Darkstalkers Resurrection Screenshots Show Hsien-Ko, Donovan And More

By Ishaan . December 9, 2012 . 11:00am

Capcom have released more screenshots forĀ Darkstalkers Resurrection, this time showing off more characters from the two-game compilation, including fan-favourite, Hsien-Ko, and others like Q-Bee. Take a look at them below:




B.B. Hood:







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  • almostautumn

    Queen Bee was my favorite; I was soooo let down she only had the single story in the PSP game. Guess she was a relatively new character for the series (I only played the PSP title)?

    • Hours

      Q-Bee was introduced in Darkstalkers 3, so she’s only had one canon appearance so far.

      She’s one of my favorite characters too, so hopefully she’ll be in the rumored Darkstalkers 4.

      • AkuLord3

        I don’t see why she wouldn’t, the Darkstalker games never had alot of characters it be stupid to not keep in characters

      • drexxia

        you do know that Darkstalkers 4 is Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Saviour 2 games released in 1997 on the arcade, right? awkward console ports aren’t cannon in numbers, especially ps1 ones are horrible.

  • Hours

    I’m still really disappointed that Capcom is using the initial arcade release of Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3 for Resurrection instead of the arrange version. That means no Donovan, Huitzil or Pyron in Darkstalkers 3, and Marionette and Dee won’t appear in the compilation at all. >_<

    I'm still gonna buy Resurrection to support the series, but I probably won't be playing it very much since I'd rather play my version of Savior/D3 that has all the characters, even if it doesn't have online.

  • Cellsai

    I’m pretty happy with them leaving out the bosses and hidden characters from the previous games. Those characters are not available in the tournament standard arcade release, which is the audience this game is being released for. If they were included it would scare those people away from the game.

    It would have been nice if they were available in an extra mode or something, but that would have meant heavily altering the code base to add them in instead of keeping the mostly Arcade Perfect PS2 release as a base.

    The bottom line on this decision is that regular players of Darkstalkers and newcomers will still probably buy this game without the characters. Tournament players will not go near it with a 9 foot poll if those guys were included.

    • Hours

      But tournament players aren’t enough to sustain the series. The point of Resurrection is to attract new people and drum up interest in a true sequel.

      I don’t think releasing a version lacking content present in almost every other home release is going to get people excited.

      What Capcom should of done is include options to ban the arrange characters from the online modes so people can play whatever way they want without having to forgo any content.

    • AkuLord3

      They made Gill playable who you can use online and compare to him, the boss characters in Darkstalkers 2/3 are pretty fair (hell Jedah’s a boss character and he’s usually used in tourneys)
      Also Characters make the difference…that’s why you buy it…

  • drexxia

    ugh, localized names of the characters, my eyes are bleeding…

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