Dynasty Warriors 8 Has Over 70 Characters Like Guan Yinping And Zhang Bao

By Spencer . December 11, 2012 . 4:07am

Dynasty Warriors 8 is coming to Japan on February 28 and Tecmo Koei promised over 70 characters including new warriors like Lu Xun and Guan Yunping.


Starting at the two minute mark you can see gameplay tweaks. The Variable Counter system lets you perform a counter attack and change weapons if an enemy’s weapon has an advantage over yours. Storm Rush lets players crush a general’s guard with a rapid series of attacks if the player’s weapon has an edge. Under certain conditions you can use the Awakening technique which boosts your general’s stats and unlocks the True Awakening Musou.


What’s the weapon affinity system? That’s another new feature in Dynasty Warriors 8. It’s essentially rock-paper-scissors where "heaven" weapons beat "people" class weapons. "People" weapons pierce "Earth" weapons and "Earth" weapons have an advantage over the "Heaven" affinity.

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  • SirTeffy

    The new weapons are… interesting. Rake and Water Carrying Jars? Really? Though I guess nothing will ever top 7’s BOAT DLC we never got over here…

    • veruses

      We did get the boat weapon dlc.

    • Renzouri

      That boat DLC weapon will be Huang Gai’s weapon on DW8. :)

      • veruses

        It also is his main weapon in Dynasty Warriors Next & Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires.

        Not just him only as there are weapon changes for a lot of characters.

      • Göran Isacson

        … You may be kidding, but I could totally see Huang Gai fight using a fishing boat to clobber people. It just kinda seems like his style, is all.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    70 Characters that fight the same way

    • haqua

      Maybe you’ve missed the memo that almost everyone’s being decloned and have individual weapons, but okay…!

      • Arizato

        That may be. But still still won’t prevent copies. Or change the fact that the Dynasty Warriors-series is incredibly redundant!

        • Hraesvelgr

          With 70 characters that have 10ish attacks each, it is pretty difficult to make them all 100% unique. I can understand some criticisms of the series, but that’s not really one of them.

        • haqua

          Of course it won’t prevent copies, but having just a /few/ copies, even, is impressive for a game with 70+ characters.

          And it is redundant, but so are games like Call of Duty and Disgaea and actually, when you think about it, most games–just in different ways. I’m not trying to say DW doesn’t have its faults and it can get old rather quickly, but it’s frustrating to see people saying that all the time when MANY other games are redundant.

          • Spectacularity

            So true bro

          • randominternetperson

            How is it impressive when they have over a dozen sequels and spinoffs? There shouldn’t even be a few copies. I just wonder how long they can keep doing this as even I gave up on the series.

          • haqua

            It’s more than seventy characters. It’s not like it’s extremely easy to keep coming up with new weapons for such a large cast. I think the fact they have so many sequels and spin-offs and still have most (and after reading more about it, I believe it’s actually ALL) characters with unique movesets is impressive.

            It’s an extreme improvement over DW6 and, hell, even DW5.

            I do wonder that as well, though.

  • haqua

    Hehe. Lu Xun’s not a new warrior… He’s been around since the first Dynasty Warriors. And maybe it’s just me, but I actually love these crazy, nonsensical new weapons. Of course, I love the swords and the basic things as well, but I always appreciate a breath of fresh air.

  • Christopher Abraham

    i’m hoping Liao Hua would be one of the playable character

    • elk

      i always thought meng you or wutugu (with nanman armour) would make cool unique characters.

      • Christopher Abraham

        that would be great as well, but i always think because Liao Hua was one of the generals who had been watching the rise of Shu and its fall (correct me if i’m wrong) then it’ll be great if he’s one of the playable character

        • elk

          oh, i’d definitely have to agree about liao hua.

      • I liked Hu Che Er. he always made me laugh when i saw his name in the game ^_^

        • elk

          i always read it in a native american accent for some reason.. made me laugh.

  • LunarKnite

    And the Guan family grows even larger. Beats out the Sun clan for most number of family members in the game. Which is fine by me because Guan Yu is awesome and so are his children by association. Yunping is a pretty addition to Shu’s roster as well. =D

    • Ben Tan

      all of them has tragic deaths though lol

      • LunarKnite

        Such a shame. Guan Yu has been my favorite character since the days of DW3 back when I first played the Japanese version of it and couldn’t understand anything besides that magnificent beard that I someday wish to grow.

    • Aunna Terrell

      Yunping looks like she’ll be great fun~

  • New warrior should be Lu Su instead of Lu Xun lol

  • Thuggin Love

    They should reboot this series,i’m sure there are more interesting kingdoms and warriors after Wei,Wu,Shu,and Jin.

  • YoshEE

    The trailer is pretty cool. They made Zhao Yun look cool by doing those movement like before lol. Li Dian musou is pretty cool. And I can’t wait til it release to western!!!!

  • YourAshyAss_Elbows

    RESTART THE SERIES PLEASE. Turn it back into a fighting game or rethink the approach to the fighting engine. I’m tired of seeing this series get rehashed and killed like a football game

    • Mizu D

      Yes that is quite unfortunate, the core play mechanic hasnt evolve that much. But hey, they need some easy cash in and must do yearly update of a NEW Warriors games…

  • isfuturebright

    I’ve never played this but isn’t this number of characters a bit large? I mean how can each one be unique.

    • Try warriors orochi, 130+ and most them are unique, even the ones that are somewhat clones have unique attacks mixed in.

  • Lu Xun lol? You mean the head strategist of Wu in -all- DW games?
    You prolly meant Lu Su spencer..

    • Yeah, now that I think about it, Lu Su totally ascended to being a PC this time. lol

  • Learii

    look like they change some chars look little abite and they bring back the long musou which mean you have to hold circle not the musou you just press circle once then thery do their musou for ya

  • OverlordZetta

    Loving all of the new characters, but really don’t want another rock-paper-scissors thing crapping up what will probably be an otherwise excellent game. The system has already conquered mobile games, let’s just leave it there, okay?

  • fayt255

    Now their is two Lu Xuns the original Lu Xun and imposter Lu Xun lol!

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