Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Can Be Extended Beyond 13 Days

By Spencer . December 26, 2012 . 2:13am

ffr5Dengeki PlayStation also has a feature on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII this week which mentions players can travel to different areas on foot or if you want to get around faster you can take the monorail. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is explained to have a large and vast world.


One day in Lightning Returns is 24 hours, which is different from the 26 hour days from Final Fantasy XIII. After the events in XIII, two hours were lost. Speaking of time, there has been a lot of focus on the 13 day limit to save the world. It’s possible to extend Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII beyond 13 days, but Square Enix says the way to do it is a secret. Test players cleared Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII between two to four days. The ending doesn’t diverge much based on how long you take to beat the game, but there are things you can experience depending on the time based system. Lightning is the only playable character, but Square Enix says stories from characters in previous XIII titles will be resolved too.


Half of the monsters in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are new and the game uses a new "amazing" ATB battle system. Each button corresponds to a different attack or ability. Lightning can also carry items, but unlike more recent Final Fantasy items Lightning does not have a Fat Chocobo with her and the number of things she can carry is limited.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is slated for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013.

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  • Alfy Masamune

    such a cheap cash in, pretty much all the resources are used from the other FFXIII games, please let this game bomb when it goes on sale.

    • AnimusVox

      I’m not a XIII hater, at all, I didn’t care for the game much and I wouldn’t say I want it to do bad I just want this to be it.

    • Randy Marsh

      Remember if this game bombs no Versus XIII, then you’ll be posting on here crying that the game got cancelled.

      • Paradox me

        “Remember if this game bombs no Versus XIII”

        How do you figure?

        • jeka69

          Because there will be no money to fund it?

          • Paradox me

            I doubt Square is in such dire straits that the ability to fund projects hinges on this one game, especially with a healthy Dragon Quest MMO, a Dragon Quest VII remake that will probably eclipse Lightning Returns whether it’s successful or not, a recent string of well-performing Eidos games, etc.

      • Elvick

        They’ve invested far too much into VS XIII to cancel it because a 3rd sequel to a main game doesn’t sell as much.

        And it probably won’t sell as much as XIII-2. Just as XIII-2 didn’t sell as much as XIII. People don’t really care as much about FF *sequels* as they do new entries.

        • LightZero

          It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sell as much so long it makes money. It’s all about profit. FFXIII-2 made SE a good profit and it was one of SE best selling game along side Deus Ex HR for the past fiscal year. If LR sell at least one million worldwide it would be good enough. That’s already better than the vast majority of jrpg. Most are lucky to even get 100K worldwide.

          • Elvick

            Never denied any of that.

      • Protosin

        They’re only stalling with Lightning Returns so they can finish up Versus.

    • Because you don’t like it? That’s not really a good argument.

      You’re free to have your own preferences, but wishing for a game to bomb just because you don’t like it is just low. Don’t do that again.

      • But he sure would love to suck FFXIII versus’s di…yeah you know what im going to say.

    • komiko12

      They just mentioned that half of the monsters are new.
      Many of the areas are also new. Development shouldn’t be as cheap as you assumed it to be.

      • And it’s not like previous designs and models are cheap either. XIII got criticism for the way the game is played (and maybe writing as well), but graphics and visuals are one aspect Square quite evidently put a lot of their resources into.

        • komiko12

          Yup, If there was one thing that we are sure would do right, it would be graphics (or music). It would be such a disappointment if they would do a lazy job on the graphics aspect. I am quite sure they won’t cut corners on that part as it is one of the things they are praised for in this time.

          • At this point people shouldn’t be even worried about the graphics. They should care more on the other aspects such as gameplay and story.

          • Mizu D

            Exactly, for a very long time, graphics are the least of our concern when talking about a Squeenix production! For everything else, it is up for grab!

            Another thing I really enjoyed is the wonderful musical composition, sure some fan favorite are gone like the fanfare but I really enjoyed it and transport me into their beautiful world.

          • Guzilla

            Did you see the new trailer? I’m VERY worried about the graphics… hope they clean up a lot before release. :P

        • Elvick

          I may hate XIII, but it certainly was pretty.

  • Daniel Curtis

    I want this game to do great, it sounds so great….but 2 to 4 days? Ehh not liking that part so much.

    • Fahmi

      they are tester for the game, their job is to play that game. I’m sure normal gamer won’t finish the game that fast

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      they’re professional testers, and they usually just go straight through the game missing out any side quests (at leasts, that’s what the testers for XIII-2 did). 2-4 days straight, missing out stuff isn’t bad.

    • 2-4 days of intensive play is around 30-40 hours

      • jeka69

        Which is usual for JRPG. So far so good. Keep it up, SE :)

    • Ava1on

      My guess is they are talking play time. so 48-96 hours. That’s not too bad, if that’s correct.

    • Alos88

      I’m assuming you can carry over your stats after the 13 days are up, so maybe they just used new game+ to do it that quickly?

    • AuraGuyChris

      Those are extremely hardcore test players that mix up with our society…

    • Mizu D

      I have the feeling the game will be shorter than FF13-2 which took me about 65 hours to get all achievements. Just a hunch but hopefully it will have some meat into it and…**gasp** have less useless/pointless (aside from 2 extra short story DLC) DLC or a hard mode please.

  • Randy Marsh

    2-4 days? Well considering that fact that I finished XIII-2 in 3 days, I don’t find it that much of a surprise.

    • Ehren Rivers

      I think they mean in-game days, which means it took them 2-8 hours. However, this is just from the early iteration of the game and it is nowhere near being finished. I’ll definitely be a short game, but as has been mentioned it’s meant to be replayed many times over to experience everything.

      • Chiupon

        In addition, there’s also the day content and stuff. I imagine to get the full experience of the game you’d have to play all of the days~ i think it just takes those days to clear the main plot/resolve that

        assuming there are subplots and other events outside of the main quest

        • Randy Marsh

          Oh don’t forget, there is a high probability of there being DLC for this game. So 2-4 days to pass the main story and a good thirty-five hours of doing side-quests. Just like FFXIII-2, so no problems for me.

  • Guest

    I knnow SQEX wouldn’t have the balls to make a true Time system like Atelier Arland games. FF fanbase are arrogant and immature. They wouldn’t accept a Bad Ending like the one I got after 30h on my 1st playtrough in Atelier Totori.

  • I know SQEX wouldn’t have the balls for making a true time system like Atelier Arland games. FF fanbase are arrogant and childlish. They wouldn’t accept a Bad Ending after 30hours of playthrough like the one I got from Atelier Totori.

  • “Test players cleared Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII between two to four days.”

    Does this mean the game’s nearly finished!?

  • The whole each button corresponding to an attack or special ability makes it sound like Tri-Ace helped work on this one too.

    Also that whole loss of two hours thing seems like it might somehow be important. Can’t say for sure, but just throwing things out there lol.

    • ShinGundam

      Actually, I thought more like Type 0 that said i doubt it will feel like Type 0 or a Tri Ace game because the game looks like it run on same battle engine of XIII/XIII-2.

  • Heropon Rikki

    Amazing Spiderman+ Batman return = Lighting return =.=

  • Syed Sameer Rahman

    So pre-ordering this! :D

  • “Lightning is the only playable character, but Square Enix says stories from characters in previous XIII titles will be resolved too.”
    Does that mean there will be more games? :DD

    • No, it’s that all story arcs end with Lightning present. Or Death.

  • Extending Time = Pay to Win? I’m sure that’s the secret.

    Looks like Toriyama just discovered the existence of the Time Goddess.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    insert witty Zelda MM joke here, Not like zelda you can go back in time if you mess up- its game over for real

  • Ephidiel

    does it mean 48 to 96h realtime?
    does it mean 2-4 days ingame time?
    is ingame time = real time?

    the statement is awfully vague

  • Seven of The Scions

    I want high replay value…

    • Mizu D

      Doubful, from FF13 to FF13-2, Squeenix on a rampage with DLC! That the sad part about FF13-2, after I completed everything, I feel it wasnt worth buying extra monster battle just to have them in your party since you are already max level and there isnt a harder difficulty or reward for it, just milking from their end to make us buy and spend. Even the extra story quest is a bit short…

  • Unlimax

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ︶◡︶

    . . . Oh well .

  • Abel.exe

    Too bad this game will be short, looks so cool..

  • juma086

    24 hours in a day? wasn’t it 1-2 hours in a day? or were they referring to gameplay? im confused…

  • Charmchar

    This is why i don’t like time limits in games, it never lets me explore their wonderful “vast” worlds because in the back of my head its like, I’m wasting time worst ending…worst ending…WORST ENDING!!!

  • C-down, A, C-right, C-down, A, C-right.

    Wait, wrong game lol.

  • Anime10121

    This one sounds interesting, in theory. Now to see if this game can make me care as much about Light as the first made me care about Fang and Vanille and XIII-2 made me care about Serah, Noel, Hope, and Alyssa’s bat crazy self :P

  • kangms872

    more DLC .. DLC DLC DLC!!!

  • I think it sounds good. Since time in the game is based on real world time, does that mean there’s going to be a day/night system too? I’m so psyched to play this game!

  • So when do we get the musical instrument?

  • JustThisOne

    Dawn of a New Day

    :3 This seriously reminds me of the Day Four glitch in Majora’s Mask. Quick, Lightning! Find a telescope!

  • Guest

    So much for Gaius destroying time and releasing Chaos on the world…

  • yo, what were you trying to link to :|

  • SiliconNooB


    I’m done with the series.

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