Web Phantom Brave Servers Go Offline

By Spencer . January 1, 2013 . 12:50am


Gamania the company working on a Langrisser browser game also partnered with Nippon Ichi Software to create Web Phantom Brave. This PC game took place in the same universe with Ash and Marona, but 300 years after the events in the PS2 game. Web Phantom Brave had a new set of characters – Teal (the green haired gal), Rini who resembles Ash, and Prinia (Prinny + Gamania, get it?).


Web Phantom Brave went into open beta on February 15, 2012. The game was pulled offline on December 14, 2012.

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  • That is sad it had such a short run. : /

  • I’m saddened by all these Nippon Ichi characters we’ll never get a chance to know now. :'(

    • Dyne

      who knows, maybe they get re-used in a later game

  • Ladius

    What a waste of apparently nice characters :( It’s also sad to see them can the project after such a short time, I wonder which issues made them take such a drastic decision.

  • Hinataharem


  • CirnoLakes

    But.. but green haired girls are important!

  • riceisnice

    Great, now they can make an actual sequel. We still need to meet the seven other swords of Ivoire.

  • Angel wing

    Wait when did that Langrisser browser game announce ?

    • cj_iwakura

      Years ago.

  • Barrylocke89

    While we’re on the subject of Phantom Brave, what would you fellow readers say is the best version of the game? I have all three possible consoles (PS2, PSP, Wii) so that shouldn’t be an issue.

    • I think you should go with the PSP version. Short battles, comfort-gameplay. It’s a SRPG at it’s heart, so a handheld system should be the perfect match for it. If you want to play on the TV, go for the Wii version for extra content. I myself prefer the PSP version.

      • monkey

        psp versin has the most content

        • Yeah, but maybe he enjoys playing on a TV and the Wii version has more content between that and the PS2 version.

          • monkey

            psp component cables

          • That still won’t solve the problems with the PSP’s fairly low resolution as the game will look like shit on a TV.

          • monkey

            still looks better than the wii version

          • Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The higher resolution grants better sprites, which makes the game look ultimately better. The PS2 and Wii versions look almost the same, but the PS2 version lacks a lot of content, that’s why I said that the better version to play on a TV is the Wii one. Sure, the PSP version has the most content and is the best to play (since SRPGs are the best on handheld consoles), but everyone have their preferences. If he wants to play on a TV, I think the best solution is to buy the Wii Version.

  • Yuriangels

    mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, i want to play it!!!!!

  • eliel

    did any one get a chance to play? was the game fun?, hopefully NIS will turn this into a true phantom brave sequel someday…

    • I tried to make an account for it, but you needed Japanese characters for a Captcha (sp?), so I couldn’t go further. It looked fun from the screenshots though.

  • Genjo

    BTW the Langrisser game Gamania was working on WAS NOT a browser game! it was fully functioning online game *sigh* i wish people check to see there info is correct before posting it! =.= the FULL name of the game is “langrisser schwarz” they had people WHO worked on past games ( langrisser games etc ) help create langrisser schwarz! i HATE it when someone get there info wrong! gets me all fired up ready for boxing match! anyways its to bad they shut down web phantom brave i didn’t know it was web base it went under my radar lol

    • Exkaiser

      Oh, I was so excited about that one, but it’s just a typical MMO and not a brand-new Langrisser game in the style of the others.

  • Elvick

    Hopefully they adapt it into a real sequel or something. I love Phantom Brave.

  • Time Sage

    I wasn’t even aware the servers went up? Was the game even avalilbe in english?

  • Soooo, it was a failure? :( Well maybe, NIS might make a Phantom Brave 2 with these new characters. Yes, for PS3 with HD sprites? :D But this is sad, we might never get to know these Nippon Ichi characters…

  • Devin Hunter

    Sigh… and I was really hoping for an English release.

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