Dynasty Warriors 8 Screenshots Starring Wang Yuanji, Sima Yi And More

By Ishaan . December 21, 2012 . 8:45am

The next round of screenshots from Dynasty Warriors 8 gives us a look at another round of playable characters. Below, you’ll find: Wang Yuanji, Sima Yi, Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, Zhang Chunhua, and Jia Chong.


Wang Yuanji:



Sima Yi:


Sima Shi:


Sima Zhao:


Zhang Chunhua:


Jia Chong:


Dynasty Warriors 8 will be released on February 28th, 2013.

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  • Dexward

    This article could easily just be a Wang Yuanji tribute, and I’m totally fine with that. Oh, and hello Zhang Chunhua…

  • Oh look, Sima Yi’s hat isn’t bigger this time. :D And please tell me that weapon isn’t a sadomasochist whip. lol

    Yuanji’s about the same except less exotic. Not that big a deal.

    Zhao sure looks better though. The kind of suit a ruler of China would wear. ;D

    So Zhang Chunhua has claws that shoot web? Can she swing with them too? And now we have bladarangs, finally! We must have Tremendous Celestial Sundering Shredding Light of Chinese Butchery.

    • Nitraion

      Why you spell malik’s Crazy move XD

      • Don’t tell you didn’t think that too. xD Jia Chong + Bladarang + Jamieson Price = Fund It.

        • Nitraion

          Haha i like malik’s eng voices..
          jamieson price is that his voice actor….
          I like his voice sound manly enough…
          as for game hmm i like Tales musou again with malik on it..
          with eleth fire or dragon slayer or whatever his magic is…*_*
          then again i always like captain chara in tales like jade in ToA too is Indigation and meteor strom will end your day..

  • If there would be more events beyond the final point of Jin story in 7, I’m admittedly eager to see more interactions between Wang Yuanji and Sima Zhao. They’re just such an oddly charming couple.

    • Testsubject909

      Really like Sima Zhao. Can’t stand people who compare him to Tidus.

      Perhaps physically, but mentally and in terms of his growth and importance in the story, completely different.

      • They did? News to me. lol If Zhao and Tidus switched places, Zhao would’ve actually been a main character in FFX. How’s that for a difference?

        • Testsubject909

          He wouldn’t be whining all the time about how unfortunate he is while being a tagalong screwup.

          He’d just be going “Man. This is so bothersome.” while not telling anyone that his genius mind already figured out the optimal solution and path to solving the whole issue and is just being too lazy and hoping someone else steps up but would ultimately have to step up.

          He’d probably stop the army from trying to attack Sin (who is traveling across the sea) using CHOCOBO INFANTRY UNITS (the army that is) because of how strategically dumb they are.

          • While shouting “IMBECILES” too. lol

          • Testsubject909

            I particularly enjoy how he schooled Zhuge Dan. He’s almost like that old wiseman atop a mountain in some ways.

      • Yeah, I liked his character too. He’s laid-back, but doesn’t skimp out on his responsibilities when things really matter.

  • Brimfyre

    The only Dynasty Warriors game I’ve played was the 3DS one and I thought it was a lot of fun (or course I know that was Samurai Warriors). Are the others like that? I tried 99 Nights back in the day and loathed it with every fiber of my being.

    • All games in Musou/Warriors series play primarily the same, with some differences in secondary elements. (There’s the very first installment that played differently, but it was an entirely different formula anyway.) Of course, later installments are more developed than prior ones.

      For the record, Ninety-Nine Nights was developed by Q Entertainment and Phantagram, while Musou is by Omega-Force.

    • DW and SW are radically the same, but if you were to play DW7, you’ll a few key differences in combat mechanics. Musou attacks require just one button press instead of holding it down, there are EX Attacks as well as Weapon Switch attacks, and in DW8 we’re being introduce to counter mechanics and a Rock-Paper-Scissors weapon system. Frankly speaking SW has yet to stand next to DW like it used to, despite being a spin-off series.

    • Ladius

      Samurai Warriors Chronicles is somewhat different from other SW and Warriors games because of the way it handles its scenario and character swtiching, but if you enjoyed it you would probably love the main entries, since they tend to be even richer in terms of contents :)

      You could try DW7 to understand the setting, the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires (the Empires subseries mixes up the traditional Warriors gameplay with management and strategic elements), Warriors Orochi 3 (a crossover game with more than an hundred characters from DW, SW and other Tecmo Koei series) or DW Next, if you have a Vita (it’s a surprisingly polished game, and the best localized handheld Warriors so far in my opinion).

    • Testsubject909

      99 Nights is a bit on the slow and unrewarding side, it’s too spaced out in terms of it’s action and despite the large scale of combat, due to the stop and go nature of it, despite being visually impressive, is a bit lacking in terms of flow and rhythm. It’s interesting to say that it’s highly similar yet there lacks a few elements that completes it. I haven’t played it in years mind you, this is all that I can remember on the spot.

      You should try Dynasty Warriors 7 or Warriors Orochi 3.

      If you want older, Dynasty Warriors 5 is a great pick, as is Warriors Orochi 2 for PSP or PS2. And Samurai Warriors 2 is also a great choice, even has a party tabletop game in it interspaced with action challenges for multiplayer games.

      Bang for your buck, they’re all worth it if you like the Warriors formula.

  • ThomasTruong

    Hate to be “that guy” who complains about the games not changing that much, but anyone else concerned about the small gap between radical changes in this iteration? Between 5 to 6, and 6 to 7, the game mechanics and its character designs changed (or reverted as one can say in terms of 6’s infinite system) a great deal. With 8, the only differences I’ve been seeing visually is a altered FOV, some new invincibilty combat gimmicks, and slightly different hats. Even the character CGs reuse the same poses from 7. Although the only thing I’ve seen consistently changed in each iteration is Gan Ning’s hairdo.

    I’m not saying it’s a horrible thing or Koei has been lazy, and I’ll still probably pick it up, but I don’t feel it’s changed enough to my “standards.” Either that or the turnaround between sequels this time was really short. Anyone feel the same way or would like to subjectively prove me wrong? I do like the prospect of Co-Op Story Mode if it doesn’t destroy the framerate.

    • Testsubject909

      The difference between 4 and 5 was drastic mainly on the storytelling element.

      The 5th one seemed to follow more along the lines of the XL series, focusing on the characters and their stories which I felt was a great move of sorts to tie the player directly to a character. The prior format, which was by kingdom which is what they do in the 6th and 7th one, is fine and allows character development alright but it’s a different storytelling mechanic. You start from the grand and from there learn the minute details and I enjoyed the opposite, where you focus on one character and from all to character’s stories, you can map the whole.

      Gameplay wise, there hasn’t been much alterations… But yes, the 6th one was a drastic change. Most of them was seen as for the worse and I for one agree. It had some interesting concept and ideas, but it oversimplified an already simple combat system that relies far more on timing, positioning and overall battlefield control.

      This great criticism caused them to return to the original gameplay model and from there readjust again. If we went from Dynasty Warriors 5 to 7, story wise we’d be going backwards to the Kingdom style storytelling but with a much more fluid and dynamic means of telling the story, which worked wonders. The addition of the Jin kingdom also meant finality to the story, completing it which was also a great addition and is what makes you feel like there was a clear jump between the PS2 and PS3 dynasty warriors games.

      Gameplay wise though, it’s just an addition to the original mechanics. Now we’re seeing another addition to those mechanics, as for whether they’d work well or not, that’s uncertain. Really, I wish they’d play more with the Warriors Orochi 2 gameplay mechanics, toying more with the Musou resources, multiple specials per characters which in turn could be reminiscent of Sengoku Basara or Devil King.

      As for the co-op. It’s not framerate I’m worried about. That at times can actually work well to create somewhat picture-esque events where there’s a slow down and ramp up effect as the action accumulates. It’s the draw distance and spawn rate that’s more of an issue for co-op.

      In the end though, how much of an improvement they make will depend upon a proper playthrough. Reviewing the additions they’ve made makes it sound interesting, but I wonder about the added modes they might have if any, as well as how the added characters are going to play into it. Considering they’ve already played their Jin Kingdom card, it’ll be interesting to see how they evolve their storytelling in this case, if we’ll have what-if scenarios and perhaps branching story paths which has been played on in prior games that they’ve made, see Dynasty Tactics.

      I’ll be watching for updates. For now, it’s a typical general improvement of the series. As for a Drastic Improvement? That, I can’t tell yet and I don’t think it will be. I’m imagining… Pick it up if you’re a Warriors fan. For those who don’t have a Dynasty Warriors game yet. Pick up 5 or 7 or Next for the Vita. Or, if you’re considering 7 or Next, wait for news and reviews from the fanbase of the 8th installment to see if it’s a superior take on the improvements 7 has made or if you’re better off, gameplay and/or story wise, with the 7th installment.

      • ThomasTruong

        Yeah I’ll probably do that. It only took a month of DW7 to drop to $30 on Amazon’s DotD as well after all. Thanks for your insight.

        • Testsubject909

          I might give some of my thoughts about DW8 when it comes out here in NA. Though I’ll probably do that in the Open Thread/Message Board.

      • Alfy Masamune


        • Testsubject909

          Well… I AM Chinese.

    • As much as Koei doesn’t want to break a formula that works, which is fine by me, they could still add features to advocate the flow of the series. Like…you know, tweaking the enemy A.I. DW6 had the best kind of enemy AI imo. Their formation attacks are quite dangerous, especially their ground pound attacks. It’s a damn shame Koei removed such an aspect of difficulty, one that actually makes me use my brain and evade incoming attacks.

      Another feature that would have changed for the better is, and I WILL NOT let up on this, online deathmatches. Co-op in a hack and slash game is alright, but I’m getting tired of people looking at this feature as if it’s the only thing that matters. No it isn’t. Koei should’ve known by now at this generation that there is so many online features they can include.

      They actually tried with Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. They included a 4-player battle royale, which was meh. But can you imagine an online battle royale on the warzone? Capturing as many bases as possible, killing the enemy player and force him into a respawn count, commanding your units, etc. This can add so much more value to the Warriors series as a whole, yet Koei still doesn’t see this. if they don’t, the Warriors franchise might as well be “stale” in my eyes.

      • Testsubject909

        How about borrowing something from Samurai Warriors?

        Samurai Warriors had a host of alternate ground troops. Not only did you have archers, you had riflemen as well, sky ninjas, fire ninjas, sumo wrestlers and monks.

        All these characters had a different combat pattern and ramped up the difficulty as well and typically were far more aggressive then the a-typical infantry ground troops.

        Even though we do have some variety. Archers, spearmen, pikemen, swordsmen and horseback riders. We don’t get a big feel of difference between all the regular infantry troops.

        Actually sort of liked DWNext for their additions like the different animal troops, shield troops, bear riding troops and whatnot. That variety did pay off in the whole thing…

        Oh, whoops. I keep forgetting about the elephants.

        • True, and that variety was present in WO3 as well. Those demon generals (the helment ones) killed me a few times and I honestly thought that was pretty badass. It’s like they were meant to be stronger than normal generals, but not as much as the PC’s. Remember what I said about wanting this as a tier?

          And didn’t the series include riding pandas?

          • Testsubject909

            Yeah. Dynasty Warriors Next is the only one I can remember where we had Panda Riding Infantry Troops.

      • ThomasTruong

        The multiplayer component they added just for the US release DW: Gundam 2 was awesome. Your position mattered and since everyone was fighting for the same objective while having the ability to KO each other, there was a lot of strategy involved.

        The multiplayer in DW 7 and DW: Gundam 3 felt like such a step backward. Even if units were attacking the same enemy, their avatar on screen was off doing their own things, and there was a noticable amount of lag. Getting into Co-Op games was also a bit of a hassle. Hopefully with the next generation, the developers should really step up their grasp on netcode and make things like player location and competitive play a reality. Dynasty Warriors could easily be a more action packed LoL or DoTA if they improved their multiplayer functions.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Sima Yi’s laugh in the English version was godlike.

  • raymk

    Wang Yuangi looks the same but damn is she still hot, wonder what her alt costume will be like this time around. Zhang Chunhua is going to be my new main, she has the claws and that sexy milf look going on as well.

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