Take A Look At Sword Art Online’s Kirito Nendoroid

By Ishaan . December 10, 2012 . 12:15pm

As previously reported, Sword Art Online’s Asuna and Kirito will be released in the form of Nendoroid figurines in Japan by the Good Smile Company. Back in October, GSC showed off photographs of the Asuna figure, which you can view here. Today, they showed off Kirito, who you can check out below:



The Kirito figure will come with his sword, Elucidator, as well as the Dark Repulsor. Both swords can be removed from their scabbards and placed in Kirito’s hands. Additionally, the figure also comes with bent right and left arms and a bent left leg. Kirito has three facial expressions.


The Kirito Nendoroid will be up for pre-order starting tomorrow, and you can click over to the Good Smile link above for more details and photographs.

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  • Looks quite neato to me.

  • Tianyu Wei

    a nendoroid for fujoshi…. I can’t imagine any straight guy would get a kirito nendoroid… ;x

    • How about someone who owns ever Nendroid in existence up to this point?

      • Tianyu Wei

        i own a lot of nendoroid… but I like them because of my affection for the character… I guess compulsive completionist would get this, but even then I can’t imagine a male collector would say “I really like the Kirito Nendoroid”…. lol

        • I can also imagine a rich male collector buying one to microwave.

        • Foryth

          I’m straight and I really like Kirito, doesn’t mean I’m attracted to him, just that he’s cool.

    • xXDGFXx

      I’m straight… and I want it… you suck…

  • Okay, this is cool and all, but where is the Liz one? That would definitely get me preordering.

  • Foryth

    I’m tempted, but if I buy it I’ll have to buy Asuna, so for now I think I’ll be content with my Estelle Bright Nendo. Looks cool though.

  • Maia Kasoya

    I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about the anime. How is it, really?

    • melvin2898

      It’s good. watch it first.

    • It depends on your tastes and pet peeves. I would say the parts do not equate the popularity it has, however I’m enjoying it very much.

      I’ll briefly mention the setting: People are stuck in a VR video game where the controller intercepts their nervous system functions and diverts them to their in game characters. Being unable to move your IRL body is a normal part of playing the game, however log-out has been disabled. If they die int eh game, the VR device will fry their brains within roughly a minute.

      First the negatives:

      The most glaring problem is the main characters are a bit Mary Sueish. Literally the two bestest most powerful players in the game fall in love and pwn everything that much harder. Neither of them have any any apparent character faults or apparent weaknesses, unless you count Kirito being so damn strong he’s not used to working along side others as a weakness. (Until he finds that one girl that’s almost as good as he is, whom he can have by his side in battle without getting in the way, that is.)

      The author originally SAO to be a one-off book, so his decision to expand it to a series due to fan demand had a couple consequences once it was converted into an anime. In the original book occurs near the end of Kirito’s time in the game, with a flash back or two to things that happened earlier as a way of giving explanations. The author used this time jump between when the incident happened and where the first book picks up to write his second book: a collection of short stories about some of the stuff Kirito did after everyone got trapped in the game, yet before the first book started. As a result the first few episodes can fell overly self contained, and there are lots of time jumps between them as the anime catches up to where the real story actually starts.

      SAO being a one-off book has a further consequence: at some point you will hit the end of the story, and it will be very noticeable. If you wanted you could stop the show here and it would feel over. The next episode then contains the obvious deus ex machina setup that allows the series to continue.

      The final Negative is, as I’m sure you’ve already gathered, the book is better in general. But that’s almost always the case.

      And now for the positives:

      The characters react realistically and are not stupid. In any given situation, they generally do what the viewer wants them to do instead of doing something incredibly stupid simply because the plot dictates it.

      Everything about the setting and the player’s situation is explained*. Questions like “why doesn’t the govt/police/families do this?,” etc. are answered. (*The question of “how are they being cared for? and on who’s money?” is answered much later in the anime than it originally was in the book.)

      Characters in general act like real people. Stock anime tropes aren’t exactly absent from the show, however they are sufficiently dialed down to the point where the characters are believable as real people.

      As brokenly powerful as the two main characters can be, the show has a pretty good tension to it. There’s a feeling something could at any time go horribly wrong. If not to the main characters, then possibly to the other people around them. Kirito’s strength in the game isn’t without realistic social draw backs, even if he does handle them in such a way as to reinforce his Mary Sueishness.

      In conclusion, I personally feel that the negatives are all very common places negatives. I’ve watched so many anime with these negatives that’s is rather easy for me to overlook them in light of the positives. Despite the negatives, the show very often shows you exactly what you want to see. This combined with the fanbase seemingly represented equally by both genders is why I think the show is so popular. That and the similarities with .hack, which was also very popular.

      Note to Self: Finish your reviews and actually post them places that take reviews instead of leaving them as mere forum posts..

      • Yep. We need more of this type of reviews. Go finish it bro.

      • Maia Kasoya

        Ah, great review. Reasonable, with negatives AND positives in it. It’s reviews like these that I love. Thanks.
        Do you have your own review site or something?

        • Not YET. It is a project I am working on, but I’m in the middle of packing for a big move, among other things.

  • Kind of a shame the Asuna Nendroid doesn’t come with a Stew Pot for the rabbit.

  • I wish there was more male Nendoroids, I could die happy if I owned one of Laharl.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade


  • Brion Valkerion

    Meh this series completely lost my interest/fandom/reccomendation when it turned into the typical anime incest garbage at the halfway point. It was so smart, well done, and thought out… then all of a sudden… “Brother I LOVE YOU!” like wtf where and why…

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