saxophone15

      I thought XIII was a decent length…it took me about 60 hours to complete (without rushing). That’s the same amount of time it took for me to get through X and XII (I’m talking about just playing through the main story). XIII-2 was definitely shorter as it only took me roughly half the time of XIII. I wasn’t expecting the sequel to be as long though anyways.

    • Himiko

      XIII was long, and XIII-2 can be, as well. But you are forgetting you can increase the timer by doing quests and killing monsters.

  • Ferofax

    I kind of gravitate away from games that limits my freedom to do as I please, especially when it comes to time– I wanna be able to spend as much time as I want on one area before I move on. This “time management” thingy for me means devs are running out of good mechanics to do and are now resorting to cheap ones. But we’ll see if the amount of stuff you can do within a time frame is enough to warrant limiting that time frame.

  • KingGunblader

    I like Lightning. I LOVE Majora’s Mask. Looking forward to seeing some gameplay.

  • AlexanderPappas

    Isn’t this info kinda old? I swear I heard this when this game was announced back in September.

  • LightZero

    I’m less interested in the fact that Lightning is the only playable character. I want to play as Noel, Fang, and Hope too. Outside of that this game intrigues me on the gameplay area.

  • Lazulis

    I wonder if they’ll keep the areas being locked during certain times of the day, causing the player to be potentially stuck in an area. I remember them talking about that when they first revealed the system? 1-2 hours is a day…wow that’s a lot longer than the Harvest Moon days that’s for sure, haha.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I miss character parties. They are one of my favorite parts from the Final Fantasy series. A single character is not very enjoyable especially if there’s something that makes him stronger. Zack may have been a SOLDIER but he had strong rivals (Sephiroth was stronger) and was assisted by Shinra’s soldiers while Lightning was already a holy warrior in FF13-2. I hope the cast is balanced… by the way, its amazing how big is the shipping of Lightning X Hope. Now that they are partners or something like that, the fics increased! XD

  • Hinataharem

    Even a screenshot would be nice.

  • Abel.exe

    I dont care how it will work, just make it WORK! I mean, I need a good Final Fantasy on the PS3 dammit!

  • eilegz

    i hope that this game its not “DLC driven” because i enjoy it a lot XIII-2 but so much dlc, and this time a proper ending would be nice.

  • quite looking forward to this, concept reminds me of VP

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This game is like Final Fantasy had threesome with Valkyrie Profile and Majora Mask lol.

    Hope this game will do as well as it is hyped. ^_^ FF13-2 already shows me that they are slowly trying to improve the game from FF13 which i feel is not as good as i hope for.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I want to think the reason Yasumi Matsuno went on a break so that he can prepare himself in directing the next big FF game. C’mon, we have the hardware to bring his ideas to life, and there’s no use blaming him when the XIII franchise spanned a long 10 years to complete. Though if he will be working with Squeenix again, he might as well do it as a contracted developer.

    I’m not interested in this game, to be frank. The first is enough of an experience for me.

    • frumpus

      Matsuno was never a big FF fan. His contributes to the FF universe (12, Tactics, Vagrant Story) was essentially his own story/universe just with FF symbols thrown on it. I love Matsuno but I hope he strives to create his own world again. If he does team up with S-E again in the future, I hope it’s to create a new Ogre title, not a new FF title.

  • isfuturebright

    I skipped FF XIII-2 but I think I’ll give this a try.

  • Devon Peluso

    just… please… new battle system, I look forward to it but… the battle system… ;-;

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh, so kinda like Final Fantasy: Majoras Mask?

    Sounds legit. Just as long as they have a character-analogue of the Happy Mask Salesman to unnerve and creep players right the hell out, and I’m good.

  • zephyrsword

    This reminds me of Dragon Quarter, with the D-Counter. The player could go around flaunting his super-powers if he wanted to, but that would only shorten the game and speed up his death.

    The game ended up being completable in a day, and was poorly recieved by fans, but I really enjoyed the system for it’s originality overall.

  • Seriously Square Enix, you’re trying too hard.

  • Wanderer

    If you compare FF to the Legend of Zelda series, I think we could all call this the FF’s version of Majora’s Mask

    • frumpus

      I was going to make that same comparison. Anyway, i wasn’t a big fan of XIII and didn’t even touch XIII-2 but this one has me intrigued.

  • Syn

    Amazing how any article involving lightning(or FFXIII) de-evolves into a heated “this was the best/worst/ i wish debate”, like every single time. Gotta love the passion of the fans.(sadly am one of those)

  • Daniel Kenneth Janish

    this concept for the game looks and sounds amazing and i love Lightnings character im hoping they at least let the characters from the other two games come in for cameo’s. Can’t wait for this to come out!!!!!!

  • Bill Brasky

    Looks like another disaster from Square. Not getting these games anymore.

    • What is there to look? a couple of information about the game and a painted picture of Lightning? Oh hell that look like a disaster. Jeez seriously you people these days.

      [edit – You see that edit button under your comment? use it next time instead of writing something new every 2 minute. We get you don’t like it, we don’t need you to remind us again]

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