Kat Sticks To Her Style In PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

By Ishaan . December 4, 2012 . 8:30am

Last month, Sony revealed that Gravity Rush’s Kat and StarHawk’s Emmet Graves will be added to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in early 2013. This morning, they showed off the first screenshots of both new characters, along with a brief description of how they handle.


Kat is described as a character that specializes in aerial mobility and kicking, just like in Gravity Rush. She doesn’t have a double-jump; instead, she can Gravity Dash in eight directions when in the air, and the move is cancellable, too. Kat is at her best when she’s close to her opponent, and her kicks along with her Gravity Attraction attack allow her to do just that.



Meanwhile, Emmet’s moves are based on the Build & Battle system from StarHawk. The Aerial M.A.W Rocket Launcher and Tetranite Grenade Bunker move allows Emmet to change his loadout to slow-firing, powerful weapons. If he uses the Union Shotgun and R-Secs Proximity Mine Bunker move, Emmet is equipped with quick-fire, short range weaponry. Emmet can also call down the Hawk as his level 3 Super.



A new stage is in development for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as well. The “Fearless” stage is a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and Wipeout. Battles on this stage start out atop a high column until stray gunfire from an anti-gravity race in the background causes the column to come crashing down and takes the fighters to the stage’s lower portion.


  • Kickersu18

    Cant wait to play with Kat. And the best thing is, that its free for the first 2 weeks!

  • SerendipityX

    Kat looks badass. But I’m still gonna pass on this game since she is the only character I care about.

    • Blaze Townsend


    • raymk

      Yep can’t please people these days, she’s the only character a lot of people care about and a lot of them are getting the game just for her. Seriously though how many characters do people need when the game has a character you really like.

      • SerendipityX

        lol What? I don’t care about the other characters b/c their original games never interested me or rather I never played their original games. It has nothing to do with the roster #. Besides there are other games I want more than this.

  • I will probably play a few rounds with Kat. Then realize the game sucks again and put it away. At least this may notify Hot Shots Golf to finally put Kat as a stateside dlc for the game they have long since abandoned.

  • So very glad my friend bought the game so I will just go over his house and play it since the only character I truly care about is Kat. In all honesty I don’t think the roster in the game is all that great. I hope that they will keep adding characters in the future to make the game a little better.

  • Tianyu Wei

    Getting this as soon as Kat gets added!

    • Same, only interested in three characters to play in this game though. Kai, Kat, and Aya Brea. One is a sidekick, the other an actual fighter and the other is nowhere to be seen. :(

    • raymk

      You can get and now and practice until the rest of the characters release. :).

  • Zonic505

    Really hope they stick with 2 characters & 1 stage for future DLC. In any case, adding the stage to the already free characters is a great bonus.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Sadly it’s only free for a period of time. I don’t remember how long they said it would be free, but at some point if you haven’t downloaded them already, it’ll cost you something.

  • fearlubu

    Good to hear. I’ve been complaining about the lack of levels from fatP (great gorge or an island lvl), medievil, and heavenly sword.

    Tho I’m still waiting for a JRPG DLC pack.

    Lol it’d be pretty cool if they added that one snoop dog stage from TTT2. I mean snoop lion

  • raymk

    Kat looks good in game like I hoped she would. I’m sure someone is going to say something about her face icon as I’ve heard it other places. Like I told them there the face portraits have changed over the course of the game before and it shouldn’t be any different now.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    Kat looks fun to play with, I wonder if her all her specials will be what they are in gravity rush. Thining back on it, I don’t know why sony didn’t try and get someone like Leonard from White Knight Chronicles to at least tide over some RPG fans. hmm, I look forward to seeing what other characters they have in store for us

  • Xilnochas

    The new stage looks awesome! If only I knew more about Emmet (never played the game he’s from), then I might be more excited, but he sounds cool
    Has a release date been announced yet?

  • Elvick

    Closest to a JRPG character so far. Hopefully by next year, there will be enough new stuff for an “Ultimate” edition or something. Then I’ll pick up the game.

  • jujubee88

    Whoa, so is Emmet’s lv 3 just going to be a re-skin of sweet tooths mech?

    I hope not. :)

  • RablaAndrews

    Will buy the game for Kat =D

  • oh Kat :3 she is so awesome.

  • MrJechgo

    I realy hope that they get keep on releasing DLC characters, because that,s one good way to keep the game alive, and it’s not like they don’t try to appeal to gamers; they offer the characters for free for the first 2 weeks.
    Now, if Superbot could only twist an arm at Activision to let them use Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon…

  • Masengan

    Remember folks you can always download the DLC even if you don’t have the game, so just get it while it’s free and then get the game later. Can’t wait!

  • Lester Paredes

    Yes! Kat! Finally, someone other than Ratchet I actually want to play as!

  • HassanJamal

    Im just gonna call it now, Aveline is Kat’s rival. They’re battling it out for the Queen of PS Vita XD

  • ddh819

    rookie makes the all star game

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