Studio Ghibli And Level 5 Discuss Ni no Kuni’s Development Process

By Ishaan . December 19, 2012 . 11:40am

Level 5 and Namco Bandai have shared a second behind-the-scenes video for Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, this time featuring Studio Ghibli. Yoshiyuki Momose, the studio’s Director of Animation discusses how Ghibli contributed to development, and how the process was similar to developing one of Ghibli’s animated films. Check the video out below:



Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Watch will be released on January 22nd in North America and January 25th in Europe.

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  • riceisnice

    I’ve always felt another country getting the game a few days later was personal.

    • Alos88

      That’s nothing, we in the EU had to wait months after a games release in the US a decade ago, that was commonplace.

  • Man if this game does not sell well they are not going to bring more titles over, but I just really did not like the demo’s gameplay.

  • Spicydicey

    Could this game remedy the fact that Xenoblade Chronicles was only Wii-exclusive?! I hope so.

    • DesmaX

      No. Xenoblade will still remain a Wii exclusive after this game releases

      • Spicydicey

        No, I mean that since an awesome game like Xenoblade isn’t coming to PS3, at least this game might satisfy as a good JRPG for the system

        • You guys already have Tales, why do you want them to keep stealing from the DS?

          • Elvick

            There’s far more in this version than the DS version. Never mind all the obvious benefits from the infinitely better hardware.

            Besides, the Wii had Tales as well… and the first non-port of Tales we got on PS3 was Xillia. The Wii got two before that. Symphonia: DotNW and Graces.

  • Eddie

    Does anyone know if the Wizard’s Edition is still available for pre order? I get the feeling it’s not…

    • chronicthrone

      club namco sold out since august. best bet is ebay. goodluck!

      • Eddie

        Bummer…. It’s like 250 on ebay -_-

    • In the UK, and still have them up for pre-order. Also check out

      note: Game and Zavvi are the only two I know that ship to NA (I have accounts at both), not sure about shopto, so checkout their FAQ for that.

      • Corey Owens

        PS3 is region free right? Could I buy the UK version and play it on a NA PS3?

        • kroufonz

          yes you can

          • Eddie

            My thing is what about the dlc. I have a japanese ps3 and as everyone knows P4A is region locked, so I have a japanese copy of that as well. The thing is the games are not region locked but the dlc is region locked to wherever that game came from. So I can buy dlc for P4A from the american psn but it isn’t compatible with my japanese copy of P4A. If I want dlc for my japanese copy of the game I have to buy it from the japanese psn store…. I feel like the same thing would occur if I purchased a european copy of Ni No Kuni

          • That’s with all games on the PS3. I’m sure that the DLC that came out in JPN will be available on day one for the west, IIRC.

            That’s why I’m reluctant to import titles for that reason. However, you can find cheap places to purchase PSN cards for other regions and just have that an account set-up for that region for that very purpose.

          • Eddie

            Yeah, I have a japanese psn account, all the sites I’ve seen where you can buy a japanese psn card usually rip you off by about 16 dollars but hey if I really want the dlc I just grumble and by the card. I had a feeling that this was true to every game on ps3…. It’s a tuff decision, but I really really really want the Wizard’s Edition… -_-

          • I can patiently wait for EU releases since my backlog is still there to keep me warm. :D Importing games have its pros and cons but enjoyment is always at the forefront, though.

            I had the Wizard Edition on pre-order at both Zavvi and Amazon before finally cancelling one of them – this was back in August as well. Can’t wait.

          • Eddie

            You know…. Screw it I’m gonna buy the Wizard’s Edition. I’ll just make a EU psn account too.

          • Awesome! :D

          • Elvick

            The version we’re getting is the “All-in-One Edition’ that Japan got.

            So, the only DLC to worry about is pre-order related DLC or DLC included in the Wizard Edition. Honestly, I forgot what’s included with the Wizard Edition, so don’t know if it has DLC or not. I preordered it as soon as Canada could though.

          • Eddie

            Thanks, I had no idea about the “All-in-One Edition” On Zavvi it says that the Wizard’s Edition will include the golden mite and golden drongo dlc. I’m going to optimistically assume that the “All-in-One Edition” dlc will also be available since it is free anyways.

  • Few days ago I was playing the demo, and man I couldn’t get enough of Hisaishi’s music. For the 15 or so years he’s still (with Yasunori Mitsuda) the greatest Japanese composers for me. Obviously I’m gonna buy the wizard edition, it’s a bit expensive, but I think it’s worth every money, cause inside Ni no Kuni you can feel the magic of Studio Ghibli :]

  • man I pre-ordered this game since they listed it in amazon……SUPER HAPPY!!

  • ash32121

    Wrath of the White Watch

    dude =)) i lmao so hard i have a stomache =))

  • Elvick

    Just started playing the Japanese version of the All-in-One Edition. Having some trouble figure things out, since I don’t know Japanese, but I’m loving it.

    Couldn’t wait until January with this copy here. Took me about 30 minutes to figure out what to do when the star indicating where to go disappeared.

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