Next Game In Falcom’s Legend Of Heroes Series Is For PS3 And Vita

By Spencer . December 14, 2012 . 12:57am


Falcom said they had a surprise for The Legend of Heroes fans and just announced a brand new game connected to the Trails in the Sky series. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash (Sen no Kiseki) is in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash has a new battle system dubbed the Tactic Link System. Players still pick commands to fight, but it’s designed to be fast. Players will overwhelm enemies with the strength of their bonds. The game also has an active voice system so you’ll hear voices everywhere when you’re walking around and you can overhear conversations while in town. Falcom added a free camera you can rotate 360 degrees to check out the map.




Oh, and of course The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash has been improved dramatically on the visual side with HD graphics.


sennoki1 sennoki3 sennoki2 sennoki6


The story takes place in the same time period and is set on the Zemuria continent just like Trails in the Sky. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is scheduled to come out in 2013.

  • Everything is awesome,…. until “The game also has an active voice system so you’ll hear voices everywhere when you’re walking around and you can overhear conversations while in town.”….

    • What’s wrong with that, if you mind me asking?

      • He means that voice system is above awesome..

        • I like voice system, but the fact that it hinder the chance for localization is not a thing I can stand for.

      • Don’t mind if i’m wrong, but with licensed problem, I doubt we can get this babe localized with that. Zero no Kiseki Vita might be an example.

        • I don’t think this is the first time we are going to get a lively town, it really should be the least of our problems.

          • Yeah, I hope so. We only got Trail of the Sky so far. There is still a long way to go until this title. Maybe by then, Xseed (or other) will grow strong enough to handle this.

        • I get what you mean now. I would probably stay on the side of optimism for this one, or go for the import.

    • Bloodios

      Even Square Enix is crazy enough to remove the voices from the dialogues in the English version of Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of The Plume, so I can see Xceed either generous enough to leave the Japanese voices in game or remove them altogether. So really, the voices should be the least of our concern. What we should be worried about is the amount of texts that need to be translated…

    • Nitraion

      Hmm I see it might be “Hard” To localize If i think about it….

      especially if everyone want dual voices O-o what the solution Sub everywhere?? ><

  • ragingmerifes

    This needs to be localized. It has a chance of being to Vita what TITS were to PSP.

    • Ladius

      This game is a direct sequel of a series that, so far, has one localized entry and four Japanese-only ones, and XSeed has already said they don’t plan to skip any game just to speed up things.

      It’s incredibly frustrating, considering the quality of this franchise :(

      • So we should hope for the PS3 version of SC to be localized?

        • Ladius

          We should hope for any version of SC to be localized, tbh.

          I hope we will see a relaunch of Trails 1 on Steam (and PS3, but that’s kinda far fetched even on digital delivery) at the beginning of 2013, followed by a Trails 2 announcement for mid 2013 on Steam and PSP (and PS3, again, but that could be more problematic), but that’s all speculation since XSeed hasn’t said anything on those topics for ages.

      • GmailIsDown

        just learn japanese dude. game is much natural in original japanese. and yes they are awesome titles.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          I know, myself, I really don’t like seeing European looking characters speaking Japanese, just like I don’t like seeing Asian characters speaking English. On a game like Street Fighter, which allows me to set the languages, I usually set the characters depending on where they’re from. I find it really distracting when I play something like Guilty Gear and Ky is speaking in Japanese.

          I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I like English dubs unless things are set in an obviously Asian country.

  • Would that mean I have to play the Trails in the Sky series to be able to play the game, or played as a standalone with no prior knowledge? Since it was mentioned that it’s set in the same period as TitS.

    • ragingmerifes

      Like the first Legend of Heroes games, you can play them as standalone, and you will have a great time, but understanding some events and facts make it even better. It doesn’t make that much of a difference, but since that will take a long time to reach U.S., might as well play TITS, since it is an amazing game with such a wonderful acronym.

      • Awesome! Will definitely add this to my wishlist. I will look to get TitS as well. :D

    • fqc

      Well if you played Zero and Ao no kiseki without playing the TitS games you would be mostly fine but there would still be a lot of things that might confuse you or might not know about events that are being referred into. It wouldn’t exactly be game ruining and falls more into the ‘nice to know’ category. It’s hard to say how this new game will be but I’d bet on a lot of the events from previous games will be referred into and you would be spoiled about some possibly very important plot twists from the previous games. Still it’s a game with new characters that live in another country so it’s not like they know everything that happened in the previous games.

      • Thanks for that! As I said to vicfermino: I will look to get it, even with the references to events in the older titles.

        • I don’t 100% agree with FQC’s comment… Ao no Kiseki still requires some knowledge of Sora no Kiseki, since it’s bringing that plot in alongside Zero’s as well…

          RyougaSaotome on twitter said it best: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd is the most important game for Zero and Ao. It really is, because it sets a LOT of foundation work for things that come up in the two games.

          • So, I still need to play the trilogy, especially the third (since I only own a Vita) to fully, more or less, enjoy the sequels?

            Well, I’ll still pick up the first part of the trilogy from the PSN – I’m not in a rush since the series is new to me.


  • Go2hell66

    Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh epic

    i’ll be damned if this one doesn’t get localised
    operation rainfall assemble!!!!

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      got it!

    • didnt you say this before? I remember reading that this morning

      [edit – ugh ignore me. I thought you posted that a couple of minutes ago as disqus said]

    • MrTyrant

      Operation rainfall for all Trails then. You won’t understand much of Trails in the Flash if you didn’t play the previous games even if the characters are new because I know that sooner or later the main events of this new game will be related with the old entries.

  • fqc

    YES! I’ve been waiting for this. Day 1 import.

  • Adol Christin

    Day ONE Buy. I’m not waiting for western publishers to localize this game (which may take forever). Since we have shit ton of LOH titles to go.

  • Raze

    Faaaak Yeaaaaaa
    Love You FALCOM!!!

  • I don’t say it normally, but wow now this is a game I’d like to see localized!

    • Me too. I’m really desperate to play the rest if it :<

  • Adol Christin

    I really like the art style of Nihon Falcom games. Not over exaggerated like other JRPGS.

    • Sano Tony

      I agree with you.

    • YourAshyAss_Elbows

      I disagree. Its anime.

      • Slayven19

        It was always anime, so I don’t know what this means at all.

    • kroufonz

      it’s not exaggerated if you compare it to something like FFXIII-2 artstyle, but it still pretty much looks like quite other anime styled JRPG (doesn’t mean it is bad)

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Uh, look at their weapons. Plus, school uniforms is just as lame as exaggerated outfits. At least the latter has personality.

      • I’m no fan of the overuse of school uniforms in Japanese games, but I gotta say I actually like this one. At least it’s not the uber bland original design most school setting stories use.

      • raymk

        School uniforms are at least normal clothing, exaggerated clothing isn’t something you’d wear in a lot of situations and speaks of trying to hard sometimes. Neither one is bad its just how its used in the end that matters.

    • They’re literally just high school students now. Dislike

      • raymk

        He said the artstyle, the characters are just one part of the artstyle and doesn’t have to go hand in hand with their designs.

      • Slayven19

        That may be but before in the first 3 games they were literally just teens and common stereotypes that are just as commonly used so I don’t see the difference. All archetypes are overused, its how you use them that sets them apart. Actually the school setting is rarely tackled in jrpg’s and is usually only in anime. There’s really only some of atlus games(which do a great job with the school settings by the way) and type-0. Still as Adol said I’ll take something being kinda generic over something exaggerated for no real reason. The less focus on the clothing of the characters the better to see their personalities. Yeah I know its an old article but people can still get the messages if people replied to them.
        Also he meant the series as a whole not just this particular game.

  • Elvick

    I’m going to need this.

  • Those character designs are SO pretty! Do want!

  • Don

    love it..
    i assume its a new trilogy to be?
    anyone know whether the Zero-Ao series end in Ao?

    • Ended at Ao. Zero and Ao was a 2 game story.

      • Don

        thanks for the info.. i thought that series was gonna be a trilogy

        • The OVERALL story is already 5 games lol. Add this one and we’ll have 6.

          The stage this time is the Erebonian Empire, about the same time after the epilouge of Ao no Kiseki.

          The artwork you see of that giant castle city with red roofs is the capital of Erebonia.

  • Unlimax

    I think Persona 5 has the same Battle system style like this game but with more Action and Dodgers , How do i know that ( Just Rumors ) .

    • PABLO Rapetti Perez

      Man, I read the Persona 5 and I got already exited. Talk about craving for news. BTW, buying this!

      • Unlimax

        When this Rumor becomes real .. please comeback and replay to me ~

        I’m looking for this game .

  • disgaea36

    dang nab it this is just unfair we are missing 4 titles and now this well I’ll keep my fingers crossed just in case

  • psycho_bandaid

    Wow talk about stepping your game up. Looks awesome.

  • Localise this title! This sounds fantastic!

  • badmoogle

    I love the 360 degrees rotatable camera addition,i really hope these games come in the west.

  • pekikuubik

    Ugh, I sure hope they’re not planning to play the school setting trope straight. I can’t be the only one who’s tired of it.

    But the music will be great at least, so there’s that.

    • Slayven19

      Tired of it? how many jrpg’s games have actually used it? Hell how many jrpg’s have used young teens which is honestly even more overused than the school settings because its used in everything almost.

  • Peeka Chu

    Since we never got Type-O, I’ll take this. Looks like a Type-O/ Valkyria crossbreed. And no offence to XSEED, but as they’re taking so long to even localize the SC, I wouldn’t mind if Aksys or Atlus or NISA swooped in there and made a deal for Zero and this. We shouldn’t have to wait on XSEED to release every game in sequential order. I’d rather play Zero and this than ports of an almost 10 year old PC game.

    • Hraesvelgr

      We shouldn’t have to wait on XSEED

      You don’t have to. Import if you want the games that badly.

      • But it’s useless if you can’t read japanese, especially how LoH games is heavy on the storyline part.

      • Peeka Chu

        Your comment is pretty short-sighted. I have, in fact, started to learn spoken Japanese. But kanji is no where on the cards for the time being, and I’m hardly a common occurrence as a person who wants to learn a language just to play video games. And no, we shouldn’t have to wait on XSEED for games that have been out for over a decade, then further wait until they catch up (when in 2020?) in localizations to publish the series in sequential order. Any implication that we should – not that you’re necessarily making one – is absurd.

        Edit: The point I was trying to make is that I, personally, don’t care about decade old PC ports. So I will agree with you in that sense, that if people want SC so badly, they should import it. I’d rather have new games in the series: Zero, and this. Both are for the Vita too, so it just makes better business sense to publish on a living platform than a dead one (for localization in the West, obviously – PSP is still rocking it in Japan).

        • I’ve been playing Japanese games since I was a kid, got sick of waiting for localizations and bugged my parents to send me to japanese class as wella s self study. The rest is history. never regretted the effort.

          • Peeka Chu

            I’m not sure if you’re agreeing or disagreeing or just commenting as an aside. But people like you and I are in the minority. Probably not here on Siliconera, but in the general gaming populace we are.

          • Raze

            That is…If you prefer gameplay than story….
            Or you know Japanese….
            Well…I prefer gameplay too…
            And sometimes import games…

            But…We know LoH…LoH series are long story games….I think It will be much worth to play in the languange that you understand than just play it blindly….Not all people play games just for the gameplay…

            And for 10 years old game…
            Haha….Its not really a reason for leaving it…
            IMO…I need to finish what I start…

          • Kai2591

            I’m stuck at kanji T_T

    • JazzyMan123

      You are aware how the LoH games work right? Each game’s story builds off the previous. If you just jump into the latest entry without knowledge of the previous games, you’re gonna be as confused as a headless chicken.

      • Peeka Chu

        I am, and that’s sort of untrue from what I understand. There are two trilogies, and Zero is a re-imagining that is outside the standard two trilogies. I would imagine that this new game beings a fresh plot-line/ trilogy as well. The trilogies are largely exclusive of one another if I recall. I don’t care about the resolution to FC/SC/TC as much as I do about having new Vita/ PS3 games that have a better chance of being localized while they’re relevant. That’s all that I’m saying.

        • You can’t complete Zero’s story without knowing Sora. It’s pretty much near impossible to play Ao no Kiseki without knowledge of the previous games.

          Case in point: do you understand the fan excitement for Erebonia being the setpiece of the new game? It’s not a ‘we’ve heard of this place for so long…’ sort of situation. If it were that, I’d be disappointed, because I want to see Alteria really bad!

          There has been crazy political shenanigans surrounding Erebonia since FC, and each game has built on it more and more.

          Ao no Kiseki pulls in information and situations from the Sora trilogy without explaining them. What was the significance of Kevin’s action in the prologue. Little explanation on Ries is given… It brings up a dreaded event that was told about in 3rd… And there are game system based incidents in it that actually have plot relevance in Zero and Ao that are never explained- you just ‘get’ them if you’ve played 3rd.

          • Peeka Chu

            You could complete it if you read a Wikipedia article on it. That’s all the game would need beforehand; a bit more artistically implemented though, of course.

          • And by that, that’s not “being possible to play without the previous games.” That’s still relying on info from the previous games… and the information on Wikipedia is not really 100% complete on what’s going on. I mean, it gives a basic summary, but that’s it.

        • JazzyMan123

          No, it’s true. For example an Organization which plays a large role in Ao is only explained about in SC and 3rd and a LOT of characters who show up in Zero and Ao are only introduced in the Sora trilogy as well as a whole lot of important plot points which are part of the main story in Ao…and I think omgfloofy can explain this better than I can..

        • This is going to be a direct sequel to Zero/Ao, just like those were direct sequels to Sora.

          They aren’t different “trilogies” at all, they’re more like different arcs in the same overall story, so they’re pretty dependent of each other even if the main cast of characters is new in each story arc.

          Sora FC+SC = Liberl Arc
          Sora The 3rd = Phantasma Arc
          Zero/AO = Crossbell Arc
          Sen = Erebonian Arc

          There’s really no point in playing Zero/Ao without having played Sora, just like it won’t make sense to play Sen without having played the previous games. Anyone who played the previous games already has a pretty good idea about what Sen’s plot will be like, since a lot of stuff was already hinted in The 3rd and Zero/AO

          • I cannot stress Tsumori’s last paragraph enough.

          • Peeka Chu

            I’ll take your word for it, but I still can’t believe that they couldn’t just do a ME2 PS3 version synopsis beforehand. Its not like critical plot points can’t be given in a bit of preamble or cutscenes. If we’re seriously waiting to play localized versions of these, in order, we will never see the series in the West. They could easily market and package the different Arcs as just that, different arcs.

          • Well, if you noticed, they actually released (albeit only in japan) books featuring settings, story etc. I own them and can tell you they easily summarise all the games thus far.

            Also while I do say summarised, the books are thick and filled with quite a bit of text. So a simple game summary would be hard.

            Having played the previous games adds to the story and enjoyment though, this I strongly have to stress. Meeting Joshua, Estelle and Renne again and watching their development, journey and their continuing stories on the side, while a new generation is getting developed was a very nice bonus. In fact, Zero and Ao no Kiseki wraps up Renne’s story finally, especially her past while providing us a new story in Llyod’s struggles in Crossbell (as wella s the city’s own struggle for true independance and peace).

            However Falcom takes pains to immerse the player in the shoes of the new lead and his comrades for every new arc of the Kiseki series, so don’t feel so daunted by the larger story. I mean when Zero was first annouced people were like, where’s Joshua et al? Their story isn’t over yet!? Now its where’s Llyod et al? lol.

            So where do I stand? Well you could play Sen first, then backtrack like a history book when the older games ever see a localization, or you could ask the importers or long time fans who have played all the games. However even the long time fans have trouble remembering everything, the games are that immense, heck i find myself referencing the world and settings bibles for sora when playing zero and ao for old stuff mentioned/terminology/world history before because my memory was hazy.

            Oh and if its any hope, Falcom is releasing the old sora games as HD PSP remasters on the PS3. FC is out already 2 days ago, SC will be in April 2013 if I remember right.

          • Ao no Kiseki DOES have a summary of Sora ~ Zero on it, and it does not cover even a fraction of what occurred in the game. The people who did play Ao first were still confused, even with that information.

  • xavier axol

    Wow!, holy sweet jesus!. it’s confirm, it’s coming to the u.s. (you know, cause it’s actually on a hardware that is not dead) well at least one of them it’s not.

  • Draparde

    wow, i can say without a doubt this surprised me, in the best of ways. i love it!

  • Bloodios

    I think they should’ve just made it exclusive to the Vita, instead. I believe having only one platform to optimize the game for is always better anyway. The way I see it, having both the version just takes up more time and resources, and it’ll just make the Vita version seems highly redundant. Sure, they could’ve made this a PS3-exclusive title but don’t Japanese gamers tend to favor portable gaming though?

    • xavier axol

      yeah, but what if they don’t sell well?. i don’t think they’ll support the vita ever again, this is the best they can do to help the vita. find it’s footing, then they can make some exclusive.

      • there’s crossplay between the ps3 and vita. They might even share the same save file so when you’re out, you can continue the game on the Vita. Its also a sly sales tactic.

    • kroufonz

      I don’t think PS3/ vita will be that much of a work like developing x360/ps3 multiplat, if i am not wrong sony made it somewhat easier to make PS3/vita multiplat there’s probably some article about this on the internet.

    • Nitraion

      You mean no love for only PS3 owner :(

    • sandra10

      Porting between the PS3 and Vita is quick, though. Kojima ported MGS4 in just a week, and DOA5 is running at 60FPS on the Vita after only 2 months of development. But this a game that doesn’t tax either system so optimization should be really quick and easy.

      Like Falcom said in their previous interviews too, the PS3 is their chance to expand their Western audience since consoles don’t just sell better here, console owners buy far more software too. And yes, the Vita version is for Japan since they built up a fanbase on the PSP and handhelds are more popular there as well.

      • ronin4life

        I’m pretty sure that MGS4 demo was a video, and anyway it lagged like hell…

        • sandra10

          It was a cutscene in real time. And I know, it was at 20fps compared to the PS3 version’s 30. But the point was that it was really quick for them to get the game running on the Vita. Obviously it would take longer (but not too long) for them to optimize the game which is why I also mentioned DOA5 in my comment.

    • I don’t see why it would be a problem. If they pull the same Cross-Play capabilities that the Kai HD series for Sora no Kiseki FC and SC have, then you can transfer your save back and forth between PS3 and Vita. Play it on the go, or play it on the big screen at home.

      PhyreEngine makes it fairly easy to port anything developed in it to the Vita, also.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Some of us, you know, like having our JRPGs on consoles. Thank you. This is the best option for everyone. I own a Vita, but if there’s a PS3 and a Vita version of something, I’m picking up the PS3 one, every time.

      • Bloodios

        And because many would simply just pick the PS3 version over the Vita version that having both seems really redundant. The Vita version probably wouldn’t even sell all that hot, which would makes all the extra time, efforts and resources that were put in it worthless. I said I wished it would be a Vita-exclusive in hope that it would motivate folks to buy the system, but realistically speaking, I could’ve said that this should’ve been a PS3-exclusive instead. Either way, my point is that having the game released on two platform does not seem to be a profitable approach, especially since one of those platforms being the Vita. All the extra time, efforts, and resources that will be spent optimizing both platforms could’ve been, instead, used to make one of them the best it could be or better yet, get another project started.

        • Peeka Chu

          Vita development is cheap and lightning fast. Its not the same as making a console game. Its basically the same as a high end iOS title in terms of resources and turnaround.

  • kroufonz

    the console choice will raise the probability for localization at the same time the connection with other trail in the sky series could reduce the localization chance sigh:(

  • OMG… SO BEAUTIFUL!!! This must get localized, or I’ll kill my self…metaphorically

  • Göran Isacson

    As long as the script is one the same level, I am okay with our new HD-overlords. Even if it probably means we’ll never get it localized because of costs and what not, at least it’s nice to know it… exists, I guess?

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    The town looks really beautiful. Liking the red tone… I feel like running through it (I am a distance runner… lol)

  • Zeonsilt

    The graphics and design.Instant pre-order.I do hope it sells in Japan and all next “Trails” games will be in HD.

    You hear me,XSeed. p.s. Pretty sure we will get this,eventually.

  • AndyFe

    wow that looks and sounds awesome so far, I do hope it does get localized

  • DesmaX

    Looks pretty good

    Now we just need a Ys 8 with the same treatment

  • Kevin Lor

    Waiting for news about NA release *prays to the video game god*

  • MrTyrant

    Just not linking the main cast being highschoolers when the previous title were different kind of guys in your main party. Everything else looks fantastic and it’s really a huge improvement in the main franchine.

    Hope to see a localization…mmh not maybe I’ll just import it.

    • They’re more like military school cadets. This is the Erebonian Empire after all. >.>

      • MrTyrant

        Yeah “military” I get that. Just look at them.

        • Slayven19

          If you actually look at real military schools some do have uniforms that look exactly like that. Its like he said military school cadets look like this even with females wearing skirts as part of their uniform like even the main military have them wear.

    • Slayven19

      Yeah different guys that look fit other overused stereotypes just like these characters do. As long as like the other games were they avoid making the whole character a walking cliche then we should be fine. I really don’t see the problem with having high schoolers from teenagers which all the rest of the games in the series have had. Young teens are overused even more than the school themes.

  • Zakai

    Great news !! Now, I’m so curious about the gameplay ! Pretty sure they are going to do an incredible smart gameplay !

  • Nitraion

    Never played the series since there is PS3 i might be try digging in this game hope to play it…..(Come on Aksys,XSEED,ATLUS,NISA or whoever it is localize this game) XD

  • Stranger On The Road

    those are some nice 3D models, and shading is just beautiful!

    I look forward to seeing an actual video of the gameplay. Plus some localization news

    Edit: This engine, with Tone’s artwork…. now that is something to look forward to ;-)

  • JazzyMan123

    My sympathies for anyone hoping for a localization, maybe if we’re lucky this will receive one by 2020!

  • Kai2591

    holy kurappu

  • Kai2591


    Also: I detect a tsundere!

    • Yup Me too, and this one looks like my type XD

      • Kai2591

        You mean the tsundere? guhehe~
        and she’s blonde, angry-looking and probably an ojou-sama – one of the best type of tsundere there is hohoho~

        • Demeanor

          The “wa” in her speech leaves little doubt, definitely a tsundere ojousama XD

          • Kai2591

            oh that’s the way to know? I see haha~

  • Kai2591

    I pray that this will get a good localization soon with full Japanese audio!

  • Whatever happened to “Falcom is too poor to make HD games, stop asking for them”?

    • No one’s ever been saying to stop asking them, to my knowledge. But Falcom’s been working with PhyreEngine for the past four years, so I imagine this is the product of that experimentation.

      • Not to mention zero and ao (and ys celcetta sea of trees) sold insanely well, they have the money, experience and resources to finally try HD. I doubt it’d be perfect though, but if anything, their characters will be likable, story engrossing and music, splendid.

        • Correct! Falcom also is one of the Japanese game developers with the highest profit margins. And instead of funneling it into higher pay for ‘famous’ developers/directors, they take the profits and turn it back into the company’s game development projects, afaik.

  • enorka miho


  • FFmax

    My god, how do they keep cranking out these games so fast?! We’re still struggling with the second one over here.

  • Sergio Briceño

    And a really nice surprise it is.

  • Ladius

    Before asking for this game’s localization people should understand that this should be a direct continuation of the Zemuria saga, and that before being able to fully appreciate it we would likely need to have Trails 2, Trails 3, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki in English. As much as I love this series (or maybe exactly because of it), I wouldn’t like to skipt entire narrative arcs just to get the newest game.

    • Prinnydoom

      I would

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I’ll deal with the narrative skip if I can get this in English.

      • Ladius

        The point of this series is the incredible amount of characters, stories and details regarding the setting, if you skip four games just to get the latest, flashiest one chances are you will also miss much of its appeal in terms of narrative.

        I mean, this new episode is set in the Empire of Erebonia, a nation whose political stance, key figures and internal organizations have been detailed over the last four games but that was barely introduced in Trails in the Sky, and that isn’t even including you would miss on everything that happened in the series after the long prologue that was Trails 1.

        It would be like jumping in the latest A Song of Ice and Fire book after having read the first chapters of the first volume: the writing and plot may be good, but we wouldn’t be able to understand almost any of it.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Localize it first and I’ll deal with all that later. Is it the same characters starring? No? And you said it takes place in a totally new country? Perfect. Perfect way to introduce Westerners to the series.

          • Ladius

            Look, everyone here want to see more Trails games, I have bought so many copies of Trails 1 between different editions I almost feel guilty about it, and I’m as frustrated as anyone else by the idea that we will probably never be able to play the whole saga, but that doesn’t mean we should try to avoid reality.

            Giving westerners the sixth entry of an extremely complex series that requires previous knowledge of every entry to be enjoyed won’t be a good way to introduce westerners to the series. If anything, you would risk to annoy lots of people because the game will keep referencing characters and events they would know nothing about.

            To keep the ASoIAF thing going on, the new arcs in the Trails series seems to be like the chapters where Martin changes his protagonist (something he does extremely frequently): you will have new characters, maybe even a new setting, but the ongoing story would still be the same, and in the end you will need to know everything the books told in order to appreciate it.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            How is that different from, say, Suikoden?

            And here’s my point. They’re making PSP remasters of the others, are they not? So, bring this over. Introduce us to the world and then bring over the HD remakes, so that we get the full picture.

            It’s not like we have never seen a storyline out of linear order before in the West.

          • Ladius

            Trails is very different than Suikoden exactly because of the connections between its games, even if they can be compared thanks to the extreme depth of their worlds.

            The Trails series was built from the start to constitute a big, overall narrative split into multiple games and arcs, while 4 out of 5 numbered Suikodens are completely stand alone and have only minor references to previous games due to their common setting (and, to clear a common misconception, Murayama originally didn’t plan for the series to continue after the first game).
            Even Suikoden 3’s connections to the first entries and the Suikogaidens kinda pale compared to most Trails games considering they’re direct sequels (SC begins hours after FC, The 3rd is mere months after, and so on), not to mention Suikoden 3’s plot lines, which could have brought the Suikoden series to a more cohesive progression, were never explored in the other entries.

            Also, I don’t remember a single instance of a jrpg direct sequel being localized before its previous entries while still being successful or appreciated: one example is the Spectral series, where the first episodes were never localized, and we ended up having three games that are almost impossible to contextualize without having played the Japanese entries or having studied wikis and other resources.

            Another point: Sen no Kiseki will probably show us the Erebonian side of many mysteries shown from Trails SC to Ao no Kiseki, and having it localized before them would mean completely spoiling the other games’ surprises.

            But seriously, if you don’t believe me check the boards where importers are discussing this game, like the XSeed forum, and you will see that those who actually played the series are adamant on the impossibility to skip games and still understandappreciate what’s going on.

          • Raine_evenstar

            As someone who played all previous five games, I agree with this. The games are all connected no matter how “standalone” some may appear to be. You really have to play all the previous games to enjoy it 100%.

    • I’d love to see the other games as well, but you can play any game alone and fully appreciate its story(except Sky chapter 1-2 and maybe 3).

      • Ladius

        Sadly that isn’t the case going with the opinion of everyone who played the whole saga: Trails 2 requires Trails 1 being a direct sequel, Trails 3 is a direct sequel of 2 and sets up some key points for later games while improving the backgrounds of the heroes known in the first two entries, Zero starts a new arc but continues the previous plotlines and Ao goes back to both the first three games and Zero.

        Both importers and XSeed’s Lipschultz have said multiple times that this series can’t be enjoyed without being played consecutively, and that skipping even a single entry would ruin the narrative as a whole.

        The new playable casts and change of settings aren’t meant to start completely new stories, but to continue the overall narrative in different regions while providing an entry point for nowcomers (that will still be required to play the old games to understand what’s going on).

        • I understand what you mean, but you can play the games solo(Sky 1-2 & 3 to a lesser extent cause that was one is more important for Zero and Zero and Ao) and still get their own plots. What you probably won’t get or at least not get the emotional connection are the settings and or why the world is the way it is, so while you’ll miss out on certain aspects of the charme of the world and certain characters/organizations etc. you can still enjoy the game specific plot.

          • Ladius

            This goes against everything those who actually played the series said, though. Those games have individual plots, but they’re created only as parts of one extremely big and complex overall narrative, not as stand-alone stories, and that’s exactly why the series has been so successful and loved so far.

            Of course someone can play them as such if he isn’t bothered by the idea of not understanding tons of events, dialogues and references and not knowing lots of characters the games will present himher, but that’s kinda like the “jump in the last book of a long series” example I was making in the other post.

          • Ren

            Actually, from what little I tried of all of them, the only ones you can do that are Sky FC and Zero. SC is a direct sequel to FC. The 3rd is half setup for Zero and Blue, half finishing some plot threads of FC+SC, and not only that, but the way the plot seems to be told is, well, not going to be interesting to those that haven’t played FC+SC. Blue is a direct sequel of Zero and kinda of the Sky storyline too. So yeah, you can play them out of order if you so desire, just don’t expect to understand anything and expect to be spoiled enough to make some earlier scenes not as awesome, but not enough to actually understand the plot.

  • Prinnydoom

    Looking good should probably finish the first chapter of trails in the sky though >__<

  • $24431191

    We need this game.

  • Not gonna wait for a localize. I’m keeping up with Zero no Kiseki Evolution on the Vita because of full voice acting.

    I love Falcom character design. And don’t forget their songs.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    XSEED need to localize this. At the very least, the PS3 version, but both should be localized! This actually has a chance to sell here!

  • Oltheros

    That sounds really appealing, not going to lie.

  • Wow, this looks great. Huge jump from the previous games. Falcom have been hard at work!

  • definitely buy it,cant wait anymore!
    so missing RPG these years!!

  • Wackoramaco87

    Oooh! Looking forward to more information about this (and hopefully its eventual localization!) and learning more about the storyline! So, just to clarify- do all the “legend of heroes” series take place in the same timeline, just different continents? Or is it just Trails in the Sky, Zero no Kiseki, and this newest one?

    • This is a continuation of the Trails series.

      Trails in the Sky FC –> Trails in the Sky SC –> Trails in the Sky the 3rd –> Zero no Kiseki –> Ao no Kiseki –> Sen no Kiseki

      • Aaaaaand we only get the first one…….

        • MrTyrant

          It’s hard to be a fan of this saga, really. The games have great quality and yet none of them were in english only one. Not we must wait for xseed and they are really slow. I know they are small and I know SC has a lots of text but even so…

      • Wackoramaco87

        Thanks for the list! Yikes, so much to get through…0_0

    • The “Trails” games, bar Nayuta, all take place in the same setting. So this game takes place in the same world as the one that came to America last year, with Estelle and company.

      • Wackoramaco87

        Ah, oops, didn’t mean to mix those up! And gocha, thanks for clarifying!


    Looking forward to this.. will import asap!

  • $36598391

    I hope this comes out in NA, Xseed for sure!

  • Bobthegreat

    Hate being that guy, but uhm, translating the subtitle to “Trails in the Flash” sounds weird, if not stupid.

    That being said, I really appreciate that Nihon Falcom made this a PS3/PSVita release (yet to buy the latter). So so looking forward to play this game sometimes next year.

  • Jirin

    Oh, please do not tell me even Legend of Heroes is taking away your ability to fully control your allies. Come ON, full control of the party is what makes me like the JRPG genre to begin with.

    • MrTyrant

      Uh oh now Im fearing this as well.

  • Learii

    i hopeXSEED localize it

  • Demeanor

    You can’t really appreciate the details on those models without watching the pics fullscreen, they’re awesome!
    Waaaahhhh I want to play this entire series from start to finish but I’m stuck at end of FC like so many others, I’m not confident enough in my JP to tackle this game (plus how can I enjoy it unless I understand every nook and cranny of the dialogue?) and given the sheer volume of the content we won’t see a magical translation of SC, 3rd, Zero, Ao, Nayuta and this anytime soon T_T myself, Y U NO BORN IN JAPAN???

  • Manuel Antony Marcano

    This is beautiful and terrifying. I imagine the game will be fantastic, however we’re very behind, and we can’t even get mad since Xseed is doing their best.

    I wish this, as well as other series, were more popular outside of Japan.

  • zephyrsword

    Oh my god. 3D!!

    • LynxAmali

      Exactly my reaction

  • puchinri

    That sounds pretty interesting. I’m liking the designs of the game overall and how pretty it is. I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this~.
    [Also totes hoping the blonde is not (just a) tsundere, and that she or the other girl is the main.]

    • MrTyrant

      I hope the male is the main xD just because Lloyd interacting with the girls and having “dates” was interesting in Ao no Kiseki. IMO.

      • Tony

        In that regard better hope he ain’t bland like so many others.

        • MrTyrant

          Well that’s true but if i get to choose most of the options it will be fine I guess. Just I expect them to avoid retarded answer with the mc.

      • puchinri

        Lady leads can also date and interact though too. . . ouo;
        (And it’d be fun for the lady players, and no reason it can’t be fun for male players~.)

  • Safros9

    Now that’s a massive step forward in terms of graphics for the series… very impressed. But I’ll be patient and wait for the eventual localization.

    • Aren’t we still like 4 games behind? Edit: 5 with Nayuta.

      • Safros9

        Yes, I did say eventual localization though, so I don’t expect it to happen anytime in the next few years.

  • RPGRocker

    Whoa. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this marks the first time Falcom’s developed a new console title since 1995 — Ys V?

    And it looks REALLY good, too. No wonder these guys have been making RPGs longer than anyone else.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Ys Seven was new to consoles, so was Ys vs Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga~.

  • Foryth

    Seeing a new game come out for this series while we’re still waiting for SC is almost torture. I’m glad the series is still going and apparently doing well though. Too bad the kanji level is still way too advanced for me.

  • Margaret Chan

    I don’t think people understand. The cry for this to be localized is the exact cry to get ALL the installments before it….. at least that’s what my cry and whining is for. Allll of them please~~

  • Brion Valkerion

    PS3, someone can make good decisions!

  • Nyandroid

    This. Looks. FANTASTIC! Here’s hoping that the Trails games we are missing and this gets localized!!

    ♪ You’ve got HIIIIIIIIIGH hopes! ♪

    • So hopeful my little Nyan. xD

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, I hope this comes out here. I could use more RPGs. *looks @ insanely large backlog* Yep. More RPGs!

  • Alexander Aubert

    !!!!!! man the graphic is a huge step, i wish the story will to (of course it will). why didn’t any US/EU publisher notice this awsome company?

    what should i buy vita or ps3? (don’t say both)

    • Ladius

      XSeed “noticed” them years ago, in fact you will find the first Trails game localized on PSP, just as three Ys games on PSP and two on Steam :) All are pretty wonderful games, so you’re in for a treat if you never played them.

      The sad thing is that, due to the gigantic amount of texts in the Trails series, we’re still at the first chapter (the second is currently being localized), while this Sen no Kiseki is the sixth one, and can’t be enjoyed without having played the previous chapters.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I notice you keep saying that, but this has just been announced. You don’t think there’s the possibility that they made this one, especially since it’s the first one on a console, the most accessible to a new audience? I mean, being on PS3 raises the possibility of localization a great deal. Not to mention they are bringing the others to PS3, as well. I really think that if they localize this one, it will help establish the series in the states way more than the first one being on PSP ever did.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I like the look of character designs. And, it was about time. ^^

  • look like vita love has begin.

  • I wonder about the size of text in this game?

  • Actually looks good. I’ve heard great things about the series and if it comes to America, I”ll definitely pick it up for my PS3.

  • There seems to be some kind of awesome giant robot there XD

  • wow… Epic FALCOM…. this was really a huge surprise….

  • dis be gud

    Shouldn’t it be called Trails of the Flash and not “in the Flash”? “in the Flash” just doesn’t make any sense.

    Anyway, hypehypehypehypehypehypehypehype.

    PS: Erebonians are so classy. :V

  • GmailIsDown

    great. Now I have get a PS3.

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